Marion and Muriel with Friends
The Master of Discipline

Marion had now been with Muriel for several days and they had fallen into a routine whereby they went of to work and the boutique respectively and on their return had an evening meal. Their love was still fresh so they spent long nights in bed playing with each other and exploring the wants, and needs, of the other.
It was the middle of the week when after much play where their juices flowed profusely Muriel offered to turn Marion into a real woman.
"Until you lose your virginity you will never be able to feel the full pleasures of a dildo deep inside you rubbing your vaginal walls and stimulating the massive orgasms I can achieve. For you at present it is a surface thing where your clitty but the deep deep pleasures only come when you are completely filled. Tonight I think is a good time."
dildo insideShe stood up and went to the cupboard in the corner of the bedroom and took out the dildo they had used at the weekend. This time however she fastened it around her own waist with the smaller 'leg' going into her own pussy. She told Marion to lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide. Muriel then took a handful of cold cream and pushed it into Marion's cunt. She rubbed Marion's clitty to stimulate her and then presented the head of the dildo to her eager lips. She pushed it inside until Marion gasped as it reached her hymen.
"Don't worry it will be painful but only for a minute and then the rest of your life will be pleasure !"
She took hold of Marion's thighs and pushed hard forwards. Marion screamed with the pain as her hymen was pierced but then found that after the initial shock she felt only a slight soreness. Muriel eased the dildo out and saw that there was blood on it , confirming that Marion was a virgin. She then slipped it in again and this time found no restriction. She began to ease in and out slowly at first but soon found that Marion was bucking against her crying out for it to go deeper. Muriel meanwhile was aslo finding her own stimulation as the small 'leg' rubbed her clitty and it was not long before the two of them were 'rogering' each other with a vengeance. Eventually they both climaxed in their own time and Muriel knew tfrom Marion's legs locked around her that she was coming to a shuddering orgasm. Her own climax came and shecollapsed forwards gasping
"Now you are a woman."
They lay close together and as they kissed Marion admitted that after the initial pain it had been fantastic. The two had a shower and went to bed. As they lay in each others arms Muriel said
"Remember my two friends. They are coming this Sunday and I hope that you will join us. "
"Of course and I look forward to it "
At which she drifted into a deep sleep very satisfied with condistion, albeit with some slight soreness still in her vagina.

