Punishment My Lady! - Part 2
The Disciplinarian

Lady Frances and Millicent had been thrashed by Sir John Andrews, father and husband , after an adventure in London

Sir John sat smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of port after the punishment and decided that it had introduced a new element into their lives. Although had punished both of them before but he had found that having them naked in the same room had added 'piquancy' to the act. Also his daughter seeing her mother being anally fucked without any sign of being upset . Finally both of them now accepted the rod with equanimity.
He went upstairs and joined his wife in their bedroom and she was laying face down on the bed with her ravaged buttocks exposed. He gently played with them as he massaged a salve in.

"You really enjoyed that didn't you and particularly watching Millicent receiving the birch. That girl didn't turn a hair. Why not go and comfort her? I think that a little play is called for and gradually in the next few weeks we can get her to join us. With a body like that she is wasted sleeping on her own."
His wife looked up and gave him a kiss.
"Give me some salve and I will go to her. Don't worry I watched her and she was enjoying herself even through the pain !"
Lady Frances stood up and put on a gown to cover her nakedness before picking up the salve and leaving for her daughter's room. When she knocked she was invited in and saw her daughter laying face down on her bed with her badly bruised bum exposed. Her daughter ws trying to rub the area.
"Hello my dear I though that I would bring some salve and we could relieve the pain on each other's bottom. I can see that yours is as painful as mine."
She shrugged her gown off her shoulders and Millicent saw that her mother's bottom was also turning purple and the weals from the crop were raised and angry.
Lady Frances took some salve in her two hands and began to smear it over Millicent's buttocks all the time softly talking.
"There my dear lots of gentle massage. Spread your legs a little so that I can cover the insides. That 's good. I will put a little well inside your thighs. Open wider and there I can feel that there is some spend there. I am sure that if I work it in here you will enjoy it. It is one of my favourite areas to massage. Just a little rub here and there that has helped.
While this was going on Millicent found that she was getting more and more aroused as her mother worked the salve in. At first she was just warm and the feeling was plessurable but then she found as her mother used her fingers to explore that she was becoming more and more excited until when her mother touched her clitoris she was read to blow up with pleasure. Sure enough this was the final straw and she cried out with emotion and sitting up hugged her mother.
"Mama, that was incredible. I have pleasured myself before but this on top of the birch has turned me into a volcano. Do let me help you now?"
Satisfied with the progress Lady Frances agreed and took Millicent's place. Millicent took the salve but was much more tentative as she had no experience of this type of arousal. However encouraged by her mother she rubbed the salve in and soon found that her mother was as aroused as she had been. When she began to work on the inside of her mother's thighs she found the thick pussy hair protecting a hard nut of a clitoris. Her mother urged her on to rub it and Millicent found that her own emotions were reproduced a thousand fold by the experienced lady she was working on. Her mother spread her legs wider and urged Millicent to rub her clitty harder while she bucked and cried out under the inexperienced fingers. Millicent found that she was exploring her mother's vagina while her Lady Frances was urging her to even greater efforts. The creamy spend oozing out meant that as she used her fingers to go deeper she found the path easier until eventually she found her finegers held in the vicelike grip of her mother's vaginal muscles. She felt the muscles expand and contract until her mother gave a final cry and squeezed her fingers as she orgasmed.
Millicent was dazed and now found herself in a new environment where she discovered both her own and her mother's sexuality
Lady Frances stood up and kissing her daughter resumed her gown.
"Sleep well my dear we will talk more about what has happened tomorrow."
She returned to the bedroom she shared with Sir John and found him naked on the bed sipping a glass of wine and fondling his erect cock.
"Well my dear, how did it go? I listened for a few oments and from the noises I would guess very well."
"Very well John. I do not think that we will have any problems there. Give her a day or two to recover and think through what has happened and I will approach her again. You just lay back now and I will join you."
She removed her gown and facing Sir John knelt either side of his cock. Giving it a rub to make sure that it was erect she pointed it at her quim and lowering herself she slid down on it. She had already been aroused by her session with Millicent so there was no problem with his cock sliding deep inside her. She groaned as she felt him gradually filling her up until she could take no more. She looked down at him and began to move slowly while he fondled her firm breasts. Soon her encouraged her to move faster and and it was not long before the two of them were thrusting at each other. Sir john grunted while he watched until he felt a trembling in his legs and a surge before crying out.
and the two of them came to a superb climax with her spend mixing with the sperm he was ejaculating in gouts into her. They cleaned themselves up and then retired to bed.

