Muriel Alone Again
Muriel Herself

Here is another example of Muriel following her instructions. However there was ONE omission from that she was told to do and that will mean punishment when we meet.

I emailed her the following instructions
  • 1. You wear a skirt which finishes just below your knee
  • 2. You wear no knickers or brassiere
  • 3. Wear a 'rough' jumper. I want you to feel the wool rubbing your nipples as you drive.
  • 4. You drive into the woods
  • 5 Leave the car and walk into the woods to a secluded place.
  • 6. Lift your skirt above your waist.
  • 7. Think of me as you play with yourself and imagine it is me as you come.
  • 8. Plenty of pictures of your pussy
  • 9. Return to the car and text me Mission Accomplished
  • 10. Return home and when you have time write me a FULL account of what happened.
  • 11. Telephone me when you have the chance so that we can both enjoy the experience.
  • 12. TWO WEEKS and ONE DAY before your visit when any omissions can be dealt with.!

Muriel's Report.

When you send me instructions I would like to carry them out the next day. But once again I had to be patient for several days, this time because of the bad weather.
Today I took my chance as the sun was shining early this morning but I knew that thunderstorms were announced for the end of the day. Dressed in my knee long blue pleated jeans skirt a white top and a little waisted beige blouse, with short sleeves I left unbuttoned, I prepared for the things I needed. I paid attention to not forgetting anything as you wanted the instructions to be carried out in every detail. The camera to take the pictures would be necessary and also the mobile to send a text. The battery of the camera had been reloaded recently but the mobile battery was almost empty. I plugged it in just in time to get it charged before I had to leave. With the experience of the first time I added walking shoes in my little black backpack and a dark green sleeping bag to roll out on the forest ground. As everything was perfect I put it in the boot of my car and left for work thinking of my afternoon mission.
At five pm I finished my last course and was impatient to leave. A little friendly chat with my last student, some papers for the administration to fill in, tidying up my books and the mission could start.
First I entered the ladies room my little camera concealed in my hand. Making sure the door was well locked I removed my black lacy knickers, put them on the floor and took a picture. I had a quick look found that it was good and before going back to the teachers room checked whether my skirt was correctly smoothed around my bum. Fortunately nobody was there and I could spirit my camera and my knickers away without being noticed. I gathered my property and wanted to leave. The door of my boss' office was open and passing I said 'good bye see you tomorrow'. It was a shock when I heard him calling me back saying ' wait a minute Muriel, come in for a moment'. Suddenly I FELT that I was naked under my skirt. I felt my skirt touching my bum and my pubis and my pussy hair pricking my thighs. My hands went down on my skirt automatically checking if it was still there. My boss is a 38 year old amiable man and quite athletic, certainly a very attractive man for a lot of women. I don't dare imagine his reaction if he had discovered the nakedness under my skirt. He gave me a short record of some new clients I am to meet tomorrow and then let me go. I have no idea what I was replying, I don't remember anything of what I said. I hope it wasn't too stupid.
Still confused I left the building and headed for the plaza. I was so happy I got out that I didn't hesitate at all making the first step towards the people in the street. I felt as if the most delicate situation was already behind me and took a deep breath. The city wasn't too crowded this time. Monday isn't a shopping day and only a few people were sitting around on benches eating ice cream or a piece of pizza. It was a beautiful summer afternoon. The sky was blue, it was hot and there was absolutely no wind. Immediately when I came out I felt the warmth under my skirt. My bum, my pussy, my thighs every naked part of my body was enhanced by the softness of the warm air. It was a lovely sensation, the slight touch of a caress fitting perfectly the female body. I didn't feel my skirt anymore. I had a little rest and sent you the text saying I was ready for the next part of my instructions.
Crossing the plaza I was stopped by a lady and her daughter asking me where to buy bus tickets. Again my hand touched the material to make sure all my clothes were still there. Once more I felt the pussy hair pricking my thighs. I thought it needed shaving urgently but that unfortunately my barber wasn't available before a fortnight. I told the ladies where to buy their tickets and continued walking through the town until I reached the car park.
Heading for the motorway I realized that the blue sky was partly covered by clouds. Immediately I remembered the weather forecast. Hopefully, I would have enough time to go to the end of my mission. Being alone in my car I relaxed and thought how pleasant and exciting it was to carry out your instructions. I knew that you would be interested in the outcome and that you like to know about a lady's feelings and sensations. In fact, I never feel really alone when I perform the task it is as if you were there all the time. You are around with your observing look that never makes a lady feel being watched.
While driving I was imagining we were to meet in the woods where you were waiting for me. You would have a look at my outfit to check whether it was regular.
