Staff Meeting
The Disciplinarian

I had now established the staff for the college and I arranged for a weekend staff meeting at the beginning of the summer holidays. We would be able to discuss curriculum, teaching rooms, college brochure and the staff could get to know each other better. I had arranged for those not already resident to join us in time for dinner on the Friday evening. By now the staff were confirmed as:
Principal (myself) Jonathan Truscott
Deputy Peggy Simmons
Secretary Joan Rivers
Personal Assistant June Milne
Matron Mrs Harris
Staff John Brown - Maths
Charles Williams - Creative Writing and Authorship
Peter Dawkins - Fencing and Equestrianism
Fiona Wilkins - English Languarge
Marion Peters - French and German
Shirley Leonard - Art and Craft
Mary Chalmers - Spanish & Equitation
All had been allocated a private study and bedroom by Mrs Harris and when they arrived there was a short reception in the main staff room before she showed them to their room where they were able to get cleaned up dress for dinner.
Mrs Harris had arranged the dinner with outside caterers who would leave after delivering it.
Each staff member had been left a gown and tie cord on their bed with a message that they should wear nothing but this for dinner as the entertainment would follow.
Dinner was at eight and by a quarter to everybody was assembled all looking anonymous is their gowns. Some looked slightly embarrassed but most were happy to accept the situation. We had a drink before dinner was served and a superb meal it was before after a final glass of wine Mrs harris served coffee to everybody and I rose to speak.

"Welcome ladies and gentlement to the college. You have all been selected for your academic skills as well as other talents you can offer. As you know this is to be an unusual college as NO students under thirty will be accepted and all will be carefully vetted before joining. Academic rigour is important and the staff must teach to the best of their ability. However in the case of infringements of discipline the sanctions will be corporal punishment. The various tariffs have yet to be decided but all the students must be prepared to accept this stipulation. All rooms will be individual and outside study periods the students will be free to mix in any way they wish. However this is for tomorrow when we go through schedules, brochures etc. Tonight is a chance for us to get to know each other better and might I suggest more intimately. We are all dressed the same - naked under our gown - and on the table at the end is a large selection of instruments which Mrs Harris will now uncover. Thank you Mrs Harris!"
They gasped as Mrs Harris lifted the cloth and saw that the table had a large selection of canes, paddles, straps, martinets and dildos of all shapes and sizes.
"Might I suggest that we all now remove our gowns and I believe the expression is fraternise. To start us off I will be spanking and then caning Peggy and you may watch as long as you wish before finding your own partners. There are plenty of couches and day beds around the walls for use and all the the equipment is at your dsposal. So I suugest that we disrobe and begin. By they way we have the full range of hetrosexual, gay and bi so do not be inhibited."
I removed my gown as did Peggy and I led her to a side couch where she lay across my lap.. As she did so I saw that the others were naked they had decided to watch us.
"SPLATTT!!!", "SPLATT!!!,", "SPLATTT!!!", "SPLATT!!!,","SPLATTT!!!", "SPLATT!!!,","SPLATTT!!!", "SPLATT!!!,",
I spanked Peggy on both cheeks steadily for about one hundred strokes until her bum was fiery red and then told her to stand and fetch me a cane from the table. She walked across and came back with one of the fiercer ones as her eyes challenged me to cane her hard. Handing me the cane she bent over the back of one of the chairs and waited.
The first stroke landed. As I looked round I could see that cocks were erect and fingers were in pussies as the staff enjoyed the spectacle.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
I gave her ten good firm strokes before putting down the cane and leading her to a couch I spread her legs and went betwen them. She was hot and ready and I slid home easily. We were both randy and fucked with speed and pleasure until we came to an ultimate climax together..
I sat down beside her and, as we rested, we looked out and saw that our ice-breaking starter had been the catalyst as a full range of activities was taking place. It was fascinating to watch as nearly every couple were starting with spanking. It is impossible for me to cover every action but I will try to include some.