Ladies Reading Circle - Failure & A Bi-sexual Couple
The Disciplinarian

IIn the fifth part I was visited by Mary, professional 'domme' whose sub tendencies had held under by her 'domme' business. In the part I relate a complete failure and a further success
I was still receiving requests from ladies of the Ladies Reading Circle and a persistant series of telephone calls from Joyce turned out to be a complete failure. She called me for the first time the day after I had given my talk with a long conversation about exactly what she wanted until it was almost a seduction. This call was followed up daily for nearly a fortnight with variations on a theme of what she wanted and how she wanted to be met etc. In the end she agreed a day and time and i awaited her visit.

The day came and Joyce turned up and time. We talked through her wishes and then it was time to begin.
I took her over my knees and started spanking. Immediately I felt a tension and resistance to my efforts. I stopped for a minute and asked if she was enjoying it but her reply was ambivalent . I continued spanking and her reactions remained the same and I lifted her skirt to spank on her knickers.
"What are you doing?"
"I am lifting you skirt to spank over your knickera.
She pulled her skirt down again.
"Please don't do that !"
I asked why and she just said not to. It was clear to me that for her the fantasy and not the reality was where she got her pleasure. She enjoyed it in her mind but when it came to the physical contact she found it unpleasant. I immediately sat up and asked her if she had enjoyed being spanked and she admitted that it had not been the same as she imagined. I explained to her that this was no shame and that it was important that she had learned early from a professional such as myself as, if she had persuaded her husband or boyfirend to spank her, she would have not been able to stop them. I explained that whenever any lady discussed spanking with me I recommended that they visit a professional such as myself to ensure they did enjoy the experience. If they tried with a partner and did NOT enjoy it they may well have 'caught a tiger by the tail' as their partner may enjoy it and then sadly it would be difficult to stop him. She thanked me for being understanding and left.
As I said above the moral is test your enthusiasm with a professional who will stop as soon as you request if you find you do not enjoy spanking. Conversely if you find that you do enjoy it then you can continue using professionals or draw your partner into your exploration.

* * * * * * * *
When they arrived I saw an slim attractive couple in their late forties or early fifties. They introduced themselves and I suggested we had a glass of wine and sat and chatted about what they would like. I told them that I was an unusual spanker in that I worked WITH the clients to make sure their experience was memorable and encourage them to return. In many cases I had ladies who came on a regular basis whereas couples often came for a 'oneoff' learning session.. They told me that they were part of the 'swinging sixties' but had now quietened down and, although they still joined small parties they now mostly preferred to remain at home and indulge each other. As he had explained they had recently found an interest in spanking but, although they liked to spank each other, they had no idea of how to proceed from over the knee. What were the best instruments and how should they be applied. Because they enjoyed spanking each other they hoped that I would include him (John) in although he did understand that most of my clients were ladies. They would also enjoy any sexual activities which would ensue and because they had been to group parties they were open to anything and were happy for me to take part.
I told them that this was new territory for me but I was happy to give it a try. I suggested that we started from scratch with me spanking the lady as if it was her first time and her husband watching. I recommended that he might like to strip as experience had shown that men found it very erotic. He agreed and after stripping he went and sat in my armchair watching. I noted that he had an excellent figue with some hair on his chest. His cock was well formed although not huge while it was at rest.
His wife stood up and she was about five feet six inches tall with a good but not 'flamboyant' figure. She came across my knees and I started spanking over her skirt as usual for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then I lifted her skirt and saw that she had white lace knickers and suspender belt with white stockings. I continued spanking over the knickers and soon saw that her husband was fingering his cock. It was not erect as yet but I thought it soon would be.
I pulled her knickers into her bum crack and went on spanking, this time on her bare bum. Her bum cheeks were now getting red but she was clearly enjoying herself as her wrigglings and moans bore out. John meanwhile had brought his cock to full erection and was just fingering it gently. I slipped my fingers in the elastic of her knickers and eased them down over her reddened buttocks. She helped me as I did so and they were soon kicked off her feet. Now I started on her totally bare buttocks and lots of spanking were now mixed with plenty of massage. Soon it was time to run my fingers up and down her bum crack from anus to pussy but without touching either.
I still spanked hard and soft, fast and slow and as I did so my massage went to the insides of her thighs. I soon found that she was wet and as I massaged so she parted her legs to offer me greater access.
