The Staff
The Disciplinarian

Now my Secretary and the Deputy Principal were established at the college as well as my Personal Assistant June Milne and the Matron Mrs Harris it was time to appoint the rest of the staff. Peggy and I decided that we would need three female and two male members. They should cover Mathematics, Art, Equestrianism, English Language, French and fencing and associated sports. Because these were mature staff they would each have their own bedroom and a study where they could hold seminars. Again we needed to be careful that all of the staff were wedded to our ethos so they would be 'tested' by myself and Peggy. Shirley Rivers, the Secretary would also be on hand while the rest of the staff would be in the background if there were any questions.
Because this was a teaching college offering genuine qualifications it was essential that the staff were highly qualified and capable. because of the unusual activities expected they must also be sexually active. At least one of the ladies need to be a lesbian and one of the men gay - not for any equality rules but because of the students we would be receiving.

Before any of the possible teaching staff arrived I took the rest on a tour of the house. It had one or two unusual features which they should be aware of. We started in my study and I walked over to the wall bookcase. I removed a copy of 'Robinson Crusoe and turned a small lever. The centre of the bookcase opened out and showed a concealed entrance.
"I discovered this by accident and I belive that all the documentation has been lost. If you follow me you will see that there is a staircase which leads to the next floor. Let us go up. Now you will see that each bedroom has a peephole which allows anybody here to see what is happening in the room. It is impossible to find it from the bedroom. I believe that the first owner who had it built liked to spy on his guests and so had this passageway built as the house was built. I tell you all so that you are aware of it being there. Now let us return and write to potential staff to attend for interview."
We returned to my office and went through the applications. We were looking for staff aged between thirty five and forty five. They would have to be attractive without being too 'flashy'. We needed to get their ideas on discipline for staff and students and without being promiscuous they must be active sexually. I suggested that the ladies might like to explore the possibilities of the men and I would deal with the ladies., but would hope that the ladies could find out the necessary lesbian.
We went through the applications we had already received and came up with a short list of ten - six of them were ladies and four men. One of the main points agreed was that after the main interview the candidate would be asked to wait in the anteroom and, if we had agreed they were suitable, one of the staff would escort them round the college. This member of staff would then introduce them to the rod and anything else they wished.. Those not suitable would be given expenses and thanked for coming.
Because of the delicacy of our appointments we decided to see them two a day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Shirley wrote the letters and the first invitations were to John Brown, mathematics teacher and Fiona Wilkins a specialist in English language who Peggy had already met at conference. She advised me she was lesbian and agreed to deal with her herself. Shirley offered to show John around but this would depend on our feeling about his sexuality.
First to arrive was John Brown and it was clear from the way he looked in admiration at the ladies left little doubt about his sexual inclinations. We quizzed him for a long time about his academic qualifications and when it was clear that these were exactly what we needed we asked him why he had chosen a mature college where there would be strong discipline. he looked at us and taking a deep breath
"I come from a family where corporal punishment was normal and at my public school were were caned by masters and senior pupils. When I became a senior myself I found that as well as I enjoyed receiving the cane I also enjoyed giving it. Since then I have belonged to spanking clubs where I was able to indulge in both sides of my interest. When I saw your advertisement I hoped that it would offer me what I needed. "
"Thank you for your honesty,. May I suggest that you now take a walk round the school. My secretary Shirley will be happy to show you round. Please ask her any questions you may have as there is no secrets among us."
Shirley stood up and led him out of the room while Peggy and I sat and chatted. (The next section is written by Shirley)

"I was a little nervous as I took John round and showed him the rest of the site but I asked him about his experience of spanking as that would be part of the ethos of the college. He told me that he was dying to have the chance to join in it once her was accepted on the staff here. I told him that if he wished there would be no problem if we spent an hour away from the others and we could find out more. he eagerly agreed and I took him up to my room which was already well furnished and had the necessary equipment.
I asked whether he wanted to cane or be caned first and he though he would like to cane me. I was happy with the arrangement and suggested that we both stripped as this was by far the most satisfactory way. and he eagerly agreed. I removed my clothes and watched closely as he did the same. He was well proportioned and his rigid cock (already!) was surrounded by a thick black hairy bush. I handed him the cane and bent over the bed. I explained that this was just a 'tester' and so a dozen would suffice. His first two strokes were tentative but he soon got into his stride and the last ten were firm and controlled. I knew I had been caned!
