The Rendevous
The Disciplinarian

It was late one evening when I received the telephone call from Marion, one of my regular spankee visitors. Would I be able to meet her tomorrow and to travel with her, remaining overnight. She promised me that I would find the experience interesting and wothwhile. As I was to travel she would be paying me for a full day and my expenses. As an afterthought she added,"By the way please pack all of your instruments."

I was intrigued by the call but she would say no more just confirming that she would be meeting me at my house at ten o'clock the next morning. I spent some time preparing and puzzling before finally retiring for the night. Next morning I was ready with my bag packed when she drove up exactly on time. I had an overnight bag and all my instruments with me which I threw into the back of the car before joining Marion in the car. She smiled and told me that we could talk about anything except our destination and why I was invited. We chatted about spanking and other topics for an hour or so when Marion told me that I must now be blindfolded and lay down in the back of the car under a blanket which was placed there. Knowing her I agreed, albeit rather apprehensively.

We drove on for what seemed an eternity but was in fact only half an hour before I felt us turn off the main road and drive along a winding lane where Marion slowed. We clunked over a cattle grid and then accelerated until I heard the crunch of a gravel drive and we came to a halt. The door open and Marion removed the blanket and blindfold telling me to collect my bag and instruments and follow her. The house was clearly the property of somebody with money as it was the size of a mansion and, as I walked up the front steps, I could see a lady with a fan hiding her face waiting for me.

"Welome sir. Please ask no questions at present as everything will be explained to you shortly. Meanwhile Marion will show you to your room where you will wait until summoned."

Marion led me upstairs to a large bedroom with a huge four poster bed with a canopy over it. The room had walls covered with mirrors. She suggested I freshened myself up and thought I would be called in about half an hour. Whilst waiting I took a quick shower and changed my clothes before there was a knock on the door. It was Marion telling me it was now time. I was not sure what to expect but followed her downstairs and into the large Drawing Room where, to my surprise, I saw a dozen ladies gathered. They all wore long cloaks with hoods which masked their faces. The lady who had met me at the entrance was standing in the centre of the room. She wore a black mask over her eyes as well as the usual cloak.

"Welcome Alan, you may call me Milady. I do apologise for the melodramatic way that you have been summoned and I am sure that you wnt to know why you are here. We are a group of ladies involved in flagellation and marion is one of our members. She suggested that it would be interesting, and enjoyable, to have a man deal with us occasionally and proposed you following her experiences with you. I might add that we spent a long time debating the matter but finally agreed on the understanding that nothing which happens here is divulged. Clearly we cannot remain masked before you but I understand from Marion that you are very discrete. I also understand that you are very experienced with all the instruments and have a good range to choose from. Do you understand why you are here and do you agree to our request?"

I thought for a moment - not from the intention of refusing but to allow me to recover from the shock.

"Thank you Madam for the request. I will be happy to oblige. Can you tell me if this means everybody or a select number. I would also like to know whether all are punishment or are some erotic spanking. In the latter case what happens. Will you all be together and watch or will I see you one at a time?"

"I understand your questions and the answers are that we all watch, as this is part of the pleasure, and some would like erotic and some punisment spanking. Some of us are farther down the line than others and require harder strokes and these will be indicated to you. We always use this room and the table, chair and sofa are yours to command. We shall begin as soon as you have unpacked your instruments. We draw lots for the order and stop at halfway for dinner. Are you agreeable?"

I just nodded speechless with the opportunity before me and taking my instruments over to the table unpacked them laying them out. I heard the ladies gasp and a soft swish and, as I looked round found that I was confronted with a dozen naked ladies. They were all ages, sizes, conformation etc and I was sure that I would enjoy the experience.

"Ladies, please take a number out of the box on the table and let us see who is first."

A tall statueque lady of about forty held up her token and said that she was number one. I looked at her and saw a superbly formed body with large firm bum cheeks on hard thighs - clearly a horsewoman. Her pubic hair was ginger and bushy protruding from her bum cheeks and her breasts were large with dark brown auroles and hard nipples. She sheemed happy to be first.