I told her to stand up and remove the rest of her clothes. This she did with alacrity and soon her brassiere, suspender belt and stockings followed her knickers. For the first time i saw her fully naked and she was imprssive. Her calves and thighs were perfect with her bum exactly the right size for spanking. Her buttocks were now a bright red and when she turned round I saw that she had a full dark bush through which her prominent pussy lips poked. She exactly complimented her husband. I took her back down and after some more spanking I knew she was ready. John was watching carefully and clearly enjoying what he saw as he was now fisting his rigid cock. More spanking and then I began to explore between her legs and soon found that her pussy lips were ripe and ready for me and I felt for her clitoris. She started and gasped as I touched it and opened her vagina wider to allow me to slip two fingers deep inside. I could see that her husband was boiling over and so removing my fingers suggested that she bent over and allowed him to fuck her. She stood up and did as I said. I saw his cock slide deep inside and, as her held her hips, so I took up a strap and gave him half a dozen very sharp strokes on his virgin bum. He gasped and then started fucking. He soon got into his stride and both of them were clearly enjoying themselves until with a final thrust he loosed his load into her. I sat and watched and enjoyed their pleasure.
When they had finished he looked at his wife and then at me. She nodded, lifted me up and unfastened the belt of my trousers, unzipped them and pushed them to the ground. Then she lifted my shirt and lowered my underpants. She smiled as she eased them over my rigid cock.
"I think that this needs some help.
She knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. Her tongue wrapped round the purple head while her hand moved up and down the shaft. As her tongue moved so she explored the tip and the tiny hole at the end. She was an expert at fellato and soon I was ready. I suddenly came sending great gouts down Muriel's throat. She swallowed as much as possible before the rest dribbled out of her mouth. She went to the sink and spat the residue out.
"Did you enjoy that? I love cum and yours is a new taste to me. Shall we have a glass of wine now and talk about what has happened? "
We sat down with a glass each and discussed what had happened. They both agreed that they had never seen, or felt, a more complete hand-spanking. Muriel started
"It was wonderful. I could not see as you started to spank over my dress that anything would happen but the longer it went on the more involved I became and the mixture of pain and pleasure was exquisite. I didn't even notice my knickers come off and the way you varied your pace and force was incredible. Now I KNOW what spanking really is. Allowing me to finish up by being fucked by John was the icing on the cake. And I assume that this is only the start?"
"John then spoke.
"I agree entirely. The way you spanked her had to be seen to be believed and I would have had to bring myself off if you had not created the perfect platform. I cannot remember a more satisfying fuck and shock and pain from the strokes with the strap just added to my pleasure. Can I ask you to spank ME now while Muriel watches?
Although I do not spank men on their own I am happy to do so when their wife or partner is present and so raised no objection. He was already naked so I took him across my knees. I spanked for nearly twenty minutes again hadr and soft, fast and slow. I could feel his cock between my legs getting harder and harder so just put my fingers down and massaged it. His wife meanwhile was sitting with her legs widespread and her fingures rubbing in and out of her pussy. She was clearly enjoying herself but when I drew her attention to her husband she came over and putting her hands beteen my legs dealt with his cock. She just kept it on the boil until I stopped spanking and then said bending over again she toldJohn to take her in the arse. I had some jelly handy and after applying some to his cock and her entrance he entered her with ease. As soon as he was lodged I took up the strap and again gave him a round dozen stingers. He fucked away with a will and Muriel encouraged him by word and deed. When he was finished he went and cleaned his cock while Muriel looked at me.
"Alan. We want you to join us as the afternoon progresses. Now I think it is time we tried your famous spanking bench. I am sure that this will be harder than the hand. Show me where to go. Remember we both want a good understanding of spanking so do not be afraid to try and hurt us - as long as it is just our bum. Here is John. John we are off to the office now and the spanking bench."
When we arrived I showed them some of the instruments I used and then told John to stand and watch carefully as I was now going to use the strap on Muriel. I told her to bend over and fastened her legs with the leg-spreader explaining that this was to make sure that she did not tighten her buttocks. When they queried why I told them that if she tightened her buttocks then the instruments would land on hard muscle and bruise rather than the soft flesh of the bottom which would absorb it. I got Muriel to take up the 'tight 'position and then with the leg-spreader where she couldn't tighten them. It was obvious to both of them which was the more suitable.
