The Principal
The Disciplinarian

My name is Jonathan Truscott and I had been appointed Principal of St Irvin's - a select residential college for mature students in the Highlands of Scotland. The college was being opened to offer academic qualifications and other more personal services to its clients. I was the first appointment by the board as I was know as a Headteacher who did not believe in 'sparing the rod'. This was now unacceptable in mainstream Education but for adults it was possible.
All the staff and pupils would be carefully selected and vetted to ensure that they fitted into the ethos of the college.
I had appointed my Secretary and the staff interviews were being held this week.

We had put an advertisement in the relevant trade papers for a secretary and teaching staff. We had also put an advertisement in the Press for
"Ladies and Gentlemen who wish to advance their education and also enjoy a convivial atmosphere should apply to study at St Irvin's Academy. This is a private residential college for mature students and nobody under thirty years of age will be considered. Apply for an application form which should be returned to the address given. The new term will start in September. Interviews will be held in London and Edinburgh for suitable applicants. Details of fees are included with the application form."

I first interviewed six applicants for the post of Secretary and a further six for Matron in a hotel suite in London and Edinburgh. From these I selected two of each to come for final interview to the college.
St Irvin's was a large house in the style of a Baronial Manor in 200 acres of fields and woods. There was space for twenty students in private rooms, six teaching staff, a Secretary, matron and cooks and maids. Except for the Secretary and Matron the latter would live in a house detached from the main complex down a drive about half a mile long. At present I was at the house on my own except for a cook.
The first lady came for interview as Secretary. Her name was Joan Rivers and she was an extremely attractive redhead, About 5ft 4ins, excellent figure and in her early thirties she was dressed in a smart dress with sheer stockings or tights and court shoes. I was going to learn the way to approach these ladies as I went along as they all had to conform to our expectations.
I welcomed her and told her to sit. When she crossed her legs her dress rose just above the knees.
"Good morning Miss Rivers and welcome to the college. You understand that this is an interview and whether you are employed depends on your responses. First of all can you confirm that if you are appointed you are available immediately - within a week or so? "
"Certainly Mr Truscott. I am not working at present as I finished my last post two weeks ago and I have been taking a short holiday before looking for a new one."
"Can you give me some of your background. As you will appreciate this will be an unusual college with only mature students of both sexes."
"I was born in Colchester and had a rather strict upbringing. My parents were Baptists and they believed that the soul was improved by the amount of punishment that a child received. They would use the cane and the strap regularly. I then took a secretarial course and have been with my present employer for ten years. I decided to resign for personal reasons and am just finishing my holiday. "
"Would you have any problems if discipline here necessitated corporal punishment?"
"No, in fact I am sure that in many cases, whatever the age the instant punishment is better, and more effective, than the promised one in the future.which may or may not happen."
"Excellent. Now I would like you to take down a letter in shorthand and then type it up for me to see your standard. You understand that if there are errors these will be dealt with?"
"Yes Sir, and I am sure that this is the correct way."
I dictated a letter to her and knew that this would show whether she wanted the post or not.
She went into the outer office and I heard the typewriter going for several minutes before she returned with the letter finished. I looked at it and, as I had guessed, there were several mistakes.
" Disappointing Miss Rivers. I have noted six errors. This is not enough to disqualify you but certainly enough to need punishing for. Are you prepared to accept six strokes of the cane on your bottom. Three on your knickers and the others on the bare bottom."
"Of course Sir. "
" Bend over the back of the chair you are sitting on and I will deal with it immediately. Please be clear that this is punishment for failure and not fun. Bend over now."
She stood up and turned the chair round before bending over. I walked across and lifted her skirt so that it was above her waist and fastened it there. She did not flinch or move. I saw that she had a superb bum. It was full and fleshy and her knickers, tight across her buttocks, left the sides of her bum cheeks clear. She wore a suspender belt and sheer stockings which ended well up her thighs, and her knickers were also silk. I took up a cane from my table and whipped it through the air one or twice before laying it across her bum cheeks.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", I brought the cane down sharply across her buttocks. She hissed as the cane landed but remained in position.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", the second stoke landed just above the first and "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", the third was just above the second. I put the cane down and going behind her put my hands in the top of her knickers. I eased them over her buttocks and lowered them to her knees. I inspected my handiwork and caressed the marks. The first three strokes had certainly done their job and her bum had three evenly spaced red lines across them. Now I took my place again and
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", I saw the cane sink into the soft cheeks and create a white line which turned red as the cane it sprung back with the resilience of the flesh.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", This one was across the same line as the first but drew no further reaction so I decided that I would test her with the last and with a firm flick I powered home the last stroke "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", and heard her gasp.