Now it was my turn and he handed me the cane and went over the end of my bed. he was so aroused that he had difficulty in settling his cock but eventually we were ready. His bum was firm and although not full ready for the cane. I gave him two sets of six strokes and although he was in discomfort by the end he was clearly happy to receive them. As he was so rampant I decided to see whether he was gay or not so offered a final fuck to relieve him and he was not only eager but VERY proficient. He opened my legs and went down on me before presenting his cock to my cunt. It was large although not thick and caused me pleasure but no discomfort. He was able to sustain for several minutes before when ready to cum he came out and ejaculated over my abdomen and breasts. he certainly was filled with sperm!
Assuming that you are satisfied with his academic qualifications I can recommend him for a post. By the way he is bisexual so I suggest that we keep him for the next interview as I believe Charles may well be.

We congratulated Shirley and confirmed that John would be the first of our staff appointed. We suggested that he might like to stay on overnight as we were interviewing Charles Williams for the Creative Writing post the next day and he may enjoy being escorted around the college by a man rather than one of the ladies. He agreed
The next day Charles arrived and it was clear to see that he was effeminate and after establishing his credentials were suitable we invited John to show him round. Again we suggested they took their time as it was over an hour until lunch and we would be busy until then.
Immediately they had left I led the members through the private passage to John's new study so that we could see if anything happened. Soon they arrived there and John told Charles to sit and for several minutes they chatted about the college. Charles congratulated John on his appointment a said that he hoped he would join him and if so Charles asked John if they could be friends, in fact more than friends. John agreed and suggested that they make themselves comfortable. As we watched they joined each other john and locked the door. They looked at each other and then Charles allowed his hand to explore the front of John's trousers. When John did not object Charles lowered the zip and putting his hand inside eased John's cock out. It was already erect and Charles went down in front of John and took it in his mouth. John stopped him and suggested that they should undress. They undressed and stood looking at each other stark naked. They were two healthy looking men and Charles went down between John's legs and returned to his previous position and took his cock in his mouth. John had a firm cock which had already been tested by Shirley so we knew its potency. The question was he bisexual. I must say when I saw it I was keen to have a session with him myself! This was an experience for all of us and we took turns to look through the spy hole. We had to be very quiet so as not to disturb them. Soon John was fully erect again and Charles sucked and fondled his cock and ball sac. This was the work of a master - a man who was homosexual and proud of it. He worked John from top to bottom and John gave every indication that he was enjoying it. Charles stood up, went to his jacket pocket, and took out a tube of jelly . He anointed the head of John's cock and then bent over presenting his buttocks to John and handing him the jelly. As he bent over we could see that he had a well formed bum which was already twitching in anticipation. It was white and firm and I was sure would be ready for the cane if John decided to test him. John squeezed some of the jelly on his fingers and slipped them inside Charles anus. Now they were ready and John presented his cock to the anus and found the tight roseate. He stood for a short time and then pushed forwards easing himself through the sphincter until little effort slid it in. This was a bum that was used to being buggered but Charles groaned as it went in deeper until it finally filled him. He called out
"Now fuck me hard dear".
John had no hesitation and holding on to Charles buttocks he rammed in and out with a will. Charles urged him on and it was a pleasure to watch the two of them at work as their bodies slapped together. Finally with a couple of hard thrusts John came and cried out as he spurted into the interior of Charles. They stay locked together for a moment before John eased out Charles turned and kissed John "That was lovely my dear. Now it is your turn."
In spite of being gay Charles was well hung and I thought that there would be some discomfort when he entered John's bum. John went in front and rubbed hard on Charles cock until it was standing up like a pole. He then anointed it with plenty of jelly before bending over and parting his bum cheeks for Charles to anoint his anus. Charles clearly understood the problem and made sure that he applied plenty of jelly. He also opened it up with two fingers. Finally he came behind and took his cock to the entrance. He gently pushed forwards and the first inch or two went in before there was a problem. John then relaxed his anal muscles and Charles slid home while John cried out with the pain. They both waited for him to settle before Charles gripped John's hips and slowly moved in and out making sure that John was happy before speeding up until their bodies slapped as though hands were clapping. It could not last and Charles with one final thrust launched his cum into the dark interior of John. They gasped with their efforts and lay together before parting. They lay together on the bed for several minutes before cleaning themselves up and dressing.
We returned to office before they came back. I confirmed that Charles, as well as John, would be offered a post and we would be send them a letter of appointment within the next few days. They left the college and we sat back.
