Twice Blessed
The Disciplinarian

It always had an erotic effect on me Pauline Frobisher when I heard the senior girls going into the Principal's study to be punished for some major misdemeanor. As School Secretary I had to take the punishment form into the Principal's office with the offence and the punishment typed in. I would hear the swish of the cane and the cries of the girls and then, then after it was finished the girl would leave the ofice, usually sobbing , and hand the form to her for filing. Usually they were feeling very sorry for themselves as I checked the signatures on the forms and read "six strokes of the school cane on the bare buttocks for being late four days this week", or "twelve strokes of the headmistress cane on the bare buttocks for smoking". As I read them I wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of the cane. What was the difference between between the school and headmistress cane? Would it hurt for long and wre there marks? All these thoughts tumbled through my mind.
It was just such a day and after three girls had been punished I presented a document that had a number of mistakes. Miss Pretty called me into her office. Miss Pretty was a tall attractive woman in her mid thirties with her hair drawn back into a bun at the back of her head. She had been Principal of the Girls finishing school for nearly a year now and had the reputation of being firm but fair. She dressed smartly and was very efficient but also very private.

"Miss Frobisher I am very dissatisfied with your work today. It will need completely retyping. If you were one of my girls I think a touch of the cane would have bucked you up. If it does not improve I think that you will need to find another appointment. Now go and retype it .
I went back to her office and, as I retyped, I wondered if this was my opportunity to find out about the cane. I carefully finished and rechecked the work and then returned to th Principal's office. As she put them down she said:
"Excuse me Miss Pretty but I do agree that it was badly typed and I was wondering whether you would carry out the punishment you suggeted?"
Miss Pretty looked up quickly and thought for a minute or two.
"You know what you are asking. Any punishment I deliver is a proper punishment and there is no allowance made for who you are. I promise you that you will feel twelve strokes of my cane for a long time."
"Yes Miss Pretty. I do understand but I know I deserve some punishment but do not want to leave the school. Will you agree?
Miss Pretty thought carefully and then said
" I agree. I do not though think it a good idea if we meet here in case we are disturbed. I suggest that you come to my house at 8pm tonight. You know where I live and we can deal with this problem in private."
I agreed to join her and as it was the end of the school day I left for home.
I lived on my own in a flat and once I had shut the door I sat and wondered what I was letting myself in for. I stripped of my clothes and looked at my buttocks in the mirot. I felt them and they were soft and wam. I wondered what they would feel like after my visit to Miss Pretty. I was sure it would hurt and I did not know whether I could stand the pain. I had tea and then a shower. I dressed in clothes that I thought were suitable with a simple white bra and panties, blouse and skirt. I did not wear stockings but ankle socks and low heeled shoes.
I left home and drove to Miss Pretty's house. As I got nearer I was more and more nervous and ready to turn back at any excuse. None however manifested itself and soon I was pulling into the driveway. I left the car and knocked on the door. When Miss Pretty came to the door I was surprised and at first hardly recognised her as with her hair down her face looked much softer and the long soft red gown she wore also altered her appearance.
"You came then Miss Frobisher. I was not sure that you would but come into the lounge."
We entered a very attractive room where a chair had been set up in the middle of the room with a fierce looking cane resting across it - ready I was sure for me. I was invited to sit down in an armchair.
"It is not too late and you can still change your mind but if you are determined to go through with the punishment, I will repeat my comments of this afternoon that it will be a proper punishment to fit the crime. "
"Thank you Miss Pretty but I know I deserve it and however painful would expect the full twelve strokes on my bare behind."
"Right then I suggest that you remove your skirt, knickers and blouse and bend over the back of the chair. Hold on tightly to the front bar as this will hurt. Once we have started nothing can stop the punishment and, by the way, any crying out and the stroke is repeated. Is that clear?"
"Yes madam."
I unfastened the buttons at the side of my skirt and lowered the zip. I let the skirt drop to the floor and stepped out of it. I then placed it on the chair reluctant to take the final step of removing my knickers. Eventually it had to be done and I felt the cool air as they slipped over my buttocks and I raised one leg to help them off. Now it was the turn of my blouse and this joined the rest. Now I was exposed.
It was the moment of no return and I stepped forward and bent over the chair. It pressed against my breasts but, as Miss Pretty had suggested, I gripped the front bar tightly. I waited and waited and then
"WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!" a sound and then a flame engulfed my bum as the first stroke landed. I wanted to scream with the heat and pain from the stroke.and rose with a gasp."