Sunday came and Marion was very excited. She had no idea what was to happen but was pleased that she had been invited to be part of it. After lunch while Muriel and Marion were having coffee the front doorbell rang and Muriel went to answer it. She came back with two ladies. Marion shook their hands as they were introduced and Barbara and Sylvia. As they joined them for coffee Marion looked at them and saw two middle aged ladies both about five foot six in height. Barbara was rather well built tending to fat but with big breasts and a magnificent bottom. The other, Sylvia, was not so large but also had a bum which was designed for spanking.
Marion introduced her
"This is Marion who has come to live with me. She is a novice but is willing to join us in our endeavours. I suggest that we introduce her slowly although I can promise you she has a superb wrist and arm so will deal with us adequately. Shall we now move into the punishment room?"
They all stood up and left for the punishment room . When inside they removed their clothes until they were all naked. Again Marion looked at Barbara and Sylvi as they eyed her up. She saw that first impressions had been correct as Barbara was designed for the cane. Her large soft white buttocks still showed slight marks but the dimples in her cheeks were already flexing while her breats were huge with dark aueols and large nuts for nipples. Her pussy was well covered with hair which showed through her legs. She rubbed her pussy
"Good fucking first please Muriel ! The let us see what Marion can do with the cane."
Muriel took out a dildo from a corner cupboard and Marion gasped as the penis was nealy ten inches long and at least six inches in circumference. Muriel strapped it on and Barbara bent over the flogging bench. Meanwhile Sylvia drew Marion to a settee which was set for viewing and sittting her down began to fondle her pussy. She drew Marion's hand to her own and soon Marion was playing with a wet hairy pussy while watching with amazement as Muriel pushed the dildo deep into Marbara. She watched as the whole length disappeared inside and then taking Barbara's hips in her hands Muriel began a vigorous in an out motion which seemed to go on for ever. Barbara moaned underneath grying out
"Fuck me, Oh fuck me harder , don't stop I want more."
Marion had her own climax as the experienced hands of Sylvia brought her off and she reciprocated with her partner.
Eventually their initial enthusiasm had cooled and the final climax for all of them came. Now as Muriel withdrew from Barbara she called out to Marion.
"Bring the black cane over and now demonstrate your skills with fifty stokes on Barbra who had stayed in position.. Marion came forwards with the cane and knew that this would need all her strength as the soft fleshy buttocks would absorb much of the effects at first. She raised the cane and lashed it down
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !",
the cane landed with a satisfying sound as it burrowed into the ready bum. Sinking deep into the cheeks it almost disappeared before resurfacing as Marion lifted it again
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !",
the other two stood and watched and Sylvia commented on the accuracy and rate at which the cane landed. Not too fast and not too slow but each stroke reached a satisfying conclusion
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !",
ten. twenty or more had landed and even now Barbara's bum hadly seemed marked.
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !",
Now the lines began to show and marion was determinined that the last ten would leave their message so gripping the cane tightly she prepared herself and lashed the cane down "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !",
The fifty strokes were up and the other two clapped and congratulated Marion as they went behind Barbara and inspected her bum. Muriel slid her fingers into her pussy and feeling how wet she was she gave her a quick frigging before Barbara stood up and kissed Marion.
"That was superb. Now you need a good fucking and caning yourself.." As she said this she strapped a dildo on. Marion was pleased to see that it was not as long or thick as the one she had enjoyed herself.
"Over the bench my dear and legs apart."
Marion bent over the bench and spread her legs wide. She felt the dildo nudge her pussy and then as it entered her vagina was stretched. It also made her gasp for breath but Barbara waited and then sent the dart home until it was lodged deep inside her. Barbara rested her huge breasts across Marion's back, grasped her hips and began the in and out digs which produce the ultimate plesure and satisfaction. They went on for several minutes while the ridged dildo stimulated her interior until she could hold back no longer and with a cry she orgasmed and ejaculated. Barbara withdrew and unfastened the dildo. She went and sat on the sofa.
"Stay in position I want Sylvia to give you two dozen with the cane just to finish you off. Lay it on Sylvia dear I think Marion will be surprised."
Very nervous at what was to happen but on a high from her fucking Marion waited and soon "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", the first stroke laced her bum. She gasped as this was like a burning brand searing her bum. She did not have long to wait before
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !",
the strokes began to land with regularity. Her bum was aflame by this point but her body was also on fire from her rogering and she allowed the pain to sink into her subconcious.
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !",
by now she was aware of a change in her. As the blows seared her bum she was losing herself into a state where the actual caning only seemed peripheral. Her body glowed and her senses were heightened beyond anything she had experienced before. Watching her closely Barbara raised her thumb to Muriel.
"I think she has joined us. Six more please Sylvia and then finish."
These last six were harder than any before but Marion absorbed them all. When the caning finished she just lay there still in an almost catalyeptic state until Sylvi lifted her up and kissed and hugged her.
"That was wonderful now let me massage and cream you."
Sylvia sat down and took Marion across her lap rubbing in soft oil to ease the pain. Meanwhile Muriel was being strapped on the climbing frame so that her hands were extended and her feet were on the lower rung. Her bum stuck out as Barabara pushed a cushion into between her stomach and the freme. She then went to the corner and lifted a birch from the bucket shaking its tips as she did so. This was not a mess of twigs to stimulate the bottom but a real punishment birch. It had ten lthirty six inch hazel withes still with buds attached. They were fastened at the top with a blue coloured handle and also fastened half way down so that they did not splay to wide. Barbara stood beside Marion and put her hands between her legs and figged her and then herself before she started.
"W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", <
This was a lethal weapon and took no prisoners and each stroke left an indelible mark. The first on showed up a seris of whiteand red lines
"W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", By now there was a riot of marks across Muriel's bum and although they did not show up in the same way as cane strokes they were laying a lethal trail across her buttocks. Because of the number of twigs each stoke multiplied the marks and these also mingled as they criss crossed each other.
"W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !",
As she was being massaged Marion and Barabara were watching intently and enjoying the punishment Muriel was receiving. They had also lost count now of the number of strokes which had landed but saw that the whole buttock area was scarified and blood blister created by the buds were beginning to form. Barbara did not stop however and seemed to intensify her strokes until finally she had to stop because the birch was now only a bunch of broken twigs where it had finished its devastating tattoo. Muriel was slumped with emotional exhaustion in her bonds and before releasing her Sylvia took a wet cloth and wiped the blood away. She then loosened the straps and helped Muriel to the couch where she lay down flat out on her face completely drained.
Sylvia came across to Marion drew her down and opened her legs wide. Clearly she liked what she saw and she dipped her mouth and nose into the wet pussy. The aroma was supurb and she was soon driving her tongue deep inside Marion so that her sensitive insides were titillated until she spent all over Sylvia's face. Satisfied it was now Sylvia's turn
"you have all had your bums roasted and now it is my turn. Two dozen from each of you please . "
bum prepared for spankingAt this she went and drew the '"A' frame into the centre of the room and then handed Muriel the black cane. Muriel fastened her to the frame and then inserted a purple butt plug into her anus, helping to keep the buttocks well spread. She took up the cane and began to lay on the strokes
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !",
the marks began to show slightly as she thrashed her but after her two dozen she handed over to Barbara. Barbara was ambidextrous and switched sides so that she was beating from the right . This caused more discomfort to Sylvia as most spankers were right handed. However as a flagellant this was no problem and she accepted the pain with enthusiasm.
"W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !",
Soon it was time for Marion and, after her rest, she made sure that these strokes not only covered the spaces left on the bum but that the final ones crossed and criss-crossed the the ravaged buttocks. "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "C R A C K K ! !",
Finally the full sixty stokes hand been administered and now Marion was amazed as Muriel put on a medium dildo and, removing the butt plug, thrust it into Sylvia's anus. She gasped as Muriel's pubic hair scarified her sore bum bum she also welcomed the dildo with enthusiasm. Barbara crouched down and was rubbing her pussy at the same time

"I do need it , fuck me hard with it. Don't stop whatever you do until I am ready to cum."
Muriel responded enthusiastically until after, what must have been at least ten minutes, she heard a cry from Sylvia.
"I'm coming, I'm coming !"
As she came her body lifted from the 'A' frame and Barbara thrust three fingers deep inside her. She cried out and a deluge covered Barbara's fingers. Muriel eased out from her and the four of them rested from their endevours. For the three flagellants it was a normal weekend but for Marion it was the start of a whole new life.