The Three Ladies
The Master of Discipline

Julie and Mrs Cresswell (Muriel) had now consummated their personal sexual interests and in doing so had found another active partner in Mrs Janice Flinders the owner of a boutique who had joined them after the punishment of two girls for stealing from her shop.
Muriel Cresswell called Julie into her office a few days later to ask if she was available for another session that weekend - possibly Saturday and Sunday - when they could take Janice Flinders with them to her cottage and the three of them could indulge themselves. She asked Julie to telephone Janice Flinders at the boutique and check whether she could close up Saturday lunchtime and the three of them could drive down tog

ether. Julie called and Janice was eager to join them. She agreed to meet them Saturday at 1pm outside her shop. She would bring some instruments that she and her husband used to use.
Saturday came and Muriel collected the other two and the three of them drove down to Muriel's country cottage. It was deep in a wood and well away from any other habitations. It was surrounded by a high hedge which must have been at least twelve feet tall.
"My husband grew this so that we would always have total privacy. Even people exploring the wood cannot see or get through it. It took ten years before it was fully mature and he was very pround of it."
They continued up the drive and stopped in front of the cottage. It was a typical country one with flowers and climbing shrubs covering it. After opening the front door the three of them unloaded the car of their cases and the food they had bought en route. Muriel fired up the boiler for hot water and then showed them the kitchen, lounge and two bedrooms. The master bedroom was large with a huge bed. Muriel said that her husband had had the window removed to get it in and it had to be assembled on site because he wanted plenty of 'play' room and a 'bed for pleasure' when they were at the cottage. She added that there were also extras which she would show them later. She opened the door to the other bedroom which was smaller but still surprisingly large while opposite was the large bathroom witha huge bath, jacuzzi and shower. Again an innovation of Muriel's husband.
They left their cases upstairs and went back to the kitchen where they all pitched in to make an evening meal. They sat round the table chatting about nothing as they ate - none of them wanted to bring up the real reason they were at the cottage although it was clearly at the front of all of their minds. They washed up the dishes and took their coffee into the lounge which was now pleasantly warm with an open fire adding to the radiators. It also had a long chaise longue as well as two large armchairs. There was a low table in the centre of the room where Muriel placed the coffeee tray.
Muriel decided it was up to her to take the lead.
"Welcome ladies to my cottage. This is the site of many happy memories with my husband. Since he died I have been reluctant to get involved with a man again so it was lucky that in Julie I found a kindrid soul. Now we both welcome Janice and I am sure that the three of us will exploit its possibilities to the full. I think at the start that we need to establish what I might call 'the ground rules'. In my opinion anything that gives us pleasure and pain is allowed and there are no barriers. To start I suggest that we all strip and for this weekend remain in that condition. I can promise you we will have no visitors so everything we do is private between the three of us. We are all mature women, and two of us have been married, so that we also have no inhibitions. There are plenty of toys although I believe that Janice has brought a few that she used with her husband. If you are ready I suggest that rather than strip off our own clothes off we each take those of another person. As they are removed so that person is at your command for display or anything else. If you wish for a start I will undress Janice, she will undress Julie who will finally undress me. Do not be shy and caress and play as much as you wish with your partner until we are all ready. Julie you sit down; Janice come to me.
Janice walked over to Muriel and stood in front of her. Muriel kissed her on her lips and then began to unfasten the buttons of her blouse slowly one by one. When they were unfastened she slid the blouse off Janice's shoulders and laid it on the table. She then put her hands behind Janice's back and unfastened her brassiere drawing it forwards so that her breasts were exposed. Janice had large firm breasts with crincked brown aureoles surrounding her nipples. These were already engorged and hard like nuts. Muriel bent down and took first one and then the other nipple into her mouth sucking on the teat and drawing it out so that it was firm and rigid. She then kissed the breasts again. Now she removed the brassiere and it joined the blouse on the table. Muriel then knelt down and loosed the zip at the side of the skirt and let it fall to the ground Julie sitting and watching could see the attractive lacy knickers and suspender belt holding up sheer black stockings. Muriel unfastened the buckles for the stockings and rolled them down and off Janice's feet. The suspender belt followed and now her fingers found the waistband of her knickers. Putting her fingers in the elastic top she gently drew them down over Janice's pubis and buttocks. As she did so Janice moaned and Muriel eased them down past thighs and calves antil they fell to the ground. She sat back and looked at the prominent mons with its guardian dark bush. Now she took Janice's buttocks in her hands and her mouth explored the dark bush which covered her pussy lips. She found it and Janice opened her legs to offer her better access to the haven beyond but here Muriel stopped and stood back.
