What a Good Secretary Should Know - Extra Curricular Activities
The Disciplinarian

Jim Green, Principal of St Patrick's Academy, and his Secretary had now been meeting regularly and their spanking had developed from meeting to meeting. June knew that she needed the strap and the cane and Jim had been happy to provide it. Gradually they had become closer and found that they had more to their relationship than just the spanking but it was always these special evenings which they treasured most and they had decided that as half term holiday was coming up they would spend the week together at his cottage in the country.
June had brought her packed case to school on the Friday and after school she joined Jim in his car. They drove out of the playground and, after stopping at a supermarket to get groceries, continued down to his country cottage. June had never been here before and dozed in the seat beside Jim as they drove for nearly one hundred miles to a secluded cottage on a cliff top overlooking the sea. June was excited as she had never been away with Jim before and this was a chance to see whether their relationship would develop with continuous proximity.
As she got out of the car she saw that they were completely isolated with the cottage surrounded by a high hedge. Jim took her hand and unfastening the front door led her inside.

"Welcome to my hidy hole! You are the first person who has visited it since I bought it three years ago. Have a look around while I unload the car."
June saw that there was a brand new kitchen and the lounge had soft warm carpets, soft arm chairs and a long sofa. The lights were subdued but gave enough light without being overwhelming. The big picture window looked out over a stretch of grass which ended at the cliff edge. She saw that they were completely isolated and she was excited as well as apprehensive as what might happen with a week together.
Jim brought the food and cases in and then joined her in the lounge.
"Shall we go and see upstairs?"
They climbed the narrow stairs and he opened a door on the left which led into a large airy bedroom. The bed was a full sized Victorian style metal framed bed at least eight feet wide. It had a thick mattress and was ready to receive sheets and blankets.
"This is the only bedroom so I hope that you don't mind sharing?"
She laughed and gave him a kiss.
"Shall we test it?"
He looked her in the eyes and then unfastened the top button of her blouse. She stood still as one by one he loosened the rest of the buttons. He pushed it off her shoulders and then unfastened her brassiere. Now he unhooked her skirt and slid the zip down so that her skirt slipped to the floor. He put his hands in the waistband of her knickers and eased them over her buttocks and thighs so that they also slipped to the floor. Now she was naked and it was her turn to undress him. He was patient as she loosed his belt, unhooked the clip and unzipped the fly. She eased them down over his covered cock which was clearly ready to do its duty. He helped by removing his shirt and finally June lowered his underpants - not an easy job with his rampant cock standing out like a flag-pole. When they were down June knelt before him and took his cock in her mouth she sucked and used her hand to massage the cock to an iron bar rigidity. She led him to the bed and lay down with her legs spread showing the coral lips through her pubic bush. She looked at him and drew him on top of her his legs went each side as she guided his pillar between her lips. He thrust forward and she was so ready herself that he slid in easily and searched her depths. He looked down at her as he filled her and gently began to fuck her. In and out, in and out he went. She in her turn pushed back and they were so on heat that it was not long before she felt him stiffen and then launch a final assault spurting deep inside her. She felt the warm spend wash her insides and tried to hold him as he lay gasping on top of her. Her own orgasm had been as intense as his and they both knew now that it had not been a mistake to come.
Jim showed her the shower - the cottage was too small for a bath and they shared it before returning downstairs so that she could cook them dinner. He wore shorts and a loose shirt while she also wore just pants and a blouse. They had their dinner in the kitchen before going to the lounge for coffee. It was a very relaxed couple who sat there looking at each other. Their thoughts were still on the future and what they would do for the rest of the week. When they had finished their coffee their eyes met and they both looked at the sofa. June smiled and nodded and Jim walked over, sat down and tapped his knees. June walked across and set herself across his legs. She felt Jim smooth her pants and then "SMACKK!!" his hand started its rhythm on her bum. "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!" his hands built up a good sting on her bum cheeks and then after massaging his fingers slipped inside the waistband of her knickers and lowered them. She lifted her body to help him and finally kicked them off her feet, "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!" his hands now landed on her bare bum and she tucked her head into the cushions at the end of the sofa while her stinging bum got warmer and warmer. As Jim massaged and caressed the inside of her thighs so she relaxed deeper and deeper into herself so that as the blows fell she seemed to be looking down rather than receiving the smacks. "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!" he again went on spanking and then his fingers explored her pussy. He felt how wet it was and using his fingers brought her to climax. She cried out and thrust her legs back as she orgasmed. She lay there panting for several minutes and then standing up took a thick strap from the table at the side.
"Fifty Jim please. Make them hard."
He took the strap from her and she bent forward over the table her legs spread wide, gripping the other side tightly. Jim took up his position and "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", the strap crossed both buttocks."WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!" he lashed the strap down five times, then five more. He then massaged her bum and felt her wet pussy. "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!" another ten and he rubbed the sore buttocks. "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!" ten more and finally a ten really hard stripes across her bruised bum.
