Please Madam - My Education Continues
The Disciplinarian

We have now been at June's cottage for three days and the more we were together the more we took pleasure in each other. The cottage was very private and set in a few acres of grass and orchards and a river ran through the grounds. There was a thick wood at one end while from the living room there was a glorious vista of fields and hills. It was an ideal setting and still unspoilt. June told me her father and mother had found it during the war, bought it and renovated it to the standard it was now. She also told me more about her father who had taught her to enjoy spanking. When his wife had died June was seventeen, which in those days was still a 'young girl' Once he was on his own he had brought her up strictly and used the strap, cane and birch regularly although never to excess. He had taught her that spanking brought sexual pleasure as well as pain and she was eighteen before he attempted to touch her in a sexual way. he explained that the erotic pleasure of the rod could be relieved by sex and he was the first to introduce her to it. On her eighteenth birthday he took her to a restaurant for a meal and the whn they arrived home sat her down and had a chat. He talked to her about men and sex and warned her of the possible consequences. He had been gentle and their relationship had been very close and loving. He then said that tonight would be a different kind of spanking - similar to those he had ued on his wife. When she expressed surprise he told her that a loving relationship often included spanking as part of its pattern.

He then sat on the settee and told her to come over his knees. She did as she was told and then "SMACKKK!!", SMACKKK!!" he started spanking her over her dress. As he spanked so he massaged and caressed and she soon saw that this was different to the punishment spankings she ad received. Suddenly the air was cool on her warm buttocks and she realised that he had lifted her dress "SMACKKK!!", SMACKKK!!" , "SMACKKK!!", SMACKKK!!" . As he spanked so she found herself getting warm and offered no resistance as he lowered her knickers and drew them off her legs and feet.. "SMACKKK!!", SMACKKK!!", "SMACKKK!!", SMACKKK!!" as he massaged and caressed she felt a warm flow down the inside of her thighs and then she parted her legs slightly. His massaging now became more intimate as he caressed the inside of her thighs. Now she was eager - although for what she did not know - and parted her legs wider until she felt his fingers touch her pussy. This private place had never been violated bfore by anybody but she knew that she needed it and lifted her body to offer him even more access. He rubbed and caressed, massaged and stroked until she felt afire. Now he gently inserted one finger inside her gently wiggling it. She accepted it with eagerness and encouraged him to explore further. She thought nothing of this man being her father but only of the pleasure he was giving her.
Now he told her to stand and remove the rest of her clothes. She was eager to find out more of the sensuality she was experiencing so had no hesitation in standing, removing her skirt, blose and bra until she was naked in front of him. She had an excellent figure which se said she was happy to show off he looked up and down as she stood before him.Her breasts were well formed with nipples which stood out from the golden aureoles. Her pubic hair was thick and covered a prominent mons which offered delights that I had enjoyed so I am sure that her father had also.
He then told her to come up to his bedroom with him where he would make her into a fully rounded woman. They went up and she lay on the bed naked watching her father as he undressed. She gasped as her removed his underpants and she saw his engine standing. It seem so enormous and she wondered what would happen. He promised that there would be no problems and then took some cream from a jar at the side of his bed. He anointed his cock and rubbed it before drawing her to the edge of the bed. he spread her legs and guide his cock to her entrance. She said that although her spend and his cream helped he still found it difficult to enter her and she began to panic. he stopped and reassured her. He then pushed farther in spreading her tight pussy as he did do. She said that she gasped but he was so gentle that she allowed him to continue until he reached her hymen. Here he stopped and warned her that now there would be a sharp pain but this would be the only time. He gripped her hips pulled her and at the same time thrust firmly in. She said that she cried out with the pain as his cock split her hymen but once it was inside the pain subsided and although she was sore she was happy for him to rest inside her.
He asked if he should continue and she agreed and then found that the pleasure of the friction of his cock overwhelmed the pain of his initial entry. He thrust in and out for several minutes before suddenly withdrawing he rubbed his cock spurting his come all over her pubis and as far up as her breasts. She watched his cock shrink back to its rest state and then smiled and sat up kissing him. As she said:
"I found it a wonderful moment. My dad had been my mentor for several years and I loved the idea of him taking my virginity and when he did it was so satisfying. He lifted me and carried me into my own room where he kissed me again and wished me goodnight. We often had satisfying sex after spanking but it never reached the superb moment of that first time."
