Spanking Experiences - Twice Blessed - Part 3
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Twice Blessed - Part 3
The Disciplinarian

Marjorie and I had gone to her cottage for the weekend and after spending a day playing with each other Marjorie warned me that we could expect two of her friends to visit the next day. She explained that these were genuine spankers and flagellants and that I could expect pleanty of 'work'
Next morning we were both up and showered and had breakfast long before 9am and Margory sent me to cut an armful of the hazel twigs while she went into a large shed which was behind the cottage. I had not seen inside this but she told me to wait and all would be revealed.
Soon after nine a small car arrived and out jumped two ladies. One was about my height and build while the other was more thickset and dressed in tweeds. They greeted Margory who introduced them to me as Mildred, the taller one and Frank who was the stockier.
"Come to join us have you Pauline. Glad to have you. Shall we get started?

No way put off by the abrupt manner of her friend Margory led us into the corrage where coffee had been prepared. As soon as this was finished Frank again took charge.
"Right ladies off with the clothes and I think a little handspanking and paddling will warm us all up."
We removed our gowns and Frank and Mildred undressed. Mildred had a figure similar to mine while Frank was built like a man. She had thick thighs and a superb black bush which went from her belly button and through her thighs. Her buttocks were also massive and flexed as she moved while her breasts were large and heavy with thick dark aereoles and nipples which seemed as large as coconuts.
"Come on Pauline bend over and let me lay a few on that tempting bum!"
I bent over and as I did so I saw that Mildred had done the same while Margory took up her stance.
"Splatt!!!", the first blow landed and I knew that I had been spanked as I was nearly driven through the back of the chair
"Splatt!!!","Splatt!!!","Splatt!!!","Splatt!!!","Splatt!!!", the blows landed with great firmness and soon had my bum tingling.
Over my shoulder I could see that Mildred was receiving the same treatment from Margory
There must have been about thirty before
"Right ladies let us swap round!"
and pulling me upright Frank took my place. What a bum to spank! It was huge and a perfect target. I decided to make sure that she knew what I was capable of and
"Splatt!!!","Splatt!!!","Splatt!!!","Splatt!!!","Splatt!!!" I beat down and Frank encouraged me by crying out for me to spank harder. My hand rose and fell on her bum with increasing force and the fleshy buttocks wobbled and rose and sunk with my hand. She told me to stop and called out to Marjory
"Give this girl a cane I need to feel it across my bum. Come on my dear three dozen with that lovely blue handled cane while the others watch - I may want them to follow up. "
I took up the cane as requested and
"WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", I landed the first stroke. What a bum. It as majestic and junoesque and was ripe for a good thrashing. As I watched the cane sunk into the plump cheeks and formed a white line which, as the cane bounced back, turned to red. I found that I had enjoyed it and soon I was into a good rhythm.
As the cane rose and fell I could hear her groaning but it seemed to me not with pain but with pleasure and I continued laying on the strokes
By now her bum was beginning to show the results and I could see that some of the red marks were becoming weals which turned to blue bruises but there was no suggestion of her wanting me to stop. I decided that I would now make sure that these last ones flayed her bum. I was a good golfer with strong wrists so preparing myself I let fly
She spread her legs wide as I caned and Mildred went down under her and began to play with her pussy. She raised her face and I heard her sucking away as she slid her tongue into Frank's pussy. "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!",
She cried out and gripped the edge as her whole bum was now red. Finally she called enough and stood up. She hugged me
"That was fantastic now a dozen each from the other two just to set me up for the rest of the day.
Mildred started
before Margory took over
At last she stood up and her buttocks were well basted. I could see that she was a genuine flagellant as all the caning had ultimately made little impression on what was clearly a well prepared bum. I wondered what I had let myself in for but I remembered Margory's promise so was reassured..