During the next few days as they were out riding or sitting together chatting or embroidering Lady Frances explained to Millicent that although she had felt pain from the birch there was also a lot of pleasure to be obtained with use of the cane and crop and the concommitent follow-up. She got an admission from Millicent that she had found a strange satisfaction in the flogging she had received and also seeing her mother being punished and then buggered by her father had aroused her in a way she had not believed possible. Lady Frances elicited from her that she would like to explore this side of her sexual arousal within the family and that she would enjoy being involved in a similar session.
This was very satisfactory and Sir John and Lady Frances soon arranged for a scenario which would create similar circumstances. The two ladies visited the London shops and overspent on their account. On their return Sir John had received a letter from the shop which made him very 'angry'
He called the two ladies into his study and reading the letter out told them that they must be punished and they should prepare themselves and return to the study wearing just a gown over their nakedness. They retired upstairs and stripped off before returning downstairs to Sir John. He was sitting behind his desk and informed them tat they could both expect a thrashing from him for their conduct.
"This time I will deal with Frances first and Millicent aftwards. Frances remove you gown and bend over the end of the table. I shall be giving you three dozen with the punishment cane. Millicent you can remove your gown and watch."
Lady Frances prepared herself while Sir John collected his punishment cane from a wall cupboard. This was a fierce four foot rattan he had collected while a government officer in Borneo with knots every few inches. He was aware that it was a favourite of his wife and also knew exactly how far she must be taken. he whipped it through the air as he walked acros to his wife's helpless body. He took his place at her side and then tappinher buttocks one or twice:
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
the first stroke whipped across her buttocks leaving a white line which soon reddened.
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
soon the count had reached twenty and Millicent who was watching with fascination and apprehension could not see and area whic he had missed
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
then it was thirty and the final six were to be the hardest. Lady Frances had hardly reacted except as the strokes grew harder so she was moving her bottom back and forth. Millicent though he was to help her ride the strokes but then she saw a glistening between her thighs and a steady stream of liquid oozed down her mother's thighs. "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
Sir John laid the cane down and told his wife to stand up she did so stiffly and moved away from the desk. to stand my Millicent against the wall
"Now young lady it is your turn and it will be two dozen with my hunting crop as a reminder. Take your mother's place.
Apprehensively Millicent took up her position and waited. It was not long arriving and the first stroke seemed to cut her in two:
"W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !",
now her father got into his stride and "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !",
the strokes landed. The first few seemed to be a harbinger because as they fell so the force seemed to get more and more. She found that the individual lines of pain were now overtaken by a throbbing which suffused her bum:
"W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !",
It was now that she found her mount was rubbing against the desk and, as it did so, the pain seemed to change to a strange sort of pleasure she had never experienced before except in orgasm.
"W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !",
She soon found that the pain although intense was bearable and she wanted the thrashing to continue. Before each stroke she wanted it to be the last but after it was over she was waiting in eager anticipation for the next.
"W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !",
The final strokes fell on her ravaged buttocks and her father lifted her up.
"Well done you will join your mother and I upstairs now."
The ladies put on their gowns and Lady Frances led Millicent up to her bedroom.
"Sir John will follow shortly but I just want a word. I watched you earlier and saw that as your father was flogging you you found a perverse pleasure. Well so do we. The rod is part of our sex life and we want you to join us. When you father comes up he wants to take you virginity. I know this is a big step but this will be in a loving environment and I am sure that you will enjoy it. You watched your father take me in my arse last time and over the years we have developed a range of activities which stimulate us. Now we want to pass them on to you. The first is to lose your virginity. By the way the spend running down your thighs proves your pain/pleasure experience. Now your father will join us."