She found that other men did not match up to him and, when he died, she lived on her own. Because of her interest in spanking while she was studying at college she had visited some spanking clubs joining as one of the girls being spanked and had enjoyed it but, when she became a teacher, she decided that she could not afford to be seen at them. Since then she had tried to find other partners but until we met she had been unsuccessful as she had looked for men but found that few of them were really satisfying spankers. She had decided to try to find a like-minded woman. Now she was glad that she had waited and wanted to teach me all she knew as well as exploring and learning her own limitations from me.
We walked and ran through the grounds wearing very little often just a sarong or bra and pants and we played and loved each other all the time. On Monday June told me that she was going to teach me how to make a birch as she needed to feel one on her bum. It was the instrument she had missed most since the death of her father.
"Oh Julie, you cannot understand the excitement when my father told me I was to be birched. We would go out together into the wood and pick the twigs to make the birch. It was like a game, I would choose the thinnest and my father would choose thicker whippier ones. Then we would return to the house and I would have to make up three or more. First we selected a dozen long switches with buds still on them. I would fasten them together at the top winding layers of waxed cord tightly around them so the they were firmly fastened. Then each one would have a coloured band at the top showing it fierceness. I would then place them in a bucket of brine water to keep them supple. Then it would be time and my father would come in. He would just stand there and then point to the flogging bench. I would go over and remove my dress so that I was just wearing knickers and a brassiere and bend over it. I was fastened by straps by my ankles and wrists. I knew then that it was time. The feel of being bent over and fastened down while your knickers are lowered and your bum caressed by the hard horny hand of a man who is going to flog you raises your adrenalin and my heart would beat faster. I was eager for it to start but also knew the pain would be sharp. Then you hear him rattle the bucket as he lifts the birch from it and the rustles as he shakes water from the twigs. This is the moment you long for yet hate. The pause before the birch finally slashes across your fesses. Then it starts! From now on you know the pain will build slowly but inexorably as the birch whips in. Five strokes, ten strokes. Your bum tingles with the first, then the second but still there is no pain only a tickle. The third fourth and fifth add to it and you begin to wriggle as your bum feels that a nest of ants are nipping at you. By now your whole bum tingles and the myriad lines raised by the strands of the birch take on an independent life like the wires of an electric fire. The birch breaks and he changes it for a fresh one. He feels your bum and his hands smooth the cheeks. The new birch is thicker and stings even more and your whole bum burns but you know that you must endure. Thirty, forty you lose count before he finally stops. You are in agony and ecstacy at the same time and he unfastens you and helps you to your feet. The pain raises to new levels as you stand but the pleasure within your body has taken you to new heights.
Now it is my turn to help my father and I see that his shorts are tented out. I unfasten them and lower them so that his firm rigid cock thrusts out at me from its thick black mass of hair. This is the moment of total love between the two of us as he offers it for my attention. I kneel in front of him and kiss the tip with its precum before taking it in my mouth. I kiss and suck it until it is as hard as rock and then taking the foreskin in my hand rub it backwards and forwards until there is a jerk and his cum spurts all over my face. I love that moment, the salty taste as I swallow it and wipe it all over me. He lifts me up and kisses me and all is forgotten and forgiven. Then it is the time for the final scene as he carries me upstairs to our bedroom - yes we shared a bed - and spreads my legs wide. By now his cock is again erect and I am aching to feel it inside me. He kneels and I feel the tips enter me and push forward until I am filled. Then he moves slowly at first and then faster and faster until I am bucking under him and crying out. He stiffens and with a last thrust his sperm inundates me before we collapse together exhausted. Finally he would spend the next half hour with me across his knees while he gently rubbed cream into my sore buttocks. Now you will understand why after that wonderful man I have lost all interest in them. Since then I have been looking for somebody to share my life. No man can satisfy me any longer but I hope that I have found it in you.
Come, I am now going to show you our private playroom."