"Back down please Miss Frobisher there are eleven more to go.
I took up my position again with my bum already throbbing with the pain
"WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!" the cane landed again, this time as just a though it was a red hot iron searing my bum cheeks and building one pain onto another.
"WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!" still there was no let up and I gasped as the power of each stroke seemed to drive me into the chair back.My bum was throbbing in agony and I was gssping for breath.
After the first six Miss Pretty told me to stand with my hands on my head for ten minutes and NOT to touch my bottom while the pain began to take over. She left the room for a short time an when she returned I saw that she had changed out of her dress so that she was now wearing what appeared to ne a long dressing gown tied with a sash round the middle.
"Back over the chair Miss Frobisher for the rest of your caning. I am sure that you will remember this for a long time."
Miss Pretty came across and caressed my buttocks. her cool hands soothed the. The she took up the cane again. "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", without mercy the cane was laid on with firmness and dexterity making sure that every part of my bum received its proper treatment.
But now I discovered a strange sensation which begain to take over from the pain and "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!" I found that my pussy was getting hot and I could feel liquid running down the inside of my thighs. "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", the pain was now mixed with this strange sensation and I felt Miss Pretty come behind me and massage my bum gently with her hand. She also felt between my legs and I welcomed her hand.
"Just one now my dear and then it is all over"
"WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!" this final stroke was laid on with extra power and I wanted to scream though the pain and that insidious pleasure which was suffusing my body.
"Well done my dear that was very brave. Now I think that we will have cup of coffee and I will rub some cream in to ease the pain."
I stood up stiffly waiting for what was to happen next with the pain migling with the other sensation - that which I had felt when I had heard the young ladies being caned at school.
Through the throbbing I hardly understood but accepted the coffee and, still standing,drank it down greedily. Miss Pretty was sitting opposite me on the settee and her gown had fallen open so that I could see a superb pair of legs which were long and slim. I finished my coffee and she said:
"Now Pauline, I think I may call you that, come across my legs and I will massage some cream into that sore bum. "
I walked across still obsessed by this strange feeling I could not explain that through the pain I had enjoyed myself and would not be reluctant to try it again. As I reached her Miss Pretty pulled her gown well back so that I could lay across her knees and she seemed to have nothing on underneath. I lay down and soon found that the cool cream rubbed in was having a soporiphic effect and I was now totally relaxed. As she massaged so Miss Pretty rubbed cream across both buttocks and then on the inside of my thighs and I soon opened my legs wider so that she could continue. As I lay there deaming I felt her fingers brush against my pubis but it seemed so right and I encouraged her by opening even further.
"Well done my dear. I thought that you were one of us."
I didn't understand what she meant but found that her probing fingers aded to my pleasure and as she explored I felt an urge for her to push them inside my pussy. The sensation was so powerful that I spred myself to offer even greater access. At that precise moment a final thrust of her fingers into me sent me into orbit as I shuddered to a climax such as I never knew existed. I cried out with the pleasure and jumped up shocked at my response. I looked at Miss Petty hoping that she would not be shocked.
Miss Pretty also stood up and, unfastening the tie, removed her gown. I saw that she was naked and looked in awe at the most beautiful female body I had ever seen. Naked she stoof like a venus with her long legs surmounted by a prominent mound which was covered with a thick auburn thatch. As I looked higher her breasts were well formed and the dark aureols were the perfect halo for the nuts of her nipples. She was perfect in every way and she came forwards and put her arms around me. I was shocked but not displeased and looked into her wise eyes.
"Don't be afraid my dear. When I first started caning you I could see that you were one of us. What are 'us' you may well ask? We are a group of ladies who enjoy spanking and being spanked. We indulge whenever we have the chance and recently I was caned myself. Look at my bottom and you will see what I mean."
She turned round and bent over and I across her full white bum cheeks I saw the red weals which had clearly been done recently.
"If you wish you will have the chance to do the same to me. Would you like to stay the night while we tell each other our secrets?"
I agreed and soon we were sitting naked together drinking a glass of wine, although not touching, as we talked about our preferences for women over men.
"I had a feeling Pauline as I watched you that you were one of us but the difficulty is finding out in a college. I am glad you asked to be caned as that gave me the chance to invite you. What do you say we now go up and have a shower and get to know each other better?"
She held out her hand and we walked upstairs into her bedroom. She had a large four poster bed at one end and on a table at the side were various painful looking instruments. She smiled as I looked at them.
"You will soon learn to love them.Come let us shower."
