We Deserved It
The Disciplinarian

It was their night! The reunion when the ladies of the regiment came together and after fifteen years they could still remember the pain and humiliation but also the way it had brought them together.
Every year since the early twenties when the incident happened they had met and talked but this was the first time that they were going to tell anybody else about it and only if I promised not to identify them in any way. They also wanted to relive that evening and so I was invited to their reunion. I promised that everything would be confidential. I left my case in the cloakroom and went to join them. The dinner was being held at the home of one of the ladies who I will call Grace and when the meal was finished the servants would be dismissed for the evening.

When we met I saw an average bunch of ladies in their middle thirties to fifties, well dressed and turned out. There were about a dozen of them. They had an unusual brooch pinned to the front of their dinner gowns. For dinner I was placed at one end of the long table while the President sat at the other and, as the only man present. Nobody was surprised to see me and I guessed that it had ben agreed in advance that I would be present.
Dinner finished and after the traditional toasts to the King and the regiment - even the wives kept up this tradition - we adjourned to the library with our drinks and all took seats. Everybody looked at the President who clearing her throat started;
"Ladies and gentleman. Every year we hold this reunion and last year we decided on two things. The first that we would like the full details of what happened to be recorded in an anonymous way; and second that we would like to try it again. Our guest is here to fulfill both decisions. One or two of our members already visit him and can vouch for his silence. Are there any objections?" "No! Then I will begin..I suggest that this written as a story and anybody can add their comments so that we finish up with a well written narrative."
What happened then The regiment had been posted to one of our territories for a five year stint and all the wives were being taken with us. There was plenty of accommodation for the families of both the officers and men with adequate local help. The country had a temperate climate so most of the younger children were with us and went to the English School while the older ones were at school in the UK. We soon settled in and before long we had a good mess and regular dances were held with the regimental band playing. One evening we had invited the Ambassador and his wife and also the Governor of the province and his wife. Unfortunately somebody spiked the drinks and the dance got out of hand with some of the ladies getting drunk and saying and doing things they regretted later
The Ambassador and Governor left very annoyed and the next day the Colonel received a call from the Ambassador warning him that unless some action was taken against the ladies concerned the Governor would declare them 'persona non gratia'. He said that the Governor was quite willing to leave it to the Colonel and would accept his word that action had been taken. The Colonel spoke to the senior Major and the Adjutant explaining this and told them to get their heads together and come up with a solution. The two men were at their wits end and in the end called in their wives and explained the situation. The Major's wife had no hesitation.
"We all deserve a good thrashing for the way we behaved and if it had happened at my school we would each have received two dozen with the cane on the bare bum.!"
The Major looked at the Adjutant and their eyes met in agreement.
"That is a way out but who would deal with it?"
"Miss Freda James the Headmistress of the English School was once Principal of St Hilda's and I am sure that she could be persuaded to help. Shall I speak to her and make all the arrangements"
A relieved Major passed the information on to the Colonel who agreed to leave it to the Major's wife.
The next day she confirmed that she had spoken to Miss James who had agreed to carry out the punishment . She suggested that the ladies came to the English School as though on a visit and she would make sure that they were not disturbed.. The major's wife explained to the ladies what had happened and the only solution and after some discussion they agreed. All had received corporal punishment while at school and did not expect that this would be different. They agreed that Saturday afternoon when their husbands were playing Polo or cricket was a good time.
Saturday came and they assembled at the English School as agreed and waited in the school hall. Miss James entered and tapped the table.
"Well ladies you are in a predicament. I have agreed that I will deal with the situation but you must agree that it is not a trivial matter and you will be dealt with as such. Please do not imagine that this is a 'fun' visit when your bottom is smacked and you are told not to do it again. The Governor, Ambassador, and your Colonel expect this to be treated as a serious matter. I shall see you one by one in my office next door. You will each receive 12 strokes of the cane on the bare buttocks and then return for a further twelve an hour later after you have contemplated that what you did nearly caused a diplomatic incident. Decide among yourselves on the order - I suggest in seniority - and then the first one come to my office, knocks on the door and when given permission enters.
The ladies who had looked upon this as a fun afternoon suddenly found that they had let themselves in for more that they had anticipated. However it was now too late to turn back.