"Enough is enough. Julie and Janice now it is your turn."
Julie joined the naked Janice and the first thing that Janice did was to loosen Julie's hair which fell down and draped her shoulders. Then she removed her blouse and brassiere. Julie's was still younger than the other two and although her breasts were well formed her nipples had not yet reached their full maturity. Janice gently sucked and caressed the nipples which were becoming enlarged and Julie moaned and drew her head down. Janice drew back and knelt down removing Julie's skirt followed by her holdups and then her white panties were drawn down and removed. Sounger and less mature Julie had a good covering of soft blond hair which allowed her pussy lips to peek through. Janice gave the soft pussy hair covering Julie's mons a kiss before she slipped two fingers into her pussy. She found that it was already wet with her spend. She went no further and stood up and kissed Julie with the breasts of the two women rubbing together. Now Julie started on Muriel. Her large firm breasts offered themselves to Julie who caressed and fondled them. Now she drew down Muriel's knickers and exposed a superb pair of buttocks fronted by a dark fleece which covered her prominent mons. Now the three ladies were prepared for a pleasant time.
"Shall we go upstairs to the bedroom as I want to introduce Janice to an innovation."
They trooped upstairs and Muriel told Janice to lay face up on the bed with her arms and legs spread. When she had done so Muriel revealed fastenings attached to the bed which she strapped to Janice's wrists and ankles. Now stretched out like a star Janice was powerless and finally Muriel blindfolded her.
"Now Janice we will take our pleasure."
She pointed to Julie to take the lower body while she concentrated on the upper half. First she kissed Janice on her ears and nose before sliding her tongue into her mouth. Janice reciprocated and the two ladies tongue fucked each other for minutes before Muriel began to caress Janice's breasts. She worked first on one and then the other until the nipples stood out like nuts from the brown surrounds. Now she took a light chamois whip and began to lightly whip the breasts. First the left and then the right while Janice bucked and cried out with pleasure. After the breasts she went to the armpits and played with these with Janice writhing about. Now she sat back and nodded to Julie.
Julie started at Janice's feet and tickled the soles, scraping her nails along them while Janice wiggled with the exquisite pleasure she was receiving. Next she used her tongue and gently drew it up Janice's calves until she reached her thighs. Here she licked and massaged the inside of her thighs slowly creeping close to her pussy lips. These were engorged and puffy and cum was spilling out from them. Julie parted the lips so that the coral coated interior with its liquid cover was exposed. She put her tongue on Janice's clitoris and drew her tongue backwards and forwards across it while she felt it growing larger and larger into a small penis. She sucked and tongued it while Janice kept weeping and crying out with pleasure..She used her fingers to explore Janice's warm wet interior. Muriel tapped Julie on the shoulder and handed her a large vibrating dildo. She pointed to Janice's vagina and starting the vibrator Julie gently rubbed it round her pussy lips. Meanwhile Muriel had climbed on the bed and straddling Janice presented her own pussy to her mouth. Scenting the aroma and feeling the pussy hair she slipped her tongue deep inside brushing Muriel's clitoris as she did so. Julie now thrust the dildo deep inside Janice and turning the vibrator on full reemed it in and out rapidly. Janice bucked and heaved and at the same time gobbled on Muriel's vagina until the two of them came off with a splash. Juices spurted out from both vaginas and while Janice licked the spend from Muriel Julie was doing the same from Janice.
The party was over and it was time for Janice to be released. When she sat up she kissed both of them and said:
"Thank you both that was the most fabulous experience I have ever had. The blindfold made it perfect..Now in revenge I want to give you 50 strokes each with the tawse. I promise you I have a firm one.
Muriel looked at Julie and they both nodded.
"I think that is very acceptable, Shall we go down to the lounge.?"
They walked downstairs with Janice collecting her tawse on the way. When the other two saw it they knew that the sting would be fierce as the tawse was a heavyweight Scottish leather tawse with two tongues. However they were eager for the experience.
"If Muriel will bend over I will give her two dozen followed by two dozen on Julie and then finish up with two dozen each again.
Muriel took up her position over the arm of the sofa.
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !",
Janice had a good arm and the first stroke seemed to drive the breath from Muriel's body. She had never been strapped before with such an instrument and as soon as the first one fell across her two buttocks she knew that this would be fierce.
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !",
Janice wasted no time and soon the strokes were searing across Muriel's bum with a vengeance.
