Our Family
The Disciplinarian

For Frances it appeared the worst moment of her life. Although she was eighteen she had only been at Bracketts for three months and now she had been called to the see the Headmistress because she had been seen kissing a boy in the town. In the summer her father had been sent abroad for a year on business and he could not take her with him. Friends had recommended St Dominic's as an excellent school where she would be able to board and also continue her studies. Since arriving Frances had struck up friendships with a number of the girls and was at present sharing a study with three others, Becky, Fiona and Tracey - also known as 'The Three Musketeers@ beacuse of their unity as a group. Frances had been apprehensive when she first joined them because of their reputation but the had been very friendly and supportive to her since she had been at the school.
When she returned to the study with the message that she had to see the Headmistress after school, and why. They told her that this would be a preliminary meeting when her punishment would be discussed and the date and time of it.
"Miss Richards is very strict so make sure that you arrive promptly and are dressed neatly"

Frances knocked on Miss Richards study door and was told to enter. She opened the door and walked in with her heart in her mouth and her knees like jelly. She stopped in front of Miss Richards desk. Miss Richards was tall and slim and looked very fierce through her glasses. She wore her hair in a bun at the back and this drew her cheekbones back giving her the pinched look of a martinet. She did not look up as Frances stood there but finished the letter she was writing, blotted it and then looked up.
"You have let yourself and the school down by your behaviour in the town yesterday. There can be no excuses. You will return tomorrow at 4pm for your punishment. Speak to The Musketeers to find out how you should dress. You may go now."
Frances was shocked. Corporal punishment had never intruded into her life before and fifteen strokes of the cane. She returned to the study where she was eagerly received by the girls. She told them her punishment.
"Oh, not to worry they will hurt but you will soon get over it. She likes to leave the punishment for a day to give you a chance to think it over. If you to shout when you receive a stroke of the cane then cry out loudly but not to weep. If you cry out after a stroke then she thinks it is doing you good. Dress and punctuality are very important. You must wear your best school uniform with white knickers and short socks. Arrive exactly on time or it will be worse."
The next day seemed an eternity to Frances and the lessons went in a dream. When school was finished at 3pm for private study she retired to their room, had a hot bath and dressed herself with care making sure, with the help of the other girls that she looked as though she was to receive a prize on open day.At five minutes to four she left with their good luck cries and walked to meet her fate. At exactly 4pm she knocked on the headmistess's door and was told to enter. This time she saw that the room was prepared with an upright chair centre stage and a wicked looking cane laying on the desk. Miss Richards looked up and said:
"Punctual at least now remove all of your clothes, fold them and lay them on the desk. You will receive 18 strokes of the cane"
Frances was shocked at number of strokes proposed, and at the request to undress, but did as instructed. Miss Richards watched closely as first the school blazer and then the skirt were removed folded and placed on the table. Then the tie and blouse until she stood their in her brassiere and knickers. She hesitated at this point but
"Hurry up girl, everything means everything!"
spurred her on and her hands went to the brassiere catch which, when released, dropped away exposing firm full breasts with nipples which were at present soft and at rest. She slipped her hands into the sides of her knickers and pushed them down over her bum cheeks and they slid to the floor where she stepped out of them. She now removed her short white socks and shoes. Naked she was a picture of health with a bloom on her skin and firm buttocks dimpled on each cheek. Her pussy was covered with a thick thatch of ginger hair which covered a full mons.
Miss Richards now pointed to the chair.
"Bend over the back and grasp the front edge firmly with your hands, legs well apart and brace yourself. You may cry out but if you move the stroke will be repeated and will not count. Is that clear?"
As Frances took up her position she said:
"Yes Miss Richards."
Bent over and fastening her hands firmly on to the bar of the chair Frances waited, and waited. Miss Richards was in no hurry to start and Frances felt the tip of the rattan as it measured her bum before "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" it lashed down. She was jolted out of her reverie as the searing impact manifested itself buring like a line of fire across both buttocks. She almost started up but remembered the instruction in time as "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!". This one was nearer the crown of the bum than the first and she felt the new pain as the secondary throbbing from the first stroke settled in. Miss Richards was an expert with impeccable timing and held back each stroke long enough for its maximum effect "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!"which landed between the two sighters."WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" Frances cried out as she counted the strokes. Halfway was reached and she was told to stand up.
