The Secretary Disciplined.
The Disciplinarian

I was typing up some reports as usual for the head when there was a knock on the door.
"Come in."
A tall boy entered looking apprehensive and offered me a green slip:
"I am John Rudge and I have an appointment with Mr Strugnell please Miss. Mr Brown told me to take this to him."
As soon as I saw it I knew that it was a request for the head to cane the boy for some misdemeanour. It had to be bad otherwise the teacher themselves would have used the slipper.

I stood up and, taking the slip from him, knocked on his door and went into Mr Strugnell's room. He looked up and, seeing the green slip, held out his hand for it. He looked at it for a minute and then told me to send the boy in and prepare the punishment book.
"Mr Strugnell is ready for you now."
He entered slowly and closed the door. I heard a chair being moved to the centre of the room and then Mr Strugnell's voice:
"You do uderstand why you have been sent to me Rudge. I will NOT tolerate smoking in the school and the punishment is a beating. You will receive six strokes of the cane. Lower you trousers and pants and bend over."
The chair moved slightly as the boy took up his position and the "WHIPP!!" as the cane decended. Six times it fell and I found that as so often recently when I had heard it I felt a tingling in my own buttocks. I wondered what it would be like to feel the sting of the cane on my bottom as I bent over in the Headmaster's study.
"Get dressed and don't let it happen again or it will be a full dozen. Here I have signed the slip and now you can return to your classroom."
The door opened and Rudge came out with his face flushed and moisture in his eyes.
I took the punishment book into Mr Strugnell and offered it to him for completion and signature.
He completed the entry, signed and gave it back to me. I knew that this was the moment.
"Excuse me Sir but may I make a request. I would like you to cane me if you find me smoking. I am trying to give it up but find it very difficult and I wonder if this is a way."
He looked up at me:
"You know what you are asking. The cane hurts and I will treat you exactly as I do the boys. I know you want to give up smoking but this does seem a drastic remedy."
"My father died last year from lung cancer caused through smoking and I am desperate to give it up. I have tried everything else and I am will to receive corporal punishment if it will help me."
"You understand that you will have to give the the school and myself a letter of indemity saying that it at your request and no coercian was applied."
"Yes Sir. I will type one out immediately."
He looked thoughtful but then said:
Right, we will give it a try. I suggest that you return hee at 8pm when the caretaker and his staff have left the school and we can have our first meeting. Now type out that letter."
As I left the room my mind was in a whirl. I must have been stupid to ask him but now there was no going back and so I sat down and typed out the letter.
'At my request I am being caned by Mr Strugnell and neither he, the school or the Governors have put any influence on my decision.'
(signed) Alice Proud
I handed it to him signed and he put it in a sealed envelope in his safe.
"I look forward to our meeting tonight then Alice."
I returned to my office and continued with my duties, all the time churning over in my mind as to why I had done it. Was it bravado, need to stop smoking (the reason I had given, or a need within myself after listening to the boys being caned. I had no idea but within the next few hours I would find out whether it was the correct decision.
I left for home and when I arrived I found it difficult to eat. I lived on my own in a small flat so could think without any distractions. I then took a long shower using one of my fragrant soaps and thought carefully about what I should wear. In the end I dressed in a simple brassiere and M & S panties with tights underneath a white blose and grey skirt. I thought that I had better keep it simple. At 7:30pm I left home and drove to the school arriving in the road at a quarter to eight. Should I go through with it or was it just a stupid schoolgirl fantasy? Whatever it was too late now and I restarted the car and drove into the school grounds. I could see that there was one car in the carpark and one light on in an upstairs room which was the Headmaster's study. I locked my car and like a prisoner going to the gallows walked through the front door along the dark echoing corridors and up the stairs - a route I took every day but for a very different reason. I knocked on the door of th lighted study and was told to come in.
