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Punishment My Lady! - Part 1
The Disciplinarian

Sir John arrived back at Ditchling Hall late in the afternoon and immediately called his wife Lady Frances to him.
"I have had a rather interesting day with Lord Francis Maude and Sir John Grierson and their remarks on your and, Millicent's, behaviour while in London last week need some explanation. What have you to say?"
Lady Frances who was a beautiful woman with deep auburn hair stood before him with downcast eyes.
"I am sorry Sir. I cannot excuse my behaviour except to say that while at a party at Lord Francis house both Millicent and I had been plied with drink until we were not able to resist. We both regetted our actions afterwards and it will never happen again." Sir John looked at his wife and said that he would have his bath now and then he would expect his wife and daughter both to appear before him in his study at seven o'clock. He warned that both could expect condign punishment.

Lady Frances went white and again apologising left the room.
Sir John had his bath and returned to the study in good time pouring himself a brandy and then, opening a cupboard in the corner, removed a birch and a fearsome riding crop. He then sat and waited for the arrival of his wife and daughter. Exactly on the stroke of seven o'clock there was a timid knock on the door and after a bellowed "Enter", the two ladies came in. They stood with downcast eyes and hands clasped facing him. "Well ladies, now is the time for retribution. Have you anything to say before we start?"
Millicent burst into tears and sobbed,
" I am sorry father for letting you down. Please don'r be too hard. It will not happen again".
Her father looked at her;
"It is too late for regrets the time for those was before you both disgraced yourselves, and me! Millicent you will be first. Remove your clothes."
Reluctantly Millicent began to unfasten the buttons and bows of her dress letting it slip to the ground and stepping out of it. Then her petticoats came down and her breasts were exposed. They were firm and of good size with the nipples engorged, they stood out proud from her body. Her father looked at her admiring her figure - she wore no corsets and her pantaloons were held up with a tie at the top and laces at the knee. Slowly she unfastened the tapes and the pantaloons slid over her buttocks and to the floor. As she bent over to slip off her stockings her well formed buttocks tautened and took on a sheen as the brillant white cheeks were exposed.
Lady Frances stood watching with her hands clasping and unclasping imagining what would happen as her daughter prepared herself bending her naked body over the end of the table. Her legs were splayed and the thighs and bum flexed as she took up her position. As her father walked behind her he could see the fig between her legs with sprouts of hair visible.
"For you Miss it is two dozen with the birch - and don't move or there will be extra"
He took the birch out of the water and inspected it. It was about three feet long with eight straight twigs well bound at the top end. The twigs still had buds on them which added to the impact it would make. He eased the birch through his hands wiping off the water. He took up his position on her side, stroked her bottom with his hand lifted the birch and "SWISSHH" the first stroke was launched. It landed with a soft 'SPLATT' on the girl's buttocks. The result appeared to me minimal as a thin tracery of lines showed. "SWISSHH", 'SPLATT', "SWISSHH", 'SPLATT',"SWISSHH", 'SPLATT', steadily the strokes landed and soon the effect of the birch could be seen as the tracery of lines multiplied into a network as each stroke criss-crossed the previous one. The sides of her bum were by now marked with small red spots and, as the count mounted, blood blisters began to appear. The first dozen strokes although causing discomfort could be borne but then it began to build with pain taking over from the intial discomfort. Now she knew was the time for the real punishment to begin as the rest of the strokes impacted on her buttocks. Her father moved from bottom to top of the buttocks with each stroke finding another target until the whole area was fiery and blistered. Thirteen "SWISSHH", 'SPLATT',fourteen, "SWISSHH", 'SPLATT', one by one as they landed Millicent found it more difficult to control the pain which surged through her body. She tried to think of other things to take her mind off the next stroke but always the throbbing remained,"SWISSHH", 'SPLATT!" Try as she might she could not guard against the other feelings as her pussy rubbed against the table as she tried to 'ride' the stroke. She found that this created a warm feeling inside her. The signs were contrary because she as she felt this warmth in her loins and thighs at the same time the burning pain in her buttocks was building to an agonising climax "SWISSHH", 'SPLATT',"SWISSHH", 'SPLATT',"SWISSHH", 'SPLATT'. She knew that she could not take much more before crying out when suddenly her father stopped and said;
"There Miss! That is just a taste of what you will receive if I hear of anything like this happening again. You will now stand and watch as I deal with your mother.."
Millicent eased her gown on over her sore body and carrying the rest of her clothes curtsied to her father:
"Thank you Sir, I deserved the punishment and it will not happen again."
She then moved to the side of the room.

