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Punishment is Meant to Hurt
The Disciplinarian

The three girls were to remain overnight in the Sanitarium. They knew what to expect the next day and were finding it difficult to sleep.................... It had all seemed so innocent when they had gone into the shopping centre but when they went into the fashion store and saw the beautiful clothes on show they were tempted and after making a couple of purchases June first and then the other two went back and stole some of the silky underwear on display. Unfortunately they were picked up by the CCTV camera and stopped before they could leave the shop.
They were taken to the Manager's office where Mrs Pringle called the school. She was a friend of Miss Grimes, Principal of St Audrey's, and suggested the girls should be dealt with by the school. Miss Grimes was grateful and told her that they would be collected my a member of staff and punished the next day. Maybe Mrs Pringle would like to be present when they were punished so that she could be satisfied that justice was carried out. Mrs Pringle agreed and the girls wee escorted back to the the college. When they arrived they were taken straight to Miss Grimes.

"Girls, I am afraid that you have let the school down badly and there is only one punishment possible. That is a public flogging tomorrow in the hall. Tonight you will spend locked in the Sanitorium without dinner or breakfast. Tomorrow at 9am you will be taken to the school hall dressed in just your nightgowns where you will be flogged before the assembled students. This is a grave misdemeanor and must be treated as such. remove them to the 'Sani' Matron please."
Thus is was that June, Laura and Marion three eighteen year old sixth form students found themselves locked in and awaiting their punishment.
The day dawned and at eight thirty they were told to have a shower and dress themselves in their nightgowns ready for their ordeal. At eight fifty the deputy principal Miss Rogers arrived to escort them to the hall.
The girls followed her downstairs and into the hall. They walked onto the stage where they saw a vaulting horse with straps attached in the centre of the stage. Miss Grimes was standing at the side where there was a table with an assortment of canes displayed. They tried to avoid looking down into the hall where the whole college was assembled. They stood, heads down in the centre of the stage.
Miss Grimes stepped forwards
"Ladies. This is a very upsetting day for St Audrey's. For the first time in our long and distinguished history girls have been found guilty of shoplifting. Usually they would have been handed over to the police, sent for trial and have a criminal record but the Owner Mrs Pringle kindly offered to waive her prerogative as long as the girls were punished severely. The staff and I have debated long over their punishment and it had been decided that two dozen strokes of the cane on their bare bottoms would be a fair tariff. I might add that that any other girl who subsequently infringes in the same way can expect even more as well as expulsion. June Davies, you will remove your nightdress and bend over the horse where the staff will fasten you down. Laura MacIntosh and Marion Green will stand in the corner facing the wall with your hands on your head. "
June reluctantly removed her nightdress and walked naked across to the horse which she bent over. She was a well formed eighteen year old with a full bosom and well fleshed buttocks. As she walked dimples in her bum flexed . Her pussy was covered by a fleecy golden bush. She bent over the horse and two members of staff fastened her wrists and ankles to the bottom of the legs of the horse so that she could not move and a strap was drawn round her waist. June now felt helpless as she awaited her punishment..
Miss Grimes had no intention of hurrying so she walked slowly to the table and handled several of the canes before she found one which suited her. June heard her footsteps as she walked backwards and forwards. She knew from the silence in the hall that she had not long to wait .The Principal took up a fierce looking punishment cane wit a well used look and after swishing it through the air a couple of times moved to the side of June and tapped once or twice on her bum before
June flinched as she felt a searing pain like a burning brand sear across her buttocks before a throbbing invested her bum - this was only the first stroke
the cane rose and fell taking a long interval between strokes to make sure that each one was felt to its maximum searching out her bum and building the pain level until her whole bum seemed to be one mass of pain.
she wanted to scream but pride held her back. She knew that she deserved it and the short interval before
Oh God, the deputy principal was left handed and she now lashed in from the other side. She had just got used to the cane strokes on her right and now the left was being assaulted as well. Each stroke had its own pain level and each also formed part of the whole. This was even worse than before.
