What a Good Secretary Should Know - Extra Curricular Activities
The Disciplinarian

When the Principal and the Secretary returned to school the next day there was no obvious reaction from either of them and no suggestion to colleagues that they had a relationship and work went on again as usual for the rest of the week. It was a letter that June had written with a dozen spelling mistakes that brought them together again and when Jim brought it to her attention she told her that she would retype it but felt that she needed to be punished for her carelessness. It was clear that this was a ploy but it allowed Jim to offer to deal with her as before.

"I suggest that this time I come to your home at 8pm this evening and deal with matter as before."
She agreed immediately and at the end of the day both returned to their respective homes dreaming of what was likely to happen. Jim checked his punishment instruments and decided that he would take a strap as well as a cane as he wanted to push June farther along the road than her first experience. meanwhile June was hoping that Jim would want to stay the night and they could have more play and sex than before. June also decided that she would wear a simple dress but no knickers or brassiere.
When Jim rang the bell she was quickly at the door to greet him. She looked at the parcel under his arm and guessed what was inside. She was ready but apprehensive of what was to happen.
Jim walked into the lounge and told her that they would start with her punishment. She was shocked as she had been prepared to offer him coffee but agreed and he removed his jacket and sat down on the sofa. He told her to come across his lap. She was not sure why but lay across and soon found out when. "SPANKK!!", "SPANKK"" his hand fell on her bum and she knew that it would hurt as she had no knickers on under her thin dress. "SPANKK!!", "SPANKK", "SPANKK!!", "SPANKK" his hand kept hitting one then the other buttock so that they soon stung. Then he raised her dress and was surprised to see her bum was bare. "SPANKK!!", "SPANKK", "SPANKK!!", "SPANKK" at twenty he massaged her bum , again at thirty, until after forty she was hot and ready for more. He went on spanking with his firm hand until she thought he would never stop. But then she knew that she didn't want him to!
Now he told her to stand remove her dress and bend over the back of the settee. She did as told and prepared herself for what was to follow. "SWISHH!!", SLAPP!!" - it was not the cane but the tawse he had brought. Broad and covering both bum cheeks it stung a large area as it landed. After a dozen or so he massaged her bum cheeks and her legs parted but he was not to be drawn. "SWISHH!!", SLAPP!!", "SWISHH!!", SLAPP!! " a dozen more before he began to explore her pussy. His fingers went deep and she felt the come oozing through them. She was so wet. He told her to stand and take a rest before he caned her.
"Jane, I watched you last week and today and you enjoy the rod. I am not going to stop at twelve strokes of the cane but will continue until you finally have had enough. I want you to undress me first though. Is that clear."
Jane would have done anything he wanted so agreed immediately and her was soon as naked as she was. He told her to return over the back of the settee and prepare herself. She took a deep breath and took up her position ready for what was to follow. Jim was not going to hold back this time and he was sure that she would want what he was offering. he took up the cane and prepared. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!",He dealt a hearty blow straight away. It was rip-snorter and left a firm red line across her bum. She gasped with the pain. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", each stroke was measured to bring out the maximum of pain in her bum but, Jim knew, bring her to that special platform "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", after six he massaged and felt between her legs. She was already wet with her juices running down. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" the blows fell and she groaned a little but otherwise accepted them. Again he massaged and checked to see that there was no damage. Her bum was well marked but ready for more. By now she was in that state where pain and pleasure mix. She waited for him to stop but was always wanting the next stroke to fall. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" ten, twelve, fourteen still with massaging and caressing he continued until the final two "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" which were the hardest yet. her bum looked rough and scarred where the blows had fallen but she was in no distress and she looked round as he put down the cane. The first thing she saw that his rampant cock was ready and came behind her and parted her throbbing buttocks. She felt his finger entering her anus and willingly accepted it before she felt the warmth of his cock probing there. She was not sure that she could take it but in her state of euphoria was willing to try and although the pain was profound she accepted his full length. He rested on her back for a few moments until she was used to being filled and then he fucked her even harder than last night. The sensation was different to when he had filled her pussy but it was not unpleasant and she soon began to enjoy it. Eventually like any event it had to end and she felt a surge in him before he finally spurted gouts of cum into her. They lay together for a few minutes to regain their breath and then his cock left her with a soft plop.
"Wow, that was unexpected but fantastic. I have never been buggered before and I was sure that it was too large t fit inside me. And that caning it was incredible. All the time I wanted you to stop and yet I knew I needed the next stroke. It was quite extraordinary. Now I suggest we have a shower and then have coffee and sandwiches to regain our strength. I need that cock in my cunt before the night is out. Can you stay all night?
He laughed and said:
"Without school tomorrow I am all yours!"
They headed for the shower and with plenty of time spent it exploring each other's bodies. Both had been starved of sex and the fact that June was a submissive who enjoyed corporal punishment added to their pleasure. Once dry it was time to go into the bedroom and the first job was to put cream on June's sore bum. She looked at the marks in the mirror and was surprised with the way that the lines had formed into hard ridges. Jim took out the cream and making her lay face down he gently massaged the cream in. Then feeling inside her pussy he told her to turn round and he would suck her off. Eagerly they went head to tail and soon she had his cock deep in her mouth while she felt his tongue flicking in and out of her pussy. The pleasure was intense but they both knew what they wanted and before long they turned and he spread her legs wide while his cock drove home. Because she had been without sex for years until last week her pussy was tight but again the wetness of her juices made his entrance easy. She felt him going deeper and deeper until his cock reached her innermost recesses. They lay in each other's arms before he started moving slowly. She helped him by thrusting back and his earlier buggery meant that he could sustain himself longer this time. On and on the fucking went with both of them in full spate. Eventually they couldn't sustain the effort any longer and they both had their magnificent moment when they came together in full sexual fulfillment.
They lay in each other's arms and tried to hold on to the moment for eternity. Jim knew that he had found his mate and June had no doubt that they would soon be together for ever.