Punishment My Lady! - Part 3
The Disciplinarian

After their original punishment Lady Frances and Sir John Andrews, father and husband , decided that they would introduce their daughter Millicent to a life of the rod and concommitent sexual activity. The first meeting had proved VERY fruitful on all sides and now they were going to introduce another element, namely one of the men who had seduced Lady Frances and Millicent in London. Millicent was not told about this but only that there would be another session

Sir John knew Lord Francis Maude well and later in the week he went up to London to spend a couple of nights at his club and also make sure that he met Lord Francis. The meeting went well and without disclosing the exact reason Sir John invited Lord Francis to spend a week at the Manor for 'some entertainment' and fox hunting.
The next weekend when everybody had fully recovered Lord Francis arrived and after initial embarrassment by the ladies he was welcomed.
At dinner Sir John casually mentioned that he had an unpleasant chore to carry out that night as he had to punish his wife and daughter and maybe Lord Francis would like to join him. An aficionado of the rod Lord Francis eagerly agreed and while the men had their cigars and wine the ladies were sent upstairs to prepare themselves for what was to come.

"You will return to my study at 9.30pm dressed in just a gown. Now go."
For the ladies this was no hardship as they stripped in Lady Frances' room and talked about the excitement of first the whip and then the sex. For both of them this was something they had been eagerly needing.
Sir John meanwhile was explaining to his guest that corporal punishment was part of the regime of the family and hoped that he would not be shocked or upset..
"Discipline my dear boy is a necessity to keep the ladies under control."
Lord Francis agreed and eagerly awaited what was to happen.
There was a knock on the study door and after being told to enter the two ladies came into the room. They were both dressed in long enveloping gowns which covered them from their shoulders to their feet. The came across to the study desk where Sir John awaited them.
"You both understand why you are being punished. A fortnight ago I chastised you for overspending when you visited London. Yesterday I received a further account of more un-authorised expenditure. I shall not be so tolerant this time so you can both expect severe punishment. I have invited Lord Francis to watch. Remove you gowns and Millicent prepare yourself for my crop. You can expect three dozen stokes on your bare bum and I shall not expect any noise from you. Take up you position over the front of the desk."
Millicent walked across and bent over the table as instructed. As she walked forwards Lord Francis saw an elegant young lady with high proud breasts and and quim millicent croppedcovered in a golden fleece. Her bum was just maturing to perfection. The calves which rose from her feet were a pleasure to see while the firm white thighs were topped by her full buttocks which were dimpled at the sides. He imagined the havoc that the crop would wreak on her bum and how he would have enjoyed the chance to soothe them
Sir John was not going to waste time.
He swished the crop through the air and she could tell that it was the fierce whalebone one which was designed for the hide of their horses - not ladies buttocks! She steeled herself and waited before a flame of fire and an excruciating pain ripped through her bum cheeks as the first stroke found its mark. "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !",
Lord Francis watched as the crop cut into the white bum cheeks leaving a white line which rapidly turned a deep red. As he watched so he felt his cock rising within his trousers and he soon felt the need to move it to a more comfortable position
"W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !",
one by one the strokes powered in until she was suffused with a pain she knew which seemed to permeate her body like a flood. Still the crop landed ten - eleven - twelve the stokes thrashed across her buttocks working up and down from the top of the thighs to the crown of the bum until she was ready to scream - except for her pride which refused to allow anybody to hear what she was suffering. Each time the crop fell it seemed to cut her body in two as it powered home with relentless efficiency and she knew that there would not be a part of her buttocks which would not be raw and bleeding if he did not stop.
Her father stopped and offered the crop to Lord Francis:
"Francis, would you like to offer a dozen before I finish her off?"
"With pleasure John"
Taking up the crop he walked over and massaged Millicent's sore bum.
Twenty - twenty-one - twenty-two
"W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !",
By now she had retreated into her private world in which the pain and her inner pleasure began to blend and when her father took over to land the final strokes she felt no change
"W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P P ! !", S P L A T T T ! !",
Her father put the crop down and went and helped her to her feet telling her she had done well. He then told his wife to come forwards. He collected the fearsome rattan cane and pointed his wife to the desk.
"Across it please madam!" lady frances caningLady Frances prepared herself. She knew the cane as it was a fierce four foot rattan he had collected while a government officer in Borneo with knots every few inches. He was aware that it was a favourite of his wife and also knew exactly how far she must be taken. He whipped it through the air as he walked across to his wife's helpless body. He took his place at her side and then tapped her buttocks one or twice:
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
the first stroke whipped across her buttocks leaving a white line which soon reddened.
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
soon the count had reached twenty and Millicent who was watching with fascination and apprehension could not see and area which he had missed. He then offered it to Frances
"Same as before I think Frances. A dozen from you and I will finish her off."
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
the blows landed with still the same power as her husband showed . Then it was thirty and for the final six Francis handed the cane back to Sir John. These were to be the hardest but Lady Frances was willing her husband to drive them home. Lady Frances had hardly reacted except as the strokes grew harder so she was moving her bottom back and forth. Millicent watched amazed but then she saw a glistening between hermother's thighs and a steady stream of liquid oozed down her legs. "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
Sir John laid the cane down and told his wife to stand up she did so stiffly and moved away from the desk. to stand my Millicent against the wall
"Now ladies you can retire upstairs and prepare yourself for a visit. I am sure that Lord Frances will assist again.
