Museum Activities
The Disciplinarian

Sandra Nicholls was very pleased when she was accepted as an assistant curator at the local museum. She had been looking for a job since she had divorced her husband six months before. She was one of several applicants who were interviewed by the Curator, Frank Williams, and she and Lorna Bradbury were the two appointed.
The two ladies started their work on the following Monday. Frank interviewed them on their first morning and explained more about their duties - Sandra worked in the renovation section and Lorna was a supervising assistant in the main exhibition galleries. Frank warned them that they were on probation for the next three months before they were made permanent. Any breakages or damage to exhibits they were responsible for could mean loss of salary or even dismissal. They signed the final documents confirming their respective appointments and went to start their duties.
The first two weeks passed without any incident and it was late afternoon on the following Thursday when Sandra broke the handle of an Iron Age beaker which had just arrived at the Museum. It was not her fault but she was sent to Frank Williams with the damaged beaker. He looked up when she came in and explained what had happened.
"This is a serious matter and I think that we must stop your pay for three days. Do you agree."
"Please Sir I have only just returned to work and I cannot afford three days loss of pay is there any other way I can make amends?"
Frank sat back and looked at her. He saw an attractive 24 year old of about 5 foot 3 inches in height, long brown hair well formed breasts which showed clearly through her blouse. Her skirt was knee length and her calves were firm.
"I think that we may be able to work this out. Are you free this evening and can return to the museum at about 8 o'clock?"
"Yes Sir I can return if you wish."
"Return to work and I will meet you at the staff door at 8pm"
At the end of work Sandra returned to her flat and after a shower she ate her dinner and prepared to return to the museum. She wondered what would happen. Would she have extra work or what other alternative was there. Whatever it was she could not afford the loss of the pay so was determined to accept it.
At 7.55pm she was outside the Museum and, dead on time, Frank Williams arrived. He opened the staff door and led Sandra upstairs to his office. When she had been interviewed for the post she had not noted much about the office but now she looked around. It was a large room with a Director's desk in the middle but she now noticed the carpeting and that there was a settee at the side and two padded chairs against the other wall as well as several cupboards. There was also a hard chair in front of the desk - in fact the one she had sat on when she was being interviewed.. Frank sat behind his desk and told her to sit down on the hard chair. She sat as directed.
"Sandra, as I explained this afternoon I SHOULD stop your wages for three days to punish you for your stupidity. However I am willing to deal with it in a different way to avoid a financial penalty. Have you ever been spanked?
Sandra's head reared on her shoulders as she took in what he had said.
"Only by my Dad when I was young."
"Will you be willing to be spanked by me. If you agree then no financial deduction otherwise.................................!"
Sandra sat and thought for what seemed several minutes before she decided. A spanking might hurt but she needed the money."
"Yes Sir I agree."
"Good. Let us begin. Remove your coat and come over to the settee."
He sat down in the centre of the settee and, watched as Sandra removed her coat. Underneath she wore a neat calf length skirt and jumper. He told Sandra to lie across his lap. She did so and felt his hands smooth her dress across her buttocks.
"S M A A C K K ! !",
It did not hurt but the shock made Sandra cry out in surprise.
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
By now she was prepared and did not react any more as his hand landed across her buttocks. His hand was large and firm and her skirt was not thick so she felt each spank
. "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
She lost count of how many she had received but was settled into the rhythm She then felt a coolness behind and discovered that he had lifted her skirt.. Now he began to spank over her knickers.
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
By now she was finding that although the spanks were beginning to sting harder as they now fell on her knickers rather than her dress she was finding a perverse pleasure and her pussy was reacting in a strange way. Also her knickers were thin although they covered her bum well and offered little resistance to his hand. One of her problems when married had been that her husband was only interested in work and drink so she had been unfulfilled. She could not analyse what was happening inside her but even this interest in her was having an effect and arousing her. Frank stopped spanking for a few moments and gently massaged her bum through her knickers. She found that this was exciting as his fingers gently rubbed into the soreness.
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
She did not move when Frank slipped his finger into the sides of her knickers. He drew them into her bum crack leaving her buttocks bare. She no longer felt cold and the stinging spanking had warmed her up and she waited while he again gently massaged her buttocks.
"C R A A C K K ! !,
This one did sting as the first spank landed on her bare bum cheeks. WOW she felt the sting this time !
"C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !,
Frank gently pulled on the gusset of her knickers and, as he drew them up so they rubbed against her pussy stimulating her. The rubbing was having a disturbing effect on her and she felt very warm in her pussy as her clitoris was stimulated. She felt no guilt and through the sting was enjoying herself.
