Museum Activities - Part 2 - Sandra and Frank
The Disciplinarian

Sandra Nicholls had been working at the museum for just over two weeks when she damaged an Iron Age beaker and Frank Williams, the curator, told her she should lose three days pay. Sandra a divorced lady was offered the option by Frank of losing the wages or being punished by him. She agreed to the punishment and Frank spanked her. As he spanked Sandra found she enjoyed it and they finished with sex. Frank invited Sandra to have dinner and return home with him and she agreed..

The couple crossed from the Museum to Frank's car which was in the car park and drove to a small restaurant which was still open. They ate a light meal with half a bottle of wine and chatted about casual things avoiding what had just transpired or might happen in the future. Then, Frank having paid the bill, they drove back to his house.
Frank turned from the road into a driveway and through some trees to his front door. Sandra saw it was a large well appointed detached house. They got out of the car and Frank opened the front door for Sandra. She had been thinking more and more about returning to his house since the euphoria of the spanking had made her eagerly accept. She knew that now was the moment when she must decide whether she wanted another relationship or make her excuses and leave. She entered and felt that it was a chance to clear herself of her inhibitions over her husband. With him life had been flat with a non-existant sex life while the session with Frank Williams had shown her that this was not her normal state. She went in eagerly awaiting what might happen.
Frank led her into the lounge, tit the gas fire and told her to wait until he returned with coffee to warm them up - apposite words albeit without any particular meaning She removed her coat and sat down. Frank returned with the coffee and, putting it on a low table, sat opposite Sandra. he spoke
"Sandra, you have been rushed into this and there is still time to withdraw. I enjoyed the spanking and sex at the museum and saw that you did but you must decide whether you want to stay the night. What do you say?"
Sandra had already decided and wasted no time in confirming that she would stay>
"You do understand that I enjoy spanking ladies as well as sex and you are prepared for this are you?"
"Yes ! In fact I found that I liked being spanked as well as the sex. I am not sure how far I could go but I am sure that I would have taken more strokes of the cane than you gave me. Let me also say that my divorce was because my husband and I were incompatible. He was a workaholic and when he wasn't working he spent all his time in clubs. Our home and sex life was non-existant. I also found with you that sex could be enjoyed and I want to enjoy it to its full. Can we go to bed now and you show me what I have been missing.
Frank stood up and drew Sandra to her feet. He kissed her and then unfastened and removed her blouse and brassiere before drawing off her shirt and knickers until she was naked in front of him. She tried to unzip his trousers but, as she fumbled he completed the job until they were both naked. He drew her to a sofa in the middle of the room and sitting down drew her across his lap. She felt that his cock was already probing her private parts and Frank adjusted himself slightly. "S M A A C K K ! !",
It did not hurt and now she knew what was to happen she lay relaxed and waiting .
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
He wasted no time and, as he spanked, he saw the faint lines from the earlier caning.
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
She lost count of how many she had received but was settled into the rhythm as the sting blended into the overriding erotic pleasure which was suffusing her. Her pussy was alive and she felt the juices running down her thighs and she climbed higher and higher in her pleasure.
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
By now it was time for his fingers and that eagerly awaited moment when he would explore her. She parted her legs and waited Frank massaged her bum and his fingers found the sought after spot. She was ready for him and gasped out
And the thrust became a torrent of movement as his fingers played a tune inside her and .......................................she felt it c...u...m...m...i...n...g...............before that final release brought her to ease.
She lay back in his arms for several minutes gasping out her emotions before Frank stood her up and said
"Time for bed I think !"
He took her hand and led her upstairs to his bedroom showing her the bathroom and toilet as they passed. Sandra saw that his bedroom was a large room with a king sized bed with the head against one wall. He pushed back the covers and drew her down She felt his cock nudging between her thighs and, lying back she parted her missionary sexlegs and guided him into her warm, wet private place which was eagerly pulsing as it waited for him. Frank eased forward and his cock found its home. Deep, deep he went in and Sandra felt fuller than ever before as he searched out her hidden depths.This was even better than the one earlier and she knew that whatever happened between them she would never regret this moment.