Then I saw something which I had not seen before as she bent over again and told Margory to 'bugger' her. Margory strapped the largest dildo she had around her waist and the big black ridged dildo slipped home. Frank groaned as Margory's pussy hair scraped her bum. She parted the bum cheeks and I saw the dark ring around th puckered anus. Mildred applied some cream to it using her fingers to push it home before Margory presented the dildo Frank's anus. She pushed away and after a resistance it slipped home while Frank groaned with the pain of its entry. Soon it was deep home and I watched as Margory reemed Frank's bum. Mildred drew me over and down between her legs where I watched her insert another dildo inside her pussy. As I watched she turned the motor on and as Margory dealt with Frank so Mildred brought herself off. Eventually both dildos did their best and everybody came together. I had never seen such a spend as Frank produced covering the face and upper body of Mildred. We all collapesed and Margory went off to make coffe for everybody. As she lay there Frank laughed and said:
"Well young Pauline what doyou think. Can you spend a day with us? You will need plenty of stamina and I shall want to see how you stand up to a REAL punishment."
We drank our coffee and then donning gowns went outside to the shed behind the cottage. The rest clearly knew what to expect but I gasped as the door was opened and I saw that the interior was even more of a dungeon than the room in Margory's home. One wall had an 'X' frame while another had a ladder with straps fastened. There was also a long bench with a raised centre and straps at each corner. In the centre of the room was a horse such as any school child would recognise. There was also a wooden rocking horse whose use I could not see.The other walls had a large selection of intruments including whips, canes, straps, paddles and other items I did not recognise. The others were clearly used to the room and after shutting the door dropped their gowns. I followed their example and waited for what would follow.
On the table were four boxes with counters in them.
"Now Pauline what we do is to take one counter from each of the first three boxes and two from the last box. The first says the order, the second the instrument, the third where and the fourth is two dice with six - 11 on the sides and when they are muliplied it gives how many strokes of the selected instrument.. So ladies let us start and I will write down what has been chosen."
The first box produced
Mildred, Margory, Pauline and finally me
Mildred had the punishment cane across the box with six by six meaning three dozen strokes
. Frank was the birch on the flogging bench with six by eleven meaning sixty six strokes
Margory was the whip on the ladder with five by ten meaning fifty strokes
Mine was the headmistress cane on the 'X' frame with six by 9 meaning 45 strokes.
Mildred came forward and bent over the 'horse' where she was strapped in position.. It was decided that we would each give one dozen stokes. Frank was first and I guessed that her powerful arm would wreak havoc on Mildred's bum and sure enough from the start
she landed the first stroke and it sunk deeply into her buttocks
I found that I enjoyed watching Frank and she was was into a good rhythm. I also noticed that her arm was VRY powerful and I was sure that I would suffer when she dealt with me.
She now stopped and handed the cane to me. The first dozen stokes had produced good markers and the cane rose and fell I could hear her groaning but it seemed to me not with pain but with pleasure and I continued laying on the strokes
It was now time for me to hand over to Margory and she continued where I had left off.
By now Mildred's bum was beginning to show the results and I could there were weals which turned to blue bruises but there was no suggestion of her wanting Margory to stop. Margory decided that I would now make sure that these last ones flayed her bum and
She put down the cane and released Mildred who stood up stiffy and kissed us in turn.
Now it was time for Frank and she lay down on the bench. We fastened her hands and feet to the ends and I then saw what the bulge in the centre meant as it raised her buttocks high and taut for the treatment she would receive. As Margory walked across to collect a birch I saw that this was not the ones I had seen before. This was six or eight long supple strands about four foot long and thicker than any I had seen. I guessed that these were the real PUNISHMENT birches. She took up her place to the left of Frank and with a
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!"
brought it down. The first stroke showed that this was a fearsome instrument as it left a a thin red line across both buttocks.
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!",each stroke was six and soon the marks which covered her bum were like the tracks of a knife slicing open a pear.
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!",
by now Margory was on her second birch and the flayed bum was turning purple. It was time for Mildred to take over and I was surprised to see that she was left handed and so approached Frank from the right. I soon saw what this meant as Frank now was being scarred on the left side - usually the least damaged.
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!",,"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!",
there was nothing but a low sigh from Frank as the scars began to form ridges on the deep red bum cheeks. Mildred began to work lower and attack the top of the thighs and still Frank did not respond.
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!",.