"Well done Frances you are certainly taking it well. Don't hesitate to cry out as it shows the excellent effect on you. Back in position now"
"WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" ten, eleven still the cane fell with almost metronomic effect and to Frances the sound of the "WHIPP!!" as it sung through the air folowed by the CRACKK!!" as it connected with her bum became a pattern. Within her bum the soreness built up until it was so tender that she could not help shouting as the cane landed. "WHIPP!!", CRACKK!!" the last stroke fell, and for a few minutes, Frances couldn't move as she tried to recover then slowly she stood up and remembering her instructions:
"Thank you Miss Richards for punishing me I promise it will not happen again."
"Get dressed now and return to 'The Musketeers'. I am sure they will be waiting to see you and hear what happened."
Frances dressed ginerly carrying her knickers in her hand as she left the study. When she returned to her own room the girls were eagerly awaiting her.
"Show us the marks."
She was a little shy at first but soon removed her skirt and bent over while the others traced the lines with their fingers. Becky was the first to comment:
"Well placed strokes as ever. Remember girls when she did me she was perfect and you could count each stroke."
Fiona and Tracey added their comments before Becky led her to her bed and told her to lay face down. Frances did so and while the other two chatted to her Becky took a tub of cream and gently massaged it into the tortured cheeks. As she did so Frances felt the cool cream ease the pain and then she felt Becky use some on the inside of her thighs and, as she massaged, she allowed her fingers to slip up to Frances pussy.
A sharp call from Fiona:
"Becky, I will take over.
Becky stood up and moved away while Fiona continued easing the cream into Frances bum. By now the fiery red was turning to purple in places and there were bums and lumps where strokes had crossed. When Fiona had finished Becky got into bed and was promised some supper by her friends.
It was three weeks later that Frances received a message from Miss Richards.
'Miss Richards requests the pleasure of the company of France to tea at her cottage on Sunday at 3pm.'. The message had been personally signed by Miss Richards.
Becky was bewildered because she had hardly spoken to the Headmistress since her caning and did not understand the invitation. She asked her friends and they laughed saying that they had also received the same and they usually had tea with Miss Richards twice or three times a term. They said were glad that Frances had been invited as well.

Sunday arrived and all the girls dressed in their best clothes ready for the visit to Miss Richards. Frances had quizzed the girls as to what to expect but they had been very evasive in their answers and she was still no wiser when she arrived at the front door. Fiona knocked and the door was opened by, Frances thought, a stranger dressed in a long black dress which hugged her figure and a superb head of hair which framed her face.
"Welcome all of you, especially you Frances as this is your first visit."
Frances was astounded as she recognised Miss Richards - a very different Miss Richards than the tartar of a Headmistress who had thrashed her.
The girls entered and Frances was surprised to see that the room was beautifully furnished with two or three couches around the sides and a small occasional table piled high with cakes and sandwiches.
"Tuck in girls and by the way Frances, as these are informal sessions you can call me Anthea on these visits."
The girls ate with a will and soon the conversation was general continuing until the food was finished and the dishes removed. By now there was a high expectation in the room and Anthea Richards casually remarked:
"I believe that Becky has a 'pash' on you Frances. Do you reciprocate?"
Frances was astounded at the question but nooded mutely:
"I - I - I like her very much."
"Good, now Becky it is up to you."
As the rest sat back Becky walked over to Frances and kissed her on the mouth saying:
"Oh darling Frances I have so ben waiting for this minute but I couldn't do anything until you were accepted."
