Ladies at the Ready
The Disciplinarian

It was an extraordinary request to receive but one day I opened an email on my website and found the following.
"Dear Sir,
I have been reading some of the examples of ladies that you have dealt with and I wonder if you can assist me.
I have a young cousin, twenty years old staying with me and I would like to be thrashed in front of her before she receives the same treatment.
I know that you do not show any sexual activity in your messages but both I and my cousin would like you to finish us of in an appropriate manner. I am aware that this puts us totally in your hands and I would be glad to discuss the matter further on the relephone before we make the final arrangements.
My mobile telephone number is 012345678 and I await your response.
Eagerly awaiting your call

To cut a long story short I telephoned Muriel and we agreed the request before deciding on a suitable date and time.

On the appointed day the two ladies arrived on time and entered my house. Muriel was about five foot six inches tall with a medium figure and flaming red hair. Her breasts were prominent through her dress and I could see that her nipples already pressed her brassiere. Her cousin Frances was slightly smaller with dark hair and slightly slimmer in build although her bum was not narrow - a killer for spanking!

Before starting I told Frances to remove her knickers, lift her dress, and sit in the chair opposite and watch us. Although very shy she could see the sense in my request and stood up lifted her dress and eased her knickers down off her legs. Once she had done this I could see the hairy gash between her legs. I lay Muriel across my lap and started spanking over her dress. She soon settled her head and tucked it into the cushions as I spanked hard and soft, fast and slow over her dress.
I lifted the hem of the dress over her back and saw that she was wearing a pair of frlly black silk knickers with a matching suspender belt fastened to black silk stockings. The whole ensemble was very erotic.
I now continued spanking first one cheek and then the other until she began wriggling with the effect. I also massaged the area I had spanked and found it was getting warm. I glanced up at Frances and saw that as she avidly watched her fingers were touching her pussy.
I pulled the silk of Muriel's knickers in so that I could spank on the bare and as I spanked and massaged I could see her bum cheeks getting redder and redder. Her bum was flexing now with the pain and also the pleasure I was sure that she was feeling as I spanked harder and faster.
I put my fingers in the waistband of her knickers and started to ease them down. There was no hesitation and she lifted her body to help me. She was ready !
Now I could see the superbly formed bum in all its glory the prominent buttocks with their dimples in each cheek getting redder with my efforts. I spanked and massaged again on alternate cheeks all the while massaging, I pulled the fleshy bum cheeks apart so that that I could spank in the crack and found that the little eye of her anus was flexing with my ministrations showing her eagerness to press on. As I massaged and spanked I gradually allowed my spanking to hit the inside of her thighs. As I did so she parted them to allow me more space, first a little and then wider as I spanking and massaged their insides. Now would be the test but before I continued I looked up and saw that Frances had now slipped two fingers inside her pussy and moving her thumb across her clitty. Our eyes met and she smiled at me.
I was ready and, as I massaged the inside of Muriel's thighs, I allowed by fingers to caress higher. I felt tendrils of pussy hair but,, more significantly, her legs spread even wider and offered me the opportunity to explore further. I caressed the engorged lips as I felt for her clitoris and she tensed as I felt her. Then she relaxed totally and I knew that I had won. She was mine.
Now betwen spanks I explored deeper inside while she groaned and gripped the cushions. Her back and buttocks tensed as I slipped first one finger, then two deeper into a pussy that was now oozing with her cum and was slippery to my fingers.
Now it was time to offer her release and with my fingers I rammed in and out for several minutes until she came with cry. Already wet I felt even more spend pouring down on my fingers. She collapsed under me.
I told her to remove the rest of her clothes and we would now visit my office where she would be strapped. Eagerly she stripped naked and as I thought she had a superb body. I ooked at her breasts as she removed her brassiere and they were firm and ripe with her nipples hard as nuts. Her pussy was covered with an auburn bush which covered a prominent mons. Her pussy lips peeked through and were already puffy and aroused. We went into the office. She gasped as she saw the spanking bench and the instruments I had left for her to see. I told her to bend over the bench while Frances was to stand watching. She took up her position and I decided that I would start with the strap so picking it up I took up my position.
"Please understand that I will decide when you have received enough strokes and I will not stop because you cry out but only when I am satisfied that you have received enough."
"SPLATT!!" I laid the first stroke across her bum. Now I was ready and kept up a steady rhythm with one stoke about every five seconds. I watched carefully as her bum began to redden and then turn to a flaming sun. As I spanked I also felt her and massaged her and soon noticed that her calves and thighs were flexing in sympathy with the strokes. I felt between her legs and she rife for the next stage.
