The Secretary's Secret
The Master of Discipline

Miss Julia Strange was thinking hard. She had watched the caning of Samantha and Sharon only yesterday( see "A Smoking Cane") and also seen the effect that this had had on Mrs Cresswell, the Headmistress, immediately afterwards. She was sure that the Head's rush to her private toilet was NOT just to pee but because, like Miss Strange, she needed to relieve the emotions the caning had generated. In fact she had followed the Principal's example and releived herself. The problem was going to be how to get the Head to take action.
It was several days before Julia came up with an possible answer. She started making slight errors in some of the letters that she took in for signature gradually making Mrs Cresswell more and more irritated. Eventually she said "You know Julia, if this was one of the girls who was becoming so careless she would be punished. I shall really have to take some action over you. I do not want to dismiss you but I must have accuracy in your work."

Julia Strange replied "I am sorry Mrs Cresswell but I will try to improve. I do understand your problem and if you wish to punish me then I will accept your decision."
Mrs Cresswell gave her a hard look and then said thoughtfully
"If you mean it I suggest that you come round to my house tonight and we will discuss the matter further. Have you any idea what punishment you would accept?"
"No, I would leave that up to you."
"Right, be at my house at 8pm tonight. Now get back to your work and try to make less mistakes."
Julia left the room elated as she had now engineered exactly what she wanted. As she typed up the letters she was already visualizing in her mind exactly the scenario which would occur. Her over Mrs Cresswell's knee being spanked and then even possibly the cane! She could not wait until this evening.
Once she got home that evening she decided to have a hot bath and make sure that the clothes she wore would be in keeping with the occasion. In the bath she was playing with her pussy using two fingers, then one finger, then rubbing her clitoris. After the bath she went into her bedroom and stood naked in front of the mirror, turning slowly round as she wondered what her buttocks would be like after the visit to Mrs Cresswell. She slowly pulled on her black frilly panties and then decided on a suspender belt and black stockings. Her brassiere was part of the same outfit as she adjusted her firm breasts within in. Then she chose a black sheer dress which hugged her figure and came down to just above the knees as the final part of the ensemble. She put on her coat, climbed into the car and left for her appointment.
She arrived at the Headmistress's house shortly before 8pm and nervously rung the bell. She was now going into the unknown and was beginning to get apprehensive.
Mrs Cresswell answered the door and welcomed her.
"Come in Julia. I am on my own this evening as I have sent the maid home early. We will not be disturbed. Remove your coat and come into the lounge."
Julia removed her coat and followed Mrs Cresswell into the other room, a comfortable room with several armchairs and in the centre an upright chair. She also noticed that on a side table were some wicked looking paddles, straps and canes.
"Now Julia I am going to treat you tonight as I would a girl who came to me for punishment. You will therefore do exactly as I say and will not answer back. Your work has been appalling and I see no other option than to spank you. Do you agree?"
"Yes Mrs Cresswell."
"Do you accept whatever punishment I decide?"
" Oh yes Mrs Cresswell."
"Very well then let us start. First once I have sat down you will go over my knee and I will start with a good hard hand-spanking. Come let us begin".
She patted her knee.
Julia nervously laid herself across Mrs Cresswell's knees and prepared herself for what was to follow.
The shock of the first blow across her dress warned her immediately that she was into unknown territory.secretarys_secret3s.jpg - 5957 Bytes It did not hurt very much but but once she had received several blows the Headmistress lifted her dress up.
"Now", she said, "we will give you a long session on your knickers. Not knickers I would expect in the school so I think extra spanking is called for."
The blows now rained down fast first on one buttock and then the other. The sting was becoming quite noticeable and she was getting restless. After five minutes of this Mrs Cresswell said "Julia if a girl came before me in these clothes she would receive extra punishment so I am going to take your knickers down and we will continue with the hand-spanking."
One hand was placed inside the elastic at the top and the knickers were eased down below her thighs.
"SPLAT ! ! !","SPLAT ! ! !", SPLAT ! ! !", the hand kept up its remorseless rhythm. "SPLAT ! ! !","SPLAT ! ! !", SPLAT ! ! !" It seemed never ending and Julia was wondering when it would end when the Mrs Cresswell stopped.