Now the pain in her bum seemed not so great as the extra strokes had it but the throbbing would not go away and this transmitted itself to her thighs and eventually the rest of her body. She also found it strange that her pussy was throbbing and she could feel wetness on the inside of her legs.
Now it was the turn of Miss Grimes again and
there was no let up and her breath was coming faster as she tried to absorb the shock of each stroke but still that persistent feeling and somehow she found that the cane seemed to be a friend not an enemy.
how many had gone and how many to go? Her mind was taking over from her body as she absorbed the pain - and she felt pleasure as well as pain as the cane fell "SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!", "SWISHHH!!", CRACKKK!!", a short pause and out of the corner of her eye she saw Miss Rogers return - she could never take any more but knew that she must - pride kept her going !
two more - or was it four but somehow she wanted the session to continue although her body was wracked with the throbbing agony in her bum. her pussy was alight and alive and she felt the wetness still seeping down.
surely it must nearly be over.
then it was and the staff unfastened her. She stood up gingerly with her bum stiff and hr whole body throbbing with pain before she turned to Miss Grimes.
"I am sorry Miss Grimes for what I did. I deserved the punishment ."
She then walked across to the wall and joined her friends standing facing the wall with their hands above their head. Matron gave her a glass of water and she stood and listened while her friends in turn underwent their ordeal. She heard the swish and impact of the cane as it lashed into their buttocks and through the pain she was enduring she could also empathize with theirs. She counted the strokes and knew that each had been dealt the same hand as she had and the cries from Laura and Marion who were not as stoical as she had been added to the tension.
Then it was all over and the three of them were called forwards to present their scarred buttocks to the rest of the school before they were handed over to matron.. The school returned to its normal day and the three girls left with Matron for treatment to their sore, battered bums.
Mrs Pringle left satisfied that justice had been done and, after all, she had lost nothing. Meanwhile Miss Grimes and Miss Rogers left for the study of the former. As soon as they were inside they hugged each other and kissed in a more than friendly way.
"Darling Grimy you were wonderful with that flashing cane. I wished it was me on the receiving end - can you give me a quick ten and then the rest tonight."
She handed the punishment cane to Miss Grimes, unfastened her skirt and lowered her knickers before bending over the end of Miss Grimes desk. They had played this game many times before and Miss Grimes knew that these must be hard so that they seared through Miss Rogers bum keeping her contented until she could be relieved that night.
It was a large firm bum, white when Miss Grimes presented the cane to it but not for long as
She lay the stokes on with a will and the bum in front of her blossomed with a red hue gradually turning to violet as the strength of her wrist took over.
"There that will hold you until tonight."
Miss Rogers lay there for a minute soaking up the effects of her caning. The caning of the girls had drawn her sexuality close to the surface and she need the firm caning from Miss Grimes to keep it in check. She knew that tonight she and Miss Grimes would indulge even further but now she lifted her knickers and skirt and left for the classrooms. Miss Grimes meanwhile had to satisfy herself in a more traditional way before calling her Secretary in for dictation.
Upstairs in the sanitorium Matron was applying cream to the bums of the girls. They lay face down on beds and the fierce punishment they had received was clear as their buttocks were deeply bruised and scarred with the lines of the cane. No skin was broken but there was little doubt that they would retain these marks for several days.

* * * * * * * *

The college had settled down for the night and the girls were all in bed when Miss Grimes heard a knock on her door. It was Miss Rogers in her nightgown and dressing gown. When she entered Miss Grimes opened her arms and kissed her on her lips while her hands caressed over the dressing gown. She unfastened it and slipped it off Miss Rogers shoulders. She then unfastened the tie at the neck of her nightgown and it fell to the floor. Miss Rogers had a super figure and her breasts were full with nipples that were already excited. Her thick pubic bush could not conceal the prominent pussy lips while her buttocks retained the marks from her lunchtime caning. In her turn she helped Miss Grimes to undress and a slim elegant lady emerged with a body that men would die possess, But she was only interested in women and girls and her friend was Miss Rogers.