She led me into a bathroom dominated by a large shower cubicle. She turned the water on and I joined her. Soon we were soaping each other and washing each other as though we had been friends for years. The first touch as her fingers began to explore my pussy was exquiste and i spread my legs. I felt the soft tips entering me and pleasuring me with their efforts. Almost immediately I came and my spend joined the water running down from the shower.
"Now its your turn!"
She faced me and I began to sexplore. I gently massaged around her breasts and butocks before kneeling down between her open legs found the soft pussy lips nestling in its own private forest.. I parted the ferns and there were the engorged lips waiting for me to enter. I gently pushed in one finger and then joined it with another. The soft interior beckoned me and soon they were deep inside. Now I moved them in and out at first slowly buy rapidly gaining speed until with I felt her grasp my fingers in her pussy muscles and try to milk me as she spent. The soft warm cum oozed down until it covered my fingers. My head was in a whirl as I had never envisaged this when I had come that evening but I was enjoying everything.
We took some fluffy towels and dried each other laughing as we patted some of the more intimate parts. Then Miss Pretty took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom. Naked we lay back on the bed just resting and relaxing before she turned on her side and took my head in her hands. She kissed me gently and I felt the tip of her tongue thrusting between my lips. I kissed back and then we tongued each other. I felt Miss Pretty's fingers playing with my pussy and I ached for her to put her fingers inside but instead she sat up.
"Lay back darling and let me teach you."
I lay back and she slid down the bed. She parted my legs and I saw her head dip between my thighs before there was a gentle caress on my clitty. Soon her tongue washed up and own the inside of my thighs. Up one and down the other just touching my labia in passing. Then she spread my legs wider and I felt that her tongue was entering me deeper and deeper, licking the cum which my spend offered. Her tongue reemed round my insides and her thumb found my clitty which she proceeded to rub. I was getting hotter and hotter until the tingle all over meant that I was coming to a climax. Suddenly I felt my body heave upwards and the final thrust of her tongue led me to an orgasm deeper than any I had known before. I gasped with pleasure and, as Miss Pretty slid back up, I hugged and kissed her.
"Now it is your turn to pleasure me."
She lay back and for the first time I saw another woman in all her glory. Her legs were parted with her knees raised and as I went down and explored I saw that the downy fleece complimented the engorged lips of her labia. It was all new to me so I set out to explore as I pleasured her. I spread her lips wide and saw the coral coated insides slippery with her own spend. I sniffed that special musky scent that only a woman aroused can offer. Then I found her clitty. It was bigger than mine and stood out almost like a nut. I licked it and heard Miss Pretty gasp with pleasure. Then I licked around the inside of her thighs drawing pleasure from the cum which oozed out. Now I was inside her and using first one finger and then two slipped them deep inside her. I moved my fingers in and out and she groaned with pleasure bucking against my hand. I went faster until she screamed with pleasure and in her orgasm spent again until she had coated my fingers and stained the sheet.
I withdrew and joined her offering my fingers for her to lick. She drew them into her mouth and sucked her own spend.
Miss Pretty looked at me and then said:
"I had decided to wait for another time to allow you to use the cane but I am sure that you will know what to do and GOD I do need it ! I want you to go to the table and take up the cane with the blue handle and then thrash me. You continue until I tell you to stop and you hit as hard as you can. This may sound dramatic but I am used to being caned regularly. Recently I have lost the friend who dealt with me. Will you take over.?"
I did not know what to say at first as my own bottom was still sore from her ministrations earlier but eventually I said
"I am not sure exactly what to do but I am sure I will learn as I go along. Are you ready now?" "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", I landed the first stroke. As I watched the cane sunk into the plump cheeks and formed a white line which, as the cane, came back, turned to red. I found that I had enjoyed it and soon I was into a good rhythm.
As the cane rose and fell I could hear her groaning but it seemed to me not with pain but with pleasure and I continued laying on the strokes
By now her bum was beginning to show the results and I could see that some of the red marks were becoming weals which turned to blue bruises but there was no suggestion of her wanting me to stop. I decided that I would now make sure that these last ones flayed her bum. I was a good golfer with strong wrists so preparing myself I let fly
She cried out and gripped the covers as her whole bum turned into a damage zone. scar after scar was lifting as each stroke was now covering another. Finally she called enough and stood up. She hugged me
"That was fantastic now for the final instalment."
She walked stiffy across to the table and took up a 'U' shaped device with straps attached.
"Now you must fuck me and fuck me but,, as you need the same, this device will help. I will fasten it."