"Right. Now you will take the rest of your clothes off, stack them neatly over there on the table and bring me the paddle.
Julia couldn't believe it was happening. She could not be expected to take all of her clothes off! But Mrs Cresswell was relentless.
"You are inappropriately dressed for punishment so it is necessary that you remove ALL the offending garments. Hurry up and undress and bring me the paddle."
Julia slowly removed the dress, kicked off the knickers and undid her bra.
"I said everything - and that means the suspender belt and stockings." Julia knew that they were no protection but this seemed the final humiliation as she undid the suspenders, removed the belt and finally rolled down the stockings.
"Because of your slowness you will receive extra strokes with the paddle. Bend over the back of that chair and hold on to the side. Legs apart and outside the line of the chair legs. That's right."
"SPLAM", "SPLAM", "SPLAM", "SPLAM", "SPLAM", Julia did not think that she could receive worse than the hand spanking but as the paddle kept up its steady rhythm first on one buttock and then the other her bottom began to sting and she could feel that it was a fiery red. But she also had a strange feeling. Between her legs her quim was beginning to salivate. She could feel the juices seeping out. She hoped that Miss Cresswell had not noticed.
"You will receive fifty of these" stated Mrs Cresswell and I want you to count them from now on. We have reached ten "SPLAM", eleven,"SPLAM",twelve, "SPLAM",thirteen,"SPLAM",fourteen, "SPLAM", fifteen and on and on. Julia was getting more and more agitated as she tried to wriggle to avoid the steady stream "SPLAM", thirty-two "SPLAM",thirty-three, "SPLAM", thirty-four. Her reddened bottom was stuck out to accept the swipes from Mrs Cresswell - How long was this pain to go on. Each stroke seemed to find a new nerve to affect and it was with great relief that she called out FIFTY!
As she stopped Mrs Cresswell started stroking Julia's bottom, so soothing and gentle it felt , and suddenly she felt on finger slide between her legs.
"You are a naughty girl Julia. You are beginning to get sexually excited. This is a punishment."
"Get yourself ready you are now going to receive the tawse. This is a real tawse with three tails and heavily built. You will REALLY notice this. There will be THIRTY stokes delivered VERY hard across your buttocks and I do not want you to move."
"Bend over and prepare yourself."
Julia moved back to the chair and bent herself back over it clenching the rails tightly. Her bottom stung and throbbed and she wondered how long she could continue. Mrs Cresswell pushed her legs farther apart.
Julia could not understand how she could accept any more but prepared herself for the first stroke. With a dull "THUD ! ! !" it bit into her buttocks. This was unlike the hand and the paddle. It created a long dull pain which stretched across both buttocks and seemed to sink far into the flesh. This was beyond belief but the strokes continued to fall THUD ! ! !",THUD ! ! !"THUD ! ! !"THUD ! ! !". This was different to anything that she had yet felt one by one "Surely they were bruising her bottom?" Each stroke seemed to drive through her with a venom which the paddling had failed to do. "Thirty of these "THUD ! ! !, fifteen, "THUD ! ! !", sixteen "THUD ! ! !" seventeen........and still it went on.
By now she was crying as loud as she could "Stop! PLEASE Stop!" but inexorably the punishment continued. Even as she called out however she knew that she did not mean it. Her quim was getting more and more active. The juices were seeping down her legs. If she could only have played with herself, put her fingers in to masturbate, that would have helped but there was no such relief until after one particularly violent slash all activity ceased. It was the finish Mrs Cresswell softly massaged her bottom and comforted her while slowly her fingers again began their gentle exploration of Julia's cunt.
"There. Just one dozen with the cane and then it is all over."
Julia could not believe it - still more to come - her mind was reeling but below she was getting hotter and hotter as the fingers explored and she knew that she would accept the cane as she had accepted the rest.
"Now my dear get in position and prepare yourself".