Mildred put down her birch and now it was my turn. I promised myself that I would be as proficient as the other two and removing a further birch from the brine water I shook the end. I could feel that this was different to the others I had handled and that it was more of a whip than a cane. I raised it and
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!",, "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!",
I thrashed down turning the deep red to purple as the cheeks began to crack.and blood seeped out from them. I stopped a minute while Mildred wiped itoff and then continued.
"WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!", "WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!","WHIPP!!!", "SPLATT!!!",
By now my turn had ended and as I put the birch down I saw that the bench was wet with the cum that had oozed from Frank's pussy. We released her and she stood up giving us all a hug and saying that it was the best flogging she had received in a year. I saw that Margory had donned the dildo harness and Frank lay back with her legs high and wide and welcomed the dildo into her wet pussy. Margory fucked away for several minutes encouraged by Mildred who then followed her in fucking Frank whose appetites were as large as her frame. Finally I was invite to take my turn and fastening the harness the endildo entered her very wet and slippery interior. I also kept going for several minutes before with a groan and a massive buck Frank spurted a deep orgasmic spend round the edges of the dildo. I finished and removed it from her while she lay satiated.
Now it was time for Margory and she walked over to the ladder where she put her feet on the lowest step and stretched her arms up high grasping the top bar. Mildred climbed up and fastened her wrists while Frank and I fastened her feet. I saw that Margory was stretched and her bum was clear from the bars as a cushion was forced between her body and ladder. Frank went across and took up a long whip which she cracked in the air.
"Now Pauline watch what Mildred and I do and then follow us. You will find it very different from any other instrument."
Frank stood back from Margory and "WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", lashed the whip across her buttocks. It left a long thin red line as it curled round her body.
"WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!",
I saw that the whip was more difficult to control but its effect was spectacular as the lines were laid parallel across her bum. and the lash curled round. Frank did not stop with Margory's bum however but used it on higher moving from her buttocks to her back.
"WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!",
Now it was my turn and I took up the whip. Frank told me to aim for wherever I was comfortable from the buttocks upwards. I saw that about half of the red lines were across the bum and the rest the back so decided that I would try to cover both areas.
"WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!",
At first I found that the whip was difficult to control but once I had found that the action was to flick rather than lash I soon got more accuracy and
"WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!", "WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!","WHIPPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!!",
I had aimed most of my lashes for her bum and it was very satisfying to see the way they were now crossing Frank's and raising blood blisters. I finished and handed over to Mildred who kept up the standard leaving Margory with a well scarred back. and bum. We unfastened her from the frame and now it was my turn and I walked over to the horse. As I said I did not understand exactly what it entailed but when I was told to mount I found that sticking up from the saddle was a huge dildo. It was black and had ridges along its length before a large knob at the end. I looked at the ladies and they laughed and confimed that I was to mount and take the dildo inside me. I was worried in case it was too big but as I slid down on it my slippery cunt soon absorbed it although it filled me to my depths. Now my hands were fastened with straps each side of its head so that my bum stood out from the back as though I was riding a finish. I felt soft warm hands caress my bum and feel between my thighs before Then a switch was pulled and the horse moved as though walking and I felt the dildo moving up and down with my movements.
the first stroke landed on my bum.. The shock as much as anything mad e me cry out As the cane sunk into my plump bum cheeks.
The next stoke came from the other side and for the next few minutes they set up a counter rhythm to the movements of the horse and dildo. The pain was exquisite but it was compensated for fully by the effects of the dildo
By now my bum was beginning to show the results and I could feel that some of the red marks were becoming weals which would turn to blue bruises but there was no suggestion of myr wanting them to stop. Then it was the turn of Margory and she made sure that these last ones flayed my bum. She was an expert and the last dozen or so lashed down with such force that they drove me forwards as well as offering pain beyond anything I had felt before BUT at the same time Frank turned up the speed of the horse and I was being reemed at such a pace that my orgasms were flowing into each other with the frisson of pain adding a topping to it "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!", "WHIPP!!, CRACKK!!",
Margory stood back and the three of them inspected my bum before releasing me.
"Welcome to the family Pauline. You are now a true flagellant and at the next meeting of the circle we will initiate you into our family. Now ladies let us return to the cottage for some refreshments and massage."