I went behind her while she lay there and gently massaged her reddened buttocks before caressing between her thighs. She gasped and stiffened but I made no further attempt to feel her.
"Well done Miss Rivers you can stand up now and lift your knickers. That was very satisfactory and I think that I can offer you a post as secretary her. I do have to see one other candidate and depending on her response depends whether we have joint secretaries. By the way you appeared to not mind the cane. Any reason?"
She lifted her knickers, adjusted her dress and said
"Thank you for the offer of a post Sir. To answer your question I found that as I was being punished by my parents I began to enjoy the cane and strap and became extra naughty so that they punished me more. Unfortunately I have not had the chance to experience it since then as my husband was not interested but I have always fanticised about it. I must say the reality has confirmed my expectations and I am sure that under you I will get more opportunities."
"You certainly will Miss Rivers and you can arrange to move into the college as soon as you wish. I will take you to your room and have it prepared for you."
"Thank you Sir. I would like to join at the end of the week. I will come on Saturday if that is alright with you?"
I showed her room which was large and airy and had a double bed and tasteful decorations. We arranged for her to arrive in time for lunch on Saturday. She had a car and I also showed her the stables where it would be garaged.
I saw the other potential secretary in the afternoon. This lady was not suitable. She was a fifty seven year old spinster who had been secretary at a school which had been amalgamated and she had lost her job. She was tall and thin and her answers showed that she would not be sympathetic to our regime. She was also rather bitter about losing her previous employment. When asked to type the letter she returned it perfectly produced! I rejected her with apologies and her expenses.
I now had a secretary who would shortly be joining and could begin to arrange interviews and appoint the the rest of the staff. For my deputy I already had an excellent candidate in mind.
The first job was to appoint a matron as all the linen, toilet articles etc would need to be ordered and in situ before the term began. I had met several who might be suitable when interviewing in London and two particularly interested me . Mrs Harris who had been matron at a boys school in Suffolk until it closed and Mrs Green who had been matron at a private school where I knew severe punishment had been meted out before the ban on caning. Both had given a hint of their proclivities when I had met them for the first time. I wanted them to come down on two separate days to see me. The first, Mrs Harris, was to come today and on the day after Mrs Rivers.
Mrs Harris arrived on time.. She was of average height, and sturdily built. She had strong arms and was clearly able to help with any punishment required. I interviewed her in my office at first and explained the duties. I also pointed out that these would not be children but mature ladies and gentlemen she would be dealing with. I then showed her over the house including the infirmary, linen cupboard and other offices for which she would be responsible. We then returned to my office and I explained that punishment was not only for the students but for the staff as well if it was necessary and was she prepared for that.
"Certainly Sir. My late husband was an ex naval petty officer and I first met him in the war as I was bending over a table to receive a dozen cuts of his cane. In the navy we girls always received the cane on our bare bum. I found that I enjoyed receiving it as much as Fred enjoyed dishing it out. We married and continued the process until he was killed in a car accident last year. Since then I have been looking for somewhere I could work and be punished as well. Would you do me a favour Sir. I notice that you have a cane on the table and I would love to receive a dozen strokes - on the bare bum of course - it is so long since Fred died!. " I was surprised at the request but was happy to accept the offer.
"Of course Mrs Harris. I suggest that you remove your skirt and knickers and then bend over the edge of my table. "
"I prefer to be naked if that is OK with you Sir as Fred used to expect me to strip before caning me.
I watched as she unfastened the waistband of her skirt and let it fall to the floor followed by her blouse. Off came her brassiere and the full firm breasts fell out from their nest. She then put her hands in the waistband of her knickers and pushed them down over her full fleshy bum cheeks which were a virgin white. When she stood up I saw that she had a pubis well covered with thick black hair which ran down between her thighs. Immediately I could see that her bum was perfect for spanking and it became even more obvious when she took her position . She then bent over and a large expanse of white flesh was presented to my gaze and I could only marvel at the opportunity I was offered. As I felt her bum cheeks I felt that they were slightly rough where she had received the cane all her life. She spread her legs as she bent over and prepared herself. I was sure that here I would find my matron. I raised the cane and whipped it in with force. I was sure that she needed no 'warm-up'
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", I watched as the cane sink into her soft bum. It seemed to sink for ever deeper and deeper into the welcoming flesh before springing back from the resilient flesh.