She knelt in front of me and I saw her take one leg of the 'U' and present ot to my pussy. As I was already wet it slid home easily filling me up. She then buckled the straps behind me and through my legs so that the other leg of what I guessed to be a dildo stuck out in front of me. Miss Pretty retuned to the bed and lay back with her legs widespread waiting for me. I got on top and after a little manouevering got the dildo to the entrance to her pussy. I thrust it home feeling it slide deeply into her. I pushed until it would go no further and then wrapping her legs round me she said
"Fuck me Pauline!!"
I had never tried it before but soon found that on my elbows and knees I could fuck away. As I established a rhythm I fould that my own pussy was responding and as she also reciprocated I found that as I fucked her my own pussy and clitty were being fucked as well. As Miss Pretty bucked under me she was crying out and perspiration was pouring off both of us. Eventually I could contiue no more and I felt her bucking quicker so I did the same until we both came off together. It was a magnificent orgasm for me I could guess as she shuddered also for Miss Pretty. I collapsed on top of her and the two of us lay there for several minutes hugging and kissing each other before we withdrew the dildo from Miss Petty and she unharnessed me.
We stood looking at each other not sure what to say but in the end Miss Petty hugged me and said
"Darling Pauline I have been looking for somebody to share my pleasure with. Did you enjoy the evening and will you come again?"
In my own mind I knew that I had found my own personal Nirvana and guided by Miss Petty I would soon progress along the road.
"Of course darling. It has all happened so suddenly but I think that was the best way. I must think through all that has happened over the next few days but I promise you that I have enjoyed every minute and am eagerly looking forwards to the future. Now let us have another quick shower and then I will tend to your sore bum. I can see it needs plenty of treatment. "
We showered and I rubbed lots of cream into Miss Pretty's bum to help ease the soreness. But now it happened and I found that my original decision had been taken from me and I had agreed to stay the night . Now both naked we retired and lay side by side in her bed. Ready for sleep and to enter into a new future.
As I lay there I dreamed of what had happened and what might happen. For the first time in my life after unsuccessful relationships with both men and women I was with somebody who would open me up. Spanking was my life now and Miss Petty was the control to spank me and allow me to spank her - it was an unknown road I was taking but for the present it was the one for me. I knew that if Miss Pretty wanted me I would allow her to thrash me as I had thrashed her and also explore even more the sexual side than our first evening had allowed.. I then drifted off to sleep.
I left the next morning and for the next week our relationships were strictly that of Principal and Secretary - except for the knowing looks after the young ladies had been punished. It was Thursday when Miss Pretty suggested that I go home with her on Friday and spend the wekend. together.
"We have both had the chance to absorb the shock of how the caning last week developed and I hope that you feel that it is now time to progress it further?"
I confirmed that I was eager to see what would happen next and we agreed to 8pm on Friday night at Miss Petty's and I would stay for the weekend..

* * * * * * * *

As I drove up to Margorie's I was eagerly awaiting to see what would happen over the weekend and I promised myself that II would enjoy everything that transpired.
When I arrived I saw that she was dressed in the robe that she had worn after caning me and I waited to see what would happen. On my arrival she took my coat and overnight case and gave me a hug and kiss.
"I know we will have a lovely weekend - how is your bottom? Let us get you changed and then we will have a snack."
We walked upstairs to her bedroom where she handed me a gown similar to hers but blue rather than red and told me to undress. She sat on the bed and watched as I took off my clothes. Eventually I was naked and she handed me the gown which I put on.
"Now let us have coffee and a snack before we start."
We soon tucked into the food she had prepared and and as soon as we had finished sat with a cup of coffee and looked at each other. To her I must have seemed a new partner while for me it was the start of a new way of life.. Eventually we finished and Marjorie. Stood up and walking over to me she removed first her and then my gown. She led me back to the settee and sitting down took me across her knees. As I lay there I felt the soft warmth of her body and the coarseness of her pubic hair. I felt her fingers gently smooth over my buttocks and then "CRACKK!!" her hand landed with force on my bum cheeks. I was shocked but "CRACKK!!", "CRACKK!!", "CRACKK!!", "CRACKK!!", her hand rose and fell. Through the sting my pussy began to feel warm. After about twenty she stopped and massaged my bum. Her fingers explored the inside of my thighs and I opened my legs to accommodate her.