The ladies put on their gowns and Lady Frances led Millicent up to her bedroom. Lady Frances drew her into the bedroom.
"Sir John will follow shortly with Lord Francis but I just want a word. You have joined your father and I and now you are going to have the opportunity to join with another man as well. I watched you earlier and I also watched Lord Francis. His trousers were bulging as he cropped you. He enjoys the scene as we do. Remember the rod is part of our sex life and we want you to join us again. When you father comes up he wants Lord Francis to take you first and from my own experience he is a good lover. . I know this means moving from the family but this will be in a loving environment and I am sure that you will enjoy it. You watched your father take me in my arse last time and over the years we have developed a range of activities which stimulate us. Now we want to pass them on to you. By the way the spend running down your thighs proves your pain/pleasure experience. Now your father and Lord Francis will join us."
She called her husband and he came into the room with Lord Francis. Sir John kissed both ladies and then stripped off his clothes inviting Lord Francis to do the same. Millicent had seen her father so looked particularly at Lord Francis and saw that he was as well endowed as her father although his pubis was covered with a ginger thatch. which made his cock seem even more attractive. She was no longer worried about the size and whether she would be able to take it inside her.
"Your turn first Francis, Frances and I will lay and watch you deal with my daughter.
Millicent lay back on the bed with her legs apart and saw Francis spit on his fingers, give his cock a couple of rubs and then present it to her pouting and engorged pussy lips. He gently pushed forwards. He eased inside her and she felt her quim filling and it seemed she could take no more. As before her breath was coming is short pants. Soon Frances came to a halt and then he said
He pushed forwards and Millicent felt him slide in through her wet slippery interior before he finally went to her depths. He lay there quietly inside her filling her up but waiting until she was ready. Then he began to move in and out slowly at first but then slightly faster. Unlike her father Francis drew right to the end until she thought she was losing him before thrusting home again. Millicent found that she was enjoying the experience even better than the first time as this time she had no soreness and soon found herself thrusting back against him. All to soon for her she felt him ease out and then her mother took his cock in her hand and with a final two or three rubs he ejaculated over her body and face. Again she smelt the tang of the man's sperm and found that it was not unpleasant. She lay back now and rested.
Lord Francis bent forwards.
"That was superb I hope that we can do it again soon."
Her mother stood up and bending over kissed her daughter.
Now I have needs and I must stimulate your father. She walked over to a wardrobe and took a thick cane from it.
"Your father now needs two dozen strokes before he can offer me any satisfaction. Bend over John!"
Sir John bent over and Millicent watched in amazement as her father bent over. She saw his large hairy arse facing her and the large ball sac which hung with his limp cock. She also saw that there were already lines showing from a previous punishment.
She saw her mother take the long black rod she had used the last time. This was a really dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Lady Frances took up position and
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, " thrashed her husband's bum. The cane sunk deep into his buttocks and seemed almost to disappear before it came back. The line was thick white and angry:
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
this was no pleasure caning but one which was designed to have the maximum effect. Her father lay their absorbing everything as stroke by stroke the cane fell. Before her mother finished she had caned him two dozen times.
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
To Millicent this was extreme as she saw his bum turn from red to puce to purple with ridges beginning to weep as early marks were crossed with later ones. She was even more amazed as she saw her father's cock begin to rise from its worm like status to the rampant pole it had been earlier. Soon it was fully erect with the purple head thrusting out from its shaft which in turn sprung from the pubic forest of dark hair. Her mother threw the cane down and lay back with her legs spread.
"Now John!"
Millicent was given another superb exhibition of fucking. Stimulated by the caning he had received, her father entered deep into his wife's vagina. Millicent saw as he rogered her mother between her parted legs that sex between two people was a thing of beauty as well as of passion. He then turned Frances over and went into her vagina from the back while his coarse pubic hair rubbed her sore bum acted as a further stimulant. Millicent listened to the slapping of the two bodies together and began to finger her own pussy and rub her clitty soon she was entering into her own Nirvana while still watching the other two. Then Frances took her husband's cock in her mouth tonguing him for several minutes before finally he returned to the forward position and rogered her until they were both gasping with exhaustion. Their final climax came with a whirl of arms and legs before finally they lay totally drained and spent. Millicent brought herself to fruition to join them!
The four of them lay back and rested for half an hour while her father gave the them all a glass of wine each and took one himself. Lady Frances turned to her daughter
"Happy my dear!"
Millicent stretched and smiled back.
"It was wonderful. I had dreamt of the pleasure and pain of a flogging and I played with myself afterwards for stimulation, but the thrashing with the crop followed fucking by Francis was better than I ever expected and I hope it will not be the only time."
Lady Frances kissed her daughter and replied:
"Of course not and next time you may be able to cane your father yourself although you will need some practice. Now we all need to salve our bottoms so you go to your room with Francis and I am sure that he can help. Now why not take Francis to your room and enjoy yourselves."
