Please Madam - Initiation
The Disciplinarian

"Swishhh!!!, Crackkk!!", Swishhh!!!, Crackkk!!", Swishhh!!!, Crackkk!!", Julie Brown heard the sounds as she sat at her desk and the cry of the students as they received the cane from Miss Frobisher the Principal of Grosvenor High. Her fingers pressed between her legs as she felt the familiar tingle and the itch in her buttocks.
For three years now she had been Secretary to Miss Frobisher and seen a stream of students, both boys and girls, entering and returning, some with red faces and some with tears in their eyes. She had made up the punishment book and seen that the number of strokes had varied from six to eighteen according to the seriousness of the offence. She had sat and wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of the cane and dreamed of the sting across her bum. She had never been chastised as a girl and, now in her early twenties, she read all the spanking stories she could obtain. She had no boyfriend and was unsure of her sexuality but was in awe of Miss Frobisher.

The last victim left and she took the punishment book into Miss Frobisher for signature. The Principal was a tall slim lady of indeterminate age with her hair drawn back and wearing glasses with thick frames. She smiled at Julie as she came in and took the punishment book from her hand. Julie hesitated: "Miss Frobisher.....I was wondering........!"
"Yes Julie, what is it?"
"I have been with you three years and I have heard what happens when students deserve to be punished. I want to know whether you would treat me the same and when I do something very wrong you will cane me?"
Miss Frobisher looked at me quizzically:
"You know what you are asking? Students I cane find the punishment very painful. Have you ever been spanked?"
"No Miss Frobisher but I have always felt the need."
The Principal looked at her Secretary for a long time her fingers tapping on her desk and then came to a decision.
"I suggest that you come to my home this evening and I deal with you there. It will be less disturbing than trying to cane you here. Be at my house at 8pm tonight and I will deal with you as I would the students.
Julie now takes over her own story.
After I had finished for the day I went home with my heart fluttering and my mind in a turmoil. What had I let myself in for? Would I find the pain too much? Would I even go? The questions buzzed around in my head and I found that I couldn't eat the salad I had prepared for my evening meal. Eventually at seven o'clock I went upstairs for a shower and to get dressed for my ordeal. I ran the shower hot and then cold scrubbing myself until I was squeaky clean all over. After I was dry I went into the bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Medium height and build with firm breasts. My bum was well formed with dimples on each cheek - although I had not really noticed these before. I touched my bum and felt its warmth and softness while I thought about what was to happen. I dressed carefully in a white bra, panties and tights before I slipped on a dark dress which reached my knees. I looked at myself and decided that Miss Frobisher could not take exception to my clothes.
It was now time to leave and I drove to Miss Frobisher's house parking in her driveway. I rang the doorbell and she came to the door and let me in. I was surprised at a stranger coming to greet me until I saw that it was because she didn't look anything like the Miss Frobisher I knew. She was wearing a long loose dress and her dark hair was hanging down in waves across her shoulders. More striking though was how young she looked without her glasses.
"Ah Julie,come in. I am glad to see that you are punctual. Let us go into the lounge while we discuss your problem."
She turned round and led me into the lounge where she pointed to an armchair.
"Sit down and we will have coffee while we talk."
I sat down while she poured the coffee and handed me a cup. When I was settled she asked:
"Why do you want to be caned? It is painful you know."
"I understand that is difficult to explain .... but I have always been interested in spanking stories and magazines and when I hear you caning the students it sends shivers up and down my body. I just feel that I need to have the experience myself. Can you understand me?"
"Yes I do understand. But why not have a boyfriend spank you?"
"I am not very interested in boys and don't go out with them. I am more comfortable with meeting and talking to other girls. I just feel that I need the caning to solve a problem for me. Will you do it please?"
She looked at me closely and then putting her cup down she stood up and said:
"Alright if it is what you want then I will do it. Please understand that I will give you twelve strokes of the cane on your bare buttocks. They will be HARD and you cannot stop once I have started. Is that clear?"
"Yes Miss Frobisher."
"Stand up,remove your dress and knickers and bend over the back of that chair in the middle of the room. No moving or standing up or the stroke will be repeated."
I stood up and unfastened the buttons on my dress, removed it and placed it on the table. I then removed my tights and slipped my fingers into the top of my knickers. Slowly and reluctantly I pushed them down.
"Hurry up girl or you will receive an extra stroke."
Finally I was ready and took up my position bending over the back of an upright chair which had a padded top. I grasped the other side firmly and waited. "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!".
I felt a searing pain across both my buttocks as though a red hot poker had been laid on them. I jumped up and put my hands behind me.
"Back in position and do NOT move again."