We put on our gowns and went back to the house where Margory made some coffee and sandwiches for us. Afterwards we went into the sitting room and admired each other and the way our bottoms had received their treatment. Then Frank called me over:
"Let us see what Margory has taught you about sex betwen women."
The other two made themselves comfortable and watched as Frank drew me to her. Her large firm breasts were in front of me and I put my mouth to suckle the left one. The darke aureole was surmounted by a large erect nipple which I took in and sucked and tongued. Meanwhile Frank was feeling my pussy and I felt her soft fingers exploring it with my pouting lips. The breast was huge and the aureole deep and brown with a nut shaped nipple hard on top. I sucked and tongued it while Frank encouraged me.
"Fantastic. Well done you are learning fast. More sucking . Good now I am ready to be sucked off."
We sank to the floor and Frank came over me. Her thick thighs were covered in dark hair but long pendulous outer lips were already offering the musky scent of a woman aroused. I spread her lips wide and used my mouth to explore its recesses. The lips parted to show a wide vanern coral coated with her cum. Deep inside I went with my tongue as she oozed a sublime cum which I enjoyed licking. I felt her begin to move above me and I thrust two fingers inside moving them rapidly in and out until with a cry of delight she came.
She then rose off me and turned round using one o her legs to push mine apart. I could not understand what was happening until I felt her pubis lock with mine as the hairs engaged. As I lay there Frank moved her pubis backwards and forwards speeding up as she progressed bringing a new sensation of eroticism to me. She kissed me on the ear and eye at the same time before her tongue felt and discoved my mouth. Our tongues met and played together until I felt the telltale warmth welling through my body. Then with a rush I was drawn into a massive orgasm and I came ejaculating my spend onto her and me.
We lay there for several minutes while Margory and Mildred clapped. Then Frank gave me a final kiss and told Margory to bring her the harness.
"Now for a dildo in your anus Pauline. Don't worry we will make sure that you enjoy it. Bend over the end of the settee and Mildred will anoint you."
She brought it over and fastened it round Frank's waist. The dildo looked massive as it stuck out from the front. I bent over and Mildred brought some cream to anoint my anus. I was not sure whether I would enjoy it but Margory parted my bum cheeks while Mildred filled my anus with a cool cream. She inserted first one finger and then widened the passage with a second one soon I was ready and, as Margory held my cheeks open, I felt the dildo nudge my puckered bud. I gasped but Frank said:
"Don't panic, pretend that you are voiding and let your anal muscles relax."
I did as she said and felt the dildo stretch me as it entered. I was being stretched painfully and was gasping as though I could not find my breath but I stayed in position until finally the dildo ended its exploration deep inside me. My anus was painful at first but after a minute the pain subsided and I felt Frank begin to move. As she moved in and out the friction created unusual feelings - different to the dildo in my cunt - but becoming more pleasurable. As Frank rogered me I felt fingers finding my pussy and touching my clitty. The fingers began to slide deeply into me and with the two holes being dealt with I was soon in ecstacy and I was crying out with pleasure. Soon I had know knowledge of what was happening as the waves of pleasure took over until eventually Frank gave me a last thrust and a rapid rub of my clitty by the anymous hand and I nearly fainted with the pleasure the two ladies had given me.
Now it was the turn of Margory and Mildred and Margory fastened the strap on before Mildred knelt on the settee presenting her buttocks. She spread her legs wide anf Margory thrust the dildo into her pussy. Frank and I sat back on the soft cushions of the arm chairs trying to get our sore bums comfortable while watching Margory do an very efficient job of rogering Mildred. The two of them fucked with enthusiasm and determination for several minutes with Mildred crying out with pleasure until with a particularly vigorous series of thrusts Margory brought them both of together. At the same time Frank had two fingers in her pussy and was finger fucking heerself. I noticed that she tried to come at the same time as the other two and remembered it for the future.
We then filled the bath and soon were splashing around in it. It was large enough for the four of us and, Margory told me, had been designed for just such occasions. Pleasure and pain I was learning was the perfect circle. The one fed on the other and yet without one the other was less satisfactory.
The day ended for us all with mutual play and our two friends left with the promise of more to come at further meetings. I dreamed of how far along this road I would travel with Marjorie and other like minded friends.