The two ladies hugged and kissed before they went to the bed. There Miss Grimes lay back with her legs spread wide while Miss Rogers went down on her, The active tongue of Miss Rogers soon found the quick while her nostrils absorbed the sharp but special smell that only a lady who is fully aroused produces. She gently licked round her clitty before sliding her tongue inside and sucking the warm liquid which exuded. Then she slid two fingers inside the warm interior and felt them gripped by the pussy muscles of her partner before she moved them backwards and forward urgently. She felt her friend writhing with pleasure and then with a rapid thrust she brought her to her climax. They lay before she came on top and with one leg between Miss Grimes thighs the two pubic areas met and rubbed together. There movements were urgent and in unison and soon the both reached a climax which shattered them both. This time there was a climax for both of them.
They lay back kissing and hugging each other before Miss Rogers told her friend that she was now to receive the cane. They kissed again and Miss Rogers walked over to the cupboard and from the selection found a long whippy cane. Miss Grimes who had been waiting for this moment all day could hardly contain herself as she bent over the end of the bed.
"I need it hard dear. Really hard ! That session this morning turned me on. Two dozen at least. then up my arse.
Miss Rogers tapped the Principal's buttocks and then slashed the cane down.
Miss Grimes cried out with pleasure as the cane strokes searched out her bum. Both of them enjoyed receiving the rod as well as giving it and the aftermath would be sensational.
Miss Rogers lay on with a will and her friend just grunted. As the cane rose and fell she watched the soft white flesh turn from its normal white first to red, then crimson before the lines became ridges and the rest turned purple.
She was ready to stop soon but she knew that the last cuts must be hard enough to make Miss Grimes cry out so taking the cane firmly she lashed down again and again.
Finally it was over. Miss Rogers went to the drawer and took out an unusual 'U' shaped object fitted with straps. It was a double dildo. She fastened it round her waist and lifting her leg inserted one 'cock' into her pussy before adding cream to the other end and presenting it to Miss Grimes anus. She eased forward and although Miss Grimes groaned with the initial pain she took the whole of the dildo into her arse. Grasping her hips Miss Rogers thrust in and out first slowly and then, as the 'leg' inside her own pussy took effect, faster and faster until the two ladies were crying out to each other. Even they could not sustain it for ever and after several minutes they both came as one before Miss Rogers collapsed across her friend's back. She eased the dildo out of Miss Grimes anus and then removing it from her pussy she unstrapped it.
They lay back in each others arms kissing and fondling. Sucking on firm nipples and caressing backs, arms and thighs. They then lay back and Miss Rogers said.
"You know Grimy that June seemed to be enjoying the cane. Did you see the cum running down as we caned her. I wonder if we can get her interested - not her friends as they did NOT enjoy it but think about June for the future. We have not had a companion since Felicity Knowles left the college two years ago and it would be nice to find one of the girls who is interested. leave it to me and I will have a few words with her. Now its my turn for the cane and then be fucked so 'do your duty' "
She stood up and then bent over the end of the bed. Her bum, already lined from the morning session still had plenty of space for attention - attention it received. The cane rose and fell like a whirlwind as Miss Grimes beat her. Miss Rogers moaned but kept urging more Finally after two dozen Miss Grimes threw the cane down and fetched out a single dildo. This was a straight one with a long thick body and a ridged head. She strapped it on. She knew her friend and thrusting her back on the bed she spread her legs wide and pushed it home. Miss Rogers groaned and the thickness and length stretched her to her limits but soon she was bucking and kicking as she was soundly rogered. She wrapped her legs round Miss Grimes and eventually her back rose from the bed and she gave a shout of pleasure. Her spend oozed out of her cunt as she finally succumed and, as Miss Grimes withdrew the dildo it was covered with the slimy results. Miss Grimes went down and licked it out before kissing Miss Rogers and offering her some of the results of her orgasm.