Frank took his weight on his elbows as he thrust in and out but the feel of his body across her and the hair around his chest rubbing her nipples stimulated her even more. He fucked her for several minutes with the panache of an expert but also with the enjoyment of a lover and he heard her crying out with pleasure as she pushed against him. Their bodies were wet with sweat as Frank withdrew, Sandra cried out in frustration but Frank only stopped long enough to reposition her so that she was now kneeling. His cock drove home again and in this new position Sandra found extra pleasure for Frank fingered her clitoris as he fucked. He pounded her for several minutes and their bodies slapped against each other before he again withdrew this time to position her on her back on the edge of the bed. He stood between her legs and quickly found the slippery interior which was gaping ready for him. A firm thrust and the slippery interior was his and Sandra found this yet another challenge as it searched out the sides as well as the interior. As he fucked so her legs wrapped round him and she drew him onto her. Her squeals of pleasure added to her driving against him. They could not go on forever and even a moment such as this must have a beginning, a middle and end and now they were into the end game. With Frank nearly exhausted and finally surrendering with a 'NOW !!" and a dozen thrusts he drove his spike home and spurted deep inside her while Sandra bucked and cried out in the final frenzied moments as she reached her own final orgasm driving her to the edge of euphoria, ecstasy and exhaustion.
The end had come as Frank eased out of Sandra before they lay side by side panting with pleasure and also dripping with sweat. They looked at each other and Sandra spoke
"I didn't know it could happen like that - is it always as magical?"
"It depends on the two people and their relationship. Not very often does it happen like this. I suggest we have a shower now before we go to bed."
Frank led her into the bathroom and she saw that the shower was freestanding and large enough for both of them. Frank turned on the water and they entered. In fact this was the first time that they were able to explore each other without frenzy. As they showered so they also played and Sandra found that having got Frank's cock to stand she enjoyed kneeling before it and taking it in her mouth. As she sucked and rubbed so she saw him stiffen and then ejaculate over her face and mouth. She licked his spunk and found that she enjoyed the salty taste. Frank laughed
"I think you need a little more spanking after that young lady!"
They left the shower and laughed and played as they dried each other before returning to the bedroom. Frank sat back on the bed and drew Sandra across him face down. "S M A A C K K ! !",
It did not hurt and now she knew what was to happen she lay relaxed and waiting .
"S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !", "S M A A C K K ! !",
A dozen gentle spanks to warm her up and then they climbed under the sheets. Sandra lay in Frank's arms as though she had been doing it all her life and then felt his fingers gently touch the soft lips of her labia. As she relaxed the exploring fingers brought her back into the erotic zone she had felt was finished for the night and she opened her legs wider . She lay back so that his gentle caress of her clitoris and lips could continue. Her body was again a furnace and it took just a few thrusts of his fingers to draw out of her a final exhausting climax to the evening. Frank kissed her and said
"Now we must sleep. Tomorrow is another day.."
For Sandra this had been the most exciting evening of her life and she did not want it to end but she drifted into sleep aware that for her today had been life changing.
Sandra woke the next morning totally disorientated and also aware that her pussy was being stimulated. Then she remembered and looking she saw Frank was awake and gently playing with her. She knew what was going to happen and pushed the bedclothes back so that she could see Frank's cock, already rearing with pleasure. She took it in her hand and rubbed until the shaft was hard and the purple crest was exposed. She lay back and offered herself to him almost like a voluntary and eager sacrifice and when he came on top she guided him home. She felt his hardness rub again the slippery vagina as it went deep into her. She smiled up at Frank and he began the 'heel and toe' exercise which only has one ending. For several minutes he thrust in and out, it was a new day and he was refreshed after his sleep. Sandra urged her body against his movements so that at some moment he was on the edge and the next deep inside. They fucked and fucked as though it would never end until Frank reared up and with a "NOW" his final push went so deep that she felt it reached high into her. She felt the inundation of his sperm as it spurted into her and wrapping her legs around him she offered her own spend to mingle with him.
He withdrew and hey lay back side by side before he sat up and said he needed a shower before they went to work. Sandra followed him and half an hour later they were sitting in his kitchen quietly eating breakfast . Last night and this morning had been all about sex and spanking but both of them were unsure how long this would sustain them. At present it was not love but pleasure.
They left for the museum and Frank dropped Sandra at the shopping parade so they should not be seen arriving together and there was no suggestion of a further meeting.
Work at the museum went on as normal for several more days and Frank and Sandra retained a wary attitude to each other. The night they had spent together had changed their relationship but neither knew yet how to proceed further.
The following Wednesday in the middle of the afternoon there was a know on Frank's office door. When he said to come in he found that it was the head of collections with Lorna Bradbury. It appeared that Lorna was finding it difficult to adjust to her job and was alienating some of the visitors by being unhelpful. Her head of department was therefore bringing her to Frank before her probationary period ran out to make him aware of her deficiencies. Frank thanked him and made Lorna stand in front of his desk until he had finished the documents he was working on.. He looked up
"Well Miss Bradbury this is not a very encouraging report. Is there any reason I should not dismiss you immediately? Remember you are still on probation."
