What a Good Secretary Should Know - A Learning Curve
The Disciplinarian

"WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "OWWW", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!". June Leonard had heard these sounds many times since she had joined St Partick's High School as Secretary and knew that the boy being beaten inside would come out rubbing his bum and with tears in his eyes. Whatever his age Mr Green, the Principal, knew how to draw cries from his pupils.
As he passed her desk Jones handed her a green slip which was confirmation that his punishment had been carried out in accordance with the regulations and she would then enter the details in her Punishment Book and take it in to Mr Green for signature. As she wrote up the details 17th february xxxx - Jones D. - 6 strokes- smoking in bicycle sheds - reported Mrs Smithers. She took the book into Mr Green with some correspondence and handed it to him for signature. She saw the cane still resting on his desk and the chair in the centre of the room and wondered what it would be like to be the receipient.
"Thank you Miss Leonard. Have we any more for punishment this afternoon?"

"No Sir. You have just these letters to sign before you leave."
She looked at Mr Green and saw an attractive man. A thirty year old batchelor he had taken control of St Patrick's two years ago and in that time he had transformed it from an ill disciplined and low perfoming school to a highly motivated one where discipline was now only a minor hiccup on the landscape. He had strong views that at a certain point the cane was the best resolver of problems and from appearing a 'flogging' head when he started he now only had to use the ultimate deterrant occassionally.
June Leonard had heard the canings from her office since she had been appointed and had often fantasied what it must be like to feel the sting of the cane on the bare bum. Up until now it had remaine as a fantasy but today she had prepared herself and: "Excuse me Mr Green!"
He looked up smiling.
"Yes Miss Leonard" Jim Green sat back and put his fingers together. This was an unexpected opportunity. He had noticed June Leonard was an attractive thirty year old lady. She seemed to be unattached and he was a virile young man. He though before speaking. June thought this all through and then nodded in agreement.
"Yes Sir. I understand and accept your terms. If I am going to be punished then it must be complete and not halted because I cried out."
"Very well Miss Leonard then I suggest tomorrow evening at 8pm in my office. The cleaners will have finished and left so we will be private. Do you agree?" "Thank you Sir. I will return tomorow evening."
The following day was all routine but her mind kept churning over what she had let herself in for. She was stupid to agree to be caned. It would hurt - but then that was what she wanted wasn't it? She was was in a turmoil with her emotions but still firmly held to fact that she would be in the principal's office at 8pm. Mr Green was as kind as usual throughout the day and eventually it passed and she covered her computer and taking up her bag left for home. She lived on her own in a detached bungalow and as soon as he arrived prepared her evening meal. Still her mind could not get round what she had requested and agreed to. She looked at the time and it was 6;30pm. She went for a shower and and she washed felt her soft warm bum cheeks and wondered what they would feel like in two hours time. She dried herself and dressed. What should she wear but then decided on her school clothes. White M & S bra and knickers first - but she couldn't wear tights so she opted for a a suspender belt with stockings a white blouse and a navy blue skirt and flat heels. She made sure that she looked neat and tidy and decided that as the school was only a ten minutes walk she would walk there. When she arrived she looked at her watch and saw that it was ten minutes to eight. The Principal's car was still in its usual parking place so she knew that he had arrived. His office light was on so she guessed he waa waiting there. As she walked along the dimly lit corridors and up the stairs her feet echoed and her heart pumped so fast that she though that it could be heard ouside. Eventually she arrived at her own office and saw the light under Mr Gren's door. She removed her coat and hung it up as nowmal before knocking on his door. He told her to enter and she went in.
"Ah Miss Leonard I see that you are punctual. Now before we start please come and sign this indemnity letter."
She walked across to his desk and saw the letter reading that it confirmed that she was being given 12 strokes of the cane at her own request for misdemeanours. She took up a pen and with a trembling hand signed the paper.
"Good now lets begin. You do understand that you will receive twelve strokes of the cane exactly as if you were a senior boy. You will receive the first six over your knickers and the last six on your bare bum. If you are ready go to the chair are bend over the back holding tichtly on to the bar on the far side."
As she crossed she wondered what she had agreed to. 'Over her knickers' and 'bare bum'. But it was too late now and she walked over to the chair. She bent over and grasped the bar. She heard him move behind her and lift her skirt over her back so that her knickers were exposed. She then heard him go to a cupboard and take soemthing from it. She tensed herself.