I lost count of the number of spanks I had received but my bum glowed with the pain and the pleasure between my legs meant that when she stopped and explored further I opened wider and accepted her fingers deep inside me. The cum which oozed from my pussy lips ran down my legs and Margory thrust in and out until I shuddered with a massive orgasm. I stood up and drew Marjory to me hugging and kissing her. She smiled and said
"Pauline call me Marjorie when we are on our own .We now need to talk. You must first understand that I am a flagellant. That means I enjoy being punished and punishing. I am also lesbian so it must be with another woman. I have been watching you at school and was waiting the opportunity to speak to you but fortunately you offered me the perfect opportunity. I know you rent your own flat but I would like to invite you to live here. You would have your own bedroom although I am sure that, based on last evening, you would not use it much. While we are together we will explore your needs as well as me teaching you how to deal with mine. The caning last night was fine but only a small amount of what I need. After breakfast tomorrow I will show you my special room where we will spend much time. This is a hard road. I will take you as far as you wish to go but I promise that when you say enough I will not try to push you further. Is that understood and do we agree. Please ask any questions and do understand that I will not hold any reluctance against you. I saw last night what you could achieve with tuition. Finally I shall still want you as college secretary but at no, I repeat no, time must our relationship appear different to what it has been."
"I would like a taster with the cane so if you are ready the one with the red handle and two dozen strokes will satisfy me for now."
I took up the cane and Margory bent over the end of the settee. Her buttocks were again white after the the week of abstinence but I soon changed this as She gasped as this time I had understood what she needed and I laid on hard from the beginning
"Well done. You are learning."
I finished put down the cane. Margorie stood up and smiled
"Thank you. let us have a shower and go to bed as we have a long day tomorrow."
I didn't understand what she went but again we enjoyed our shower and shared Marjorie's bed.
Next morning, after breakfast, Margory took me by the hand and led me into a room opposite to her lounge. The door was locked and she took a key and unfastened the door. We entered the room and I gasped at what I saw.
"This my private dungeon. Here is where we will spend a lot of time playing and we will start your education this morning. Remove all your clothes and bend over the bench in the middle of the floor. Last night you showed that spanking was for you but today we are going to explore how can take. Remember that pain and pleasure are a heady mixture which can only be achieved during the punishment. Prepare yourself as this will be along session. I will not fasten you down as I think that you would prefer to be free to explore yourself."
I listened but did not understand much of what she said as took up a thick strap.
"This tawse is the forerunner as it prepares the botom and the mind for the ultimate of a severe thrashing with my rattan."
I waited with trepidation and the shock of the strap landing on both buttocks which were still sore from last evening made me cry out. However it was involuntary and as Marjorie got into her stride I began actually to enjoy the strap. She struck hard and often but the strange thing was that as the blows landed I felt as much pleasure as pain. My body absorbed each stroke and a tingling through my body centred on my pussy which was hot and wet. Majorie stopped and massaged me feeling my pussy. I wanted her to slide her fingers inside but she stopped and resumed her strapping. It went on for what seemed an eternity before she lay the strap down and lifted me up and kissed me.
"That was superbly taken my dear but you still have the cane to receive. Please understand I will be very firm and will only stop when I have decided that you have had enough. Do not be afraid as you will reach a magic moment I am sure. I will not explain further as it is important that you do not look for it but find it for yourself. So back in position."
I bent over the bench again. Although I was fearful of the pain I was also looking forwards in a strange way to what was to happen.
"WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", She landed the first stroke. The pain was intense as the cane sunk into my bum cheeks.
"WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", Each stroke was like a bar of fire as it seared my bum
It was strange but I found that my mind was separated from my body the intense pain was disappearing as I found a different dimension. My mind was now on an erotic high - a state I find it difficult to explain as I was so separated from my body. I felt the pain as my buttocks throbbed and heaved with the bruises that were growing more extensive but this seemed unimportant as I was warmed internally by my erotic feelings.
"WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", The cane still rose and fell but I was lost from reality and even when Marjorie stopped I was still locked in the wonderland of my mind.
Marjorie came and lifted me again hugging me as she did so. She then knelt down in front of me and her warm lips and tongue found my clitty and puffed pussy lips bringing me to a massive orgasm of a quaity I would not have believed possible.
"Come and let me ease the pain before I get you to do the same to me."
We went into the lounge and I lay across Marjorie's knees while she heaped cool soothing cream on my buttocks. They were tight and throbbing as the bruises continued to grow darker and her soft fingers massaged the cream into my buttocks easing the pain but again bringing me to the brink of an orgasm. I opened my legs and pleaded with Marjorie to relieve me. With her experienced fingers she slipped them inside my pussy and with a few quick strokes brought me to my climax. I was now shattered and we remained still for several minutes before moving.
