Strangers in the Night
The Master of Discipline

I do not know even now what persuaded me to risk it. In retrospect I am glad I did but when I think of the dangers .........
It all started when I saw an advert in a magazine for "Experienced Spanker will help to relieve your inhibitions and relax you. Contact the Disciplinarian on Box XXX"
The advertisement me because I had recently been reading a number of books which included spanking as part of their stories and I had a yen to try it but had now idea how to start. I had experimented with a hairbrush and a strap on my own bottom but this had not seemed to be the solution. I decided therefore to answer the advertisement and find out what was involved. I wrote to the Box no given and asked if I could telephone for more information. received a reply within a week inviting me to telephone that evening.

I called and the telephone was answered by a pleasant-voiced man who explained that he was a Disciplinarian and spanked women on a professional basis. There was no compulsion in what happened and everything would be governed by my wishes. If I would like to meet and discuss the details with him that was fine. At no time would sex be involved as this was spanking.
I thought about it for a few minutes and then agreed to meet him next Saturday at 6pm at his address wearing a shift dress, tights or stockings and suspenders and a pair of cotton panties. He advised me to leave the address I was visiting with a friend for my own peace of mind. I agreed to this but throughout the rest of the week I could not make up my mind whether to go through with it or not. One minute I was going to cancel, and the next I wanted to see what would happen. In the end I decided to give it a try.
Saturday came and I dressed as he had suggested and set off. I arrived at his door just before 6pm and rang the bell. He was in his shirtsleeves when he answered and invited me in.
"I am just having a cup of tea would you like one?",he said.
"T-h-h-a-n-k you, that would be very nice", I stuttered. I had not expected this reception.
We went into the lounge and sat down looking at each other.
"Tell me about yourself and why you want to try spanking." I thought for a minute and then said that I had been reading some books where it was involved and and wanted to try it out.
"Fine", he said, "I am a professional spanker and deal with a number of ladies. They all have different reasons for coming and after the first time they often return. I never do anything against their will but try to push them to their limits - you will not understand that at the moment but eventually you will. As I told you on the telephone there is no sex involved and this is not just another way of getting you into bed. Some couples use spanking for erotic reasons but we 'professional spankers' are spanking experts. As I told you people come for different reasons some have guilt complexes which, like the confessional they want to expunge, others remember their childhood and want to see if their memories are correct, yet others are just curious, like you. Each person is different and must be treated on an individual basis. There that is a long speech, have you any questions?".
"What if I ask you to stop?"
" I give you a 'safe-word' which you remember. because people often say stop, no more etc when they don't really mean it - it is just part of their scenario - I only stop when the safe-word is called. Action immediately ceases on that you have my guarantee."
I was becoming more reassured as I saw the professional way he was behaving and I said I had no further questions "What happens now?"
"Now you lay across my lap and I spank your bottom."
He led me forward to the sofa and sat down, indicating that I should lay across his legs with my head to the left and legs stretched out. I laid myself out as requested and waited. It was not long in coming as after a gentle stroking on my bottom I began to feel heavier smacks, first on one buttock and then the other. The whole time he was explaining and between smacks his hands were massaging my bottom. I felt very comfortable and relaxed although the smacks were getting harder and were making my bottom sting a little
stranger_in_the_night4.jpg - 4818 BytesAfter about five minutes of this I felt his hands move to the edge of my dress and begin to lift it up above my buttocks to the small of my back. This worried me until he explained that this was all part of the spanking. The smacks continued on my panties now and they offered less protection so that the stinging was stronger. The caressing also continued and I felt that the whole bottom area was getting warm. I found that although there was a sting in by bottom. I was enjoying the experience. Suddenly I tensed as his fingers slid into the elastic at the top of my knickers and he began gently to roll the pants down over my buttocks. He said quietly
"Don't worry. Nothing unpleasant is going to happen but the best spanking is always on the bare."
I eased myself up a little and helped him work the pants down so that they were below my knees. The spanking began again and I was surprised how much sharper it felt when he was striking my bare buttocks. Ever time his hand struck there was a firm sound as well as a very sharp sting. He carefully alternated striking the buttocks so that both seemed to receive the same treatment. His hands struck and caressed for what seemed forever before he stopped and I was almost disappointed with the end of the strokes.
He eased himself from under me and told me that I could stand up and raise my knickers before we went on to the next stage. I didn't bother with the knickers but let my dress drop down while I waited for him to explain. He went over to the table and picked up a very strange instrument which looked like a table tennis bat made of dark leather.
"This is a paddle", he explained,"it is meant to sting and is very popular in the United States in the Universities where they have custom-designed ones. This is my favourite and before I start on you I will give you your 'safe-word'. This is RED. When I start spanking you with this I will give you thirty strokes and only stop earlier if you call out RED. You can cry and shout, you can say 'stop' or 'no more please' but I will only stop when I hear the safe-word. You will understand better as we go on. Is that clear and do you agree?"
"Yes I understand that you will only stop before the thirty strokes are completed if I say RED. We can start when you are ready."
"OK now bend over the back of that chair. Hold on to the bar at the front of the chair."
stranger_in_the_night5.jpg - 5138 BytesHe lifted my dress over my back and made sure that the knickers were down below the thighs. I felt the coldness of the paddle on my buttocks and then CRACK then sound of the stroke as well as the surprise made me jump. CRACK the paddle came down four or five more times before I felt his gentle fingers massaging my buttocks which were now stinging very sharply. The paddle landed again and again and I began to feel my breath coming in short pants as I felt the pain in my bottom. I had lost count of how many but it seemed that he regularly tested the condition of my bottom with his caressing and massaging. I could feel that besides the stinging the buttocks were now feeling very warm and I was getting anxious in case I could not take the full amount. At twenty he stopped for a minute and checked that I was OK. I nodded and gripped the bar tightly. I was not going to give in now!.
CRACK the paddle seemed to make even more noise as it thudded into my bottom. both buttocks were receiving equal punishment but now I could count down three, two and then a really sharp CRACK as the final stroke made me jump and shout.
That is it," he said "I think that this enough for this time. get dressed and we will talk about what has happened."
I rubbed my fiery bottom before pulling my knickers up over them and settling my dress back into place. We then sat down again and he explained that part of the art of the spanker was to develop the endurance of the client. He wanted them to come back again and this could only be done if they had confidence in him.
I confirmed that I had found the experience very interesting and, although I would like to think about it for a day or so, I would almost certainly return for more.
We parted on good terms looking forward to meeting again and with me having a lot to think about!