"Now the cane Jim then bugger me"
Jim now took up a thick but whippy cane and "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" the stroke burned through the pain already built into her bum. She gradually felt herself sinking to her nirvana where the pain and the pleasure became a oneness where one could not live without the other. Jim was not sure how far to go but decided to watch and stop when she seemed in some discomfort "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!" he lost count but after what seemed at least a dozen he put the cane down. He was ready and pushed his pants over his rigid cock stepping out of them. June remained in position and Jim parted her scarred bum cheeks sliding his finger into her anus. She squeezed and he moved his finger in and out. She was ready and he presented his cock to the puckered hole. He pushed and she cried out as he spread her.
"Don't stop now!"
Jim pushed harder and went deep inside her.
"Fantastic Now fuck me hard Jim.
He thrust in and out with his thighs slapping on her buttocks so that it sounded like clapping. June was fingering her pussy and urging Jim on to even greater efforts until finally he could hold no longer and he shot his sperm into the dark depths. She cried out as she lay over he back gasping with his efforts before finally he withdrew from her. They both sat back naked on the sofa while she fingered his cock. They kissed and Jim suggested that they had another shower. They went upstairs and washed and massaged every part of each other's body as they explored the gifts the other had to offer. They dried on the thick fleecy towels he had ready and then retired to the large bed which was now ready to accept them. Exhausted with the driving and the play in the evening they slept twined in each other's arms.
When morning came June woke and, seeing Jim still in a deep sleep, had a shower and donning just a short shirt went to the kitchen to cook them breakfast. She put the eggs and bacon on and then went into the lounge and fetched the strap for already her bum, sore as it was, was tingling for more. Smelling the bacon frying Jim soon followed and on his entrance June smiled and curtseyed saying:
"Welcome Sir. Will you take your pleasure before or after breakfast."
At this she handed him the strap.
Jim laughed and said that the food was so tempting that he thought they should eat first.
Soon the food was ready and they tucked into their first English breakfast together. They said little because traditionally eating has always taken precedence at the breakfast table. Soon it was finished and the two made short work of the washing up. Jim then took up the strap and drawing it through his hands asked if she was ready.
"Yes please Sir. Not only am I ready I feel I NEED it."
At this she bent over the table and showed him her ripe full buttocks. already well marked from the night before but clearly ready to be dealt with again.
Jim dropped his only clothing, his shorts, so that his cock which was already rising was more comfortable and then started "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!". He was still interested in testing her so kept the strokes firm and accurate landing them across last night's marks. He watched as she tensed at first and then although her bum twitched she relaxed into the strap. he stopped and massaged. June gasped as she felt his hands caressing and exploring but she murmured that she wanted more. "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!", "WHIPP!!", "SPLATT!!" he had lost count but eventually he decided that she had had enough and putting the strap down used his fingers to explore her anus. She was eager and ready and parting her ravaged bum cheeks with his hands the tip of his cock nudged itself to the puckered entrance. He found it and eased himself home. She relaxed her muscles to help and soon he was deep inside the dark warm cavern. A night's rest had recharged both their batteries and soon they were enjoying a bout which seemed endless although eventually she felt the telltale stiffening which told its own story and soon felt her insides flooded with his spend. She herself shuddered to release and felt him withdraw from her. She stood and turned and kissed him:
"Jim ! What a beautiful way to start the day and the week. "
She took his cock in her hand and leading him over to the sink made sure that it was well washed and dried. He then told her to bend over and he took a jar of cream from the dresser and massaged it into her sore bum cheeks. As he massaged so she fondled his cock until it was standing firm again.
"Can we?"
June asked him and taking her hand they returned to the bedroom. She lay back and took his cock in her mouth almost swallowing it as she took it so deep into her. She loved the precum and licked it off while sucking and massaging his sheath. Jim meanwhile was also exploring the interior of her pussy with its outer lips already puffed with pleasure. He opened them up and used his tongue to spark her clitoris which was already slipping out of its nest. June bucked as he touched it with his tongue. He then gently rubbed with his thumb while his tongue explored deeper licking up the spend she was already giving down. They were both ready and fully primed and June sat up and told Jim to lay back. He did so and, facing him, she straddled his body. She parted her pussy lips and eased herself down on to his firm cock. As she slowly slipped down so she felt the ridge where the crown of his cock met his body stimulating her vagina and giving her exquisite pleasure. Finally she had taken it all in and sat in triumph looking down at him. Jim put his hands up and fondled her breasts while she began to move slowly up and down favouring every moment as she felt his hardness reach her depths. She smiled down at him as he now lay with his hands behind his head looking up at her. She wriggled her body taking it sideways so that she could stimulate the whole of her vaginal tract. Then she began to accelerate still looking at him while she powered up and down, up and down. By now he was pushing against her thinking of other things so that he could prolong the pleasure she was getting. Eventually all of his efforts were not enough and he gave a final thrust upwards. Because it was so recent since his last orgasm there was little spunk but much pleasure. He held himself erect as he watched June with her eyes closed and her head back coming to her own climax. Finally with a cry of pleasure it came and she fell onto his body hugging and kissing him but refusing to allow his cock to leave her body. They lay together for half and hour or more kissing and caressing before they decided to move. Again a joint shower followed while they planned the rest of the day.
