Please Madam - Lessons from a Teacher
The Disciplinarian

I am now continuing my story from where Miss Frobisher, and I had spent the evening at her house when I had asked her to cane me. This visit had led me into a lesbian relationship with Mis Frobisher which had reached a significant point after one or two meetings. Since then we had been very careful to keep relationships formal between us so that nobody could point fingers. It had not lessened our relationship, or at least mine, and I was pleased when Miss Frobisher called me into her office.
"Julie, I shall be going down to my weekend cottage for half-term and I wondered if you would like to join me. It's in the country and we would be on our own. I hope that you like birdwatching and walking which is what I spend a lot of time doing when there."
My heart bounded and my breath shortened. This was perfect. I lived on my own and had no plans so the chance to spend a whole week with Miss Frobisher - just the two of us together - would be heaven.
"Thank you Miss Frobisher that would be very nice."
"Good! Come to school with your case packed on Friday and we can go straight to the cottage that evening. I am sure that we will have a wonderful time. Now back to work."

The week seemed endless and Miss Frobisher virtually ignored me except for the odd smile when she had work for me but eventually Friday came and at 5 o'clock I put the cover on my typewriter and waited. Miss Frobisher left her office, locked the door and asked if I was ready. I picked up my case and we went to the school carpark where we got into her car and drove away. As soon as we were out of the school gates she turned, smiled and said:
"Welcome Julie, I am June for this week and I am sure that we will have a very pleasant time together. Our journey will take about three hours so settle back."
I lay back and enjoyed watching June drive. She was an excellent driver and the time flew by before we finally turned into a narrow country lane. We then turned off down a track through a wood to a beautiful cottage with a superb view over fields and woods. We unpacked the car including bags and bags of food before we finally took a rest. I looked round the main room and saw that it was a large and low with heavy roof beams and a large open fireplace. June led me into the kitchen where she made us both a cup of tea. When we had rested and drunk our tea she led me upstairs. At the first door she turned round and smiled.
"I am afraid I didn't mention that there is only one bedroom. I hope you don't mind!"
My heart leaped at the thought that we would share a bed for the whole week and said that I was very happy.
"Good I suggest that we unpack and then have a shower before we get to know each other better. Remember that here we can be as uninhibited as we like. Nothing is taboo!"
We entered the bedroom and I gasped as a saw that it was large and airy with a huge bed in the centre of the room. The bed was a four poster with curtains which could be pulled round it. As at her London home the tallboys had long pier mirrors fronting them so that everything could be viewed. June lay a long gown on the bed and started to undress removing all her clothes until she was naked. She had no embarrasment and I joined her until we were both nude. She came and gave me a hug and kiss before leading me to the bathroom where she ran the shower. I was fascinated because this was a large shower stall with plenty of room for both of us to stand.
June was now transformed from the stern Principal at school, and even the careful lady at home, and laughing pulled me into the shower to join her. Again she hugged and kissed me before she started washing me. Before long she was down between my legs and I felt her fingers exploring my pussy. She touched my clitty and made me jump as she giggled. Her hands parted my legs as her mouth touched me in my vagina. She stood up and said:
"No we have plenty of time so lets get clean and then see what happens next. But, as we washed each other, we were exploring each other's bodies and I felt her fingers inside my pussy while I was playing with her bum. I found it fascinating to caress her bum cheeks and feel the water running down the crack. I slid down her body as the water cascaded down and spread her legs so that I could watch the water running through her naked pubis and through her pussy lips. I used my fingers to open her lips and she spread her legs wider to help me as I thrust three fingers inside her. As I moved them in and out she cried out:"
"Faster Julie, faster!"
I thrust my fingers in and out rapidly until I saw her legs shaking when she came with a massive shudder of her thighs and buttocks. Her spend ran down her quim and thighs and I put my tongue and mouth to it to suck it up filling my mouth with the mixture before swallowing it. June lifted me up and kissed me slipping her tongue through my lips and touching my tongue. She whispered:
"What a fantastic start to the week. Let us dry off and then we can play some more. I am aching for you to cane me again."
