The Disciplinarian

June Dover had been unemployed for nearly a year now although she was a well qualified lady when she was offered a post at a branch of Pilsbury Library Service. She was instructed to go for interview next Friday and, if successful, she would start on the following Monday. She was excited as the salary would allow her to remain in the flat she rented. A naturally shy girl June was twenty three years old and had not found her involvement with men very enjoyable and she had now settled to a spinster life.
She reported to the library at 9am on Friday morning looking fresh and tidy and when she explained what she was there for she was taken to the office of the Librarian Carol Mitcham. Ms Mitcham was aged about 45 and wore a dark suit. Her hair was fastened in a bun behind her head and she wore glasses. She was about five foot six tall and attractively built.
She welcomed June and told her to sit down. She then went through her CV and in the end confirmed that she would be accepted on a probationary basis starting on Monday.
"If the probationary period is successful you will be appointed to the permanent staff. Just a couple of personal questions as I see you are not married. Have you a boyfriend - I just ask this as we do not encourage our staff to have their friends gossiping in the branch."
"No Miss Mitcham I have no boyfriend, or in fact any other person who is likely to visit me."
"Good. Would you be willing to work late if necessary? This would be very occasional and is optional, not obligatory."
"Certainly Ms Mitcham."
"That is helpful. Thank you for coming I will welcome you next Monday. We start at 8.30am, half an hour before the library opens.
June took up her new appointment and was very happy and settled after a few weeks when Ms Mitcham came to June and asked if she was available to do some extra time tonight. June said she would be happy to do so and Carol Mitcham told her to report to her office when the library closed at 7pm.
Promptly on time the library closed and the front door was closed. June and Ms Mitcham went upstairs to the latter's office where there was a pile of new books to be stamped and registered. They finished the job after about an hour and Ms Mitcham produced some sandwiches and a bottle of wine and invited June to join her. Meanwhile she had said that she was going to freshen up and, going into her private toilet, she returned after a few minutes wearing a long loose dress and with her hair, released from its restrictions laying over her shoulders. June was surprised as the dour, formal librarian had been transformed.
The two of them sat with the sandwiches and wine while Ms Mitcham plied June with questions. June was happy to answer and soon admitted that she had not found boys attractive but was happy relating to her own sex.. Ms Mitcham smiled and taking June's hand led her to a long sofa which was against one wall.
"I also do not find men attractive but I think you are a very lovely young lady and I feel we could be very good friends. Would you like that?"
June had found that as soon as she joined Ms Mitcham on the sofa some bond was being formed between them and she had no hesitation in agreeing.
"Call me Carol while we are together and now I think we need to find out more about each other. "
She stood up and unfastened her dress and to the surprise of June she was naked underneath. June saw that she was an attractive woman with full breasts with dark aureoles which set off her hard nipples. As she looked farther down she saw her pubis was covered with a thick fleece of dark hair while and exciting prospect lay underneath. June had never seen another naked woman but followed down to the firm thighs, calves and feet. Carol lifted her up
"Let us see what treasures we can uncover!"
She unfastened the buttons on June's blouse and removed it from her shoulders. Then she unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. June stood there in just her brassiere and knickers and soon felt the fingers of Carol loose the bra so that her breasts fell free. Carol slipped down to her knees and her fingers found the inside of June's knickers. She eased them over June's bum and down her legs to take them off her feet. Carol looked at June's pussy. It was not as well covered with hair as her own but her pussy lips could be seen through it. Carol put her fingers inside the warm interior of June's pussy and gently felt for her clitoris. She found it and June gasped as Carol touched her. Carol drew June onto the couch and putting her hands behind her head she kissed her on the mouth. As she kissed so her tongue explored June's mouth and finding her tongue she kissed and they touched tongues..
"Oh my Darling I needed this."
For June it was anew, but pleasurable experience. Much better than the fumbling of boys. This was enjoyment and the frisson of excitement reverberated through her body. She hugged and kissed Carol back. Soon Carol released herself and looked at June carefully.
"You are sure this is what you want?" June had known from the first touch that it was a woman she wanted pleasure with and she was eager to join Carol.
"I know it is what I want. Since you first touched me my body has been different. What happens now?"
"Let me teach you. Love between two women can be very fulfilling when we are together." Will you come home with me tonight and we can explore each others bodies so much easier in a welcoming environment.?"
"Of course !"