Now I told Muriel to take up her position. I would give her a number with the strap and then get her husband to do the same. I took up my medium strap and brought it down across both buttocks. I continued to strap her for first a dozen strokes after which I massaged her bottom and then felt her pussy. I poited her husband to feel how wet she was. I then gave her another dozen strokes which turned her red buttocks to a flame colour but she still seemed to be enjoying herself when I massaged and felt her. I now handed the strap to John and told him to give her a dozen using a flick of the wrist rather than an arm swing. He did so and although he was not very fluent his wife still reacted positively. She stood up but John told her to bend over and, as I was now undressed like them, John could see my response to the spanking and so rubbing my cock a few times he parted his wife's legs and offered me an opportunity to fuck her. I readily took up the challenge and with John's help was soon lodged into her hot sticky interior. Menawhile John went round to the front and offered his cock to her ready mouth. She took it and so with me fucking her from the back and she sucking her husband off from the front all three of us were have a grand time. I knew that as this was my first fuck I would be reasonably short I made sure that I rogered Muriel with energy and elan. Soon I felt and overwhelming urge and with one last thrust shot into her welcoming interior. I stayed in position while Muriel finished off her husband and then we uncoupled and looked at each other smiling. Muriel said
"That was a rare treat and I am sure that it will not be the last. Now I want to see my husband receive the same treatment as I have. Bend over John and Alan will see that you are well punished with the strap. John moved and bent over the bench spreading his legs each side of the bench. I took up the strap and began to lay into him. He was not so resiliant as his wife and by the time the first dozen had landed he was crying out. I pointed Muriel to his cock and she went down and massaged it. It was already growing so she soon had a good hard on. Now I gave him a second dozen and then invited Muriel to try. Again I showed her that it was the flick of the wrist which did the damage NOT the flailing arm and she laid it on with a will until his bum was a red at least as fiery as hers. It was clear that this strapping had had an excellent effect on his cock but we decided that he must wait for later.
It was time for another break and we went back to the lounge for coffee and sandwiches and while we discussed what had happened so far. Both of them expressed complete satisfaction but were concerned that I had missed out on a lot of the action. I rold them that after the next session I could promise them that i would join in with a will - except for being buggered. I was not into it but would be happy to perform it on either of them.
I told them that I was now going to cane them both and show them how to cane each other. I explained that the cane could be a toy or a lethal instrument but the correct use was vital. I took them into my bedroom and told Muriel to lay down spreadeagled. on her face. She did so and I fastened the wrist and ankle straps so that she couldn't move. I then put the blindfold and earmuffs on her and told John to stay quiet and watch. I then took up the cane and gently caressed the soles of her feet with it. now I moved to her calves and tapped it up and down the length. I then gave her three sharp cuts on her bum before returning and gently tapping it over her thighs. ten , twenty, thirty times I tapped it before again threesharp cuts on the buttocks. Now it was the back and again lots of gentle taps before three cuts on her bum. I made John take the cne and do the same a dozen taps and then three cuts. I put my fingers inside her pussy and she was red hot. and her insides were liquid. I took a large vibrator and slipped it inside turning the vibrator full on. She was rocking and rolling with the exquiste emotions before I pointed John to her. He was rubbing his cock hard and as I removed the vibrator he dived in and was soon at full blast as he fucked her. She bucked against him and finally they came to a shuddering climax. John eased out of her and I unfastened her from her restraints. She turned over and lay back.
"Wow, I would not believe it was possible to get to such a high. The blindfold and earmuffs were such a turn on and the way you played with my feet, legs and back. I would not have thought that the cane could be an instrument of pleasure as well as pain. Those with the shocks between brought me so high that the vibrator and John's cock sent me to the moon and back. Thank you. I hope that John has learned from this as I shall definitely expt more like it. Now I think John want's to thank you as well so lie back."
I lay back as Muriel suggested and Muriel came over my face so that I saw the soft puffy pussy lips with their surround of dark hair over me. Meanwhile at the other end I felt a soft mouth cover my cock and a hand gently massage my shaft. Muriel came down on me and I was soon delving into the soft musky vagina and licking and sucking her clitty. She was enjoying it and bucked against my tongue. As she did so I reemed round and round inside her. John meanwhile was giving me a going over which I had never expected to receive from a man. He used my cock in such a way that as he brought me to my climax and milked me I did not believe that I had so much sperm to unload. Through my euphoria I tried to finish Muriel off at the same time so thrust two fingers deep to her 'G'spot which brought a squirted emmission from her which covered my face.