"Welcome Miss Proud. I was not sure whether your bravery would last until this evening. let us be clear before we begin. You will received twelve strokes of the cane on your bare buttocks. Once we have started we will finish and if you put your hands back to protect your bottom that stroke will be repeated. Is that clear?"
I was shocked as I had forgotten that it was to be on the bare but replied:
"Yes Sir. I understand completely and will do exactly as requested."
"Fine. I suggest that you move that chair into the middle of the room and then remove your skirt, ticghts and knickers."
Slowly I unfastened the button son my skirt and slid it down my legs and then the tights came off before my fingers went into the waistband of my knickers and pushed them down over my thighs and let them slip to the ground. I stepped out of them and picked them up placed them on a chair at the side. Mr Strugnell waited patiently and it was only as I walked back towards him that I remembered that he could see all my private parts. I walked over to the chair and stood beside it.
"Bend over the back and grip the sides of the seat tightly with your hands. Do NOT move once we have begun."
I heard him walk over to a cupboard and then a swishing sound as he whipped the cane through the air to test its flexibility. I felt him walk to my side and then the coolnes of the cane as it rested on my bum before "WHIPPP!!", the world exploded and I felt a searing pain as though a line had been burned across my bum. I jumped up and cried out.
"Down Miss Proud that was only the first. Remember that you must not move or the stroke does not count."
I bent over again and gripped the seat of the chair tightly I could still feel the pain from the first stroke lancing through my bum. "WHIPPP!!" the second stroke landed just above the first but this time I was more prepared and was able to grip the chair as the pain repeated itself. This was only the second and there were ten more to come. I was not sure that I could stand them all. "WHIPPP!!" the third agin found a new line to explore and my eyes were watering with the pain which seared through me. "WHIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!" - I couldn't remember how many that was but I knew that the pain was becoming unbearable and had to grip the sides of the chair "WHIPPP!!" this one landed on top of one of the others and I wanted to shriek but bit my tongue. The Headmaster stepped back and leaned against his desk.
"Stand up Miss Proud."
I slowly stood wondering what was coming next. I could see he was looking at me in all my nakedness as I faced him but was not worried as I faced his gaze.
"Well done. You have now reached halfway through the punishment and I congratulate you on your fortitude. There are six more strokes to come and if you are ready we will begin. Take up you position."
I moved back to the chair and bent over. I knew that however bad it got ther were only six more strokes to come and I was determined to accept them. I had also found that besides the pain there was another emotion which was engaging me. My vagina was getting warm as though I was due an orgasm. "WHIPPP!!" this was the seventh and like the previous six it seared across my bum but I tried to think of those feelings which my pussy rubbing up against the chair back created. "WHIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!" now I knew what a caning was and it was very uncomfortable - just let me rub myself as the strokes fell and I would endure. "WHIPPP!!" my pussy was so warm and I could feel the juice seeping out from it. "WHIPPP!!", it must be nearly finished by now and the warmth inside me was overcoming the ache and throbbing in my bum. "WHIPPP!!" - Oh God this one was laid across the top of the bum and seemed to search me out. I must grip the chair more tightly and waited and waited before "WHIPPP!!" this stroke drove me into the back of the chair and the warm glow which suffused my body translated itself into a massive orgasm which shook my body. Surely this must be the end?
"Stand up Miss Proud. I congratulate you and your name bears out your character. You have been very brave and I suggest that you now get dressed. It is up to you whether you make this your only gesture or you will report to me each time you smoke and receive the same treatment. Twelve strokes is the tariff. Think it over and tell me your desicion in the morning after you have slept with your discomfort.I wish you a good night."
I didn't think that my tights or knickers would help my bum so I just fastened my skirt.
"Thank you Sir for your patience and understanding. I will wait until the morning but I am confident it will be that I wish to be caned each time I smoke. I think that my sore buttocks will remind me of this promise for several days to come."
I left the room and walked stiffly to my car where I sat gingerly in the driving seat and drove home.