We went into the bedroom wrapped in huge fluffy towels and for the next few minutes there was a flurry of play as we dried each other. I found that my pussy was opened while she used her towel and tongue indisciminately on my clitty until I came. Then she pulled me to my feet: "Quickly I am waiting for that caning. My bum is tingling and I have been dreaming of this for the past week. Every time I caned a pupil I imagined you caning me"
She handed me a cane which she fetched from one of the cupboards and I saw that it was as fierce as the one she had at her London home. I took it and swished it through the air while June bent over the end of the bed.
"Remember HARD and don't stop until I tell you."
I rested the cane on her bum and then"SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!"., it swished down noisily across her bum. I was better this time after the experience of the previous week and I knew as soon as the cane landed that June had felt it. Down it came again and sliced across both cheeks just above the first. Now I settled down into a rhythm "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!"., "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". and counted to a dozen before I rested. June's bum was a fiery red with thick lines lying across both cheeks, more prominently on the right cheek. I moved behind her and massaged her bum caressing the thighs and touching her pussy. June moaned, lifted her head and said:
"Don't stop I need the same again. Make sure they are still hard."
I returned to my position and wiping my hand took up the cane again. "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!"., "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!"., "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!". The second dozen were as firece as the first and June accepted it as though it was a fly landing on her bum. I dropped the cane and June stood up and took me in her arms. We stood there and saw ourselves in the mirrors. I saw that the angry look of her buttocks was now turning puffy and a purple colour. She said:
"That was a wonderful start to what I know will be a marvellous week. Now I need you to massage some cream in."
She lay face down on the bed, spreadeagled, with her head resting on the pillows waiting for me. I took up the cream which was in a jar on a table beside the bed. I scooped out a handful and spread it on her sore bum cheeks while June moaned with pleasure. As I massaged I felt the weals with their prominent ridges and I rubbed the cream in with vigour. Soon I saw her legs begin to spread wide and my fingers explored and I soon had June bucking and kicking in pleasure until she screamed with pure lust, drummed her legs and, arching her body, climbed off the bed in her ecstacy before collapsing crying. I was astounded at what had happened and felt almost ashamed to see what I had done to her. She had stripped herself bare in front of me and I loved her more than ever. Between her sobs June said:
"Oh God Julie. I have never had an experience like this with anybody else. We are going to have such a wonderful week and I am going to love you and love you and love you."
She took me in her arms and kissed my mouth and hair, then my ears before she moved her mouth down to my breasts. My nipples were already erect and when she took them in her mouth waves of pleasure and and electric shock ran through me. She circled my nipple with her mouth and then sucked on it while lay back and waited. Her tongue slid down to my stomach and then on to my pubis where she burrowed through my bush searching for my swollen pussy lips. She found them and then explored my soaking interior as her thumb gently rubbed my clitty. The soft caressing as she touched me soon brought me to a peak and like June I could not contain my pleasure. She had only just thrust her fingers into my pussy with a few rapid movements before I came. As my legs spread wide I felt the juices spurt into June's face and a warm glow suffused my legs, bum and body. I couldn't contain myself and, like June, cried out with pleasure. She lifted herself and I saw that her face was covered with my spend and I tasted my own secretions as she kissed me. June slipped her tongue back into my mouth and I sucked the spend from the tip.
"Dear Julie, I never thought that I would find anybody like you. Let us rest before having supper. I am sure that we shall find things to do when we have finished eating."
We lay together for a few minutes before reluctantly standing up and walking downstairs to the kitchen. We didn't bother to dress and all we wore was an apron to cover our nakedness. June said that there was no chance of any visitors so we remained with our modesty hardly covered, and then only from the front! We giggled and laughed as we saw each other and June appeared more as a girl of my own age than the fierce Miss Frobisher, stern Principal. Once we had eaten we took our coffee and wine into the lounge where we sat together on the sofa finding pleasure in touching each other on the breasts, thighs, calves and feet. Eventually June tapped her knees.
