The Secretary gets her 'Sunday dinner'!
The Master of Discipline

Sunday had arrived and the three of them, John his wife Frances and their friend Mary just lounged around while the ladies prepared lunch for one o'clock. Mary knew that she should expect something extra on Sunday but the others did not discuss the future so she waited part in trepidation but more in anticipation of what might happen.
Lunch came and went and then the doorbell rang and Frances answered it. Two couples and a young man entered, leaving their coats and then joining Mary and John in the lounge. John poured drinks for them all and they sat down and chatted until Frances held up her hand.
"Welcome to everybody. Let me introduce you. This is Frank and Thelma, Peter and Miranda and their young friend George. To explain to George and Mary. We are friends who have the same sexual interests which include spanking in all its forms. We take pleasure in our own bodies and enjoy the chance to play and have sex with each other. We are introcucing two new members today, with Frank and Thelma bringing George and we introducing Mary. While you are here with us you can join us in everything which happens. There are no limits to what takes place. Nobody can refuse to participate in anything that happens. This sounds very formal but it helps to put out the parameters. Now I suggest that we undress and pleasure each other. I have some cards and the first partners will be drawn from these. The men take the blue cards and we ladies the red cards. If you will take them I will call out the pairings.
The group each took a card.
"Here is the list
George and Frances
Frank and Mary
John and Miranda
Peter and Thelma.
Now let us strip off and there are gowns on the sofa for everybody. Then we can start and after this anything goes with anybody." Frank walked over to Mary and took her hands. He smiled and led her over to one of the settees. He sat down and lay Mary across his legs. "S M A A C C K K !!" his hand came down. For several minutes he spanked her bum until it stung and she felt her pussy getting wet. At the same time she also felt a stirring between her legs as Frank's fuckingcock also was getting harder. He stopped spanking, felt her, and finding she was ready he lifted her up and lay her down on the carpet. he drew her legs wide and knelt between them. He rubbed his cock once or twice before presenting it to her eager opening. He eased inside and pushed farther and farther spreading her vagina wide uuntil he was lodged deep into her. He rested for a moment and then powered in and out of Mary's pussy. She felt the ridge of the nut rubbing her vaginal walls and they were stimulated until she felt herself glowing with pleasure. As it was the first time tody Frank could not hold for long and she soon knew that he was ready. She wrapped her legs round him and drew him in so that as he came his sperm shot high into her and the warm liquid oozed around the sides of his cock. She used her vaginal muscles to milk the last drop out of him. There was so much cum that it covered her thighs as it mingled with her own spend. He collapsed on her gasping out that she had been fantastic.
They lay back and watched the others. Frances was riding George whose cock was being giving a hammering as she moved up and down with energy and rapidity. At the same time she was massaging her breasts where her nipples were rock hard..Eventually he came as she drove down with a final thrust and as she lifted from him his jism oozed out from her cunt.
Peter meanwhile had Thelma across the back of an armchair and his cock was driven deep into her anus. As he rode her so he held her waist and every now and again slapped the sides. Thelma was crying our with pleasure as she was being rammed and they came almost together so that he lay gasping over her buttocks.
Finanlly they all watched John and Miranda who were in a 69 position with his cock being rubbed and almost swallowed by her while he had her pussy lips wide as his tongue seached out inside her vagina. They held on for several minutes after the others before his cock spurted his sperm into her mouth and across her face. She sucked and swallowed until she had taken it all while he used two fingers to bring her to her climax. They lay back and laughed as the others clapped them.
They had all enjoyed themselves and John offered glasses of wine to everybody as they lay back and talked about their experiences.
After half an hour or so John suggested that everybody needed 'livening up' at the same time walking across to the sideboard where there were several canes on display. He picked up a cane and swished it through the air a few times.
"I think a dozen each is called for and, after I have dealt with you all, Mary can deal with me. We are al experienced so no holding back."
He pointed the cane at George who stood up and bent over a chair placed in the middle of the room. They saw that he was already aroused and found it difficult to adjust his posture. Thelma stepped forwards and crouching beside him began to massage his cock "W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
caning"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
By now it was obvious from his counting that George was in pain but he did not cry out and then the final two strokes fell in quick succession. "W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,
He stood up after the last stroke landed and Thelma gave his cock a dozen quick rubs and then opening her mouth took his jism in gasping and spluttering as he shot his full load down her throat. She milked him to fulfillment and then wiping her face returned to her place.
"Well done. Stand up and return to the side of the room and keep your hands on your head.
"Frances come forward."
Frances came to the chair and bent over. John handed the cane to Thelma.
"I know you will deal faithfully with her."
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
This was a real whipper as it landed
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
The second one was just above the first and in line with the earlier one.
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
Frances wriggled as Thema showed that her arm and aim were good.
