Manor House Mayhem
The Master of Discipline

The two girls Joan and Moira were walking back to the school laughing and talking. They carefully looked round to see that they were not observed and then dived into the bushes bordering the wood . Once hidden they lit up a cigarette, giggling to each other as they took alternate puffs. They knew that if they were found out they would be punished but everytime they took this route they got more confident of their ability to avoid being seen. After all it led through thick bushes and except for the school at the end of the road the only house was the Manor House the other side of the wood.
They had just settled down to enjoy their cigarette when there was a sharp voice behind them. "What are you girls doing? Don't you know that you are trespassing!"
They looked up and saw that it was an elderly man with a shotgun under his arm.

"Quickly, speak up. Why are you here?"
The girls stood up trying to hide the cigarettes behind them.

"Please Sir, we didn't know that we were trespassing we were just having a rest before reurning to school."
The gentleman watched the smoke curling up from behind their backs and snorted
"A likely story, I assume that you came in here to smoke."
The two girls looked down at the ground and avoided the old man's gaze.
"I think that you had better come back with me and I will ring your Headmistress. She will know how to deal with you."
The girls were frightened now because they knew that their punishment was coming but followed the old man back to the house. He led them in through the front door and into his study.
"Right now tell me what will happen if I report you?"
"We will be caned and she will be especially hard because we have been caught before."
" How many strokes each?"
"I expect we will get twelve and it will be in front of the whole school and then we will be expelled."
The old man though for a moment.
"Are you willing to accept my punishment if I say nothing to the school about your behaviour. It will not be light but at least you will still have your school career."
The girls looked at each other uneasily but they knew that expulsion would kill their chances of going to University so finally nodded and said
"Yes Sir."
The old man looked hard at them and then said,
"You are sure? If so then I will deal with you immediately. Move that chair into the middle of the room and take off your skirt. The girl with dark hair can receive her punishment first."
manor_house_mayhem1.jpg - 8134 Bytesthe two girls stood and reluctantly their hands moved to the zip of their skirts.
"Hurry up now."
Moira slipped the zip and slid the skirt down over her thighs stepping out of it. She looked very attractive in her knee length socks and white panties with her blouse just reaching her waist.
The old man went to a cupboard in the corner, opened it and they saw an array of canes ranging from thin to thick and pale yellow to dark brown.
"These were what I used on my sons before they left home. I am glad they are finding a further use."
He carefully selected one from the middle of the line and swished it up and down a few times. The girls shuddered as they heard the wind singing through it as it moved.
"Right girl bend over the chair and stretch as far down as you can. This will hurt but you will still have a career."
As she stretched over the chair her bottom stood out taut in its gleaming white pants. He tapped her bottom twice with the cane and then "S W W I I S S H !" "C R A A C C K !" the cane lashed her bottom. Moira lifted up with the pain of the stroke - this was worse than anything they had received at school - and her breath came out with a gasp. The scond stroke whipped in "S W W I I S S H !" "C R A A C C K !" then the third "S W W I I S S H !" "C R A A C C K !". Her bottom was now on fire and she wanted to scream but no sound would come out. "S W W I I S S H !" "C R A A C C K !" "S W W I I S S H !" "C R A A C C K !". the fourth and fifth followed before the old man said, "This is the final stroke so prepare yourself."
She thought she had but nothing had prepared her for the pain of the final stroke which was delivered with the full weight of the arm of an old but healthy man. She raised her head and screamed in agony before finally collapsing over the arm of the sofa. She sobbed her heart out watched by a very apprehensive Joan.
The old man pointed to the chair in the middle of the room.
"Prepare yourself it is now your turn."
manor_house_mayhem2.jpg - 8399 BytesReluctantly Joan undid the button on her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Falteringly she moved over to the chair and bent herself over it gripping the sides tightly with her hands. She felt the tapping of the cane before "S W W I I S S H !" "C R A A C C K !" the first stroke reached her. The pain was so extreme that she stood straight upright thrusting her hands back to cover her bum. The old man just waited. Nothing was said and she gradually subsided bending back over the chair for the rest of the strokes. "S W W I I S S H !" "C R A A C C K !" "S W W I I S S H !" "C R A A C C K !" "S W W I I S S H !" "C R A A C C K !" "S W W I I S S H !" "C R A A C C K !" the next four were raising weals that she could feel like huge lumps on her sore bottom before the old man said.
"This is the final one."
He raised the cane and taking careful aim brought it down across the two buttocks exactly in line with the other strokes. Like Moira Joan screamed before subsiding and weeping quietly to herself.
The old man put the cane away and then turned to the girls
Right girls, you were very brave and I commend you. My sons would not have taken their punishment better than you. Would you like some tea before you return to school, I think that you need some time to recover before you are seen. I know your Headmistress and will telephone her explaining that you have been doing some research at the Manor House and will be late returning."
The girls remained for tea and visited the old man on several later occasions - none of them so painful as their first!.
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