Madam, Please Report to My Study
The Disciplinarian

Mrs June Green was surprised when the Headmaster came into her classroom and asked her to come to his study after school. She did not know what he wanted but confirmed that she would be there as requested.
The class was dismissed and Mrs Green finished her marking and walked along to the Headmaster's study. She knocked on the door and was told to enter. Frank Smithers was sitting at his desk and beckoned her to stand in front of his desk.
"Thank you for coming Mrs Green. We have a problem which needs resolving immediately. I have been looking through some of the marks you have awarded and note that they are out of line with other teachers. When I looked at the written work it seems that you have inflated the scores of one or two of the pupils. You understand that this is a very serious matter and I must consider your position at the school. Really I should dismiss you immediately but there is an alternative if you are prpared to accept it. At the same time I will work with you to make sure that you produce more accurate results. I am sure that it is mainly inexperience. Are you intrested in the alternative to dismissal?"

June was shaking because she knew that the Headmaster was right she had marked some of her pupils on what she WANTED them to achieve rather than the standard of work they had produced. She could not afford to lose her job as she was now divorced and living on her own and her salary was her sole means of support. What was the alternative.
"I am sorry Headmaster to have let you down. Can you tell me the alternative?"
"You will come to my study once a week and be caned by me before we work to improve your marking skills. You will recieve a minimum of two dozen strokes each time applied on the bare buttocks with the cane I use for senior boys. If you agree you will sign an indemnity confirming that you have agreed to the punishment as an alternative to dismissal. You may have some time to make up your mind but I shall require you decision tomorrow morning with this document signed if you agree to my terms. No document and I shall require a letter of resignation. Clearly understood?"
June stood there and then confirmed she understood. The Headmaster handed her the letter of consent to the caning and the letter of resignation saying that he looked forward to receiving one or the other in the moning before the school assembled.
June went home with her mind in a turmoil. She knew that she was in the wrong and the Headmaster was entitled to deal with her - but the cane - she had never been spanked in her life and she didn't know whether she could stand it. However stand it she must as she couldn't afford to lose her job. She signed the permission, put it in an envelope and left it with her books for the next day. During the night she slept badly and had dreams about what would happen.
The morning dawned and she prepared for school. She saw the letter and was going to throw it away but eventually her sense got the better of her and she took it with her handing it to the Secretary asking that it be passed to Mr Smithers immediately.
After assembly he stopped her in the passage and told her to come to his study at 4:15pm sharp.
The day seemed endless, until the last hour which flew by, and soon it was time for her appointment. She walked slowly along the corridor and timidly knocked on the Headmaster's door.
"Come in."
She entered and stood before him.
"Thank you Mrs Green. I see that you have agreed to my punishment. Clearly this is not a suitable time and I shall expect you to return at 8:00pm tonight. The caretaker will have left but I will be working late. Come prepared and I look forward to seeing you."
She left reluctantly but relieved that the moment was being put off and drove home. She nibbled at a snack and then had a long hot shower before dressing herself with some care. She put on black stockings and a suspender belt with black knickers. Her brassiere was also black and over it she wore a white blouse and a belted skirt. She left the house at in good time and when she entered the school gates saw that lights were still on in the headmaster's study. As she walked along the corridors her shoes clicked and clacked on the floor giving her an eerie feeling. She knocked on the door and was told to enter. As she entered she saw that there was a chair in the center of the room and a fearsome looking cane on the desk in front of the headmaster.
"I am glad that you decided to come Mrs Green. Now let us waste no time. Please understand that at any time you may leave but if you do then your dismissal will take instant effect. As I told you the punishment will be on your bare buttocks so remove your skirt and knickers."
The shock of his brutal remarks brought her back to the present and she reluctantly unfastened the belt of her skirt letting it drop to the ground. She felt very exposed but stepping out from the fallen skirt she slipped her hands into the elastic waist of her knickers and lowered them below her buttocks.
Frank Smithers said:
"Come right off I said. Now hurry up bend over the back of the chair and grasp the bar with your hands. Feet apart. There will be twelve tonight and twelve next week."
Once in position she felt very exposed but could only wait.