June went to the fireplace and lifted down a large key from a hook in the corner. We left the cottage for an outhouse which was attached. She unfastened the door with her key and we entered. I gasped in amazement because it was like nothing I had seen before. I didn't understand everything but saw that there was a rocking horse, a school vaulting box, a wooden pillar in the centre with chains hanging down and also a ladder fastened on one wall. On the other walls were rows of straps, canes, whips and paddles as well as other instruments I didn't understand.
June laughed at my amazement:
"This is where my father and I used to play. Since he died it has never been used but now it will be the playroom for we two - a secret between us - we shall spend hours here. Come and look at the rocking horse can you see anything unusual about it?"
I looked at it closely before I saw the protruberence on the saddle. I pointed to it.
June removed her pants and climbed into the saddle. As she did so I saw what I had not understood. As she mounted she sat just behind what I now recognised as a long thick black dildo. Then rising up in the stirrups so as to adjust her pussy above the thick black cock and using her hand to open her labia she gently lowered herself. She stayed for a moment with the huge tip just inside her pussy lips before sinking down and accepting the thick dildo into her warm moist interior. When she was finally settled she touched a switch between the ears of the horse and it began to rock like a real horse. As she rose and fell each movement thrust the cock deeper inside her and as I watched I could see her moving in time with the beast . She was bent slightly forwards on it and I saw her firm buttocks sticking out behind. I knew instantly waht to do and could see that they were ready for the cane. Without thinking I took up a riding crop which was hanging near me and thrashed it across June's bum chesks. She cried out and I thrashed again and again raising red weals on her bum. The more I hit the faster she rode until eventually exhausted she switched the machine off. I stopped my cropping and she sat there draped over the horse exhausted before lifting herself up she drew her pussy off the dildo. It was wet and covered with her spend and they ran down her legs as she dismounted.
She hugged me and laughing said:
"That was wonderful. I have used the horse before but never believed that having myself beaten at the same time as the horse could be so marvellous. Now it is your turn."
I removed my sarong and stood naked before climbing into the saddle. Once settled I stood up in the stirrups and positioned myself above the dildo. It was huge and although I was well lubricated it spread my pussy wide as it found my nest. I eased myself down on it inch by inch and found that it stretched my pussy to its limits until eventually it reached the top and home. Now I was fully in position and prepared myself. I switched the machine on and it was a shock as I found myself moving up and down on the huge cock. I lay forward to grip tighter and suddenly felt a searing pain in my bum as June took her revenge. I didn't mind though as the pain from the crop was more than compensated for by the pleasure of rising and falling on the dildo and waves of warmth swept through my body with the mixed feelings and it was several minutes before I finally called a stop. I eased myself off and climbed down where June and I compared out bums to try and judge who had been thrashed the most. Both of us admired the other's handiwork and pointed out particularly telling lines. Then it was time to go back indoors and apply salves to the sore areas - a job that was done with great enjoyment and endeavour.
Tuesday morning came and I sensed a change in June. She seemed more tense than usual and when we were having breakfast she explained.
"This is "Tuesday Thrashing Day". This was the day that my father used to birch me till my bum was raw and I have been preparing for today since we arrived. I want exactly what my father gave me. I know it will be difficult as you have never used a birch and you will not want to hurt me but I now know that I NEED it. For years I have been dreaming of the opportunity and it has never arisen but now you are here and love me I am sure that you can give me the thrashing I need. Will you?"
I thought for a few moments before saying that I would give it a try.
She jumped down:
"Good let us start on making up the birches."
We had already collected plenty of twigs and, under June's supervision, I helped her to make four. Made up of twelve to sixteen longs supple twigs they certainly looked fearsome to me and I wondered what they would feel like on my bum. When we were finished we placed them in a bucket of salt water. June said that this kept them supple. She said that I was to decide the time and, when I was ready just point her to the playroom.