"I am sorry Sir but I have been very worried over the past fortnight with family matters and they have dominated my mind. I promise it will not happen again."
"Tell me the problem and maybe I can help"
"Well Sir, my father and mother are always shouting at each other and I cannot sleep at night because of it. They also drink heavily."
Frank sat and thought.
"I am not sure that I can help with your family but you do understand that your behaviour calls for some sanction. I could stop three days pay or you could return for therapy. If this was not acceptable then we may have to terminate you contract. "
"Anything Sir but please do not stop my pay or sack me. can I accept the therapy?"
"Yes but it maybe painful. Do you agree to accept whatever I decide?
"Yes Sir whatever you say. "
"Good we are are just closing for the night. Finish your tasks and then return here in twenty minutes. Is that clear.!"
"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir."
Lorna left the office and went downstairs to cover her exhibits before returning to the Curator's office. She knocked on the door and was told to enter. She went in and saw a chair in front of the Curator's desk. He pointed to it and told her to sit down.
"Have you ever been spanked Miss Bradbury?"
"No Sir never.
"Are you willing to accept a spanking from me as your punishment. I can assure you that it will be VERY hard as your behaviour has let down the museum The decision is yours and if you agree you must go through with it or your dismissal will stand. Think for a minute and let me have your answer."
Lorna thought but there was little choice as she could not afford to lose her post at the museum.
"I agree Sir."
"Right then. I will require you to remove your skirt and knickers and bend over the back of the chair you are sitting on. You will receive the cane on your bare buttocks 36 times. If you cover your bottom with your hands the stroke will not count and if you decide to stop I have your written dismissal on my desk. Is all of that clear. If so and you agree we will begin."
"Yes Sir I understand." He took a long cane from the cupboard and moving to her side tapped it on her bum as he lined it up
"W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !",
She cried out with the pain and shock as the first stroke lashed down searing her bum like a burning brand seared her bum,. She stood up and rubbed her buttocks.
"Over you go again and that one does NOT count as you stood up."
Reluctantly Sandra bent over again and gripped the edge of the desk even harder
"W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !",
Again the cane lashed down with evil intent. The first stroke was still throbbing as the second one landed and made its own impression

"W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !"
The pain from the cane was intense and he bum was already throbbing but she waited until measured stroke by measured stoke the cane rose and fell. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow but always with the same painful result "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !"
Frank stood back and then went behind and massaged the burning bum cheeks gently rubbing his fingertips over them Through the pain Lorna discovered a pleasure at the touch of his hands. She also felt a warming in her pussy and a leak down the inside of her thighs. Frank felt it but said nothing. He took up the cane again "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !",
As the cane burned her bum so she found that although she was wanting it to stop so she was waiting in anticipation for the next stroke. The throbbing was now intense but so was the pleasurable feeling emanating from her body. Her pussy was alive with this feeling and when Frank stopped this time she wanted him to touch her. He massaged her bum and ran his fingers over the red marks which were already turning to purple. This time he also massaged the inside of her thighs and both of them felt a reaction. Frank went back to the cane "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !"
He told Lorna to stand up and remove the rest of her clothes. She was surprised but had no reluctance. Now she was naked and powerless but she had no fear or shame. In fact she was eager for what would unfold.
"Over the desk for the final dozen. Grip the edge firmly."
Lorna went over and waited feeling strangely eager
"W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !"
Now she was beyond pain and it was a certain feeling of a perverse pleasure that she waited for the final six. Her pussy was alive with warmth and pleasure in contrast to her buttocks but
"W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !", "W H I P P ! ! , C R A A C K K ! !"
"Stay in position!"
She waited and looking out of the corner of her eye she saw Frank removing his trousers and underpants. As he did so she saw his cock rearing out like a tent pole and hoped it was for her. It was and parting her tortured bum cheeks Franks thrust his cock home. She was ready for him and he had no problem with access as it slid home. She winced as his pubic hair scarified her bum but this was offset by the pleasure his cock offered. He took her hips in his hands and began to fuck her as he needed to be fucked - long and hard. She gripped the edge of the desk crying out with pleasure as he rammed her again and again until she felt him begin to tense and his digs got shorter as her prepared for a final telling thrust with his sword. HOME it drove giving pleasure to her ravaged bottom as well as her interior.
Frank lay across her for several minutes before he finally withdrew. Lorna stood up and turning round kissed him.
"That was wonderful, even the caning, can we do it again?"
Pain and pleasure had come together for a memorable experience and Frank knew that in Sandra and Lorna he had found a pair to challenge his virility. Part 3 we see how Frank deals with Lorna Bradbury and the three meet.