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !",
one dozen and then the second tranche fell. Muriel's bum felt like a furnace. Not so delineated as with the cane where each stroke left its mark but more with a blanket cover of the whole bum region which ached and throbbed. For all that she was enjoying it and asked Janice to give her the rest before dealing with Julie. She meanwhile had a dildo inside her pussy which she was using to great effect.
Janice agreed and;
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !",
by now Muriel was mingling pleasure with the pain and as she eagerly waited for each stroke to fall. Her body was now in its state of total acceptance where her mind drifted into other things.
"W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !", "W H I P P ! !", "S P L A T T T ! !",
the rest were given and it came to the end. Janice laid down the tawse and after massaging Muriel's purple hued buttocks helped her to her feet. The ladies hugged and then saw that Julie had strapped on a dildo. She went over to Muriel and bent her over the sofa again before parting her pussy lips and inserting the dildo into the wet warm interior. It slipped home easily and soon Julie was rogering Muriel as though she would never stop. Muriel cried out as Julie's soft pussy hair met her sore bum but was soon enjoying the fucking and the two girls continued pleasuring each other for several minutes before spending together.
Julie withdrew and unfastened the dildo. She then looked at Janice and took Muriel's place. Like Muriel she found the strap very punishing and also like her soon managed to draw away into herself so it was almost a surprise when she found that she had received the full fifty, albeit her throbbing bum soon reminded her. She eased herself up and kissed Janice before the three decided that tea and a snack was the order of the day so they went into the kitchen and made salad. Because of their strapping Muriel and Julie opted to stand and eat. While they were eating they discussed the day so far with Janice starting
"I said before that I want to thank you for allowing me to join you and nothing today has changed my mind. I hope that we can have many more sessions like this."
Muriel looked thoughtful for a minute.
"When Julie and I started it was to be just the two of us but you have been a welcome addition to our meetings. I do think that we three should remain together as it may not always be possible for one of us to be available. I also suggest that we try to see if there are any other like minded ladies. No men, just ladies. Do not make any offers but just sound them out. Remember that discretion is the watchword. Fortunately this cottage offers us scope for maximum privacy. I have had my say now do either of you disagree>"
Julie nodded in agreement
"I certainly am happy with this, how about you Janice?"
"Yes as I have said I am glad to have found you. can I now ask a favour. Can I have a good thrashing with the cane? All the playing we have done and me tawsing you has left me aching in my bum. How about eighteen each?"
She handed Muriel a long firm looking cane with an excellent handle. She then bent over the side of the armchair as she prepared herself.. Muriel lined up her bottom.
"S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !",
the cane lashed down across the soft white buttocks leaving a livid line across them. Even though she was ready Janice felt the cane land with an impact which drove the breath from her body. Then the pain came as though she had been touched with a red hot iron but the thrill she always felt at the start of a session was with her..
Muriel was measured in her approach and gave plenty of time for each stroke to have its full effect
"S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !",
for Janice each stroke searched out another part of her bum and left its indelible mark across it as well as a throbbing pain which by now invaded the whole of her buttocks. She urged Muriel on as this was just what she needed. Her body was warm and flowing with energy as she waited
"S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !", "S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !",
Oh it was fantastic ! The superb impact of the cane as it drove into her body followed by the surge of pain which transmuted into the glow she was feeling and she felt the soft warm liquid beginning to ooze down the inside of her thighs as her vagina got warmer and warmer.
"S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !", "S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !", "S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !",
Now it was time for Julie to take over and she had learned enough by now to make sure that she didn't fall short with her offerings. "S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !", "S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !","S W I S H H ! !, C R A C K K ! !",
Stroke by stroke Janice's buttocks were ravaged by the cane but she absorbed the punishment like a sponge. Her body and mind were now as one drawn into the private world which the true flagellant inhabits . Eventually Julie finished, she was told to stand. The other two came and looked at the whipped buttocks which had assumed a deep purple hue with ridges and valleys standing from the surface..
"Thank you ladies that was superb. Even my late husband could not have done any better. One final wish is that one of you straps on the dildo and buggers me. There is nothing like a body rubbing against a well thrashed bum."
They fetched one of the strap-ons and Muriel fastened it round herself. Janice bent over and after some jelly was applied to the tip of the dildo and more pushed into Janice's anus Julie guided the tip in. Muriel now pushed forwards slowly and gently until the dildo was firmly in. Then she moved in and out slowly at first and then more rapidly encouraged by Janice until the latter cried out with pleasure. The dildo was removed and Janice lay face down for Julie to massage some cream into her ravaged bum.
Muriel went into the kitchen and brought back a bottle of wine and some glasses.