He took up his position and she felt the tap of the cane as he measured her bum before "WHIPPP!!",CRACKKK!!" the breath wasdriven from her body and a searing pain like a buring iron crossed her bum cheeks. She cried out and stood up grasping her bum cheeks as she did so.
Mr Green just waited and then told her to take up her position again.
"This is a punishment Miss Leonard and if you move again the stroke will not count and will be repeated. Now Take up your position. There are eleven strokes to go." He moved behind her and massaged her bum.
"Well done Miss Leaonard. That is halfway. Now your knickers come down for the rest. Shall I remove them or will you?" She stood up and lifting her skirt higher slipped her fingers in the waistband of her knickers. She pushed them down over her sore bum slipping them over her thighs and down to the ground where she stepped out of them. Jim Green had a glimpse of the dark thatch between her legs before she bent over the chair again. As she took up her position he saw that her bum was already lined with the first six strokes and knew that these would be even harder for her. He had however no itention of being soft as she had reuested a punishment caning.
He tapped her bare bum and then "WHIPPP!!",CRACKKK!!", the pin as it hit her bare bum was even greater than over her knickers and she gasped, "WHIPPP!!",CRACKKK!!" Oh God how many more "WHIPPP!!",CRACKKK!!", - something strange was happening as through the pain "WHIPPP!!",CRACKKK!!" there was a warm glow beginning to take over. "WHIPPP!!",CRACKKK!!", as this one fell she felt a warm drip down the inside of her legs and knew that she had come - if only he didn't notice. Then "WHIPPP!!",CRACKKK!!" a searing blow almost took her breath away as the cane dealt it final vicious blow. Her bum was on fire with the pain but her body was aflame with a different sensation. Suddenly she was WAITING and WANTING the next stroke to land. she knew the pain but also the pleasure it would cause. her. Jim waited for her as he intended this to be the hardest yet. June waited and then "WHIPPP!!",CRACKKK!!" it fell and she screamed out loud and bucked with her mixed pain and pleasure as she went into a massive orgasm.
Jim Green stepped back. he knew from his own experience as a boy and since he had been applying the cane that it could bring pleasure as well as hurt but this was beyond his experience. June stood up turned round and hugged him. She wept into his shoulder.
Oh God! I didn't know the effect it would have on me Does it always do this?"
Jim looked her and knew that in her he had found something he had been looking for a woman who would respond to his need to beat people. He had always known that he was a spanker but had never been able to find a kindred spirit but he knew in this moment that this woman was it.
"I think that you had better put your knickers on and I will drive you home. We need to talk about this further."
June pulled on her knickers and again he saw the dark pubic bush as they were raised before she straightened her skirt and smiling tentatively at him went out an put her coat on. Jim followed and the left the building locking it after them and went over to his car.
"I will drive you home now."
They got in the car and were silent for the drive back to to her home as they both were deep in their own thoughts. When they arrived June thanked the Principal and invited him in for coffee. Jim hesitated and then accepted parking his car securely as she opened her front door. Again both of them were in a turmoil with June wanting him to stay with her while Jim wanted to do so but did not know how to suggest it. He knew June as a sensitive and attractive colleague and he didn't want to anything which would upset her. June invited him into her lounge while she went into the kitchen to make the coffe and, as he looked, round he saw that she had taste with her artifacts being well chosen and her bookshelf full of a mixture of novels, history and art. He was looking at them when she returned. She smiled at him as she returned with the coffee and he sat down accepting a cup. June smiled as she placed hers on the table and fetched an extra cushion before taking her seat.
"I think I need this after your treatment of my bottom. I must say it was harder than I tought but, if I am honest, I found that as it went on I began to enjoy it. Should I?" "I must say that I find that a very interesting question. Over the years I have discovered that some people do find spanking, which is the generic name for what we are doing,has an erotic effect and I must be honest and say that I felt that you were one of those. It is not something to be ashamed of and can be developed. One thing i do recommend is that you masssage your bottom so that you do not have any heavy bruising."
June looked shyly at him:
"That is rather difficult and wonder if you would help me?"
Jim's heart bounded as she opened the door for him.
