Muriel By
Muriel Herself

I will return to the beginning so that you understand what has happened. This is TRUE story and is ongoing as Muriel make her fifth visit.

It is important to set the scene. I received an email from Muriel last November enquiring about my services and I replied asI usually do suggesting she might like to visit. She agreed and to my surprise I discovered she was based in Europe. She then arranged to come on a Friday and leave Saturday morning to meet her husband in London. The scene was set and I was pleasantly surprised when I found that Ryanair would fly her to and from Stanstead and there was a regular coach from the airport to Ipswich near to where I am based.
The date was set and sure enough the bus disgorged Muriel. I think rather apprehensive as to what she had let herself in for. A strange country, a strange man, never been spanked and no where to run to until the next day if it went wrong ! Fortunately all round what had the potenial for a disater has proved to be a triumph so that her visits are now three days and nights. back to beginning however.
As soon as Muriel arrived I showed her into my spare room and told her to change into the clothes she was wearing here. When she had done so we introduced ourselves over a cup of tea and as she had good English we had no language problems.
Now it was time to begin and she lay across my lap as I sat on my settee and I started spanking. It does not tek long for a professional to see whether the lady is a spankee or not and soon it was clear from the way she adjusted that Muriel was enjoying herself.. I continued for several minutes spanking over her dress before lifting it up over her back. She was wearing black lace knickers, black lace knickers and a black lace suspender belt support black stockings.
I began to spank over her knickers and still she was clearly enjoying the sensation so I upped the tempo and spanked harder. Now I drew the sides of the knickers into her bum crack and drew the gussett tight so as I spanked on her bare buttocks so I was also stimulating her pussy. No problems at all and her knickers came down and off and I continued spanking and massaging her bare bum. As I did so I also massaged the inside of her thighs and she parted er legs to allow me to do so. As I spanked and massaged I found that the inside of her thighs were wet. The sure sign of her erotic feelings being stimulated. More massaging and spanking and this time I touched her warm wet pussy very gently. She showed no adverse reaction so I continued with the programme. Soon her legs parted wider offering me greater access. Now I used my fingers actively to stimulate her and I heard her breathing deeply as I did so. I would not allow an orgasm and told her to stand in front of me while I removed her skirt, suspender belt and stockings. She was happy for me to do this and I soon had her back across my legs naked from the waist down.
She was now clearly aroused I I decided that it was time to offer her relief so after a dozen HARD spanks I put two fingers into her wet slippery pussy and moved them in and out until she came. Part One was over.
We rested and chatted for several minutes before I told her to remove her blouse and brassiere. She did so without query and now she was naked. As i covertly inspected her I saw that she was of medium height with a stocky but ideal figure. her breasts were full and the nipples were hard. her pussy was covered with a thin veil of hair. I then sent her to kneel on my bed with her bum facing the door and her legs spread. It was a perfect position and I took my medium strap and began to spank. This was NOT punishment so I used the strap gently and steadily. caressing at first but gradually increasing in strengthas I judged her readiness. Remember this was new territory for both of us. She seemed to enjoy the strap and she received three dozen strokes before I stopped. I touched her andshe was very wet and ready so I lay her on the bed spent the next several minutes bringing her to several orgasms.
Now I made her kneel again and this time I used the cane. Again this was NOT punishment and I keep the strokes light but stimulating. I then told her to lay on her face and for the next fifteen minutes on her back and front I used the cane all over her body - not one painful stroke but each one designed to stimulate. The effect was clear. and again I used my fingers to good effect. Muriel was exhausted, the day was finished and after a shower Muriel retired to bed in my spare room.
In the morning I took my dog for a walk and washed and shaved before placing a chair with a cushion across the back. I then called Muriel and told her to come to the lounge just in her nightdress. When she arrived I told her to bend over the back of the chair and after two dozen spanks with my hand I gave her a dozen with the strap. I then told her to get dressed.
In the midle of the morning I again took her over my lap and gave her a long handspanking before we went into my office and Muriel bend over my spanking bench. This was to be the first real test as I was going to give her a dozen sharp strokes of the cane. Now we would both know whether she was a true spankee or just enjoyed erotic spanking. The cane whipped in and got no reaction. Five more and the odd mark showed on a buttocks. I then gave six more pushing up the strength with each stroke but at the end she wasclearly still happy, albeit a little sore. I took her back to the bedroom for a final play session which brought her crying with pleasure. The day was finished and she had to get dressed ready to leave. As she left she thanked me as said she expected to come again.

As soon as she returned home Muriel arranged a retrun visit. This time she wanted to stay for three days as she felt that she had only touched the fringes of her erotic needs. She told me with a few days that the flight was booked and I reserved the weekend for her. She arrived at the expected time and I gave her no time to get her breath but took her into the small bedroom and undressed and inspected her bumher. I then helped her tlochgelly tawseo redress in the sexy clothes she had bought. Now we chatted and had tea before we started.
As before there was a lot of spanking across her skirt before I raised it and spanked over her knickers. Now she was really into swing of things and her erotic fantasies were already aroused. I spanked and played and removed the knickers as before and she was SO eager for me to give her her first orgasm of the visit. I restrained myself and mad her remove the rest of her clothes. I then took her to the bedroom knelt her on the bed and this time I gave her three dozen with my favourite strap. Not too hard and not too soft. She wriggled under the strap and when I felt she was very randy. I told her to lay back and parted her legs. She was so aroused and my fingers gently massaged and carressed her pussy before I final gave a dozen thrusts inside and brought her to her first climax of the weekend. I knew it would NOT be the last !
We rested and had some tea and sandwiches. She was still naked and I inteneded that she would remain so all the evening. Back to the bed and this time I upped the caning a little. A dozen slightly harder than on her last visit. She seemed to be enjoying the experience. and again play, pleasure and an orgasm were the result.
I am not going to details everything that happened but one or two items are worth noting. One of the items was a SPECIAL I had thought up. I live at the edge of some fields and a footpath and one evening I waited until late at night, told her to remove ALL her clothes and put a coat of mine on. We themn walked through the estate, down the footpath through the fields and when we reached a suitable point I told her to bend over, lifted the coat and gave her a dozen strokes with the riding crop before returning for me to bring again to and orgasm before she went to her bed (NOT MINE). Here I will finish as the opportunity is open to anybody else to come and enjoy variations on this theme.