While both were still naked Millicent gathered her clothes and, taking Francis by the hand, led him to her bedroom. She was not sure what might happen but was ready to leave it to Francis.
"Millicent, I am glad that we have ben brought together like this. I admired you in London and wanted to find out more about you so when you father invited me down I was eager to come. After what I have seen I am even more eager. You will see that I am the only one who has not been flogged but let me assure you that I enjoy receiving it as much as giving it so if you would to deal with my bottom I would be happy to submit."
Millicent laughed:
"Don't worry I am sure there will be many other opportunities - in fact tomorrow evening I will ask father if we can watch while he flogs you. Tonight I want you to fuck me and fuck me. You saw the way my father dealt with my mother and I want the same. I am not a virgin and want you everywhere. Can you do it?"
"Of course I will. Let us make a night of it !"
He took her naked body in his arms and lifting her carried her over to the bed. Laying her gently down he parted her warm pussy lips and going down between her thighs gently touched her vagina with his tongue. She cried out as he found her clitty. never had it been attacked like this with his lips and tongue sucking and flicking it. Her body felt alive with pleasure and she eagerly waited what was to happen next. His tongue then explored the inside of her vagina licking the warm cum which was oozing down. She bucked and reared with pleasure before he knelt across her body and pointing his spear to its proper entrance drove it home until it was lodged deep inside. He lay there kissing her and fondling her breasts while she felt his cock warm inside. Then he began to move; slowly at first and then faster as he gained a rhythm. Soon he was gasping as he drove home stroke after stroke. Millicent wrapped her legs round his body drawing him even deep in while at the same time she bucked against him. Their bodies perspired with their efforts and they were in an ecstasy of passion which Millicent did not know existed. Her body had gone from a gentle warm flush to a raging torrent of pleasure beyond any she had conceived possible. She knew in her mind that he should withdraw but her heart led her and when she felt the final short digs before he finally ejaculated she squeezed his cock with her vaginal muscles to prevent him withdrawing. Then the explosion happened and she orgasmed as she felt the gouts of his warm sperm inundating her body. Squeezing his cock until his last drop had filled her she relaxed her legs and released him from the clutch.of her legs.
Francis withdrew gently and then collapsed beside her. They were both panting with their efforts and rested side by side on Millicent's bed.
Millicent gently massaged his soft cock trying to get it to stand again. Frances groaned;
"I need to be caned to get him up. Have you got a cane you can use?"
"Not here but I will ask my parents."
She got out of bed and went across to her parents room.. She knocked on the door and entered. Her father was bending over his wife's back as she came in and he was just about to bugger her. He looked up.
"Sorry Papa but Francis needs a good hard caning now after his exertions and I need a cane."
"I can give you one but you haven't learnt to use it yet so I think Frances and I had better come across and help."
At that he gave a spank to his wife's bum and picking up a cane from the side led them over to Millicent's room.
"Now my lad I understand that you need a flogging. Unfortunately Millicent has no experience so Frances and I are going to do the honours while she watches.. OK with you?"
"Yes thank you Sir I will leave it to you.
"Bend over the end of the bed then. Frances you start with a sharp dozen and show Millicent and I will finish with two dozen stingers."
He handed the cane to Frances who took up her position. Millicent watched as her mother tapped his bottom as a sighter: The first stoke marked her starting point and from then she lay the strokes on hard and fast. Millicent saw that she made sure that every stroke covered a different area of the bum and the lines were parallel.
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
Now she handed the cane to Millicent:
"Just try four."
Millicent took the cane and tentatively "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
delivered the first stroke
"Harder than that and use the full whip of your wrist as you would with your horse. "
"W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
"That is better but now we must leave it to your father. Let us see how ready he is"
She took Millicent's hand and guided her down between Francis' thighs until she felt his ball sac. His cock was still soft and pliant
anal sexFrancis you will need John's strokes as you are not ready yet. Carry on dear."
Sir John took the cane and flayed Francis' bum unmercifully. From the first he laid on with a will and soon brought out grunts of pain from Francis "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !, "W H I P P P ! ! !", C R A C K K K ! ! !,
Eventually it was time to stop and he told Francis to stand and deliver and sure enough he was now fully primed to offer his full attention to Millicent.
"Good now maybe we can go back to our labours. Good luck my boy."
Sir John and his wife now returned to their own room to continue their interrupted buggery while Millicent inspected the bruising Francis had received. She did not however spend long on this and presented her buttocks to him holding her pussy lips open ready for his ramrod to enter. He drove home with eager anticipation and soon their bodies were slapping together with their efforts. This time Francis was able to stay longer and Millicent was urging him on as he powered in and out like a pile driver, Eventually like all good things it came to an end and again they managed to come at the same time so that again his and her spend mingled. Francis withdrew and again the two of them rested. This time Millicent inspected Francis' bum and gently massaged his beaten buttocks with the salve her mother had used on her.
It was the end for this time but Millicent knew that she had now entered into a new adult world. She wanted to share it with her parents and Francis but only the future would decide..................................