"Of course I will! What do you want me to do?" Jim agreed and June went out of the room returning in her dressing gown and carrying a jar of cold cream. Jim saw that she had on just a short slip under her gown and her legs were bare so that the top of her thighs were only just covered. He moved over to the settee and sat down. "Come across my knees and I will rub some cream in."
June came over and lay across his legs. She felt him lift her gown and her bum was bared and he saw the dark lines that his cane had left . These were now turning into purple bruises which scarred the purity of the bum cheeks but she revelled in the coolness of the cream as he applied it to her bum. It was wonderful as he massaged the soreness out her bum cheeks. As he massaged she felt a warmness and the excitement she had found in the caning began to return. As he continued massaging so his fingers caressed the inside of her thighs and it was almost with an involuntory movement that her legs parted. He saw the soft pussy hairs which pushed their way between her thighs. He saw the dampness between her legs and touched the top of the inside of her thighs. She made no adverse movement but opened her legs wider to encourage his exploration. He massaged and caressed and then slid his fingers inside the soft warm pussy lips which opend to him. She whispered
"Don't stop!"
Thus encouraged he continued exploring deeper and deeper until his fingers found her quick and he felt them gripped by her strong vaginal muscles. He thrust even deeper and as she cried out so he felt spend covering his fingers as her orgasm climaxed.
She stood up and said:
"Oh Jim, please stay with me tonight. It has been wonderful and will you promise to cane me at other times." "Of fourse of I will stay."
He unfastened her gown and removed it and then lifted her short shift from her body dropping it on the fllor. He looked at her and saw a superbly built lady with firm high breasts tipped with dark aureoles and nipples as hard as a nut. She smiled at him as her went down her body and buried his face in her pubic bush using his tongue to explore the inside of her pussy.She gasped but then bent and lifted him.
She took his hand and led him across the passage and into her bedroom. A typical ladies room it has subdued lighting and was warm and cosy with a large soft bed which invited them both. She stood in front of him and after kissing his lips she removed his jacket, then his tie and shirt; unbuckled his belt and after unzipping his trousers she slipped them down and over his feet. She gasped as she did so as his cock was pushing his pants out like a tent and she had not been prepared for him being so ready. She removed his shoes and socks and then. She knew that now was the moment of truth for once she had removed his pants they would have nothing between them and their bodies would then have nowhereto hide. June slipped her fingers inside the elastic waistband of his pants and lowered them down over his buttocks, easing them over his rigid cock and down off his feet.. She gasped as she saw his cock - it was long since her divorce and seeing such a superb firm solid appendage, its head peeling back from the purple nut. As her face was in front of it so she slid her lips over the head and kissed it licking the precum oozing from it. She moved back to the bed an lay down with her legs wide apart. "I need to be well fucked now so it is up to you."
Jim looked down and taking his cock he guided it to the open pussy lips. He did no know how tight she was so eased in gently and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was so well lubricated that he had no problems in pushing deep. June gasped as she found herself opened up wider than for a long time and locked her legs around his back. Jim handled her breasts as the stood in front of him before kissing her full on the mouth with his tongue finding hers in the movement. Then it was time to start fucking and he, like her, was also eager and ready. He fucked her hard and deep and she reciprocated by pushing against him to help him drive deeper. Her locked legs also squeezed so that they were as one for the length of time they fucked away. Finally it had to end , as all good things must,, and with the final short digs he drove deeper than ever and spurted his sperm high into coral interior. She squeezed and squeezed until she had milked him dry and his come oozed down and out of her pussy mingling with her own spend. They lay there for several minutes while he rested inside her. Finally he withdrew. She lay with her hands behind her head and her legs parted with the mix of spend oozing from her pussy while Jim went and lay down beside her putting his arms around her. He caressed her breasts and taking her head in his hands he kissed her again. and again. June smiled back at him and whispered:
"It has been fantastic and we must do it again and again. Will you come next time and cane me here so that we don't have to drive back?"
"It has been wonderful and of course I will. I think it would be a good idea if I had a shower now and returned home but I promise you it will not be the last time."
He stood up and went into her bathroom and showered while she came and watched. Unable to stand for long she took the soap and gently caressed his cock. She helped him dry and dress and then saw him off the premises. As she finally retired to her bed she knew that this was only the start of what she was sure would be a long lasted friendship.

part two is 'Extra Curriclar Activities'