Now I took up the cane and telling Frances to hold her hands I laid on a dozen sharp zipping stokes across her bum. The first one created a benchmark as it lay a deep red line across the sore buttocks. The next was below and then alternatly above an below the centre. Her bum besides its bright red appearance was now lstriped with a dozen lines which were turning to purple. She cried out but as much with pleasure as with pain. I finished with two real stingers and then put the cane down.
I massaged the sore bum and invited Frances to inspect it as well. Both odf us also inspected the are from which her cum was oozing.
I led her into my bedroom where I told her to lay back with her legs spread wide and her knees up. She gasped as her sore bum touched the bedcovers but did as she was instructed. Now I brought Frances over. As she watched I put my head beteen Muriel's thighs and ran my tongue around the inside of her thighs. Then I gently allowed my tongue to enter the lips of Muriel's labia. I worked my tongue in and around sucking up the juices she was producing. I invited Frances to do the same and she crouched down and as I held the coral lips open she brought her nose and tongue to smell and taste the special scent of an aroused woman.
Now I told Frances to strip and watched as first the skirt and then the blouse and bra came away. She had not inhibitions and removed everything quickly until she was naked . I then told her to remove my trousers and underpants and prepare me. She did so eagerly unfastening my belt and zipper before lowering my trousers. Soon the underpants followed although these we more difficult to get over my erection. Within seconds Frances had my cock in her mouth as she prepared it to enter Muriel .
I now lay her back with her legs wide apart and her juices already seeping out before I presented my cock to her eager pussy. Frances came in closer to watch and she fondled my balls before helping me to find my target. As I found her so the warmth engulfed me and I slid easily in and was soon lodged deep inside her pussy. As I entered I felt the ridges of her interior muscles almost pulling me as she wrapped her legs round me trying to draw me in even deeper. I rested until Frances was in position to watch and then I started moving in and out,, gently at first but gradually speeding up as Muriel pushed against me. While we fucked Frances urged us on calling out how beautiful it was to see my cock reeming Muriel. As I pounded in.
Muriel was now in a seventh heaven before she arched her back as she began to orgasm. She bucked harder drawang me deeper. I fucked faster for a few thrusts and then, with a great cry, she locked her legs around me arched her back and mixed her spend with mine as we both came together.
We rested for several miutes before Frances reminded me it was her turn and we returned to the sofa. Frances was already naked so I was able to start without having to remove her clothes. I stood up
"Now ladies we come to the punishment for Frances. Come with me and you will go over my spanking bench for a severe spanking."
They followed me into the office and I indicated that Frances should take her position.
As with Muriel she had an elegant bum that was just crying out for the strap and cane She smiled and then bent over the bench so that her already reddened cheeks were ready for me. I took up the same strap I had used on Muriel and after smoothing the buttocks brought it down hard. Her bum flashed red before settling. She gasped but I continued for a dozen more. younger than Muriel I thought that this would be enough for starters Now I took the same action with the cane and gave her six real stingers. She cried out but I told her to remain in place until she had received the promised six strokes. By the end her bum was well marked and sore.
Again we repaired to my bedroom but this time I told Frances to bend over the end of the bed as I was going to enter her from the rear. She thought at first anal sex but I reassured her that it was her pussy.
She bent over and this time it was Muriel who fondled me and helped me find the entrance. Like Muriel she was slippery and ready but she was tighter than Muriel and it took longer to enter her fully. She was also less experienced and I knew that it would be left to me. I took hold of her hips and drove home to a little scream. Then once I was sure that she was ready I began to use the heel and toe to make sure that she received my cock deep on the in stroke. Because of my earlier exploits I was not in a hurry and was able to pacce myself while Frances gasped out with pleasure as I fucked her. I kept up my stroke for several minutes before I could tell that she was ready as she was beginning to pant with pleasure and her bum was flexing. I gripped tigher and drove in and out for several more strokes before I gave one final thrust which brought another cry and a heaving of her body by Frances as she orgasmed in unison with me. We both lay panting for a minute or two before I withdrew and pulled the two ladies up on the bed one each side of me.
As Frances fondled my soft cock trying to get it to stand Muriel laughed
"Well when I wrote I did not expect this but I think that I can speak for both of us when I say that it has been very satisfactory. I am sure that we will be returning again soon. I can see that Frances is challenging you and I suggest that to finish we suck you off."
I immediately agreed and for the next few minutes was treated to the sight of two beautiful ladies using their mouth and tongue to get me to stand. Eventually they succeeded and then the both looked closely as Muriel flashed her hand up and down my cock. It has to happen and soon I came and spurted a full load into the faces of the two of them. Leaving my cock they laughed and wiped my spunk around their breasts before kissing me and standing up.
"I think we need a shower and then we must leave for the present."
After showering they dressed and drove away. I hope to see them again