They were both finished. The caning this morning had left them on the edge and the prolonged session tonight had been the icing on the cake. Now there was just June Davies to sound out about joining them to make for the end of a perfect day. They lay together and slept for the rest of the night before Miss Rogers left for her own room before the maid came to call her.

* * * * * * * *

It was several days later before Miss Rogers had a chance to talk privately to June. She had been sent to her for extra tuition as her maths was weak. Miss Rogers decided that this was an opportune time to raise the subject and after they had finished the seminar asked if she had recovered from the caning yet.
"Nearly Miss there are only a few bruises and lines left. It did hurt though even though I did deserve it."
"I noticed that besides the pain it also seemed to have another effect. You had liquid running down the inside of your thighs. Was there any other effect?"
"It's funny you should ask that Miss as I hated the cane but was almost wanting the next stroke. As it got to the middle of the caning I seemed to find that the pain was taken over. I can't explain it but although the cane hurt my mind was somewhere else. Since then, although I don't want to do anything bad I would like to be caned again. Do you understand?"
"I understand very well. This is a private conversation between you and I. Two years ago we had a girl who was just like you. She was caned for a misdemeanor but found that she enjoyed it. She did naughty things to get caned again until she spoke to Miss Grimes and I and explained her problem. We were able to help her. You need to understand that some ladies enjoy being caned and one or two of the staff are willing to help them privately. You have a study of your own so any marks would not be obvious to your friends. Next time you feel the need contact me and we will visit Miss Grimes in her house where I am sure that we can assist you. Is that alright?"
"Thank you Miss Rogers. You have relieved my mind as I thought that I was weird but was afraid to talk to the other girls about it. Now you have explained I will ask to see you."

* * * * * * * *

It was about a week later that June went to see Miss Rogers and explained that she felt the need to be caned again. Miss Rogers arranged that she should meet her after dinner and they would go across to Miss Grimes house to discuss the matter further.
After dinner the two of them walked over to the Principal's house where they were welcomed by Miss Grimes. As a senior there was nothing unusual in June visiting the principal as senior students often did for extra tuition.
Miss Grimes welcomed June and told her to sit down as they were ready to help her with her problem. Miss Rogers has explained it too me and I think that we can help.
"First I think that we should see what is left after the punishment you received at the beginning of the week. remove your skirt and Knickers and show us the marks."
June unfastened her skirt and slipped off her knickers turning round so that the teachers could see her bum cheeks. These were nearly white again although there were one or two residual cane marks showing. Miss Grimes went over and caressed the marks and felt the inside of her thighs. They were already wet in anticipation and Miss Grimes was prepared."
"Clearly June you have a special bottom. You enjoy the rod and even anticipation makes you spend - because that is what I feel on your thighs. Do you understand.?"
"Yes Miss Grimes. My dad used to strap me and I felt the same but now there is no corporal punishment in schools I find that I am missing something. I also do not enjoy going out with boys."
The two ladies looked at each other.
" I suggest that we cane you while you are here tonight and at the same time give you a glimpse into what pleasures are in store for you. Now remove the ret of your clothes and we will start. I suggest that twelve strokes from each will be enough for now. Then you will watch and if you wish join in."
June removed the rest of her clothes and bent over the end of a long couch. This was play so
the strokes of the cane from Miss Grimes and Miss Rogers stung but did not hurt as the punishment had. She then felt Miss Grimes slide her fingers inside her wet pussy and cried out as her clitoris was rubbed bringing her off as they intended and she needed.
"Miss Grimes took her hands and said
"Come my dear you are ready for the next lesson."
She led a dazed June upstairs followed by Miss Rogers.