We had our lunch and cleared up before I stood up and pointed towards to playroom. June said nothing but collected the key, went outside and into the barn. She stood in front of the flogging bench and removed her top and brassiere leaving just her knickers in position. She then bent over the bench and I fastened the straps to her wrists and ankles. She was now firmly fastened and couldn't move and I went up behind her and lowered her knickers down to her ankles. Her beautiful bum was now exposed and I saw the firm but soft white surface with just a hint of yesterday's whipping ready for me. I massaged the bum cheeks and then took the first birch out of the brine. I had never used one before so had no idea of its effect when "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", I brought it down across her bum and was surprised at the apparent lack of impact. I lashed it down again and again "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!",each time seeing a few more ribbons of red crossing her bum but no major marks. "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", I went on beating her until the first birch was just a mass of broken twigs and then went to check again. Her bum was red, even fiery, but unlike other instruments there were no hard and fast lines etched in. Instead the whole bum was scarified with a network of thin red lines which intermixed and criss crossed each other. June encouraged me to take up the second birch and continue
I now took the second birch out of the bucket and continued with my beating. June was moaning but whether with pain or erotic pleasure I did not know. By now the buds were creating small blood blisters at the sides of the bum and, "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", as more strokes fell, these popped and blood now streaked the area. I was sure that I was doing what I had been asked to by June and she certainly had not asked me to stop. Eventually after about twenty strokes this birch also broke and I moved across to check the bum and clean up the blood. I was surpised to see that although it looked badly scarred it had not the look of a caned bum and once the blood was cleared away it was ready for the final birch. I now took up the birch with the red band. This was the one June had said was to be used last. As I lifted it I understood why. The rest had only been a preliminary to this one. This was three feet long with a dozen strong, resiliant withes. Thicker and more potent than the others this was designed for punishment.
I lay it across June's bum and lashed it down. "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!",This one sang through the air before it fell with a thud. Each twig found its own path and the tips curled round the side of the bum. I remembered my promise and used the latest birch with maximum force until I saw that raw areas were beginning to show where the lines were drawing together.
June called out:
"Now as hard as you can. "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", "SWISHH!!", "SPLATT!!", as I lashed the last six down she cried out once and then locked her body rigid - I saw her thighs and buttocks tighten and her head jerked back and her mouth open to scream aloud as she came to her climax. Then I was finished and going to her side I unfastened June from the bench whilst she just lay there panting. I remembered the scenario and, like her father, I stood in front of her. Her hands came out and she knelt in front of me. She lowered my knickers and parted my legs her mouth came down and she slipped her tongue inside my pussy licking and sucking up the juices which I had discharged while dealing with her. She scoured my clitty with her tongue until I came again and then she stood up and kissed me with my come white on her mouth and nose:
"Thank you darling that was everything I wanted. It excorcised the memory of my father and now you and I can play and punish each other without this man looking over my shoulder. Shall we go and have a shower and then you can cream my bum?"
We went upstairs for a long hot shower. While there we played with each other and kissed and cuddled while I washed the blood streaks away. We dried each other and then June lay across my lap while I applied thick layers of cream to her bum. As I saw it I was horrified at what I had done. There were ridges and swollen areas everywhere and small patches which were still raw. I tried to be gentle but as I worked the cream in she winced and I could tell that it hurt. She told me not to worry as this afternoon had chased all the shadows away. She no longer felt her father's presence in the house. She had loved him but he had still seemed to hold on to her even after he was dead. Now she knew that she was her own woman and would live her life as she saw it. However in spite of everything I felt that this week still had one or two specialities to offer.
We had a quiet Wednesday with a swim in the river and a good fucking with the strap on before June warned me that on Thursday she would be testing me to see how far I was prepared to suffer for her and our togetherness. I didn't understand what she meant and as we huddled together in bed she would not tell me.
The next morning we had a shower and breakfast and then she said now was the time for my test. She led me to the outhouse and over to the ladder. She told me to stand on the bottom rung and hold on to the top. I did so and she fastened me tightly in position. My thighs and calves were taut and I was stretched with my breasts pressing against the bars. My pussy rubbed against a padded crossbar.
June stood beside me and I saw that she had a long thick cane banded every few inches. She said:
"Julie this is the ultimate test for both of us. I am now going to flog you with this cane. It is thick and a punishment cane. It will hurt and I will not stop until I am ready however much you cry out. I need to know that your love for me will transcend the pain and even after the beating I give you you will still hug and kiss me. Are you ready?"