She saw him move to her side and then "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" a searing pain drove everything else from her mind as the first stroke of the cane burned across her buttocks and seemed to drive the breath from her body. She wanted to scream - Oh God she could not put up with it. "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" The second stoke powered home just above the first - she wanted to curl up as the pain seared into her. Only two and there were still "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" she had not time to think further as the cane landed on the same spot as the first. She could not "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" take any more and she cried out with the pain. She stood up and put her hands to her bum cheeks.
"No more, I can't stand it!"
"Fine then I await your resignation."
He put down the cane and returned behind his desk picking up the letter of resignation.
She gathered her thoughts through the pain:
"No! I must go on. Please go on with the caning I promise I will not move again."
She bent over again and Frank Smithers stood up and returned to her side with the cane. He swished it through the air once or twice.
"Any more movement and we are finished. Leave your hands on the bar."
"S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" there were two quick strokes which burned through her body. "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" she was almost fainting with the agony which seemed to cover more than just her bum but knotted her thighs. At the same time subconciously something was happening inside her which she did not understand. Between her legs there was a warmth which she didn't "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", a short break "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" as the further stokes fell the pain seemed to diminish as she retreated into herself while a warm glow suffused her body. It was as though these new emotions had control over the pain and she felt warm liquid running out of her pussy. She squeezed her legs tighter together but Frank tapped them and told her to part them again. For Frank his emotions surprised him for he found stirrings in his loins which disturbed him. Although he had caned boys regularly as punishment he had never felt like this before. The caning made his cock stiffen and he had to turn away to adjust his dress.
Frank Smithers had never caned a woman before and he was fascinated by her reactions he was in unknown territory and admired her fortitude. He could see the fig of her cunt between her thighs with wisps of hair showing on the inside and found it very erotic. However he was not prepared to stop. "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!", "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!". The last stoke was due and he gave a long pause before with a "S-W-I-S-H-H!!, C-R-A-C-K-K-K!!" the final cut landed on her tortured buttocks, this was always the fiercest, and she screamed with the pain. Surprised at her final outburst he spontaneously lifted her and took her in his arms smoothing her hair while she put her arms round him sobbing on his shoulder. He felt her firm breasts against his chest and the warm smoothness of her body and was disturbed at his reactions.
"Please take me home," she whispered.
He was uncertain of his reactions but knew that she was not in any condition to drive so agreed. She collected her clothes but her buttocks were so sore that she could not put her knickers back on just slipping her skirt over her bare bum wincing as she did so. He switched off the office lights and locked up as they left. When they reached the car park they had still not spoken but guessing at her pain Frank suggested that he drove her home and, while he drove, she knelt facing the rear on the back seat so that her bum did not touch the seat. When they arrived at her house she asked him in and, as she was still sobbing, he followed her. She had an attractive house and she took him into the lounge while she went to make some coffee. When she returned she was dressed in a lightweight dressing gown and was carrying a tray with, besides the coffee, a bottle of baby oil.
"I feel a little better now but you really hurt me. Please you can help me by rubbing some oil into my bum to ease the pain."
Before he could say anything she handed him the oil and slipped her gown off so that now she was again naked facing him. Before she turned round he saw her pussy close up with the thick black bush of hair partly covering the puffy lips. He smelt the scent of a woman aroused, although he didn't understand what it was but he found it very erotic. He sat down and she lay across his lap with her bum immediately in front of him. He was shocked at what he saw. Thick lines were raised on her buttocks and he saw the dark bruised flesh his cane had created. He dripped some oil on them and gently smoothed it in rubbing with both hands massaging and rubbing as she lay there passively. As the oil slipped down her thighs the pain and pleasure were inextricably linked and her legs parted while his hands followed the track. He felt the soft insides of her thighs as her rubbed in the oil and gradually moved his hands higher. She opened herself even further to the exploration of his hands until she felt him touch her clitty and the puffy lips of her pussy. He stopped and withdrew his hands.
"Don't stop! I need this."
Although he was an experienced teacher Frank Smithers had spent his life among boys and was inexperienced with women. He was getting very warm and did not know how to react to his emotions. June had felt the stirrings in his loins as she lay across him and eventually making a decision stood up. She took his hand and said just one word:
He allowed himself to be led into the passage and up the stairs where they turned into her bedroom. He stood at the door rooted to the spot but she pulled him forwards.