I went back and bent over. The pain of the first stroke burnt itself into my bum. "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", again the pain coursed through my body but I was more prepared and remained in place this time. Now I discovered that there was the immediate pain of the stroke and the follow up pain as my bum throbbed with the aftershock. Miss Frobisher knew how to cane and she waited to let the pain take hold before "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". the next stroke landed. "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!"., "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". As the strokes fell I found that I was sobbing as each one found a new spot to torment. My bum was now very sore and each stroke created fresh agony until my whole bum burned with the pain. Miss Frobisher stopped and massaged my tortured buttocks with her soft cool hand.
"Halfway now Julie and you are doing very well. Remember do not move or I will repeat the stroke."
She returned to her place and I gripped the bar tightly as the next stroke thrashed my bottom."SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!"., "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". As it landed, in spite of the pain, I felt a warmth inside me and liquid oozing down my legs. I couldn't understand my emotions but now I welcomed the strokes, and the pain, eagerly waiting for the next one to fall while each time wanting it to be the last. Slowly and accurately Miss Frobisher "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!"., "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!" dealt with me with each stroke meant to have the maximum effect. There was no attempt to make it easy for me. Finally it was all over and Miss Frobisher put the cane down and helped me to my feet.
"Well done Julie. You were very brave. Now I think it is time to ease the pain a little. Come!"
She led me to a sofa and sat down, smoothing her dress, and beckoning me across her knees. I lay across them with my flaming buttocks exposed and my head resting in the cushions at the end. My bum throbbed with the pain from the caning but found a certain relaxation as the gentle soothing cream was applied to them by Miss Frobisher. She massaged the cream in with expert hands kneading and caressing the cheeks and, as I lay there, I relaxed while she worked away. As she massaged I felt her hands moving from my buttocks to my thighs moving up and down the backs and then exploring the insides of my thighs. I parted my legs to help her. She slowly stroked me until her fingers touched my private parts. I started slightly and she stopped as I had never been touched by anybody except myself before but then I relaxed again and let her continue. My pussy was already wet from the emotions the caning had induced and when I felt Miss Frobisher touch my clitoris I welcomed her hand. She rubbed it with her thumb, saying nothing and not making any further movement. I opened wider and she gently parted my pussy lips. I felt her fingers exploring inside me. As she thrust so I bucked against her pushing her farther into me until suddenly she stopped abruptly.
"Did you enjoy that Julie?"
"It was wonderful. Better than anything I have ever experienced before."
"Good! You have a long way to go but but I am sure that we can be very good friends.Now just stand up for a moment."
I didn't understand but as she requested I stood up and watched. Miss Frobisher also stood. Looking me in the eyes she unfastened the belt of her dress and put it on the table. She then unzipped the dress and let it slip to the floor stepping away from it. I looked at her as she stood there in a black lace brassiere and panties with a matching belt holding up her black stockings. She was a very beautiful lady and I thought I understood why she looked made herself look so strict at school. As I watched she slipped off her knickers and I saw that she had a prominent mons with a thick black bush covering the engorged pussy lips which peeked through. She took my hand:
"Come Julie, now we are alone I am June - not Miss Frobisher - and we will find out more about each other. I have been wondering for the last year whether you were interested in men or ladies. I watched carefully at school and was still not sure. As soon as I caned you I knew that you were one of us. I know now that you are a virgin and I want you to have your first experience with me. Will you join me?"
I didn't understand her properly but knew that what had happened to me what I wanted and was much better than the fumbling with boys which I had done so I smiled and waited. She took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom which was tastefully decorated. She had a beautiful four poster bed in the middle of the room which also had mirrors on the wall cupboards reflecting our bodies. I looked at my bum and saw the raised lines which criss crossed it and the fiery red of the surface. June held both of my hands and looked into my eyes. Then she removed my final defence, my brassiere, before leading me to the bed and I lay down. It was fascinating to see myself naked in so many reflected positions. She stood beside me and unfastened her brassiere, she had large breasts and her hard nipples were set off by the dark brown of the aureoles surrounding them. Then she lowered her knickers and steped out of the. I saw that she had a naked pussy with her prominent cunt lips already engorged. She bent over me and I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and the flick of it as she explored me. Our tongues touched and then joined in an electric moment. Next she licked my neck and nibbled my ear lobes as I tingled under the pleasure clouds. I shivered as her fingers found my breasts and my nipples hardened under her ministrations. She moved down to my stomach and her tongue explored the button while I felt her fingers beginning their adventure through my pubic hair to the treasure beyond. I was aching for her to find it and she pushed my legs farther apart. I felt the soft tips of her fingers feathering up and down my thighs, calves and feet before returning to my nub.