There was nobody else today and both Shirley and Peggy looked at me.quizzically. I guessed what they wanted so suggested that the three of us repaired to my suite upstairs for private discussions.
When we arrived I asked them what should happen now and the two girls were of one mind. Peggy spoke for them both
"We need lots of spanking and fucking after watching that so I suggest that we strip down and then decide. We were quickly undressed and Shirley suggested that we should be spanked in alphabetical order. After me it would be Peggy and I would then fuck her before we spanked Shirley and I fucked her. The terms were agreed and we started.
Peggy picked up the cane and said that it would be six stingers from each of the two girls. I bent over the end of the bed and
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", the cane rose and fell searing my bum and leaving a livid line.
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!"
Peggy certainly knew how to cane and the strokes searched my bum "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!" the final one of her strokes fell but my cock was so ready that before Shirley could follow her I had Peggy on her back on the bed with her legs wide. My cock was rigid and she was so ready that I quickly slid deep inside. There was no complaint from Peggy and as I started rogering her I felt a searing pain across my bum. Shirley was laying on her six strokes whilst I was fucking Peggy and, as I came to my climax, there was a final burning cut laid on which drove me deep and I spurted inside her.
Both girls laughed but it was now my turn and I promised them that their bottoms would be smarting by the time I had finished. Johnny had retreated inside its forest so I needed stimulation. I made the girls bend over side by side and used the cane firmly on both bums treating them alternately.
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", the cane rose and fell.
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!"
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!",
I showed no mercy and they screamed with pain through their pleasure.
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!"
I lay the cane down and told Peggy to prepare me for Shirley as I was going to bugger her. Shirley eagerly bent over and spread her buttocks. I saw the puckered hole twitching before Peggy anointed it with jelly. She was ready for entry and Peggy took my cock and guided it to its target. I nudged until I found the opening. I pushed forwards and after a slight resistance slid home.. I lay across her before I took her hips and fucked her deeply and long. My earlier efforts allowed me to stay longer and as I fucked Shirley and Peggy were urging me on. Because of the earlier session it was several minutes before I found by surging cum as I came into her. At the same time Peggy had been playing with Shirley's clitty and as I came so she thrust two fingers deep inside and with a quick finger fuck brought her off.
As we relaxed on the bed, me in the middle, and a beautiful experienced woman on either side I knew that this boded well for the future.
"You know that we already have another member in Matron who is into being spanked. I suggest that next time we involve her as well. We just have one more man Peter Dawkins to see and then next week will be the rest of the ladies. By the way I have no worries about Peter as I have known him for several years as we belong to the same select club. He is a dream with a cane and you girls will certainly know it when he has finished. He is also a great cockmaster - front and back! He will be coming tomorrow and I expect him to stay the day and night so prepare yourselves"
The girls were pleased and excited over this and the three of us slept for a couple of hours before bathing and dressing for dinner.
Peter arrived the next morning for his interview. I had already hinted to him about staying for a couple of days to help and he had agreed.
When he arrived I introduced him to Shirley, June & Peggy and they had taken to his outgoing personality immediately. I decided that this would be the usual interview for his CV plus details of his other experiences so all three ladies joined me. "Thank you for inviting me. I understand from 'Johnny' that he is looking for staff for the college. He explained to me what whas required and asked whether I was interested. Of course I was!.
To give a little background. I was at public school with 'Johnny' and we had some intereting, and intimate experiences, together before we did our National Service in the cavalry. I was very interested in sports and managed to be on many of the teams for the usual team sports as well as the individual. I was fortunate to represent the regiment at fencing as well as riding for the Army team. While involved in this I had the good fortune to meet a lot of attractive ladies and gentlemen and I was invited to their houses. Often there were parties and, because of the inbalance of sexes - more women riders than me - I was asked to bring a a chum and this became Jonny on a regular basis. After National Service I spent three years at Oxford and passed out with a good 'second' as well as expanding my other experiences. Jonny and I kept in touch and we were able to join a rather select club where there was plenty of opportunity to indulge in a variety of experiences. When Johnny invited me to apply for a post here I jumped at the chance. So for academic experience I have a good all round knowledge and also specialize in Fencing and Equestrianism. There you have what I can offer. If you have any questions please do ask and i will do my best to answer."