Her hands went to Frances neck and anfastened and removed her tie and then her blouse so that the top of her body was bare except for her brassiere. Frances found that she was tingling all over and waited in eager anticipation for what would happen next. Her brassier was unfastened and removed and lowering her mouth Becky kissed and sucked her nipples bringing them to a point as they hardened. She then knelt down and unfastened Frances skirt slipping it to the floor. Her hands then caressed Frances buttocks before sliding her hands inside the waistband she pushed them over her bum cheeks and off her legs. Frances was now naked except for her socks and she stood there for all to see. Becky lowered her to the ground and pushing her legs apart started using her tongue on Frances pussy lips. As her tongue moved so she caressed the prominent clitty. Frances found that she was in paroxyms of pleasure and was writhing and crying out with pleasure. When she had a final orgasm and looked around she saw that the rest of the party had also stripped off, including Miss Richards.
Miss Richards looked particularly attactive as, out of formal clothes Frances saw that she had a beautiful body with firm breasts and buttocks, a pominent mons well covered with auburn hair. She was laying back while Fiona was busy between her legs sucking and frotting. The other two girls were similarly occupied. Anthea looked up and said between gaspes of pleasure:
"Now Frances pleasure Becky."
Becky stood up, still in her uniform, and Frances stripped her to the bare. She went down between Becky's legs and found that she was very hot and wet with her juices running out from her pussy lips. Frances found that after the initial shock she found herself enjoying licking Becky out and driving her tongue high inside her as she explored her depths. Becky was clearly enjoying the experience as much as Frances had and she was soon bucking and crying out with pleasure until she finally came. The two girls hugged and kissed each other before looking across to the others. Miss Richards was now part of a sandwich where one girl was between her legs while another was squatting over her mouth as she reamed her out.
The pleasuring went on for several more minutes before they were all exhausted and looking very dishevelled lay back laughing and chattering. Miss Richards held out her hand to Frances and called her over. She went and sat beside her Headmistress who put her arms around her and kissed her.
"I am gald you came Frances to our little meetings. I expect you are surprised but let me explain. You girls are the brightest in the school and will do well at university. However I want to give you to a chance to explore your sexuality before you go rather than experiment with the fumblings of inexperienced undergraduates. Tracey will you fetch our toys!"
Tracey jumped up and went into another room fetching back a box. When she came back she tipped the contents out onto the floor. Frances was astounded as she saw paddles, straps, martinets and other instruments that she had not seen before.
"Please understand Frances that not all corporal punishment is used in a punishment form. For many of us it is also a part of our erotic experience. Tracey will you please fetch the paddle and give me a good spanking. Remember I need it hard."
Anthea stood up and went to a chair which she placed in the centre of the room. She bent over and Frances saw that she had a superb bum, firm and creamy, which invited firm action. Tracey took up her position and "Splatt!!" the paddle landed on the Headmistress's bum. "Splatt!!" again on the other bum cheek. Tracey continued but was stopped by Anthea:
"Tracey, I NEED this use you full strength please."
She bent over again and Frances saw that "Splatt!!", "Splatt!!", "Splatt!!" she began to really lash into the bum so that the fesses soon became red and eventually took on a bright fiery appearance. There were thirty strokes before she finished and stood back. The Headmistress's bum were now turning a a darker shade of red and turning to purple as she rubbed herself and stood up
"Thank you my dear now it is primed ready for Fiona to fuck me in my arse."
Frances saw that Fiona had strapped herself into a dildo which stuck out from her loins like a man. She moved over to Anthea who parted her bum cheeks gently so as not to exacerbate the pain she was feeling in them and presented herself. Tracey colected a pot of cream from the table,put some on the dildo and using two fingers pushed some into the puckered hole ready for the insertion. She guided the dildo to found the hole Fiona pushed forward and Anthea groaned as her anus opened to allow its entrance. Eventually it was fully lodged and Fiona thrust in and out while Becky went between Anthea's legs and frotted her cunt with her tongue licking in and around the labia and flicking the clitoris until the lips were puffy and cum was oozing down into her mouth. Anthea was gasping and crying out with the experience and telling the firls not to stop but to go harder:
"Keep going, fuck me harder Fiona. Oh God its wonderful."