"C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !,
Her bum was now sore but the sting was pleasant and, as the knickers gusset rubbed her pussy she found strange, but interesting, sensations coursing her body. The massage was becoming even more intense as he stopped spanking.Then she felt his hand inside the waistband of her knickers and lifted away from her back. and eased them over her buttocks. Without thinking she lifted her body to help Frank as she was now receptive to anything which happened. Soon they were down past her thighs and calves before they came off her feet. Now she was naked from the waist down and totally open to whatever might happen. Gently Frank massaged her bum and his fingers explored the inside of her thighs before
"C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !,
his hands smacked her bum. Now the sting was total and again he stopped as he massaged. This time he eased his fingers into the space between her legs and she parted her legs without thought offering him greater access.
"C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !, "C R A A C K K ! !,
As he spanked her sore buttocks she waited for his fingers to explore and she parted even more to encourage him. She felt him gently rub her clitoris and the thrill of his touch was magic. She groaned with pleasure. She was now under his total control and she wanted it to go on for ever but Frank withdrew his fingers. He stood her up and as she stood in front of him her skirt covered her again. Frank unfastened her skirt and lowered it so that she was naked below the waist she had no worry about what was happening. In fact she was pleased as she suddenly felt a woman. As she stood there he saw her pubis which was covered with a dark bush covering her vagina. His fingers felt her pussy and she spread her legs wider for him but he stopped. He stood up and unfastened her blouse and pushed it off her shoulders and removed it . His hands went round her back and unhooked her bra letting it drop to the floor. Sandra did not feel that she was doing anything wrong and was not embarrassed with her nudity.. Frank led her over to the desk and bent her over it. "You will now receive twelve strokes of the cane. He took a cane from the cupboard and tapping her bum
"W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !",
She cried out with the pain and shock as the burning brand seared her bum, stood up and rubbed her buttocks.
"Over you go again you have eleven more strokes"
Reluctantly Sandra bent over again and gripped the edge of the desk
"W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !"
The sting of the cane made her feel sick but she waited and Frank put down the cane, went behind her and massaged her bum cheeks. He felt her pussy and she wanted him to do more.
"W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !"
She wept but stood up and held Frank who promised her that she would now have pleasure. She watched as he rapidly removed his clothes until he was as naked as she was. She had hardly seen her husband so this was a novel experience and she saw that he was aroused in a way that her husband had never shown and knew that she wanted to be fucked by him. His cock was not massive but had a good length and his knob was purple headed.
He took her hand and guided it to his cock. He moved her hand up and down the shaft before he guided her to the settee. He sat her down and then spread her legs wide. he knelt before her and she had a shock as she felt his mouth and tongue explore her pussy. He used two fingers to arouse her and soon found that her pussy was wet, excited and ready for him. She eagerly took his cock and guided it to the entrance of her eager pussy. He found the entrance and nudging the wet lips slid home. Sandra was so wet that there was no problem in entering and she felt him go deeply into her widening her unused vaginal lips. She wrapped her legs round him drawing him even further in. To Sandra this was the ultimate as she was enlarged by his cock. Her unused vagina was tight but receptive and waited eagerly.
Frank grasped her shoulders and began to fuck her steadily and rhythmically. Sandra gasped her pleasure and urged Frank to further efforts. This had gone much further than he had anticipated but he knew that he was not taking advantage of her but she needed it as much as he did. He tried to think of other things to make sure that he gave her the maximum pleasure possible and it was several minutes before he gasped out.
"I am coming ! !"
and with another dozen thrusts he was ready and drew out to use his hand to finish himself off over her pussy hair and belly. As soon as he had withdrawn and finished himself off he used his fingers to bring Sandra to her own climax which was very noisy as she cried out with her pleasure.
They both lay back and Sandra kissed Frank.
"Thank you Sir, I have never enjoyed anything as much. If that is punishment I would like more."
Frank sat up drew Sandra to her feet.
"I am glad you enjoyed this as much as I did. Will you have supper with me and then come back to my house tonight. I know that you have missed out on pleasure and I would like to change that. I am single and live on my own. Tell me what did you feel when I spanked you?"
"I thought I would hate it but I found that even the cane, although it hurt, in a strange way I enjoyed the pain. Yes I will go home with you."
They dressed and left the museum stopping for dinner at a local restaurant before driving back to Frank's home.

Part 2 develops their relationship and introduces Lorna to the scene.