Shirley piped up: Everybody agreed and we took him up to a new room which had been specially furnished and I had called the 'Playroom'. Nobody had seen inside it yet but when I unlocked the door and they entered they gasped. I had turned a large master bedroom into an area where there would be oppoerunities for to to ten people to enjoy themselves. Around the sides were several 'chaise longue' and in the centre a large bed - large enough for six or mor people. Also around the sides were several sets of wallbars, 'X' frames and spanking horses. The cabinet in the corner had a selection of straps, paddles, whips, canes and every restraint which might be enjoyed. I brought them back to earth.
"Now everybody we are going to start with an unusual exercise. Mrs Harris will be coming to join us and will give each, and I mean each, of us thrirty with the tawse just to warm us up. Let me promise you that Mrs Harris can use the strap and cane and she also knows how to suck a man. I am waiting to see whether she is as good at fucking."
I pressed the bell and Mrs Harris joined us.
"Ah Mrs Harris, welcome to our little party. I explained that I have invited you as a participant and we will prepare ourselves for your ministrations. You may lay it on as we are all experienced at giving and receiving spanking. So if everybody will now get undressed we can begin. I suggest lady/gentleman/lady/genteman/lady and then we all give Mrs Harris ten strokes."
It was agreed that this is what would happen and we all stripped and prepared ourselves. Mrs Harris decided to use a spanking horse and Shirley went over it first. There was no doubt of the ability of Mrs Harris and
"SWISHH!!!", "SPLATT!!!",
the strap landed on bottom after bottom. When Shirley was finished it was my turn, then Peggy followed by Peter and ending with June.. By the end we all had red bums stinging but prepared for more.
Now it was the turn of Mrs Harris and what a magnificent junoesque bottom she had as she bent over.
"SWISHH!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "SPLATT!!!",
Mrs Harris lay there while the strap lashed down ten time from each of us. She sighed as he bum turned red and then purple but she was clearly enjoying the experience. Eventually it finished and she stood up. Her heavy breasts with their hard nipples still looking firm.
"Now gentlemen present yourself as I am going to suck you off in turn. " She went up to Peter and knelt in front of him. She took his large erect cock in her mouth and for nearly ten minutes played a tune on it which amazed the rest of us before with a quick flick she brought him off swallowing the gouts of spunk which gushed out. Even swallowing she could not take it all and her face and breasts were also covered. Then it was my turn and although I knew her expertize the rest were only novices and, when she went down, I saw them gather round and watch carefully. It was magnificent. First she licked up and down, then she took my cock in her mouth and played with my balls. She washed my cock round her mouth with her tongue and sucked and massaged until she decided I was ready. A few rubs of the shaft and like Peter I blew my mind with the explosive orgasm. Again she sucked as I came and again she could not take it all so yet more sperm mingled on her body. The ladies clapped her and helped to clean her up. Shirley and Peggy picked up canes with a will and as soon as we were bent over started to perform the dance on our bums. Because the object was to bring us to a stand rather than firm punishment the strokes were carefully graded to ensure their success. Soon we were clearly ready and they stood back admiring their handiwork. Both Peter and I were now at full stand and after the creaming we received from the ladies we looked liked bulls with our pizzles erect. Mrs Harris took charge
"You lay back Mr Jonathan and I will come down on you and Mr Peter can go in the back way."
I lay back and felt the soft warmth of her cunt enfold me. She had strong muscles and used them to draw me deep. Then she bent forwards and Peter came behind easing his cock into her anus. When we were all ready we worked away for several minutes while I fondled the large breats which hung over me. Mrs Harris hardly seemed to moved and yet I felt her cunt muscles drawing me to a peak. She kept squeezing and grunting as Peter rammed away in the rear until I could wait no longer and I I came with a surge. I still had plenty of spunk to indundate her with even after the previous bout. Peter meanwhile was also coming to a climax and with a couple of thrusts he came and inundated her back passage.
Peter eased out first before Mrs Harris leifted herself from me. She oozed cum from both orifices and standing said:
"Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I will now go and bathe and then prepare lunch for you. An excellent time I think. Now enjoy yourselves."
At this she gathered up her clothes, and walking out naked, went to her own quarters.

As this is really about staff appointments I will not dwell on the next 24 hours but return to the appointment of our female members of staff.
Our next interviewee was Fiona Wilkins who was an English language specialist who was particularly interested in short story writing with her students. We were looking for somebody who was bisexual for one of the three appointments so I made sure that our ladies were prepared. Shirley, who had met her at seminars before, offered to test her out after her interview while I would complete any mixed hetrosexual encounter.