"I think that we can toast to the fact that the day went well and long may it last. Ladies now to bed and plenty more fun in the morning. I think that we can all share the same bed"
At that the three of them went upstairs to the bedroom. They all had a bath in the jacuzzi playing with other all the while and then helped each other to dry before getting under the duvet with Muriel in the middle and the two Js on each side. A quick kiss and play and they all slept the night away.

* * * * * * * * * *

Julie was up first and putting on a T shirt she went down and prepared breakfast for the three of them. She also placed a medium strap on the kitchen table. She then went up and called the other two who came down naked.
"Right ladies bend over for three dozen with the strap followed by a full English breakfast."
They giggled and bent over the table. Their bottoms were still well marked but there was no problems and Julie gave the other two a quick firm three dozen across both buttocks before she received hers. Now it was time for breakfast and standing at the table they tucked into the well cooked meal.
They now considered their plans for the morning. Muriel suggested
"I think this is a morning for pleasuring and play. We have done lots of spanking so let us just play sexually this morning and then finish up with a hard caning for each of us this afternoon before we drive home. When we reach home we will have something to remember.
The others agreed and fetched out the sex toys. The had several dildoes but not much else so they decided that for a start they would just play with each other as they had yesterday. They would also initiate Julie into anal sex, something she had not attempted but which both the others enjoyed.
Muriel lay down on her back with her legs spread wide for Julie to get between her legs. Julie was soon in and gobbling away at Muriel's pussy while she also had a dildo handy for even more pleasure while Janice knelt across Muriel's face and brought her puffy pussy lips down to Muriel's mouth. As she did so Muriel slipped her finger into Janice's arse. The three of them continued pleasuring each other for a long time switching places at intervals to make sure that each one got a full share of the action. Then it was time to introduce Julie to anal sex. She was apprehensive at first but the other two had been regularly serviced by their respective husbands so knew the pleasure, albeit different from straight sex, that it gave.
Muriel told Julie to bend over the end of the sofa with her legs well spread. Meanwhile Janice strapped on a medium sized dildo with a small second tongue which she slipped into her own pussy. She tightened the straps and waited for Muriel to anoint the tip with KY jelly and then squeeze plenty into Julie's anus. She then used first one finger and then two to help to open the sphinther muscles before presenting the tip of the dildo to Julie's anus. Janice eased forwards slowly so that the tip was just resting inside the puckered roassete. She then pushed slowly forwards. Julie gasped as she felt it open her but Muriel told her to relax her anal muscles and, as she did so she found the dildo slid in quite easily. Soon it was deep inside her body and although unusual she found the experience was not unpleasant. Janice now started to move back and forth and soon a warm glow suffused Julie's buttocks and she found she was enjoying the sensation. Eventually Janice had gasped herself to her own orgasm and gave a final thrust to Julie. Julie cried out and relaxed forwards over the arm. Janice gently withdrew the dildo and unfastened it from her waist before going and washing and disinfecting it. Julie meanwhile hugged Muriel and told her that she had enjoyed everything after the first entrance.
The morning was far advanced now and the ladies decided it was time for lunch. They wanted a good break afterwards before they finished their afternoon's work. The had a good dinner and then relaxed in the lounge over coffee and a drink while they decided how to finish off the afternoon. They knew that each of them would receive a hard caning and they agreed that thirty six strokes was the correct figure so that they would not forget for a long time. The 'spanking order' was decided by the high card last as they drew from a pack. Muriel was first and she would receive eighteen from each of th other two ladies followed by Janice and ending with Julie. The session would go straight through with no stopping. The would then finish up with each being fucked by one of the others. The die was cast and now they were ready to begin.
Muriel prepared herself while Janice took up the cane. "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!"
Muriel felt the bite of the cane on her bare bum as the pain seared through her. She was ready and waiting for the rest and prepared herself for the rest
"WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!",
The cane continued to thrash down. By now her bum was afire but she was enjoying the play between her mind and her body. The pain seared in but the pleasure of the mind pushed it to the background.
"WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!", "CRACKK!!",
stoke by stroke the cane rose and fell with Julie taking over from Janice until the full quota had been given and received. Now it was the turn of Janice and then Julie who each took their relief in the pain and pleasure. Now it was time for sex and first with the dildo was Janice who rogered Muriel, then Julie took Janice and finally Muriel accommodated Julie.
The weekend was ended and the three participants now dressed for the first time since they had arrived. Sensibly they left off their knickers and there were plenty of cushions in the car. They packed the car and after switching everything off they left for home all VERY satisfied with the weekend and wondering when next they would meet and continue taking their pleasure with each other.