"You sit and watch and join us when you are ready. "
June sat in an armchair and watched as the two ladies kissed and hugged and then undressed each other. Soon they were as naked as June and she watched in awe as these two beautiful women began. They lay on the bed and kissed and played with each other massaging and caressing until Miss Rogers slid down and spread Miss Grimes legs wide. June knew about pleasuring herself but had never been involved with other girls so she watched as Miss Grimes legs parted wider and through her hairy nest the engorged lips of her pussy showed with the coral interior already coated with her cum. Miss Rogers went down and delved deep, sniffing the distinctive odour of a woman ready for sexual pleasure. her tongue flicked the clitoris and then explored deeper and deeper until it was completely engulfed in her friend's vagina. Then she thrust her fingers in until with a caw of delight Miss Grimes arched her back and spent all over her face. Miss Rogers then stood up and told Miss Grimes to bend over the end of the bed. She picked up a long thick cane and
she gave her a dozen hard cuts across her bum. Miss Grimes cried out with pleasure. Miss Rogers handed the cane to June.
"Now it is your turn. Twelve stingers."
June was not sure what to do at first and the first strokes were non events but under the tuition of Miss Rogers she soon found her feet and the last eight were searching enough for anybody and Miss Grimes cried out with pleasure as they seared her bum.
"Well done ! That was excellent. Now watch carefully as soon you are going to cane and fuck me."
At that she took out a large dildo with its straps from a drawer and fastened it on. The cock was well forward and ready for its adventures. Miss Rogers spread Miss Grimes legs wide and presented the head to her pussy. This was so wet with her spend that there was no problem with entry and it slid home to its full length. She lifted Miss Grimes' legs over her shoulders to make the dildo go even deeper and started to move in and out. She kept up a good steady pace while Miss Grimes wriggled and urged her on to greater efforts. Even Miss Rogers could not go on for ever and eventually she gave one last push before collapsing over her friend. Miss Grimes cried out and threw herself backwards in ecstasy. Miss Rogers withdrew the dripping dildo and turned to June.
"Do you think that you can do this to me after you have caned me?"
June looked at her before saying she was sure that she could. Miss Rogers handed her the cane and said
"One dozen hard cuts please my dear."
She bent over the end of the bed and prepared herself.
June had found that she enjoyed this as much as being caned and she now lay on with will so that Miss Rogers found that the marks she had received earlier were soon doubled and even trebled before June ceased.
Miss Grimes came forwards
"Excellent my dear. Now let me help you into the harness so that you can fuck Miss Rogers."
She fastened it round June's waist and between her legs so that it stuck out and waved up and down. Miss Rogers lay back and spread her pussy lips while Miss Grime guided the head into its nest. June felt it enter and stopped but was urged to push even harder and she soon found that it slid deeply in.
"Now it is in and out just like a man fucking a woman. Keep going as long as you can and you will soon know when Miss Rogers is ready for you to finish."
June thrust in and out slowly at first as she tried to catch a rhythm until eventually she was working away steadily. As she thrust she felt Miss Grimes fingers on the inside of her thigh until they found her clitty so that while she fucked Miss Rogers Miss Grimes was bringing her to a climax. Eventually she peaked and had to finish and Miss Rogers with two final pushes upwards onto the dildo brought herself to a final climax. She hugged June who withdrew the dildo from its nest and sat down with it still attached. The two teachers went and helped her to remove it before hugging and kissing her.
"Have you enjoyed yourself tonight ?"
"June thought for a short while and then
"I still cannot believe what has happened. Will we be able to do this again ?"
The two ladies looked at each other and smiled
"Of course but you do understand that we must be very careful. This is our secret. Now return to your bed and welcome to our little circle."
June left the two ladies with her mind in a whirl but feeling warm and satisfied within. She knew that she had found her niche. She enjoyed being caned, caning and the lesbian sex which the erotic feelings delivered. She had never been interested in boys and now she knew why. Finally in a College any secret was precious and now she hugged this most precious one to herself.
For the Principal and her Deputy the evening had also been a triumph as they now had a young nubile girl to join them and be moulded to their ways.