We parted and lay back for several minutes before I told them that now it was time to test Muriel and also to teach her husband how to use the cane. Muriel pouted but then smiled and allowed herself to be led into the office. I told her that I would be giving her a dozen stingers and then her husband would attempt the same. He would not be left out as he would receive the same treatment. They were both happy with this and after fixng the leg-spreader I took up my punishment cane.
"W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!",
she gasped as I made the first one sting. John watched enthralled as he saw the cane sink into Muriel's bum and return leaving a white line which rapidly changed to red.
"W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!",
Her bottom was now well marked and she was gasping with the pain. I went behind and massaged her bum and felt between her legs. I drew John forward.
"Note that the ultimate satisfaction comes from pain and pleasure mixed without the one the other is insipid. I will continue but watch. Elbow into the side and"
"W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!",
"the cane flicks down giving accuracy. Watch me for the rest and then it is your turn. remember lots of massage and play as you do it"
"W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!",
I gave the rest while demonstrating and then handed the cane to John.
"Remember what I have said, elbow to the side and flick the wrist. This gives plenty of power but makes sure that each stroke is accurate within the buttock area.. Now try"
"W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!",
His first stroke was feeble but I told him to use his wrist more
"W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!",
this was better and I encouraged him to continue
"W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!",
now he was getting into the swing of it and Muriel was calling out to him to lay ion the lst shots
"W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!", "W H I P P P ! !", "C R A C K K K !!",
he did as she said and then after feeling between her legs and using two fingers he took his rigid cock and thrust it in her pussy while she was still bent over. As he fucked her so she cried out and bucked and pushed against him. he came with a final heave which seemed to split her in two before gasping he bent over her back. Obviously spanking was for her.
Now it was John's turn and I gave him exactly the same treatment as I had dealt out to Muriel. His bum was firmer and marked quicker. but again I checked him out and found that his cock was hardly under control as it was rigid and difficult to get in position. Now it was time for Muriel and she laid on the strokes with a will once she got the hang of what to do. Eventually she felt his cock and told him to remain in position. She went to a bag she had brought and from it took a large strap on dildo which she fastened around her. She smiled at me and then anointing his cock and it with jelly she proceeded to push it deep inside his anus. He groaned with pleasure and soon Muriel was giving him a fuck equal to the one she had received minutes earlier. After several minutes she withdrew the dildo and going down in front of him rubbed his cock until it spurted across her face.
For both of them this had been an experience beyond anything they had contemplated and as we were all exhausted we went back into the lounge and sat back with a glass of wine and summed up what had happened. Muriel started
"If I can get comfortable on my sore bottom. Alan I didn't think when we telephoned you that anything like this was possible. I think John will agree that we have been to parties and come away satisfied but this is beyond our experience. The way you took us through the instruments to the final caning was magic and the sexual highs we have reached are again way out. I would not believe that we could have fucked and fucked as often as we have in one afternoon and evening and if you will have us we would like to come again. Now it is up to us to d you one favour. Come with me."
She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She made me lay back on the bed and then she started.. First she kissed me searching for my tongue. Then she caressed my cock before kising me and caressing me all ove. She ran her finger nails up my calves and thighs until she reached my ball sack and then brought her mouth down to take them in while her fingers played a tune on my cock. I was now as rigid as a pole with the purple head of my cock thrust from its sleeve. Now she. lay back on the bed and spread her legs. She then pulled me down and took my cock in her mouth she got it hard and lubricated. She then drew me over her and eased my cock into her. I pushed deep into the slippery hot interior and then lay still while she wrapped her legs round my back and drew me even deeper in.
"Take as long as you like this is for you."
I had been so on a high myself that I was ready and willing and raising myself on my elbows I fucked her with a will. I used all the erperience I had gained and drew out to the edge before thrusting home. I tried to run up and down the sides of her pussy muscles. I did all I could to hold back as I did so so that Muriel also got the full pleasure but eventually I could hold out no longer and all the cum which had been stored shot into her insides. Her back arched and her legs trapped me in a vice as she milked all my cum from my loins. We were finished and I withdrew slowly. John who had been watching congratulated me and then turned his wife round and bending her forwards slid his cock into her anus for one final fuck which ended a very intense session.
The evening was ended and we all had a shower and dressed before they took my hand. Muriel kissed me and John shook my hand.
"We will be back !!"
and they drove away. I was still not interested in sex with men but with a couple like this I was happy to join with them and looked forwards to their next visit.