Spanking Experiences - Twice Blessed - Part 2
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Twice Blessed - Part 2
The Disciplinarian

I had been living with Margory now for several weeks and our relationship had continued as it had started with much spanking, play and in her case some hard punishment. Now the summer holiday had come and we were going to drive to her cottage near the sea for the next fortnight. This would be a testing time in our relationship as, up until now , our Principal/School Secretary positions had meant that we had lead separate lives most of the time only being together in the evening and weekends.
Margory decided we should leave in the morning so after packing plenty of food and drink, as well as clothes and the necessary 'instruments' we left for her cottage. We drove for about two hours along motorways and 'A' roads before we came to a side lane which was narrow and tortuorous. We turned down this and then along a track deep into a wood. From here we soon came to a secluded and isolated cottage surrounded by a high hedge. Marjory drove through the gate and pulled up at the front door.

"Welcome to my holiday home. We shall have lots of fun and games while we are here. Let us unload and unpack the linen and clothes. I hope you are ready for this." She then put on dinner before leading me across the grass to a copse in the corner of her property. Here Margory pointed to a a stand of twigs.
"These are hazel twigs and we will need about thirty so will you cut them whicle I finish the dinner. Make sure that they are at least three feet long. I will leave you to guess what they will be used for."
She went back to the cottage while I cut the twigs. I was sure they were for some painful use but made sure that all of them were at least as long as she had asked. When I had an armful I took them back to the cottage. Margorie was just dishing up dinner so she told me to stand them with their ends in a bucket of water and she would tell me what to do with them after dinner.. Dinner came and went and we washed up and took our coffee into the sitting room. Margory told me to bring the hazel twigs and when I had brought them in she told me to watch.
She took up ten of the twigs and shaking off the water she held the tops together with several elastic bands before tying string round and round so that she was left with a birch. She then started to make a second after telling me to do exactly as she did. I soon got the hang of doing it and soon we had four firece looking hazel birches ready. Margory explained that tonight she was going to introduce me to the birch whose effect was very different to the cane and then she wanted me to flog her using one.
"Let us get stripped off and begin!"
We both undressed and stood naked facing each other. Beautiful as Margory was I knew that I did not suffer in comparison and Margory opened her arms and welcomed me in. We slid to the floor and began to kiss and caress. Margory came over me and I saw her perfect quim hovering above my mouth before she gently lowered it onto me. The coral lips were already wet with her precum and as I licked and kissed around her pussy lips I smelt that aroma that only a lady aroused produces. Meanwhile she had parted my legs and was offering me the same before we orgasmed together. Margory stood up and drew me to my feet.
"That was for starters. Now we will see how the birch teases you. Bend over the chair and hold on. "Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!",
The stroke hardly seemed to have any effect
"Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!",
But now I began to feel the full effect. Not as hard as the cane it was insidious as each stroke built on the previous one. Like many ants crawling over my bum so the itch became stronger as it grew. I was discovering that there was a growth of pain for the first few strokes which then reached a plateau. It was then that the mind took over and the pain threshold was overtaken by the pleasure which a beating created.
"Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!",
Soon I was in agony but Margory had no mercy and continued to strike. I found that it was not only the crown of my buttocks which suffered but the sides as the birch curled round. As the pain level evened off I began to climb into that state which the true flagellant achieves I must have received two dozen before Margory put the birch down and lifted me up. When the birching had ceased I was left with pain in my buttocks but a rich warm fulfillment in my body. Margory hugged me and then said:
"Now it is your turn. Don't be afraid to lay it on. Start with a new birch."
She went forwards and bent over the chair. I took up a new birch and went to her side. Her buttocks looked so white and fresh that I had to kiss them before I started. "Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!",
It was strange as I seemed to be having little effect. Whatever power I used dissipated but soon I saw that I had underestimated what was happening.
"Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!",
Every stroke I landed laid another line of fine tracks over her bum and the buds which we had left in place raised blood blisters.
"Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!", "Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!",
I made no effort to stop and I heard Margory moaning and flexing her calf and thigh muscles as I struck. Soon the blood began to seep out as the blood blisters broke and there were streaks laying on both buttocks.
"Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!",
I had finished with the first birch and took up the second. By now Margory had withdrawn into herself so that the strokes landing on her ravaged body only blistered it more without affecting her state of mind in any way. .
"Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!", "Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!",
By now the blood was oozing from a number of places and I knew that I must soon stop. I wiped Marjorie's bum with a napkin before lashing down the final dozen "Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!", "Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!", "Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!","Swishhh!!!", "Splattt!!!",
Her bum now looked as though ants had drawn tracks across in a myriad of thin lines which criss crossed and overlapped or an aerial view of World War 1 trenches. I helped Margory to her feet and as she rose stiffly I took her hand and led her to the bath. I filled it with hot water and laying Margory face down in it sponged her buttocks gently to clean the blood away. She lay there allowing me do do as I pleased. I then dried her off and returning to her sitting room lay her across my lap and gently massaged a soothing cream into the ravaged buttocks. I had seen the work of the cane but now understood that the birch was just as effective although much more subtle in its effects. My own bum was stinging rather than throbbing following my birching.
I knew what Margory needed now so spreading her legs wide I went down between them lifting them so that her bum cheeks were clear of the cushions. Her outer lips were full and puffy as she was fully aroused. I could smell that aroma of arousal and using my tongue I gently licked the inside of her thighs, making no effort to touch her pussy. Then going to her breasts I sucked each nipple in turn as they stood out like nuts from her breasts. Now I went down again between her legs and parted the puffy lips opening up the soft warm coral interior. It was slimy with her cum and using my tongue and fingers I worked to arouse her. Soon she was fully prepared and I took out the large black vibrating double dildo which had ribs along its length and inserted it into her making sure that it was deep inside both of us. I turned the vibrator on and moved the dildo in and out. Painful as her buttocks were Margory moved her body in time crying out with pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure enveloped her until, removing the dildo, I also found myself on a high from the vibrations and movement of my body and unfastening the dildo again slid my tongue inside her pussy until I found the quick. At the same time I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb until she gave a gasp, bucked and cried out and her spend ejaculated into my face and mouth. I licked it avidly before taking some on my fingers and sliding them into her mouth. Exhausted Margory sucked like a child and lay back and slept.
I woke her gently and guided her into the bedroom where we lay resting in each other's arms. As I lay there I dreamed of more and more sessions with Marjory as she taught me the pleasures of sex between women and the higher pain and pleasure of the cane and the birch. I was proceeding to an unknown future but I knew that it was the road for me and I was sure that with Marjory I would find fulfillment.
When we woke it was early evening and after a shower - the bath would have been too painful on our tender buttocks we just dressed in loose gowns, had dinner and sat and watched television. At the same time we took turns in rubbing cream into each other's buttocks to ease the sting which the birch still left. Now I understood better the effect. Less painful than the cane initially its effects were more long lasting. Eventually we retired for the night and slept the night away.
The next day Margory said was a 'recovery' day and no further episodes were planned with any of the instruments. We chatted and learned more about each other until after lunch we retired to the bedroom for 'playtime'. Now was comletely uninhibited sex with each of us pleasuring the other. We challenged each other to hold an orgasm the longest before the buckle on dildo came out. Marjory strapped it on first and after using her tongue to rouse me I knelt on the bed and opened my legs for her to slip it home. I felt it enter and fill me as it went deeper and deeper. I felt the rough auburn thatch rub against my still sore bum cheeks.Now she grasped my thighs and started to power in and out. she built up a steady rhythm and soon I was experiencing orgasm after orgasm while she gasped with her efforts and also from the effect of the smaller dildo which was penetrating her. Pleasurable as it was for both of us eventually exhaustion set in and with perspiration sreaming off of both of us Margory collapsed on top of me withdrawing the dildo as she did so. She laughed
"That was fantastic - I have needed a fuck like that for a long time. Come on we will remove the harness and then have a long warm bath together. I am sure we can find things to do while we are in it."
Sure enough there was plenty of play and exploration as we bathed and after an hour we dried each other and dressed in just a T shirt went to find some food.
The next day was quiet and in the evening Margory looked up from her book and said:
"We shall have two visitors tomorrow. They are ladies from our Inner Circle of flagellants. They always come for one day of my holiday and we have a long session. Tomorrow I hope that you will join us. I promise you that this is the real thing and the sessions you and I have had have just been play leading to this. I will understand if you would rather not join in yet as you are inexperienced but if you do I promise that we will not push you too far too fast. You have such a good arm and wrist that I am sure that we will benefit from your help. Take you time and think carefully as this session will take you farther and deeper into the Sisterhood than you may wish to go. However if you really want to join us then this is the perfect chance.
I gave it a lot of though as the evening progressed and as we had our final chocolate drink before retiring I told Margory my decision.
"Thank you for talking me though it Margory. I think when I first came to your house and received my first caning I new that this was the path for me to follow. I enjoy the pain and the pleasure which follows although I am not sure how much pain I can take. I would like to be led through by you. I am sure that your friends will not do anything to damage me so I am ready."
"Excellent I knew that you would be game. Let us go to bed now - you use the spare room so that you get a good night sleep - and then be ready from 9am tomorrow. You will only need to wear your gown, nothing else.