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
Thelma stepped back and then returned to her position to lay on two really hard strokes.. "W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,
Frances stood up and called Frank forward.
"Bugger me Frank"
She bent forward again and parted her ravaged buttocks. Frank took up cream from the side and putting some on his fingers pushed it deep into her anus. He then pointed his cock to her puckered rosette and pushed in . Frances accepted his rigid cock and he plunged deep inside her. He took her hips in his hands and began to roger her. Frances urged him on and Frank reciprocated with a rapid heel and toe which the rest watching enjoyed urging him on. He managed to hold for nearly tn minutes before he cried out that he was coming. Three quick thrusts and he gouted his load deep inside her dark interior. Meanwhile Miranda went down between Frances legs and rubbing her clitty her fingers brought her off. Frank withdrew from Frances and the rest could see that his load more than filled her as it foamed out of her anus.
Miranda was now so excited that she picked up the cane herself and handed it to Peter.
"A good hard thrashing please !"
She bent over the back of the chair and waited for Peter. It was not long in coming and he lay four rapid strokes across her bum leaving a set of marks like a music stave.
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
She cried out with pleasure and urged him on. Not to be behind hand Peter continued with fast firm strokes
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
He was keen to fuck her and his cock was already at stand so he lashed down making sure that these crossed the rest. The final four and he threw the cane aside, lifted Miranda and lay her on her back spreading her legs. Three or four rubs and he was inside fucking away with a will and making sure that she remembered the fuck as well as the cane. Miranda had her legs wrapped round him and pushed backwards and forwards in time urging him on to greater efforts. The two of them made a superb sight as the facucked and fucked panting and gasping as they tried not to be the first to come. Eventually the woman won, as she always will and Peter with one final thrust came deep inside her. Miranda arched her back as she found her climax almost at the same time crying out with pleasure. They lay there gasping for several minutes with their efforts before rising and accepting the glass of wine John offered them.
Listen everybody Thelma is challenging Mary to a competition. The two girls will receive twelve strokes each and then be fucked in both apertures by two men. The one who holds out the longest is the winner. OK Mary and Thelms?"
The two girls nodded and a second chair was brought forward. Mary went across one and Thelma faced her across a second. Peter started with Mary while George with Thelma and both of them timed their strokes to land at the same time. The girls watched each other as the strokes fell until they had both received twelve. Then it was time to be fucked. They John and Frank lay down and spreading her legs Mary lowered herself onto Frank's cock while John lodged on to Thelma. The girls bent forward and held their buttocks apart while George mounted Mary and Peter Thelma they put cream into their anus and then lodged themselves inside. Frances gave the call and buggerythey lower men fucked up and the upper men buggered each. It was hard for the girls as the men fucked them at both entrances and the other two girls stood and urged them on. Eventually George was finished and withdrew so one down . Then Peter finished and it was left to the two girls to ride their mounts. Everybody was cheering them on but with the enthusiasm of their two riders the men held out for several minutes until they both cried enough and came together. The trial was announced as a draw.
Everybody put on a robe and went into the kitchen for tea and cakes and then returned to the lounge for a chat. After and interval Frances spoke up.
"Now everybody we will draw again for partners - the one provisio is that you must not match up with your husband, and then for the next hour the two of you are free to do as you wish. There are straps, canes, dildos, etc and the use of the house. I suggest no heavy caning as, after an hour, we will return for our final severe caning session.
"The draw is
Frances and Frank
Thelma and George
Mary and Peter
Miranda and John
Let us go !"
Peter came over to Mary and she looked at him closely for the first time. He was about five foot ten inches tall with a slim but strong body. His cock, which was not aroused nestled in a forest of dark pubic hair which also covere his belly and thighs. He led her upstairs to a spare bedroom and smiling suggested that the next hour might be best without disctractions. Mary agreed and they lay back on the bed for a minute or two before Mary began to fondle Peter's cock. It was not long before the soft retreating worm began to grow and extend itself. As she worked so Mary found that his cock was long but not too thick and soon she was drawing the head out of its cowl. The head was large and purple and she saw that it now oozed pre-cum. Peter suggested a '69' to which Mary enthusiastically agreed. She lay back and Peter came fellatio down on top of her. She used her fingers to get him ready and then took it into her mouth. She tongued around the edge adnhe jerked with pleasure. She then sucked and took the whole head deep inside her mouth before running her tongue up and down the shaft. She found his ball sac and used her mouth to enclose it before return to the head. Gently she rubbed the shaft making sure that she did not fire him off too early as she was now beginning to feel the effect of Peter's tongue on her pussy. She felt him suck the tip of her prominent clitoris and then it enter her coral interior. He was skilled and caressed her at the same time drawing out the spend she was already discharging. The caressed and played like this for several minutes before they came apart and Peter lay her back on the bed and thrust his cock into her. He slid home with ease and was soon fucking her with enthusiasm. He continued for several minutes before withdrawing and turning her over entered her from the rear. She heard his pubis slap her buttocks as his thrusts went deeper into her than she had ever received in her short experience and the sensations were also new. Then he again withdrew and she felt his finger enter her anus and widen it in preparation for his cock. he used her spend to moisten the entrance and then gently but firmly thust home until they were both ready. Mary was now on such a high as she had never before experienced and waves of pleasure suffused her. By now they were both exhausted and using his fingers on her clitty as he thrust into her anus Peter finally brought them both to a superb and mind-blowing climax. It was the finish and they both lay back exhausted with the pleasure they had given each other panting with their exertions. By now the hour was up and after washing their private parts they went back downstairs for the final chapter.