"Come on you can lay across my lap and I will spank you with my hand."
I stretched and lay across her lap with my bum facing up. What a wonderful feeling it was to feel the sting of her hand on my bum. She started slowly and gently with lots of massaging and caressing before she got harder. I found that the harder she spanked the more I enjoyed it and with the massaging I found that I had multiple orgasms as her hands worked on me. June was enjoying herself as she spanked me and I found that she parted my bum cheeks as she spanked until I felt one of her fingers exploring my anus. I was surprised but didn't attempt to move as I felt the wet finger wriggle home. The sensation was not unpleasant although different and I enjoyed the experience. She didn't go any further at this time and removed her finger before giving me a dozon crackers across my bum. After the last spank she laughed, turned me off her lap, and said:
"Now it is your turn to spank me."
I sat down and felt June's warm body across my legs as she took up her position. Her bum was already heavily marked with the cane strokes although I noticed with amazement that these were already fading. As I started spanking her I found that it gave me immense erotic pleasure at the feel of my palm hitting the soft warm bum cheeks which went in and then rebounded to my assault. I soon got into a rhythm with spanks and then massage and June lay there so relaxed that she almost seemed to be sleeping. Then I decided that I would try what had excited me earlier and I parted her bum cheeks and tried to slide my finger into her anus. She reacted immediately as it would not go in easily.
"Stop a moment Julie and put some cream on your finger and push it into my anus and then it will slide in. I do need your fingers in there but it does need lubrication."
She handed me a jar of cream and then held her bum cheeks open so that I could apply the cream. I spread some around the puckered hole and then covered my finger and slid it through. It entered easily and June stretched and groaned. I gently moved it in and out and heard her say:
"Use two fingers now!"
I used a second finger to open her up wider and she responded to this even more actively squeezing the cushions with her hands and raising herself slightly to offer me greater access. I had discovered a new way of pleasuring June and I was very excited. In the end like all good things it had to stop and I removed my fingers and June stood up and hugged me.
"You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I have been looking for years for a lady that I could share my life with and now in my own school secretary I have found somebody. We are going to be so happy. Come let us go upstairs and I will show you why we do not need a man to enjoy good sex."
We walked upstairs to her bedroom and she told me to lay back on the bed and watch. She went to a locked drawer and removed a harness with a long protruberence hanging from it. I watched as she fastened the belt around her waist and the straps between her legs. She spread her legs to allow a small spur into her pussy. I then understood this was a dildo. I had never seen one before and the few boys I had played with had had nothing this size. I saw the thick rubber head with its knobbed end facing me and bouncing up and down as she worked to get it settled in position. I was worried as although I was not a virgin I had never had anything as large as this inside me before.
"Down off the bed Julie and bend over the end. I am going to give you a good fucking."
I went to the end of the bed and bent over as she said and I saw her apply some of the cream to the dildo. It still looked very large and June could see my apprehension.
"Don't worry darling you will be surprised how large a dildo you can take. Just spread your legs now."
I took up my position and opened my legs so that June had access to my pussy. Soon I felt the nudge of the dildo between my legs as the tip found my pussy. June slipped it inside and pushed away steadily and I felt it sliding inside me. With my juices and the cream it moved easily enough at first although as it climbed higher it seemed to stretch me and make me gasp for breath. June stopped for a moment or two and then pushed again. The ridges around the body of the dildo massaged my interior walls as they moved and I found that I was already getting excited. Finally it could go no farther and I knew that I was filled as never before. I lay there and waited while June just rested on my back to give me time to accept it. Then she started fucking me. I felt the dildo come out to the very rim before sliding back in and she did this several times before speeding up and moving in and out rapidly. I heard her gasping behind me but my own thoughts were on the fantastic emotions which I was experiencing with the warmth in my pussy being transferred up into my stomach, chest and then to head while downward it suffused my thighs, calves and feet. I bucked and pushed back to help her and she placed her hands on my hips as she drove home time after time after time. It seemed to go on forever while I experienced orgasm after orgasm and wave after wave of pleasure before June gave one final thrust which almost lifted me off my feet before subsiding over my back gasping:
"Enough is enough!"