When she arrived our first impression was of a lady who was junoesque in form and laughed easily. She was about thirty five and had been in a relationship (sex not specified) which had broken down. When she was asked about her childhood and early life she was another who had been spanked while young and found a taste for it. As the session progessed it seemed that her partner (again unspecified) had shown no interest and she became more and more frustrated. She had seen our adverisment about firm discipline and took a chance an wrote. Yes she knew Shirley slightly and was pleased to see her. I explained that we envisaged that corporal punishment would be part of the scenario of the college as this ws the way all advertisements would be slanted. Was she happy to give and receive the cane. She looked up: This was a welcome surprise and I took immediate advantage of it.
"Would you be prepared for two dozen with the cane on the bare buttocks. If so I suggest that you remove your clothes and I can turn your ofer into a reality."
She stood up and removed her jacket before unfastening her blouse and laying it on a chair, Her breasts were large and held tightly withing the confines of a bulging brassiere. She put her hands befind her and loosened her bra placing it with her other clothes. I had been right about her breasts which were full , cwntered with dark brown aureoles tipped with large 'nut tight' nipples. She smiled and then unfastened her skirt stepping out of it and showing a full bottom covered by black silk knickers. Now she slid her knickers down over her large fleshy bum and placed them with the rest of her clothes. Now she was naked and she stood in front of me smiling. Her bulging pubic area was covered with a black fleece through which her pouting lips peeped.
"I am ready when you say Sir."
She moved forwards to the table and bent over grasping the other side firmly. Her legs were spread and I could already see a liquid oozing down the insides of her thighs. Her black pussy hair peeped through and the fleshy pussy lips were already engorged. I could see that she wanted a good trashing, in fact was eager for one so I decided on the headmaster cane as the most appropriate. I took up my position and "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!"
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", the cane rose and fell.
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!"
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!",
I showed no mercy and she gasped through the pain to her pleasure.
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!"
laid on the strokes which searched her bum "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!, "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!"
Her bum was now criss crossed with red lines turning to purple but she urged me on and I made sure that she got the full dose as she had requested. Clearly this was a lady who enjoyed the rod and would be an asset. I now decided to test her and telling her to stay in position I unfasted my belt and lowered my trousers and pants. My cock was iron hard and using my fingers to find her pussy I thrust into her willing vagina which was wet and slimy with her cum. She gasped as I entered but with pleasure mixed with the pain as my pubic hairs scoured her bum. We were both ready and two dozen thrusts were enough for both of us before we both came together. She grasped me with her internal muscles and milked me until I had nothing further to offer. I slid out and stood up.
"Well Fiona I knew your academic qualifications from Shirley and it is clear that you fit into the ethos of the college so I will be offering you an appointment. I suggest that you have a shower in my bathroom and then Shirley will show you around. "
She smiled;
"Thank you Sir, I never expected to be appointed in this way. The caning was sublime and the fauck was the icing on the cake. I will have the shower and then Shirley can show me the rest of the college."
I dressed and told Sirley what had happened but told her that I was sure that Fiona was bi-sexual. If she took her into the 'usual' bedroom I would be watching to see what transpired.
The two ladies set off and I hurried up to the lookout point where we had watched Charles and John and I had not been long in place before the two ladies entered.
"Your own room will be like this as a study bedroom although this is actually allocated to one of the men on the staff. Why not try the bed while we are here? "I know our Principal can be rather heavy handed so I guess that your bum stings. Would you like me to ease the pain."
"Yes please."
At this Shirley began to unfasten Fiona's waistbelt and soon she had the skirt off and kneeling in front of her eased her knickers over her buttocks. she pushed them to the ground and gently slipped her fingers into the forest of pussy hair until she found Fiona's engorged lips. Then she carressed Fiona's bum cheeks and commented on how I had given her a good caning.
"The Principal certainly knows how to give a girl a good caning - and follow it with a real fucking. I shall enjoy working here. Now shall we enjoy ourselves?"
. "Of course we all enjoy the rod here - both the ladies and the men. Now lay across my lap and I will masage some cream into that sore bottom."