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!" the next five lashed home.
She grasped the edge of the table firmly and I massaged her bum cheeks and she gave a sigh of satisfaction.
"I need this Sir. Make sure that the rest are hard!"
before the last six fell
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!" again the last one must tell an I lashed down with extra force.
"She stood up
"Thank you Sir. Just like my old man. The last one counts for all he used to say. Now Sir I see that you are adjusting your dress. May I take the liberty!"
She came to my front and unfastened my trousers lowering them to the ground. Then she eased my pants over my rigid cock.
"My hubby used to enjoy this after a good session with the cane!"
Here she went on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. She was special and knew all the nuances so that by the time she had finished I was ready to blow my mind. She sucked the tip and the shaft, she sucked my balls and played with them. She massaged my cock until I was ready to spend and finally she took me fully into her mouth and, using her fingers to wank me off,she made me ejaculate into her mouth where she sucked my sperm until I was dry. She then cleaned me up and leaving me to dress she dressed herself.
"Thank you Sir for the opportunity and I hope that I will satisfy you if you decide to offer me a position as Matron."
I shook her hand and told her that she would hear from me within a day or two whether she had the post..
I saw the other applicant for matron the following day and, I must admit, that my mind was already veering towards Mrs Harris. However Mrs Milne was an entirely different kind of lady. She was petite and well formed. She stood just over five foot high and was slimmer than Mrs Harris. I asked her why she felt qualified and she explained that she had been a matron for several years as she had been brought up to understand discipline and felt that in a boys public school she would be able to work under a structured regime. This had worked well until unfortunately the no caning laws came in and they discipline at the school went to 'pot'. with pupils rude and arrogant to the staff. She then decided to look for another post and the one we offered interested her. "
I asked about her early life and she explained that her background was in a family where the strap and the cane were used on all the family, their mother as well, and she found that this had suited her temperament. She said
"If I explain what happened in our family. When the decision was made that one of us should be punished - including mother - we were told to go to our bedroom and strip off and wait. The rest of the family would then arrive having decide how many strokes of the strap or cane we would receive. We were told the amount and then had to bend over the end of the bed. Everybody stood round while the stripes were inflicted and then we had to remind locked up for 24 hours to repent our sins. The same would happen to mother except that she was not locked up as as she had to prepare meals etc for the next day. I found that I had come to enjoy being caned and when I married I hoped that this would continue."
She had been married but her husband was weak and not interested in spanking and they decided to part several years ago. She had found the interim frustrating but hoped that we could offer what she needed.
I took her round the college and showed her her domain and the room which would be hers if I accepted her. She said it was exactly as she needed. I then asked her if she would be able to work with another matron as a joint appointment - the salary and duties would be the same for both of them but I had been very impressed with the lady I had seen before who saw spanking and the rod as a necessary for the staff as well as the students. She said she could see no problem and if I wished I could see how she enjoyed spanking herself. I agreed and she reminded me that in her family it had been carried out naked at the end of their bed. Again I saw no problem with this and told her to prepare herself while I fetched the strap and the cane.
I went downstairs and fetched the instruments. When I arrived back in the bedroom she was waiting for me. She was standing naked beside the bed waiting. I saw that she was superbly formed like a pocket Venus. Her breasts were full and her nipples stood out from them like nuts. Her pussy was covered by a full fleece of dark hair and her bum was full and tight and ready for the cane. I told her to bend over the end of the bed and when she did so I admired the white orbs I was going to attack. I decided on the strap first and took my position "SWISHHH!!", "SPLATT!!!", the strap covered both cheeks which turned white and then a rosy red.
SWISHHH!!", "SPLATT!!!",SWISHHH!!", "SPLATT!!!",SWISHHH!!", "SPLATT!!!",SWISHHH!!", "SPLATT!!!", I measured each stroke and watched her bum get redder and redder. When I had given her twelve I went and stroked her bum massaging it as I did so. I noticed that liquid was oozing down the inside of her thighs.
I took up the cane - I only intended six strokes and
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", I watched her reaction to the first one - very positive
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!" I took my time as I laid on the rest finishing with a whipper. Then I caressed her bum which was now very warm and red and massaged and felt inside her thighs; hey were oozing cum. She turned round and said,
"After my father had caned my mother he used to have sex with her. Although we did not see them he would leave their bedroom door open and we heard them grunting and groaning. She got as much pleasure out of it as he did and that it why I was sure that the combination was what I needed. Can I make the same request please Sir."