I nodded my head and after a short pause "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", felt a flame unleashed on my bum. "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!" another fell and the pain shot through me as I was driven against the bars. June had promised it would be hard and she kept her promise. "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", each stroke fell on its pre-ordained spot and my bum was soon so consumed with pain that I wanted to scream to her to stop. I would not however. Was this the tenth or the twentieth - I didn't know and didn't care! "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!" still the cane thrashed home with each stroke landing on a surface which was already on fire. I rubbed my pussy against the pad and found that I gradually became cocooned within myself so that the strokes of the cane were not affecting me except with the actual impact which was driving me onto the ladder. June came over and massaged my bum feeling the lines and weals that were aleady forming. She went back to her place and then "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!", "SWISHH!!", "CRACKK!!" the cane thrashed down again. Stroke after stroke, thirty or forty I was now so totally absorbed in myself that I hardly noticed and even when she stopped I was still in a trance. June unfastened me and I could see that she was crying as she hugged me.
"Oh Julie what have I done? Look at your poor bum. I didn't mean to hurt you so much but I HAD to find out whether your love was great enough to still want to stay after I had thrashed you. Will you?"
I took her in my arms, the young and weak sustaining the older and stronger.
"Of course I will stay. I knew that what you did was out of love and not to punish me. Remember I did the same when I birched you and now you have reciprocated. I am so sore though that I need you to massage and soothe my bum. Let's go upstairs and then you can deal with it."
June was still sobbing as I took her hand and we went inside and I hobbled up to the bedroom my bum so sore that I could hardly walk. I looked at my bum in the mirrors and was shocked at the bruising that showed. There were massive bruises as well as ridges which were prominent on the surface. I saw that the birching June had received had also left their mark as I lay flat face down on the bed. The sting, throbbing and tightness in my tortured buttocks was soon relieved by June with the cool cream and her soft gentle hands. As I relaxed I also felt the tension oozing out of June, her fingers became more supple, and I knew that she was now happy that we were going to remain together.
The week was nearly over and on the Saturday evening after our final dinner we went upstairs to bed. Once we were on the bed and I looked up I was astounded because the roof of the bed was one large mirror. It was the first time that June had uncovered it and as I lay looking up I saw my body spread as it would be to June when she came in. My long dark hair each side of my head, my full breasts with the nipples already engorged in anticipation, the pussy lips peeking through my dark bush and my legs spread wide ready for her to enter me. June came in with the dildo already strapped in place and waddled across the floor to me. She looked up and saw that I had seen the mirror and laughed at my surprise.
"My father had that put up so that we could see each other when we were playing. I loved to look up and see his hairy buttocks rising and falling as he fucked me and similarly he could look and watch when I was on top of him. I had not used it for several years but remembered it yesterday. Now are you ready to be fucked?"
I opened my legs wider and presented my pussy to her in answer and she climbed on top with the dildo nudging around as it tried to find my vagina. Then it settled, found the entrance, and June thrust forwards. The exquisite feeling as the ridges on the sides of the dildo ran up my widened interior as it went deeper in and sent shockwaves through me. Finally she lodged it reaching the very top. She lay quietly on top with our breasts touching and we were gently kissing each other. Time stood still. We were in no hurry and had all night so relaxed and waited for the right moment.She looked at me:
"Are you ready?"
June raised herself on her elbows and almost withdrew the dildo before thrusting it back home. Slowly each stroke was pushed to the top of my cunt and then withdrawn to the tip before she began to move faster and faster. The wonderful thing was that she could time her strokes so well and, as she speeded up, she still kept a good rhythm and I joined her by pushing against her. I also slipped my fingers behind her and pulling her bum cheeks apart slipped a finger into her anus. She jumped but still kept up her rhythm. Panting she said:
"Quick! Two fingers now and rub them in and out."
I quickly added a second finger and pushed it in and out keeping in rhythm with her bucking into me. I was on fire with the soreness in my bum and the excitement of the dildo and I was awash with spend having come continuously since June had started. I was reaching a crescendo and the warmth was building to a climax in me. I gave a final thrust into June's anus and she cried out with pleasure and I felt the dripping of her juices as they leaked round the dildo. She sent her last powerful driving thrusts into me which seemed to reach my heart and lungs before collapsing on top of me gasping with her exertions.
"I must rest and then have a shower. I am exhausted."
Once again our holiday had produced new highs. As I lay in June's arms I felt the ache in my bum but this only served to confirm that my decision to join her had been right and that for both of us lifestyle would now follow a new exciting pattern. The ladies are now settled in their own personal lives so no further stories in this set