"Then let us dress and leave."
She kissed June once more and then they rapidly reclothed themselves and went down to the car park where Carol's car was parked. They drove to the outskirt of town where Carol turned into a secluded driveway and up to the front door. They left the car and Carol opened the front door, lit the hall light and ushered June inside.
She led her into the lounge where she closed the curtains, switched on the subdued lighting and lit the gas fire. It looked so cosy with the pastel decor, small occasional tables and several armschairs as well as a large sofa. The floor was covered with a deep pile rug.
"Welcome to my home. Let us have a cup of coffee and a chat."
They went into the modern kitchen and made coffee which they took back to the lounge. They sat back in two armchairs before Carol spoke.
"I think that we both know that we are lesbians and enjoy female company. Like any relationship it always starts with tentative beginnings, especially when one partner is experienced and the other has never been in a relationship - I think I am right about you? "
June nodded and Carol continued
"I suggest that you come and stay with me for this week and we will see if it works out. If it does then you can join me permanently here, and if not then you still have your own flat. Please understand that whether you stay or not it will NOT affect your job. You are a good steady worker and I want you on my team. How does that sound?"
"I think it sounds very good. I am not yet sure myself what I want but certainly when we undressed in your office it was better than anything before. Yes I will give it a try."
Carol stood up and took June's hand.
"Come with me!"
She led June upstairs and into a large bedroom. In the centre was a giant sized double bed with pastel covers. On each side of the room were long sliding cupboards with mirror doors. She then showed her the rest of the first floor. First there was another large bedroom and on the other side of the hall was the bathroom. This was also as large as a bedroom with a sunken bath, a double shower stall, and a washbasin with a huge mirror above it. The floor was carpeted with a deep shag pile light green carpet. They then returned to the bedroom.. As they stood just inside the door Carol took June's hands and said
"Leave everything to me me."
She undressed June slowly and after, she was standing naked she then removed her own clothes. Both women were now bare without any defence. Carol took June over to the bed. They lay together and Carol wrapped her arms around June. She kissed her mouth and used her tongue to stimulate her. She then moved slowly down to June's nipples. They were already erect and Carol sucked and tongued them. First the right, then the left and then back again. June's arms stretched above her head as the pleasure flooded through her. Down to her navel as Carol's wet tongue explored it before moving down to her pubis. She gently parted June's thighs and used her fingers to find her clitoris. June gasped with excitement but this was just the start for Carol now spread June's legs wider and using her mouth and tongue explored the coral interior, already slick with her spend. June was writhing with pleasure as she stretched her body and opened her legs wider to allow Carol greater access. Carol's fingers went inside and eased deep into the interior. She was surprised to find a barrier as June's hymen was still unbroken. She used her tongue again to stimulate June's clitoris and had her crying out with pleasure before using her fingers Carol brought her to a massive orgasm which sent her high with her back arched before a shuddering sensation was followed by hot flush through her body. She lay back, crying with pleasure, as she absorbed the totality of what was happening to her.
Carol hugged her and kissed her fondling her as she did so. She sat up and said
"Now it is your turn to pleasure me. Don't worry about not knowing as the learning is even more pleasurable."
June lay over Carol and started to explore her. She instigated the French kissing and found that using her tongue was a special tool. She moved down to the firm full breasts and saw that the nipples stood out from their dark aureoles and the nuts were as hard as iron. She nuzzled Carol's breasts before taking each nipple into her mouth in turn and sucking and titillating the tip with her tongue. Now was the moment of truth. She had never seen another woman's body except as a schoolgirl in the showers after PE and she did not know what she would find. She reached the pubis covered with a large bush of hair and saw the thick outer lips of the labia facing her. She delved deeper and soon parted the hair and lips finding that the interior was soft wet and warm and with the special smell of an aroused woman. She saw a small nut peeping out from its cover and touching it Carol cried out with pleasure.
"That is it my darling. Rub it hard now "
Following instructions June rubbed her thumb across Carol's clitoris until she was bucking with pleasure. She stopped and parted the inner lips wider finding that the whole area was coated with a slippery covering. She used her tongue on this before pushing two fingers deep inside. Now she knew why she had experienced so much pleasure when Carol had done the same to her. Carol's inner vaginal muscles flexed with her touch until suddenly she tensed and June felt a discharge on her face as Carol was on such a high that , as she orgasmed, so she discharged her come and it covered June's face. June sat up and spluttered.