They all returned and sat down waiting for Frances.
"As our regular friends know this is the climax of the evening. All the pleasure must now be paid for with a hard caning. Tonight it falls to John and Peter to deal it out before they in their turn are punished. We will each receive two dozen strokes, one dozen from John and the next dozen from Peter who for extra pain, is left handed. After the cane the final fuck. Draw a card to decide who goes in what order. Mary you have drawn 1 so over the back of the chair. Two dozen please gentlemen."
John and Peter took up their canes and stood each side of Mary. The canes were good long rattan canes with proper rubber handles. Mary gripped the cushions of the chair and waited. I was not long in coming !
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
she felt as though she had been burned by a red hot bar. The stroke was harder than any she had received over the weekend and fiercer than she had bn prpared for.
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" , The next one came from the other side and now both buttocks had felt the full fury of the cane. "W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" , "W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,
She now knew the difference with the two caners, left and right handed, and the pain on Saturday was nothing as this was a real punishment caning
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
Not even halfway through and she wanted to scream as both her buttocks were afire "W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
Line by line the cane dealt its inexorable count. Stroke by stroke her pain level grew until she was sure she could take no more but at the same time she found that her mind was denying the pain and she found a cocoon where the pain and the pleasure blended into a whole
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
By now her mind controlled her and the next strokes although hard had little effect except to scaify her bum more than ever before.
"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !" ,"W H I P P ! !, "C R A C K K ! !"
The final two blows fell on her bruised and battered buttocks but she remained in position shuddering with her emotional release and the pleasure which overrode the throbbing pain. . Frances came and lifted her up and the other girls put their arms around her. Miranda took her head and looked into her eyes
"Yes ! You are one of us now. Congratulations."
The rest took it in turn to take her place and all were dealt with with enthusiasm and efficiency. Peter and John were in their turn caned in turn by the rest until all of the group showed the results of their caning. Now it was time for the final test. Each man was allocated a girls and, after joining their partners, on the call they had a magnum of vintage champagne on which couple could last the longest.
John took Mary and and the other men took their partners and stood in front of them. Frances looked round and saw that everybody was ready and called "Go".. John lay Mary down and presented his cock to her wide open pussy. He slid it home and as he did so he found she was ready as his cock easily went home and finished deep inside her. The problem now for them was to fuck regularly and steadily without Mary being so eager that John could not contain himself. Fortunately all of them had already had several orgasms over the past few hours so he was not likely to be trigger happy. Mary lay back encouraging him but not trying to help him. As she looked around she saw that the other three couples were following the same pattern. In and out the frur couples matched each other until finally George could not contain himself longer and spent inside Frances. The first couple was out.
John pulled out and turned Mary round he searched for her pussy lips and thrust his cock back in without losing and time. He held Mary's hips and was soon back rogering. Not too fast, not too slow but a regular fuck. Mary meanwhile was playing with clitty. Then it was time for Frank and Thelma to finish as they surrendered giving up when Frank finally came.
Two were left and the losing couples watched as John and Mary and Peter and Miranda still kept going.
John had Mary upsided down as he spread her legs and held them while thrusting away. Mary was crying out and encouraging him, playing to even greater efforts while playing with her clitty before he gasped out that he was finished and with a few quick thrusts finally came and the two of them collapsed. Now it was left to Peter and he had Miranda on her knees while he buggered her. He was very red-faced as he powered in and out gripping her hips tightly.until finally he also sucumbed and as they drew apart after the final onculsion the rest clapped them.
It was time to finish and everybody had a quick shower and tidy before dressing and preparing to depart. The regulars complimented George and Mary and said they were welcome to join any parties they may be having so would ge their details from Frances.
They drove off and Frances kissed Mary and also said she would welocme her back again.
"I expect John will want to cane you while you are college but don't let him unless YOU want it."
Mary said she would not and left herself after a day like nothing she had ever experienced