Fiona lay across Shirley and soon she was cooing as Shirley massaged the cream in. As I watched I saw Shirley begin to massage inside Fiona's thighs and the legs soon parted offering her greater access. Shirley parted the bum cheeks and her fingers touched Fiona's anus. Fiona accepted it and soon Shirley had a finger in her anus and was moving it gently in and out. Fiona moved and sat up. She looked into Shirley's eyes and began to remove Shirley's blouse., then her bra. She kissed Shirley's breasts and then they both stood up while they removed the rest of their clothes. Soon they were both naked and the contrast of the slimmer Shirley and bulkier Fiona was fascinating. They came together and kissed while Fiona explored Shirley's body. She slid down and parted Shirley's legs until the coral of her pussy was showing. She touched it with her tongue before they both returned to the bed, I watched as Fiona again parted Shirley's legs and went back to her exploration of her vagina. Her tongue reamed in and out while Shirley cried out with pleasure. She bucked and cried out. Soon she put two fingers inside Shirley and moving them in and out rapidly brought her to a climax..Shirley stood up, opened a drawer in the chest under the window and took out a strap on dildo she got Fiona to help her strap it on and then drew her to the bottom of the bed with her legs wide. Fiona lay there open and ready and Shirley slid the dildo inside her cunt. It slipped home easily as she was running with come. Now she began to move in and out while Fiona bucked against her in response. The two girls kept it up for several minutes while I drew my cock out from my trousers and played with it while they fucked away. There was no doubt that they were pleasuring themselves and I did not want to waste myself by masteurbating I crept away returning to my office and leaving them to their play.
This session had aroused me and I called Peggy in and told her what I had just watched. She was fascinated, and pleased that we had foud two ladies who were at least bi-sexual, if not outright lesbian. Both of us were aroused so locking the door we stripped down and I gave her a good rogering.

Our next visitor was to be Marion Peters who specialized in French and Spanish, she also spoke some German. Again like other applicants we had some pre-knowledge of her. When she arrived I saw a tall lady, about 5ft 9ins dressed in a trouser suit which concealed her figure except that it was well developed. Before I called her into my study I had left a cane on my desk and as soon as she entered and sat down she smiled as she looked at it. No shock but interest was apparent in her eyes. I started in my usual way by asking about her background and childhood and found that she had never been spanked as a child but had seen her father caning her mother. She saw the pleasure on her mother's face and then the sexual pleasure both of them had felt.This had left an indelible mark on her mind and she found that as she grew up whilst very academic she gravitated to men who could satisfy her need. Up until now she had not really found the right person but seeing our advertisement she decided to apply thinking that the firm discipline we offered may well include corporal punishment. I asked her when she had last been caned and she said it was over a year ago but as soon as she saw the cane she knew she needed it urgently. I told her that I was very satisfied with her academic qualifications but now we needed to see whether she would fit into the ethos of the college.
"You understand that we have a mixed group of staff with straight and gay and we expect the same with our students. All staff must be amenable to giving and receiving discipline and before we agree a contract I need to see whether you will fit in. Please remove all of your clothes and bend over my desk. I will give you two dozen strokes of the cane and after see how you accept them. Do you agree?"
She stood up and started undressing. As she disrobed I saw that she was a very beautiful lady. When she was completely naked I looked at her and saw that she had a good firm figure with well formed buttocks and breasts which were perfect for the hand. Her pussy was covered with a soft fleece of light coloured hair and her pubic bone was prominent hiding the pussy lips. She smiled at me.
"Two dozen Sir please and do not be afraid to lay them on. "
I took up the cane "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", the cane rose and fell.
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!"
the lines were a deep red as the cane burned its way in.
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!"
gradually the lines built up on her bum but I did not let up
"SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!", "SWISHH!!!", "CRACKK!!!"
At last I put the cane down and felt the burning cheeks. My hands caressed them before she stood up and unfastened my belt and trousers. She slid them to the ground and easing my pants over my rigid cock she knelt in front of me an took it in her mouth. She used her fingers to massage my balls while she worked away sucking and caressing the head with her tongue. Soon I could wait no longer and she saw this so with a dozen rubs at my cock she waited with her mouth open as my cum spurted into it. I was so ready that she could not take it all and soon her face and breasts were covered with the creamy liquid. She took my cock inside her mouth and using her muscles drew the last elements of spunk from me.
She stood up with the sperm running down her chin and thanked me. I suggested that she cleaned up in my bathroom and watched as naked she walked across the room looking very handsome. When she returned she dressed and I confirmed that there would be a letter of conformation of her appointment. I told her that ther would be a weekend staff meeting in a couple of weeks when the staff could get to know each other.
We had one more member to meet Mary Chalmers and again the meeting went well and we appointed her.
Now all the staff were appointed and we confirmed their appointments at the same time inviting them to a weekend staff meeting in two weeks time when there would be opportunities to establish friendships as well as deciding on the curriculum and the brochure to be sent out.