"Don't be afraid."
As he stood there she went down on her knees unfastening his belt and pushing his trousers down. She had more difficulty with his underpants as his cock was now rigid but she eased them over it and slid them to the ground. She then took his cock in her mouth and gently sucked and tongued until the purple head stood like a nut above the shaft. She then stood up and removed his jacket, shirt and vest until he was as naked as she was.
As if in a dream he allowed himself to be led to the bed where he joined her. She knew that he must be guided so, taking his hand, she put it down to her pussy where after a tentative touch he began exploring with his fingers while she still gently massaged his erect cock. He found the slippery feel and warmth of the inside of her vagina enticing and his fingers started to explore. She gasped and then unable to wait longer she raised herself up and placed her legs either side of his hips and wgently sinking impaled herself on his cock. He just lay back as he felt her enfold him in her soft warmth.
She remained still for several seconds before beginning to rise and fall. He could see the wide-spread pussy lips surrounded by their nest of hair lifting and dropping as his cock was exposed and then disappeared. He could also see her firm breasts with their hard nipples moving in time with her rhythm. She speeded up and he tried to join thrusting against her until after a short time he felt a tenseness in his buttocks and thighs and a warm glow. He stiffened and spurted his cum into her insides. June came down for the final time falling foward and crying out as she did so as her own orgasm overwhelmed her.
Frank lay there bathed in the euphoria of the moment before guilt set in and he tried to apologise. She put a finger on his lips:
"Hush! I needed that, and you were right to cane me like you did. I failed my pupils and myself. I promise it will not happen again. But I also found out something else I need to be caned. I found the whole experience intensely erotic. It is I who should apologise for seducing you. Am I forgiven?"
He lay back thinking while she played with his soft cock and balls. He had enjoyed the opportunity of caning a naked female and the follow-up had also been very pleasant. June Green was an attractive woman and he had been celibate too long. He wanted to prolong the experience and wondered if she would be prepared for him to stay longer. June stood up and led him into her bathroom where they stood together under the shower. She soaped him all over making sure that his cock received special treatment while he reciprocated using his fingers to explore her pussy and bum cheeks. She winced as he touched the latter but clesarly enjoyed his exploration of the rest. Eventually they left the shower and after drying each other off went back and lay on her bed side by side without touching.
"Frank, the whole experience has been wonderful and I would not have missed it for worlds and it cannot stop here. The rest of the night is for lovers and tomorrow must look after itself. Please understand that this puts you under no obligation about my punishment or ability in class."
He turned over and facing her said:
"You know all my life I have been bounded by my teaching and I have never looked ouside. I have enjoyed everthinng that has happened and I agree that we must let tomorrow wait."
She kissed his cock so that it came out of its slumbering state and stood erect while she whispered:
"I need this inside me. You don't know how long it has been since I have been with a man. Please fuck me hard."
She parted her legs and, as he came on top of her, she guided his cock to its destination. He thrust firmly in filling her up to the top and stretching the tight walls of her pussy. Their pubic hair blended as he rested on his elbows before, with slow steady thrusts, he powered away inside her. She knew that this was the fulfillment of so many days and nights of wishing and whatever happened afterwards she would never forget tonight. Her legs turned to jelly and her insides boiled as he thrust away until she cried out with wave after wave of orgasms while locking her legs around his back as though she never wanted to release him. Time ran out and she felt him give three final sharp pushes and stiffen as he ejaculated filling her again. They lay together without moving as his cock shrunk and slipped out of her. She felt cheated at losing him but they lay in perfect harmony breathing gently as they rested. they remained like this for several hours until Frank stood up.
"I must return to my own home now but I promise you that if you want me to come again this will not be the last time. The whole night has been wonderful."
She walked naked downstairs with him and gave him a kiss before opening the door of her darkened hallway to let him go. She then returned upstairs and took a rueful look at her beaten buttocks where the bruising was even more pronounced whispering to herself:
"It was worth the thrashing to get his attention."