I did not hesitate and as she lay back on the bed with her legs widely spread and her pussy wet with her cum I was soon as naked as she was. We were the only people in the college so it did not matter if we made a noise and I soon joined her on the bed. I lay beside her for several minutes fondling her breasts while she played with my erect cock. Then she sucked my cock until it was rampant and again lay back with her legs spread wide. Kneeling either side of her I went down between her legs and finding the warm wet opening thrust deeply inside. She was tight as was to be expected and helped me to go the final inches. I was soon lodged deeply inside her. She wrapped her legs round me and soon drawing me even deeper and soon I was fucking away thrusting deep inside before withdrawing to the edge. Soon she was bucking against me and we had a long satisfying session where each of us were as active as the other before feeling the moment I warned her and with a final couple of thrusts shot my full load inside her. She was as ready as me and she squeezed my back with her heels as we both came together.
We lay back panting for several minutes before using the shower facilities the room offered. We then got dressed and returned to my office.
"Well Miss Rivers I will now have to sort out the best way to accommodate you and Mrs Harris. I suggest that for the present we designate you as my personal assistant. for buying everything we need. This will allow both of you to join the staff and you can liaise with Mrs Harris and the cook over purchases. .
"Thank you Sir and I would be happy to start this weekend and help Mrs Harris with the initial purchases necessary and preparing the staff accommodation."
I thanked her and she left and I felt that I had made three useful appointments. They would be able to vet the staff and potential students to see whether they would fit in.
My next appointment was the deputy principal who was to be a woman. I had a good idea as to who this would be. I had ben introduced to Peggy Simmons when I had been in London at a party. She was a tall lady in her middle thirties and it appeared that she was a senior English teacher at a boys school who was looking for a more challenging post. She was also, I was informed, a wizard with the cane at one of the private clubs. When we had talked in London she explained her frustrations with the ill-discipline in schools and her inability to deal with it firmly. She would like the chance to work where discipline was firm. She was the first teacher I interviewed in London when we short listing and I had no hesitation in inviting her to the College for interview. We arranged that she would come at the summer half term and spend two or three days here where she could see everything and discuss the project.
When she arrived it was on the day after I had appointed the secretary, matron and my personal assistant. I had only remembered her looks from the club, although I had taken up all the necessary references, so was surprised at her appearance. She was about 5ft 8ins talk and slim. She wore a two piece suit which finished just below the knees. her hair was drawn back severely and she wore thick glasses. I did not remember her as the lady I had met at the club. However I decide to interview her and asked the usual questions before asking her to explain a little of her background.
"Certainly Sir. John Thorogood recommended I applied (John was a friend of mine who knew what I was looking for) as he felt that my interests and your's about discipline coincided. First my academic qualifications. I left Oxford with a First in English Literature and have been teaching it in girls academy for ten years. I had no intention of leaving but John felt that I should meet you and discuss the new college. He also gave me a reference. At this she handed me over an envelope. I asked permission to read it and she had no objection.

Dear Peter,
Thought you would like a little background on Peggy Simmons.
I have known her for several years and she is not the dull stick she is presenting. In fact she is quite a goer. She visits a spanking club I frequent and she is pretty nifty at both dishing out (as I know to my cost) , and receiving when she can take plenty. She is also a superb academic scholar and has written several papers on John Dryden (her special subject).
I think that if you strip away the dowdy facade you will find somebody exactly to your taste.
Looking forwards to finding out how you got on on your next visit to London
Best wishes John

I looked up from the unusual letter
"John speaks very highly of you. Can you give me some frank background as I have deduced much from John's letter."
"I am an orphan and was brought up by Colonel and Mrs Simmons so I adopted their surname. They were a very loving couple but the Colonel ad served in India before the war and had old fashioned ideas. He had been to public school where he had been flogged himself and also beaten other boys and always said that a 'touch of the rod did nobody any harm'!" In India he used to deal out corporal punishment to his bearers and also his wife. When he retired from the army and returned to England his wife still received her share. When I was adopted it was made clear to me that I should be spanked, strapped and caned as necessary. I had no problem with this and found that although the immediate pain could be unpleasant it offered other more private benefits. When I left Oxford and started teaching the strap and cane were still the norm but in the last few years this has been phased out. I therefore looked round and found a small private club, the one John belongs to, which offers its members one-2-one facilities for giving and receiving the cane. When I was caning John one day he mentioned what you were proposing and I asked if he could get me an introduction which is the letter you hold in your hand. John also said that you would probably wish proof and that I am willing to provide as well. As for teaching my academic qualifications are excellent and you need have no problems on that score. If appointed as Deputy Principal I hope that we would be able to have a close relationship. I hope I have answered all of your questions."