She lay across me for several minutes before I felt the dildo easing out from my vagina. It was as reluctant to withdraw as it had been to enter what seemed hours earlier but eventually it came clear. I helped June unfasten it from herself and as she did so I saw that the small protruberence was in fact another dildo which she withdrew from her own body.
We lay back on the bed panting with our efforts and glowing with the pleasures we had given and received. We kissed and kissed as our bodies intertwined, our breasts rubbing against each other and the stiff nipples striking further erotic sparks. We were so sweaty that we went for a further shower and again enjoyed the pleasures which only two people in love can experience.
Afterwards as we lay back relaxing June asked me if I now felt that I was a true lesbian. I told her that I knew that I was and I had never enjoyed my experiences with boys in the way that I had this.
"I want to stay with you and sleep with you and make love to you for ever and ever!"
June laughed and kissed me:
"Forever is a long time but, like you, I have never felt so much in love. When you think that I am forty and you are half my age it seems incredible. We shall have some wonderful times together. Lets just enjoy the week and se what comes. Now I need fucking so can you oblige or are you too tired?"
I laughed:
"I shall never be too tired for you. Help me to strap the dildo on and then I promise you the fucking of your life."
I stood up and June helped me into the harness. As she pur the small dildo into my pussy I began to understand that I would be fucking BOTH of us not just June. Soon it was fastened and as I looked down it seemed funny to see it sticking out in front of me but I told June to take up her position and get ready. She lay back on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide and opened her pussy lips for me. I greased the end of the dildo and presented it at the entrance to June's pussy. She was more open than I and was already well lubricated with our previous efforts and it soon found its way right up inside to the top of her cunt. I took her hips in my hands and began to move in and out. It seemed strange at first but I soon picked up the rhythm and with the smaller dildo lodged inside me rubbing my clitty I was thrusting in and out while June pushed back to lodge my upstrokes deeper inside her. Her lags were round my back and fastened to hold me in. I felt so good that I wanted to go on for ever but eventually tiredness in my calves took over and I finished off with three or four firm thrusts after which I remained bent over her. We both stayed in this position for a long time before I eased the dildo out of June and she helped me remove it from around my waist. Exhausted with our evening's efforts we slipped into bed and slept the rest of the night away in each other's arms.
As I drifted into sleep listening to the soft breathing of June and feeling her warmth I knew that I had never been happier in my life.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The next day when we woke up the whole of yesterday evening flooded back to me and I found it difficult to believe that so much had happened to me. June was still sleeping so I gave her a kiss and went for a shower. Before I had finished she came and joined me and we indulged in some foreplay as we splashed about. Then it was breakfast and we decided to wear as little as possible for the rest of the day as we wanted to explore each other more. We went down to breakfast wearing only a brassiere and a pair of knickers. Breakfast was hardly over than I broke an egg in putting them in the fridge and, as soon as I cleaned up the mess, June had me bent over the kitchen table while she slipped my knickers down, and after caressing my bum, gave me two dozen with a flexible strap which stung with every stroke. I knew though as it landed that the pleasure far outweighed the pain. We spent the rest of the morning exploring June's 'kingdom' and picked flowers for the vases in the house. We also collected some birch twigs from the birch in the copse at the end of the plot and June promised she would show me how to make a birch to use on her.