The Senior Major's wife stood up and followed Miss James into her office. First she handed over the list of the twelve ladies who were involved. "Please remove your knickers and then bend over that table. Grip the other side tightly." Removing her knickers the Major's wife did as she was told. As she bent over she remembered other times in her youth when first her father and then her headmistress had given the same instructions. She felt her dress being raised and pinned back. Then Miss James took up a cane from the table. She saw that it was not the nursery cane she was used to but a long, thick punishment cane designed to cause the maximum pain. She gripped the table tightly.
the first stroke sizzled down biting into her well fleshed bum cheeks. She almost cried out with the searing pain that pervaded her.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
The next two followed closely behind and she felt each one discover a new area of her bum as though red hot irons had been laid across them.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
still six more to come and her bum was like a furnace and throbbing with the pain. She gripped the table even tighter and waited, and waited. Miss James smoothed her bum and then
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
two quick ones and yet more pain. She knew that she had to set an example to the rest and bit her lip
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
Oh god only two more - no there wasn't there was FOURTEEN more as they had to come back for a further twelve.!
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!",
Now the final one to come and
this one was the worst as Miss James made sure that it would be with an extra firm flick of her wrist. At first the Major's wife could not let go of the table she was gripping so hard but she felt her dress released and then stood and picking up her knickers she said
"Thank you Miss James. I will see you later for the rest of my punishment. "
So with her bum throbbing in agony she gingerly left the room holding on to her knickers in her hands. She nodded to the next victim and as the others crowded round and asked what it had been like she lifted her dress and showed them the thick red lines which the cane had left and were now turning to purple bruises.
"It was very painful ladies and there is still twelve more to come. I am afraid however that failure to accept this punishment would mean us all being returned to the UK, a disgrace for the regiment and us. So you MUST stick it out!"
One by one the ladies followed her into the study where they were dealt with summarily by Miss James. Some like the Major's wife came out stoically, some came out weeping but all came out commenting on and displaying the ability of Miss James to lay on the cane hard and true. The ladies now knew that they had an hour to wait before the rest of their torment and so some decided to visit a local restaurant, others just walked while one or two waited. few wanted to sit down.
A hour after the last lady had been dealt with to the dot Miss James returned. She reminded them that they still had the second half of their punishment waiting and called the Major's wife forwards. She entered the study and Miss James pointed to the table
"Across it again if you please. I shall want you to count each stroke aloud. If you miss the stroke will be repeated. Do you understand?"
The Major's wife nodded and took up her position. She was not wearing knickers as her bum was already so sore. She felt her dress raised and pinned Then
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!",
she almost jumped to her feet in her agony as the first stroke landed on her already tortured buttocks.
"One thank you Miss James"
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
Each stroke seared through her body like a lance or a white hot poker and she had a job to remember that she had to count. She braced herself for the rest.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
Miss James did not let up and her unerring eye found all the areas which had not been scarred already as well as some that had
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!",
She knew that it was coming to and end and she cried out "Eleven Miss James" and then she felt what she was sure was the hardest stroke yet
. "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
as it cut diagonally across all the others. She cried out with the pain for the first time during her beating and knew that she had reached the end of her stamina.
Miss James lowered her dress and told her to stand. She did so and moving very gingerly walked towards the door. As she was about to leave Miss James said quietly: "Well done I know I tested you to your limit but I promise you I will not push the more fragile ladies too far."
After she had left the rest went in to receive their own punishment. Afterwards they compared scars but admitted they had deserved them. The Major's wife was able to show her husband that they had been firmly dealt with and, passing the information up the chain, everybody was satisfied.
here and Now After her narrative there was a lot of chatter among them about that first time and I heard from different ladies about their own experiences. Some had found it very hard to take as they had never received corporal punishment as girls, while others added in anecdotes of ther school experiences. For all though it had had a salutory effect and in a strange way also brought them closer together. They had designed a brooch and had twelve copies only made - one for each of those punished. They showed me one and it was a small golden circle with a pair of buttocks in the centre and a cane across the diagnal. They only wore it for these reunions. The Major's wife tapped her glass.
"Ladies we know why our friend is here as we all decided that we would like to re-live that experience. However this time we will remain together and watch each caning. I suggest that we all remove our knickers and dresses to make his job easier. "
I watched the extraordinary sight of these twelve ladies removing first their dresses and petticoats and then their knickers. As I looked I could tell that there was a goodly variety of rumps for me to discipline and I was eager to begin. As they were all mature none of them had the narrow bum of an adolescent and were well covered. They had agreed to come forward in the order of the original punishment and I had discussed with the Major's lady how far I should go. She had been a regular at private sessions with me so said that she respected my judgement.