"Now young man they tell me that you are good. I expect a good thrashing with that cane and then a final dozen with your punishment birch. Make sure that you heed me as I was doubful about you coming. Prove me wrong!"

I beckoned her forward to the end of the sofa and told her to bend over. As soon as she did I could tell this would be a challenge as her bum was leathery and clearly used to the cane. I took up my punishment cane. This was one I had collected when on holiday in Thailand and was nearly four foot long with bands around it at every six inches to add to its impact.

I took up my position and gave a couple of exploratory taps before lashing home the first stroke. Her bum was very firm and it hardly seemed to be affected as the stroke landed at the lower end of the bum but above the thighs although the flashing white line of the impact soon changed to red. I knew that I needed to prove myself and landed the second stroke just above the first with more force. This did sink in slightly and the mark was more pronounced. She had now flinched and I continued four four more strokes making sure that they covered new ground, each higher than the last until the six was on the crown of the bum. I stood and admired my work as I counted each of the lines before continuing on the top of the bum. By twelve she was well marked and the redness was getting brighter. I wiped my hand and took up the cane again. Now I was going to infill the marks already formed and this meant that each overlapped the former raising bruises on the weals which were lifting from the earlier treatment. Up until now she had not moved at all but as I struck the twenty fourth I heard a grunt and "Well done, young man" as I took a short rest. The last twelve strokes landed on the well bruised bum until the whole surface was scarred with ridges and pits laying like tramlines across the surface. I could not find a new area to cane so that these strokes landed on bruised flesh. Finally I had finished and stood back. Everybody crowded in to admire and comment on my handiwork before I heard her say. "Now the birch and don't spare it!".

I went to the corner where my Isle of man Punishment birch was in pickle and took it out of the water. My fingers ran down it to squeeze the water out before I returned to her bottom. As I looked at it I knew that this was one of the fiercest canings I had ever performed and hoped that the birch would not do any permanent damage. The birch was fiercome looking object consisting of six saplings each four foot long and bound at the end. This was no lady's toy and six was the judicial maximum. I knew however that my victim would not be satisfied by less than the twelve she had requested so prepared to start. The sound of the birch is not as loud as the cane and its effects are not so obvious as each stroke appears to be less effective but of course each stroke is six strokes and the cumlative effect is very severe and soon I could see blood streaks coming from the already caned areas that the birch was landing on. Its other effect was also the way it wrapped itself around the cheeks and marked the sides as well as the top of the buttocks. The thin whippy twigs left an impression of thin roads left by ants scurrying across the surface. I was also aware that this stinging effect was was cumulative and would create an agony on top of the pain from the bruising. The final stroke landed and I took a glass of wine. The ladies clapped and my victim stood up rather stiffly, looked me in the eye and said,

"I said at the beginning that I thought we had sone wrong in asking a man to join us but I take it all back. This was the fiercest punishment I have ever received and I must admit I was reaching the end when you stopped. I will recommend that you are appointed official flagellator to the group."

At this the ladies cheered and crowded round me. Milady then clapped her hands and asked who was next. A beautiful girl held up her hands and said she was number two. She wanted a full erotic spanking up to the cane. I nodded and moved over to the sofa whre I sat down with cushions behind my back and invited her to lay across my legs. She came forward and I could see her cunt lips protrusing from her thick black bush before she lay across me and I saw the magnificent bum presented to my gaze. It was a snowy white of spongy texture which changed colour as it was touched. It was full and ripe for my hand. I started spanking, first one cheek then the other. After a dozen or so strokes I massaged the bum. Then another dozen and more massage.The bum cheeks were rosy red by now and each spank only seemed to increase the colour. By the time I had reached six dozen or so her bottom was a fiey red and I had gently parted her legs as I massaged. My fingers felt the lips of her cunt. She started but gave no other response as I continued spanking until I slipped my fingers inside her already moist and receptive opening. As I pushed them home she tensed but then opened up for me to explore further giving a cry and a gasp as I brought her to orgasm.