I waited for what was to happen now and then her head came down and licked and sucked my thighs before moving to my clit. The shock was intense as I felt her tongue swirling round and round criss crossing my clitty, blowing on it and causing a shivery sensation before slipping her tongue into my innermost recesses. I could not believe that this was happening that I was being taken to heights of pleasure I had never believed possible. My head whirled and I gasped with the ecstacy which her efforts created. I saw June's head bobbing up and down between my legs and gently caressed her hair as she explored me. Then it came: first the wave which engulfed my clitoris, then washed over my pussy before climbing up my body in surges which crested in my head almost blowing my mind. I heard myself screaming with the intensity of pleasure engendered as arched my back and came, and came and came again before collapsing back gasping. She moved back up and kissed me and I tasted my own juices on my mouth, mixed with her own special smell and taste.
She murmured in my ear:
"Welcome to the sisterhood!"
She looked at me and I knew that she wanted me to do the same to her but, unsure what to do, I becan my exploration and slipped my fingers down through the puffed lips between her thighs until I found the soft, warm, interior wet and slippery with her juices which still oozed out and I began to stroke her. I rolled my thumb over her clitty which was slick with her juices and then slid my fingers inside. I saw I was doing the right theing as she gasped and arched her back offering herself to me while we kissed and my tongue explored her mouth. Suddenly she cried out and bucked and I felt her vagina squeezing my fingers as she came herself with even more juices rolling down my hand and onto the bed.
We had not spoken while all this had been going on and now we just lay back side by side enjoying the intimacy without the passion which had preceeded it.
June looked across at me smiled and spoke:
"That was wonderful. Did you enjoy it?"
I lay back and thought for a moment.
"It started with the caning and then the massage before this fantastic climax. Will it always be like this?"
June smiled:
"No. There will be highs and lows but for you, as for me, spanking and love with a woman is part of the equation. Oh yes. Don't look so startled I get turned on by giving and receiving the cane. When I have caned somebody I am so sexually aroused that I have to go and rub myself. When I was younger I used to go to spanking clubs to be caned but they are now too public and I miss the experience. Would you like to try? After all you can get some of your own back. Come on!"
She pulled me to my feet and walked over to a cupboard from which she took a thick cane about three feet long. She swished it through the air a few times.
"Oh how I have longed to feel this across my bum and now you are here to do it. I want a dozen really hard strokes. Do not hold back and just imagine you are beating a carpet. My bum is hardened and will stand it. Are you ready?"
She handed me the cane and bent over the end of the bed. My pussy was tingling with what was to happen and I looked at her firm taut buttocks, soft and white as they looked up at me trying to imagine what they would be like after the cane had finished with them. I touched her bum and felt the silkiness of them. Now I lifted the cane and then lashed it down. It seemed to sink into her buttocks and then spring out as the resiliance in them asserted itself. I watched in awe as the white stripe I had created formed and then changed to a red line.
"Much harder. Start again."
I gripped the cane again and thrashed it down. This time it sunk deeper and she gave a grunt.
"Better but still harder!"
Another and another and another time the cane fell as I beat her bum. I remembered the pain she had caused me and tried to use all my force. I saw the lines forming across the two cheeks as gradually the whole area turned a pale and then a bright red. Eventually I had given her twelve strokes and she just said:
"Last one so make it count."
I drove this stroke hard down and it sunk deep into her bum cheeks before I finally dropped the cane. She stood up and hugged me:
"You enjoyed that, and so did I. I have waited so long but in my position you cannot be too careful. Come let us inspect my bum and then you can rub some cream in for me?"
She lay flat on the bed with her legs spread and I gently rubbed cream into the sore areas. Before long I was exploring her pussy again and she was purring with pleasure as she felt my fingers invade her again. She was so wet and slippery that my fingers went even higher than they had done before and, as I thrust into her, she began to stiffen and head towards another orgasm. Eventually she squawked as she came and again my hand was immersed in her juices. She fell back and put her arms round me. I hugged her and saw her as a beautiful lady I was in love with and not as the fierce Miss Frobisher I knew at school. For half an hour or so we lay their in each others arms, satiated and relaxed before she reluctantly stood up, pulled me to my feet and said that we should have a shower before I returned home. We took a shower together washing and soaping each other but nothing further transpired as we were both too exhausted and needed sleep. We dried and dressed and June showed me to the door.
"If you want me to cane you at school I will do so but if you would prefer your punishment to wait until the evening then we can deal with it together here. Is that what you would like?"
I agreed and left for home to sleep the sleep of the well fucked! As I lay down to sleep with my sore buttocks reminding me of what had happened I knew that tonight had been a watershed and whatever transpired life would never be again be the same.

Part two of the story tells of the development of the relationship.