"What was that"
"Your fingers and tongue were so perfect that I had an orgasm where I discharged my spend. I am sorry but I hope it was not unpleasant.?"
"No, in fact after the shock I enjoyed it."
Carol sat up and hugged June
"I loved every minute and I hope that you did. We have lots more to learn about each other but for now we will have a shower. Come on there is plenty of room for two people."
The two of them went into the shower and, as they stood there, the soaped, washed and explored each others bodies before finally stopping and drying. When they had finished they returned to Carol's bed as though it was the most natural thing in the world and sliding between the sheets kissed and hugged before drifting off to sleep.
The next day was Sunday and after a lie in and breakfast Carol looked at June and said
"Sunday is a bit special as I have some friends around. They are lesbians like us but they have other interests as well and I don't know whether you want to join us."
"You intrigue me. What is so special?"
"Come with me."
Carol stood up and took June to a room she had not seen yesterday. She unlocked the door and opened it. June gasped as she saw that the room had a long padded bench, a ladder an 'A' frame and along one side hanging on the wall were straps, canes, paddles and other instruments she did not know.
"Besides being a lesbian I am also a 'spanker' and 'spankee'. That means I enjoy the cane and the other instruments both receiving and giving. I am not asking you to join us but if you would like to find out what happens then you are welcome to stay. Please understand that whether you become one of us or not we will still be together as a couple. Now that sounds like my friends so come and meet them."
There were three ladies at the door and after welcoming them Carol introduced June.
They went into the kitchen for coffee and June found them very pleasant companions. Carol introduced them as Mary, Julia and Mavis.
"The four of us all enjoy spanking and being spanked and Sunday is our special day when we get together and deal with each other.
She turned to the other three explaining that
"Today June is going to watch and maybe, if she wishes, to join in but she understands that there is no obligation. Shall we start?"
They washed the cups and then moved into the room Carol had shown her earlier.
"This is our dungeon and here we have complete privacy. Now ladies as usual we draw lots for who starts. First out is the spanker, then the spankee and for the first round we shake two dice to decide on how many warm-up strokes with the strap we each will receive. Spots are multiplied with a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 36 strokes."
First the ladies undressed until they were all nude. June was embarrassed at first looking at them but soon saw that they we not concerned so removed her clothes as well. Although each lady was different in body shape June noticed that they all had well fleshed buttocks and, without understanding her reasoning felt her own to see whether they were similar. Mary drew the lots.
Julia spanks me so Julia if you will shake the dice then we will begin.
Julia shook and finished with a five and a six.
"Thirty strokes with the strap for me."
She did not seem upset and went over to the 'A' frame and bent over. June had never seen spanking so was intrigued to see what would happen. Julia took up a medium strap and took her place at the side of Mary and smoothed her bum.
"S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !",
The strap rose and fell. A red line appeared across Mary's bum.
"S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !",
Julia lashed the strap down for stroke after stroke and Mary wriggled with pleasure as each stoke of the strap added to the sting in her bum
"S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !",
June watched fascinated and saw on the other side of the room that, as they watched the strapping Mavis and Carol were fondling each other. The lay back on a sofa and, with their legs spread wide, had their fingers in each other's cunt. Mavis whispered to Carol who nodded and Mavis stood and walked over to June. She felt between her legs. They were wet because as she watched June felt a strange and pleasurable sensation run through her and the touch of Mavis's fingers were enough to bring her to an orgasm
"S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !",
The strap continued to rise and fall rhythmically and Mary cried out with pleasure. Before the final strokes fell. These were much harder than the previous ones and the red marks were turning to a deeper colour
"S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !", "S W I I S H H ! !, S P L A A T T ! !",
It had ended and the two ladies kissed and hugged before, going to the table. Mary picked up a double strap on dildo.and helped by Carol she fastened it round her waist with the smaller cock in her own pussy. She then went to Julia who lay widespread on the floor and thrust the thicker end into her. It slipped home easily as receiving the strap had turned her on. They lay together and June could see her buttocks marked with the strap before she began to move in and out of Julia. She trust harder and faster and Julia wrapped her legs round Mary's back drawing her deeper in until after what seemed and eternity to June, but was certainly several minutes both ladies collapsed as they orgasmed together.

This story will be continued in Part 2 of librarians when the whole day unfolds.