I went over to my long case and removed the canes from it. They gasped and whispered as they saw them.
The Major's wife said,
"Ladies I shall take the full twenty four strokes as I know our guest well, but I know that for some of you this will be too many so we have a minimum of twelve and a maximum of twenty four."
She then stood up and walked over to a table placed in a space on the floor . She bent over and prepared herself. I took up my thickest cane and prepared to deal out the mirror of the justice she had received all those years before.
I brought the cane down across the white unmarked buttocks and the white line produced soon turned into red. The rest of the ladies were sitting in a semi circle around us.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
I dealt with her honestly and soon her bottom was marked with thick red lines which were turning to purple. I continued caning
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
I knew her capabilities well and made sure that she felt every one of the strokes at their full force. The ladies were moving closer as I caned and some I noticed had fingers between their legs. I caressed the bottom of the Major's wife and slipped my fingers between her thighs so that they touched her pussy. As I guessed she was very wet and I knew that she now needed even harder caning
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
I lashed down and she groaned as the strokes fell.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
the final ones seared her bum and putting down the cane I slipped my fingers up inside her and brought her to her climax. She cried out with pleasure and lay there with her scarred buttocks exposed. I eyed the rest who did not seem put out at this finale.
Slowly she stood.
"Ladies I should tell you that our visitor, who I will call Paul, and I are acquainted. Since that experience abroad I have found that I enjoy the rod and since the Major retired I have found Paul to satisfy my needs. By the position of your hands,I can tell that I am not the only one who gets pleasure from spanking. For those who have not tried it but are interested then I can recommend Paul who is very confidential and will not pass on any names or gossip he receives. Now who is next?"
Three ladies eagerly held up their hands but the Major's wife pointed to one. June step forwards and take your place. I saw that June was also well fleshed and had an ample bottom which would dance to the cane. She bent over and I lashed the cane down "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!",
twice rapidly.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
I saw that she was now wriggling and massaged her bum cheeks.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
Yes it was obvious she was enjoying the experience and I decided that this time I would touch her between her legs. As I fingered her she opened her legs to me and I felt that she had a prominent clitty which was well oiled with her spend.
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
There was no suggestion that I should stop and so I decided on the full two dozen playing with her occasionally as I did so. She showed her pleasure through the pain and I decided that the final strokes would be laid on hard
"WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!", "WHIPP!!!", "CRACKKK!!"
She gasped and I drove my fingers deep into her pussy after the last stroke and she bucked and cried out with pleasure. As she stood up she gave me a kiss and murmured that I would hear from her soon.
The rest of the evening proceeded in a similar fashion with some receiving a dozen and others more while I had requests for my telephone number from about half of the ladies. They were very complimentary about by prowess and there was no doubt that I would receive more clients from this party.
They also promised to keep in touch and wanted to book me for a repeat performance at the next reunion as most of them had found the experience very erotic, albeit painful.
Afterwards they dressed and we stood around chatting over a final drink before breaking up for the night. As the Major's wife requested I waited in a side room until they had all gone and then she came in and taking me by the hand led me upstairs to her bedroom.
"My husband is away in India for the next fortnight and you are here so don't let us waste the night."
She rapidly undressed and although she was a mature lady she still had a good figure, almost Junoesque in its opulance. Her breasts were large and the brown aureoles were surmounted by large firm nipples while her prominent mons was covered by a thick black fleece with the engorged pussy lips peeping through. I quickly stripped off and joined her. My cock was already rigid following the work early in the evening and she fell back on the bed spreading her legs. Her pussy was wide open and I could see the coral interior which was slippery with her come. I went on top and my engine found its mark unerringly and slipped deep into her slippery interior. She may have been looser because of her age but she had firm vaginal muscles which milked me as they squeezed me. I rogered her for several minutes with her bucking and thrusting against me to help before finally when she felt I was nearly ready to come she wrapped her legs around my back and drew me even deeper while her vaginal muscles milked every last ounce from me as we both had release and I spurted into her interior. My balls were filled and I had gouts of come pouring out until it oozed through our junction and ran down our legs. I withdrew and she went down on me licking the joint spend and swallowing it with pleasure.
Age had not withered her virility and she gave me a hard time before she slept as she needed servicing several times including one in her anus. Finally we rested and I left early in the morning before the servants were about. and we promised that it would not be the last time.
A fascinating evening and the end of this story but I met several of the ladies subsequently and their adventures are in further stories.