* * * * * * * *
Sir John now turned to his wife;
"Right Madam, it is now your turn and I promise you that you will not get off as lightly as Millicent! Get yourself undressed and prepared."
She unfastened the belt at her waist before lowering and removing her skirt. Then she unfastened her blouse and laid it carefully on the table while her husband looked at her full breasts. He fondled and admired them as she stood there, the fullness of them and the way that the brown aureoles set off the firmness of her prominent nipples were very erotic. Meanwhile she was removing her pantaloons and stockings so that, like her daughter before her, she finally stood naked before him.He walked around her admiring the view. Her prominent 'mons' was well covered with a thick bush of pubic hair and the pussy lips showed through. He flicked his crop between her legs.
"I suppose this is how they saw you last week - ready to be enjoyed?"
She said nothing and he tapped the table with his riding crop:
"Across it Madam quickly if you please"
She bent over and again he admired her form. The calves which rose from the feet were a pleasure to see while the firm white thighs were topped by full buttocks which were dimpled at the sides. He was not going to let himself minimise her punsihment because of these attributes.
He swished the crop through the air and she could tell that it was the fierce whalebone one which was designed for the hide of their horses - not ladies buttocks! She steeled herself and waited before a flame of fire and an excruciating pain ripped through her bum cheeks as the first stroke found its mark. "CRACKK!", "CRACKK!" ; one by one the strokes powered in until she was suffused with a pain which seemed to permeate her body like a flood. Still the crop landed "CRACKK!", "CRACKK!", "CRACKK!", "CRACKK!" ten - eleven - twelve the stokes thrashed across her buttocks working up and down from the top of the thighs to the crown of the bum until she was ready to scream - except for her pride which refused to allow anybody to hear what she was suffering. Each time the crop fell it seemed to cut her body in two as it powered home with relentless efficiency and she knew that there would not be a part of her buttocks which would not be raw and bleeding if he did not stop. Twenty - twenty-one - twenty-two "CRACKK!", "CRACKK!","CRACKK!", "CRACKK! There was still no let up and she knew that she would cry out if he didn't stop soon and then with one final "SWISHH!", "CRACKK" the crop crossed all the other strokes. Sir John threw it down and said:
"Stay where you are my lady - I intend to have some of the action which you offered others last week!"
Sir John began to unfasten his breeches. She cried out;
"Sir, I beg you not while Millicent is in the room and I am so raw and blsitered that it will give no pleasure."
By now he had removed his shirt as well and his pants were pushed down. Millicent who had never seen him like this before watched with bated breath. She saw that he was fully primed and ready for the invasion of her mother. His cock was well formed and the purple head was glossy and smooth. He pushed her head down and taking the point of his spear found the puckered lips of her anus. First he thrust two fingers covered in grease in it to widen the hole before with a firm thrust he impaled her. He split her in two lodging firmly in her fundement. She cried out in agony as his coarse pubic hairs rubbed against her ravaged bum cheeks.He waited a moment or two before grasping her hips began to thrust in and out.
Gasping with his exertions he rogered her to good account for several minutes.. He gasped:
"You will not forget this evening Madam I am sure of that and if ever I hear of this happening again I will thrash you within an inch of your life."
"Yes Sir", she moaned as his hair scarified her raw buttocks adding further to her discomfort and misery. "I promise".
Sir John gave two or three final thrusts inundating her insides with his sperm and then remained in position for several minutes. After a minute or two he pulled out with a plop and told her to remove herself and her clothes to her bedroom.
Lady Frances put on her dress gingerly and carrying the rest of her clothes made her way upstairs where she joined her daughter in her bedroom. They cried in each other's arms and, helping each other to gently remove their dresses, took it in turn to lay face down on the bed and administer salve to tortured buttocks. As they talked though they had to admit that justice, albeit painful had been done and they deserved their punishment. They also knew that byallowing Millicent to watch her mother being fucked they had all passed a watershed and this would be exploited in later episodes.

Part two continues the story.