Jim told her to get dressed as he was going to show her around the area and to take her to his own private beach. Thus for the rest of the day they explored the woods, the local village and church until late in the afternoon he showed her a private footpath from the clifftop to the beach. The beach was a small, really only a small cove cut off from either side by prominent headlands. It was inaccessible, except from Jim's cottage, except at low tide and was the perfect place for two lovers who wanted privacy.
They changed into bathing costumes and went down to the cove. Jim showed her the small secluded cave at the base of the cliff where they would not be overlooked from overhead. Although it was high summer the water was cold and they laughed and splashed as they swum out and then back to the shore to rest and lay back on their towels. As the evening drew in so they decided to return to the cottage and gathering their various items climbed up the stairway to the cottage. Once inside June began to get their dinner together while Jim sat and watched. He was thinking deeply and his mind was almost made up. Since spanking had brought the two of them together he had found that his love for June had grown day by day. When they were parted he was always waiting for her to return and he felt that she reciprocated his feelings enough for him to speak to her. Now they were alone and with no distractions he decided that while they were having coffee after dinner he would ask her if she would marry him.
June was an excellent cook and a superb dinner came and went. They washed up and took their drinks and coffee into the lounge. Once they were settled back comfortably Jim decided the time was right and clearing his throat said:
"June I have something to ask you and I want you to think carefully before you decide."
She looked at him and raised her eyebrows as he came over to her chair. He knelt in front of her and took her hands in both of his.
"June! June!"
She waited.
"June I think that we have discovered enough about each other at work and now here....................................Oh damn! June will you marry me!!"
She looked at him and giggled.
"Oh Jim what a romantic proposal. Of course I will dear I have been hoping that you would ask me. All I ask is that it does not change anything and we take our pleasures as ever. In fact I would like you to spank me just to cement our engagement."
She stood up and taking his hand drew him to the sofa where he sat down. She removed her knickers and spread herself across his legs. Jim soon got into his stride and the sounds of his hand on her bottom echoed around the room "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!" he went on spanking and massaging. June bucked and cried out under his ministrations and although the cane and strap marks from before were still visible they seemed to cause her no discomfort. "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!", "SMACKK!!" his ministrations went on for several minutes before he finally stopped lifted her off him and sat her back on the sofa with her legs apart. He went down through her pubic muff with his tongue searching for the magic muscle which would bring her to her final orgasm and, when he found it he flicked it so fast and hard that in her orgasm she spurted come all over his face. He sat up laughing.
"Can I make a request?"
"Whatever my Lord wants is his!"
"Can I shave your pussy. Besides making me sneeze as I go down on you I would love the chance to to explore your bare pussy.
"Of course you can. Shall we do it now. I have my leg razor upstairs and we will both enjoy. Shall we go into the bedroom?"
They went upstairs and June brought a pair a nail scissors and her Ladyshave razor from the bathroom. Jim still had some shaving cream in the bathroom cabinet although he now used an electric razor. They went into the bedroom and June lay on a towel on the bed with her legs spread. Jim took the scissors and gently trimmed the pussy hair down until it was just a stubble covering her pubic area. Then, wetting the area well, he took the shaving cream and rubbed it into the stubble. It creamed up immediately and June looking down said that it looked like an old man's beard. Jim took up the razor and gently scraped away at the stubble. First the left and then the right side. Next he drew it down the centre until her prominent mons was clear of hair and shone out through the residual cream. Now came the tricky part as her gently worked along the inside of her thighs until finally no hair was left. He fetched a warm wet flannel and wipe the whole area clean so that it stood out as pink and fresh as the proverbial 'baby's bottom". She enjoyed the strange erotic sesation which her bare pussy offered.
June just lay there and let him explore. Then she watched as he unfastened his trousers and lowered them. He removed his underpants and she saw that his eager cock was erect.
"I assume my master would like to test his handiwork?"
Jim chuckled and making sure that she was spread wide slipped his cock into the waiting interior which eagerly accepted it. June wrapped her legs around him.
"Fuck me hard and long Jim please."
He did his best to oblige holding himself in until June had had at least two orgasms and then with a welling of his sperm he spurted deep inside filling her with his load. She felt the warmth of his inundation as it swirled around her interior and using her virginal muscles squeezed his cock until it offered up the last of its spend. She lay back and looked at him as he slowly withdrew his cock. They lay side by side on the bed just dreaming and then June said:
"You know Jim how lucky we are. We could have gone on working together for years if I hadn't been idiotic enough to ask to be caned. Now look at us! As the papers say 'engaged in a relationship' and now engaged to be married. Just imagine the frustration if I had married a man who was not interested in spanking and your wife had been the same. This seems to me to be a marriage made in heaven."
She stood up and said she was going to have a shower before bed. Jim joined her and another wonderful day ended on the perfect note for both of them. Time will tell whether I write a follow up but I think that this is the perfect ending