Julia walked stiffly forward to the chair again and bent her back, legs outside the chair legs and hands gripping firmly. Mrs Cresswell went to the table and took up one of the canes whipping it through the air so that it made a swishing noise. She walked over to Julia's side and tapped the cane once or twice on the buttocks very gently before "SWISH ! ! !", "C R A A C K K !!", Julia felt a searing pain and heat beyond anything that she understood. This was the first of many "SWISH ! ! !", "C R A A C K K !!" the second cut was just above the first, "SWISH ! ! !", "C R A A C K K !!", the third above the second, "SWISH ! ! !", "C R A A C K K !!" the fourth made her scream in agony as it seemed to cut her in two. Still they went on and, through the pain, Julia's emotions were swinging from one extreme to the other. She wanted Mrs Cresswell to continue, she wanted her to stop. "SWISH ! ! !", "C R A A C K K !!" the ninth stroke landed on the same spot as an earlier one and aggravated the pain from the weal already there, "SWISH ! ! !", "C R A A C K K !!" now it was the tenth "SWISH ! ! !", "C R A A C K K !!" eleven and we are coming up to the final one. Julia knew that she must stand this as Mrs Cresswell took a longer swing than usual and "SWISH ! ! !", "C R A A C K K !!" brought the cane down diagonally on the buttocks making a line which crossed all of the others.
Julia finally screamed with the pain and threw herself face down on the sofa. Her emotions were running so high and through the pain she was having orgasm after orgasm as the sexual instinct came to the fore. Mrs Cresswell walked over to her and softly said "Well done, now we must make it all better for you. Let me get some lotion and we ill go to my bedroom where you can stretch out on your face while I soothe your bottom."
Julia walked stiffly into the bedroom and flopped face down on the bed while Mrs Cresswell poured some lotion on the buttocks. Slowly and gently her fingers got to work as Julia sobbed quietly. Soon her fingers strayed from the ravaged buttocks to the warm wet area inside th thighs. As she explored June parted her llegs to allow Mrs Cresswell's fingers greater access. After the pain this was divine and she waited and waited as the fingers explored her depths. The they thrust in and out a dozen times bringing her to a climax which made her want to crawl up the wall with pleasure. She sobbed with pleasure
Mrs Cresswell turned Julia's face towards her, kissed her on the lips and said quietly.
"This had to happen first. Now you can help me."
At that she removed her own clothes and June who had only ever seen her in the severe costome of a Principal saw a very beautiful woman with large but firm breasts and a pubic area covered with a dark forest of hair. Her engorged pussy lips pushed through as though demanding attention. She went over to a cupboard and removed a harness and long prong from it. She showed it to June.
"Will you fuck me my dear.? Let me put the harness round your waist and legs."
June stood up and Mrs Cresswell fastened the harness. June saw then that the prong was a superb massive dildo which stretched out in front of her. Mrs Cresswell lay back and spreading her legs wide opened her wet pussy for the dildo. June knelt either side of her body and inserted the dildo. Although large it slid in without any difficulty and was soon deep inside. Slowly she moved while Mrs Cresswell encouraged her.
"Harder and faster June. I need this so much after the thrashing I gave you."
Julia rammed the dildo in and out of Mrs Creswell's cunt for several minutes before the Principal cried out with pleasure and her spend fllowed down her thighs. June getly withdrew the dildo and the two removed it from her waist and legs.
"That was wonderful Would you like me to do the same to you now?"
Julia smiled and nodded and fastening the dildo round herself Mrs Cresswell parted June's legs and slid it home. June found that it filled her body and gasped as it finally searched out her innermost recessess. Soon she was back on a high as she in turn was royally fucked. She locked her legs round Mrs Cresswell and tried to draw the dildo even deeper as she bucked against it. The two ladies were soon panting and gasping with their efforts and suddenly with a loud cry and arching her back June came. Never had she experience anything like it and she had not believed it possible to combine pain and pleasure in such a way.
After removing the dildo and unstrapping it Mrs Cresswell looked down at June.
"I think that this is just the start for us don't you. Next time I must teach you to spank me as well.
Julia lwft Mrs Cresswells's home that even with a very sore bum but the promise of more to come in the exciting world she had now entered.