She called her husband and he came into the room. He kissed both ladies and then stripped of his clothes. He was a virile man with a long medium sized cock and Millicent gasped as she saw it for the second time. She was not sure whther she would be able to take it inside her as it seemed so large. Her mother laughed
"Don't worry as after the first fuck which should break you vagina - if you still have one after all that riding - you will find it easy. Now I will help.Place this cushion under your buttocks and then lay back and spread your legs wide apart. John and I will do the rest."
Millicent did as she was told and her mother rubbed some saliva on to her pussy, although it was still wet from the flogging. She then presented Sir John's cock to the orifice and he gently pushed fowards. He eased inside her and she felt her quim filling and it seemed she could take no more. her breath was coing is short pants but ner mother reassured her. Soon Sir John came to a halt and then he said
"Just wait and it will be all over!"
He pushed forwards and Millicent felt a sudden pain which made her cry out before he finally went to her depths. He lay there quietly inside her filling her up but waiting until she was ready. Then he began to move in and out slowly at first but then slightly faster. Millicent found that except for a slight soreness she was enjoying the experience and soon found herself thrusting back against him. All to soon for her she felt him ease out and then her mother took his cock and with a final two or three rubs he ejaculated over her body and face. She smelt the tang of the man's sperm for the first time and found that it was not unpleasant. She lay back now a full woman and rested.
Her mother stood up and bending over kissed her daughter.
Now I have needs and I must stimulate your father. She walked over to a wardrobe and took a thick cane from it.
"Your father now needs two dozen strokes before he can offer me any satisfaction. Bend over John!"
Sir John bent over and Millicent watched in amazement as her father bent over. She saw his large hairy arse facing her and the large ball sac which hung with his limp cock. She also saw that there were already lines showning from a previous punishment.
She saw her mother take a long black rod, even thicker than the one used on her and appered to be made of ebony. This was a realy dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Ldy Frances took up position and
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, " thrashed her husband's bum. The cane sunk deep into his buttocks and seemed almost to disappear before it came back. The line was thick white and angry:
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
this was no pleasure caning but one which was designed to have the maximum effect. Her father lay their absorbing everything as stroke by stroke the cane fell. Before her mother finished she had caned him two dozen times.
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
To Millicent this was extreme as she saw his bum turn from red to puce to purple with ridges beginning to weep as early marks were crossed with later ones. She was even more amazed as she saw her father's cock begin to rise from its worm like status to the rampant pole it had been earlier. Soon it was fully erect with the purple head startying out from its shaft which in turn sprung from the pubic forest of dark hair. Her mother threw the cane down and lay back with her legs spread.
"Now John!"
Millicent was given an exhibition of fucking which was to remain with her for ever. Released from the tensions of his first fuck with her,and stimulated by the caning he had received, her father was now able to sustain himself longer as her entered deep into his wife's vagina. Millicent saw as he rogered her mother between her parted legs that sex between two people was a thing of beauty as well as of passion. He then turned Frances over and went into her vagina from the back while his coarse pubic hair rubbed her sore bum acted as a further stimulant. Millicent listened to the slapping of the two bodies together and began to finger her own pussy and rub her clitty soon she was entering into her own Nirvana while still watching the other two. Then Frances took her husband's cock in her mouth tonguing him for several minutes before finally he returned to the forward position and rogered her until they were both gasping with exhaustion. Their final climax came with a whirl of arms and legs before finally they lay totall drained and spent. Millicent brought herself to fruition to join them!
The three of them lay back and rested for half an hour while her father gave the ladies a glass of wine each and took one himself. Lady Frances turned to her daughter
"Happy my dear!"
Millicent stretched and smiled back.
"It was wonderful. I had dreamt of the pleasure and pain of a flogging and I played with myself afterwards for stimulation, but thethrashing with the crop followed fucking by father was better than I ever expected and I hope it will not be the only time."
Lady Frances kissed her daughter and replied:
"Of course not and next time you may be able to cane your father yourself although you will need some preactice. Now we all need to salve our bottoms so you go to your room and after I have finished with your father I will come and we can help each other."

Part three continues the story.