I had listened in silence while she talked. I liked her voice and manner and she obviously had many of the attributes necessary but I needed to be sure as she would be responsible - through me - to make sure that the staff ana students conformed.
"Thank you Peggy, I hope I may call you that, now we have got over the dull academic part might I suggest that we follow John's advice with a practical demonstration. Please lock the door and we can prepare.
She locked the door and walked over to th window and pulled the curtains. Now she began to undress. First she removed her jacket and then her skirt. She was wearing a suspender belt which fastened black sheer stockings. She then unfastened her blouse and her breasts filled her black bra. She unloosed the fastening and the bra dropped to the floor releasing large well formed breasts. As a full woman her nipples were surrounded by purple aureoles. Now her knickers came down and fell to the floor and I saw her prominent mons covered by an auburn fleece. Next she put her hands behind her head and removed two pins; shaking her head I saw her long auburn hair fall down and surround her face. Finally she removed her glasses and smiled as she saw that she had fooled me completely. She pointed to me
"Now it is your turn."
She stood and watched as I removed my clothes, laughing as I lifted my pants over erect cock. She touched it murmuring
"Later!" She then brought my cane over to me and said
"Two dozen HARD please. I need to feel them."
She went over to my desk and bent over it firmly grasping the other side. I went forwards and stroked her soft bum. The dimples on each cheek were flexing and her thighs were tensed before she parted her legs and relaxed. She waited:
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", she sighed
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!"
"That is so good don't stop
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!"
The cane was lashing in with force and raising lines across her bum but she made no move.
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!"
I told her to stand while I took a break and again she saw that Johnny was very proud of his achievements as he led me to her.
She took up her place again
"Now make the last dozen even harder. I really want to feel them."
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!" I made sure that these landed firmly across the earlier strokes
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!" Now her bum was beginning to look bruised but she still waited. "Fantastic I hope I become your deputy as I will need this regularly. By the way assume the position as it is your turn now. "
I knew that she was going to cane me and I was eager as I had missed it for several months but when I saw her wrists I knew that i would regret my decision. I bent over the table as she had done and presented my bum to her. I felt her soft hand gently stroke my bum before
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", a lance of fire blazed its track across my bum cheeks "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!" each stroke seemed to cut through me like a knife and I was not sure how many more I could take so was relieved when
"WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!", "WHIPP!!!", CRACKK!!!" after twelve she told me to stand.
I stood gingerly and stepped forwards. and it was clear that the caning had not reduced the size of my hard. Peggy put down the cane and laughing touched it saying
"I think that we need to relieve this don't we?"
She drew me down on the carpet and as her legs parted I saw the pouting lips of her vagina, engorged and ready. She spread them with her fingers and with her other hand guided me into her. She was as ready as I was and I slid into her without any hesitation. I felt her pussy muscles squeeze my cock and help to draw me in.
"Now Sir, show me what you are made of!"
I began to fuck her hard and fast while she pushed against me driving me deeper with each stroke. It could not last as we were both to sexually charged and within a short time I felt the welling in my inside and called out
"I'm coming"
As I did so she drew me deeper and as I spurted into her she came with a shudder of pleasure. As we lay there so she milked me dry of my spunk with her internal muscles.
"I enjoyed that and I hope that if you appoint me we will have lots of chances to play again. Now lets inspect bums and put some soothing cream on them."
I bent over and felt her soft hand on my sore buttocks as she eased the pain in my bum with the cream she applied. Then Peggy lay across my knees and I reciprocated. I enjoyed the chance to massage her hot red bum and rub cream into them. I invited her to have a shower before she dressed and left her to it. She showered and dressed an returned by which time I was sitting at my desk. I had a contract in front and when she came and sat down, wincing at the pain in her bum, I gave her the contract and asked her to read it.
"I would like to invite you to become the Deputy Principal of the new college. and if you will sign the form we can go out to dinner and then return to cement our relationship.."
Peggy took up the pen and signed and dated it..
"Welcome to the college. Now for dinner."
We drove into the village for dinner at a restaurant which had a reputation for excellent food. After a convivial evening we returned to the college and I explained that unfortunately only one bedroom was ready for occupation. Did she mind?