It was now time for the instruments and I told her to stand up and bend over the end of the sofa while I used them on her. I made her part her legs and felt her before starting. She was well primed and I was sure that she would enjoy the experience. I took up the leather paddle and massaging and spanking gave her two dozen strokes. Then it was the turn of the strap followed by the martinet. Each time I massaged I could feel her respond and I knew that she was having multiple orgasms. Finally it was time for the cane and I told her that she would receive a dozen strokes with my lightest cane. After each two strokes I stopped and massaged until the final two which I landed sharply so that she cried out. It was over and she stood up and hugged me whispering that she would be visiting me in my room tonight. Her friends then took her away and ministered to her bum.

The restof the evening is rather a blur as I dealt with each lady in turn. Some were hard canings and some were soft spankings but, when it had ended, I was congratulated by Milady and we all retired for the night. I had not yet undressed when I heard a knowck on the door and when I opened it I found that the girl I had spanked second was standing in the doorway in a rather flimsy nightgown.

"Hello,remember me I'm Sylvia! Can I come in?"

I told her to enter and, when she was inside with the door shut, she explained that they knew I should need some companionship tonight so some of the younger ones had decided among themselves who it was to be. Next time I came I would have a different companion. For the present however she was mine for the night.

Once she was inside she slipped off her nightgown and walked over to me. Her body was superb with her thighs and buttocks rising from the dainty feet and well rounded calves. Her buttocks I knew were sore from the spanking they had received but I also remamber ed their shape and feel. She gave me a gentle kiss on the lips and started to undress me. First my belt was unfastened and my trousers pushed down. I stepped out of them and felt her gently massage my bum over my underpants before unbuttoning my shirt and slipping it off my shoulders.I slipped off my shoes and socks until I was only wearing my underpants. My feelings were clear as my pants stood out from my body like a tent. She removed them with difficulty before taking my cock in her hand. Sylvia gently massaged it before leading me over to the bed. Laying back with spread legs she said

"I know I need I need good fucking and I am sure that after this evening you need to fuck!"

I looked at the inviting opening she presented to me and I could see the coral red lips glistening as the juices were already visible. I primed my cock and thrust it home. It slid in and up until our hairs were mingled and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

I was so randy and was soon pounding away into her while she pushed back crying out: "Harder, you bastard, harder!" By now both of us were perspiring freely and our bodies were slippery with the sweat on them. Just as I felt I could hold on no longer I sensed her beginning to tense so gave two or three more hard fast thrusts before shooting my load full up into her. She cried out and I felt her legs squeezing me in a vice as her back came off the bed and she pushed one final time before collapsing underneath me.

"God, that was fantastic and I really needed it. You are a sexy sod and while you were spanking and playing with me this afternoon I knew I wanted to be with you for the night. Now we can slow down and play before you fuck me again."

The night was long and the pleasure was great for both of us and I was reluctant to leave my bed for breakfast when Marion called me and told me we would be leaving immediately after breakfast. Milady joined us at breakfast and said that they had been very pleased with my prowess with both my hand and the rest of the instruments, and Sylvia had confirmed my ability in other directions and they would be inviting me to other parties. I might like to know that she would be my partner next time - and not to worry as 'an old dog has lots of tricks'! We left the house and Marion told me that now I had been accepted I need not wear a blinfold anymore.

As we drove back she told me more about the group. They used to meet on a regular basis sometimes overnight but often just a few of them for an afternoon. They all enjoyed spanking to various degrees and most were bi-sexual. I was the first man who had been admitted into their circle and it was unlikely that there would be any more. She arrived at my house kissed me and after saying goodbye drove off. This had been an experience never to be forgotten and I was looking forward to my next 'call-up'!