"Now my dear you must learn how to service a flagellant. Please understand that to us pain is the ultimate expression of pleasure and so the more pain we receive the deeper into ourselves we travel. This is a spiritual as well as physical journey. Also the aphrodisiac of sex is is often but not always the finale - sometimes we must be left alone, maybe for hours maybe only for minutes. Last night you gave me a good thrashing which helped to show that you are a worthy holder of the rod. Today you will take me even further. This is a time I have been eagerly waiting for as only with a compatible companion is it possible. Now we will return to the dungeon."
We walked back in to the dungeon where Marjorie walked across to the 'X' frame. She positioned herself before it.
"I want you to fasten me in place. Use the straps to fasten me in position and make sure that they are well fixed. Now using the cane you will see on the table give me 100 strokes. Do not be frightened if you see me bleeding but just continue. When you have finished leave me in position take the list you will find on the kitchen table and get the food for the weekend. That should take you about two hours. When you return come and unfasten me. Please follow my instructions exactly. Is all of that clear ?"
My mind was reeling but I confirmed I understood and went across and fastened her naked body to the 'X' frame. She was now spreadeagled with her breasts pressed againt the crosses and her already scarred bum in front of me. It was already marked from the night before but I remembered my instructions. I decided I would work in tens and then take a short break as even my arm and wrist would be tired before the end. I took up my position and began.
WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!"
Stroke after stroke flayed her bum WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!"
and by halfway she had buttocks which were completely purple with the ridges raised. I was not sure how much more she could take when I noticed that she had gone into a trance which seemed to left her body just as meat to be flayed while her mind was beyond pain. As the cane fell so she smiled with her memories and thoughts.
WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!", "WHIPPP!!", "ZIPPP!!"
Still I lashed the cane home and by now my fingers and wrist was tiring. I kept up a good pace and power however and gradually I could see blood oozing from the wounds I was inflicting. I wanted to stop but remembered my mistress's instructions and kept on to the bitter end. The last stroke fell and I put down the cane Marjorie did not move so I left her and went to do the errands I had been given.
It was about two hours before I returned from the shopping and as soon as I had put it down I went to the dungeon. There Marjorie still hung form the 'X' frame with blood running down the inside and backs of her thighs. I shuddered as I looked at her bum which was twice its normal size and yellow, black and purple with blood seeping through.
I went up to her and unfastened her from the frame. She slumped in my arms.
"Oh Pauline that was fantastic. I reached such a point that I never wanted to return. Until you have been flayed you cannot understand that special moment when it all fuses into a total experience where the pain and the eroticism unite into a whole. One day I hope you might find your Nirvana. Now you can apply some salve and ease my pain" I helped Marjorie into the lounge and first applied water and antiseptic to clean the wounds before gently easing cream across the whole area and softly massaging it in.
In her pain Marjorie moaned with pleasure.
"Now my darling I am going to pleasure you. Let us go upstairs to my bedroom."
We went up to the bedroom where Marjorie took out the large strap-on dildo but this time she put the smaller leg in her own pussy. She spread her legs wide as she slid it in then grimaced as she fastened the harness between her legs and I fastened it befing her back. She told me to lay back on the bed with my legs raised. She came between my legs and I felt the dildo begin to enter me. As she pushed harder the dildo stretched me as it entered deeper and deeper. I gasped as I felt it filling me but already the tingling in my pussy was beginning. Marjorie began to to push in and out resting on her arms and making sure that that every stroke counted in my pleasure. It was not long before the warmth suffused up my legs and down through my body to centre on my pussy and I could not stop crying out as I came. Once was not enough for Marjorie who continued to drive in and out while orgasm after orgasm flooded through me and I was awash with spend. Eventually after a massive orgasm she lay on to of me and gently kissed and fondled me.
"Oh Pauline we shall have such wonderful times. Just wait until the summer holiday and we can drive down to my cottage for a week or a fortnight. You will love it and I shall heve such pleasure in encouraging you. "
At this she withdrew the dildo and stood up unfastening ithe belt from around her. The more I looked the more I was worried about the poor ravaged buttocks but she did not seem to mind and she drew me into the shower where we washed and played as we soaked the sweat from ourselves.
I moved in with Marjory and we played and made love and spanked, not every day but often enough for both of us. The next story will be when term has finished and Margory takes me to her cottage.