She kissed me and said
"Lead me to it"
We went up to the room which was my suite and both got undressed. I watched as she removed her dress and stood in just her bra, knickers and suspender belt and stockings. Her superb figure was highlighted in the soft lights of the bedroom and I watched spellbound as she unfastened her bra and then with her breast loose she bent over to remove her knickers. Then it was the stockings, unfastened from the suspender belt she slid them down whispering to the floor. Finally she removed her suspenders and was revealed in all her beauty. Her ripe full body was made for pleasure and she was of an age to know how to enjoy it as well as pleasure her partner. She waited and watched as I removed my clothes. Like she I tried to make it a strip show and as she watch I saw her gently massage her pussy. This aroused me even more and by the time I tried to remove my underpants I had difficulty in getting them over my erect cock. Naked and together we knew that this was going to be a new point in our relationship and we both intended to make the most of it. Peggy naked was a beautiful sight and when I was naked we hugged and kissed. We fell on the bed and caressed and cuddled. I massaged her breasts and used my lips and tongue to bring her nipples to their peak. As I sucked I felt her fingers massaging my cock. Now my tongue went to her mouth and as, we kissed, our tongues found each other and played a merry tune. By now she had brought my cock to a peak and the purple head of the knob stood out from the shaft. She went down on me and I felt her soft warm lips exploring the shaft while her fingers played with my balls but I could wait no longer as I was already primed. She was already wet and as I touched her she cried out and told me to enter her and fuck her. She lay back like a cross with her legs wide and I went down and explored the coral grotto with my lips and tongue sucking the juices which were pouring out. Then I raised my self and with one thrust slid into her. We lay together for a minute or two and then I began to fuck, first slowly and then faster and harder while she cried out with passion. I went on fucking while she bucked up and down under me. My cock seemed to search out her depths and I drove so deeply in that I seemed to reach her womb. We could not keep up this pace for long and both of us were prepared when with a stiffening of my body I felt the climax coming while i felt her squeezing me harder and harder as she also came to the same point. Finally the explosion happened and the two of us came as one with our spends mingling in, and around her cunt.
I remained inside as we lay there gasping with pleasure for several minutes before finally I eased out and we lay back side by side totally satiated.
"You know Jonathan I think that this is a superb idea of yours as long as the sexes are well balanced, and I mean the staff as well as the students. We ladies like variety as well as the men so I want to help with the selection of the staff and students. Are you happy with that?"
I was certainly happy as I knew I would find it difficult to select the men who would be attractive to the ladies.and i said so.
"Good. Now one favour before we sleep. I want two dozen on my sore bum with the strap and then I need to be buggered. Are you happy sticking your cock up my arse?"
"Of course two dozen raspers with the tawse I think before I roger your bum. Get into position!"
She slid to the end of the bed and bent over. I could see that her bum was still aflame from the morning session but took up my punishment tawse. She had asked for it and she would receive it.
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", I lay the first stroke across her buttocks.
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", I kept a steady rhythm and watched as she absorbed the stokes. Her hands were clenched and her buttocks twitched but I saw that her eyes were closed and she was in tune.
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!",stroke after stroke homed in and the lines from the cane earlier had almost disappeared under the red turning to purple of the tawse.
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", still she took more and seemed to not notice. I knew what had happened. She had now plateaued at a pain level which could not be increased so it was time to stop.
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", the last four landed and then I massaged her tortured buttocks. She whispered:
"Now I want you cock inside. Don't worry about the pain."
She took her buttocks and parted them while I brought some cream over from my bedside table. I took a handful and using first one and then two to open her pushed it in.
"Now and hard!"
My cock was again at full stand and I presented it to the puckered entrance. I nudged it in and she gasped before relaxing and soon I had slid into the dark depths. I took her hips in my hands and rogered away with enthusiasm - I enjoyed this entrance with men and women - and because of our earlier session was able to sustain my efforts longer. She was bent over and her head was in her hands while she cried out that she wanted it harder. I worked away while she gasped with pleasure until I went rigid and spent inside her. I waited like this until my cock subsided and came out with a plop. We both stood up and hugged and kissed
"That was special. Now come and have a bath before we sleep.
We went and bathed and as I lay down to sleep I knew that this lady would give me, and other staff and students a very good time in the months ahead. Next would be the appointment of the rest of the staff.

Part 2 in which the staff are appointed will be on line in a week or so.