We returned to the cottage and made some lunch before we retired upstairs again. Both of us were eager to find out even more about the other. We removed our bras and knickers and hugged each other. We then fell back on the bed and June soon had her head between my legs but I stopped her and joined her in a sixty nine so that she was on top of me and was able to continue her explorations while I parted her labia sniffing the unique musky smell that only a woman can give off and which shows her wellbeing and found her prominent clitty. I licked the tip and flicked my tongue across it while I could feel June doing the same to me. I slipped by tongue inside her pussy and worked it around, wriggling it from side to side. Almost immediately there was a flood of June's juices which spurted down onto my tongue and into my mouth. I spluttered because there was so much but swallowed it with pleasure. I felt June's fingers slide into my vagina and spread the lips wide. She shafted me with several fingers which stretched me wide and I felt her touch my nub. I jerked and then, like June, I ejaculated a full load of come which June swallowed as well. We stopped and turned round laughing when we saw that both our faces were covered with come. June hugged me and we kissed and our juices mingled as we kissed and licked each other.
June went to a drawer and took out a thin silver instrument shaped like a lipstick.
"I want you to kneel on the bed with your bum in the air and I am going to try this in your anus. Last night you showed that you enjoyed me playing there so now we are going further. I promise it will not hurt."
I knelt on the bed as she directed and felt her finger covered in cream slip into my anus stretching the tight hole slightly. Then I felt a cool slim hard instrument gradually sliding in. As it entered it thickened and spread me wider but it was never too wide so that I never felt any pain. Then I felt a vibration in my anus as June switched the motor on. The sensations accelerated and ran up and down my bum and spine as she speeded the vibrator up until it was at full speed and the vibrations were creating an experience which it is impossible to describe. Different from the pussy but equally as wonderful. June pushed the vibrator in and out making the muscles of my anus expand and contract. It was several minutes before she stopped and then she came behind me and parting my bum cheeks I felt her tongue rimming my anus. She licked around it before finally sitting up.
"Stay in position. Now I am going to put a proper dildo in you. You will find this bigger and it will stretch you and may hurt at first but if you pretend you are going to the toilet and relax your anal muscles as though you are voiding you will soon lose that in the wonderful sensations which it creates. Part your bum cheeks and we will start."
I held my bum cheeks open and felt the end of the dildo nudge my anus. Then the tip entered before I felt the wideness stretching me as she pushed. I tried to relax my anal muscles and found that by pushing back I could do it. Now the dildo was so thick that it began to stretch me beyond anything I had experienced before. I was panting as June pushed farther in and I was stretched and stretched. Then the dildo was fully lodged and June stopped moving for a minute. Then she began to push in and out slowly at first and then faster while I found that the sensations of the vibrator were multiplied by the stretching of the dildo. As June got faster I cried out because it seemed to that she was sinking it in so deeply that it was reaching high into my body. The sensation built and soon I was weeping with pleasure as yet another experience was giving me pleasure. June stopped and I felt her release the dildo drawing it out from me until it ws released with a 'plop'.
"Now I want you to do it to me."
She washed the dildo before handing it to me and bending herself forwards. She parted her bum cheeks and I saw the dark hairs which spread from her pubis through to her anus. I coated the end with cream and pushed it at the anus. It went in much easier than it had entered into me and soon I was pushing it in and out.
"Quicker, please quicker."
I speeded up and soon found that June was experienced with this and was able to take it with only pleasure and none of the pain. As I thrust in and out her hands were drumming on the covers and she was shouting to me:
"Harder Julie, harder - oh pleassse harder."
I worked away faster and faster until she rose up and cawed with pleasure before collapsing with a massive orgasm. She lay there panting with emotion as I withdrew the dildo from her bum and even when it laft her body she still lay quiet and exhausted. I drew her on to the bed and we lay close together taking pleasure with each other's pleasure.
Again we were satiated with the day and after dinner retired to bed just kiss and cuddle before going to sleep in each other's arms. The third part of this story 'Please Madam - My Education Continues' can be read in Part 3.