Suddenly I had a shock. I stopped breathing and my heartbeat went up. I had forgotten something. I missed one point of the instruction list. Oh no, it could be something important. It could be something you really would have liked me to do. What would you say? You told me you expected the mission to be carried out without failure. 'Failure to carry out the instructions in detail will mean some EXTRA hard cane strokes when you arrive.' 'No excuses will be accepted.'
Would it be a matter of punishment? I've never experienced that before I don't know exactly what it is like. I've had sensuous spankings, lots and lots of it and I know I can't get enough. Maybe when we meet in the woods for an intense play session you won't notice it.
Meanwhile the sky got more and more cloudy. I had to hurry to find a place in the woods. At the same time I felt the excitement rising more and more. Sitting in the car my legs close together I could also feel the dampness between my thighs. I spread my legs a little, as much as possible while driving, to check with my hand my thighs and my pussy. Indeed, the area was getting quite wet. How much I would have liked to be really on my way to meet you. But this time it would be for my dreams only, but very enjoyable dreams. I decided to go back to the same place as last time as I didn't want to lose time finding a new one. I wasn't sure about the weather and wanted to get there as soon as possible.
Another half an hour and I arrived. Nobody seemed to be around, no car to be seen either. I stopped got out of the car and removed my beige blouse. Instead I put a T-shirt on. I also removed my shoes, put on little black socks and my walking shoes. Before putting the mobile and the camera in the backpack I took some pictures.
Then I got my backpack out of the boot locked the car and walked up the wood path starting on the opposite side of the small road. I arrived after a few minutes recognizing the tree that had sheltered me the last time. It hadn't been long since I came last time but I thought that the branches, the grass and the fern had grown. I rolled my sleeping bag out on the ground still covered with last autumn's leaves and many twigs I found the sky had darkened considerably. This time I wasn't afraid I would be discovered. This was MY place now, OUR place. It was already late and the sun was gone. No one would come. So I lay down and immediately heard the first raindrops fall on the green leaves above my head. The branches of the trees were large and hung very close to the ground. It was like a real roof for me and the raindrops couldn't get through to me quickly. As there wasn't any thunder I decided to stay.
I stretched myself out, lying on my sleeping bag, and lifted my skirt above my waist, according to the instructions, and started to caress myself. One last quick look back over my shoulder to each side to make sure nobody was around and I could relax.
I caressed slowly at first, my hand going all over my pussy. I imagined you were there, with me. As I didn't know how you would react as to my misdemeanor I skipped that part and passed directly to your warm hand playing with me. Imagining there could be some warm-up spanking as well got me even more excited and I started to breath faster. There are so many tree trunks around it is really not very difficult to imagine how you could take advantage of them in a spanking session. I felt your hand caressing faster and heavier with your fingers gliding inside my very slippery interior from time to time. But outside, in nature, there are always unexpected moments. Suddenly a strong wind came up and I felt it blow directly between my half spread legs on my pussy. I had never felt that before. It was cool but not cold at all, strong and very sensuous. I spread my legs a little wider to get some more of the comfortable softness of the refreshing wind. But as usual, this made me lose my focus. I opened my eyes and found the weather a little more threatening. Just one little spot was left where the sun could be guessed. As the rain had stopped again I decided to stay although I was a little worried.
Dreaming with the eyes wide open isn't easy so I closed them again. I imagined you lying close to me on my sleeping bag telling me I hadn't to worry, that nothing could happen and that I just had to relax and feel. Your fingers went around my whole pussy area, on the left side, then the right side over the engorged pussy lips and inside again. You caressed the inside of my thighs hardly touching them what made me tingle and shiver. You told me that my legs weren't spread wide enough and that I had to spread them wider to feel it better and I obeyed. Your caresses became faster and harder and my excitement was difficult to endure. I wanted you to release me but then you said that you had noticed right away that I was still wearing my bra. You said I hadn't followed your instructions in this point and that I deserved to be punished for it later. You said also that you would fuck me afterwards in my anus but that for now you wanted me to get on top of you and that I wouldn't get away before having a climax. In a feeling of total submission to your decisions and wishes I felt your cock rubbing hard inside my vagina and at the same time the rubbing against my pussy and the hard swollen clitty. We came together and I had the most intense orgasm of all my outdoor experiences.
I took some pictures and as the thunderstorm was developing I stood up, put everything back into the backpack and hurried back to the car. When I arrived in my little town the rain started and as soon as I was back home I could hear the first thunder. We had a strong thunderstorm then. The timing was just perfect! Muriel