Wife's Punishment
The Disciplinarian

John arrived home that evening late because of a train delay and was already in a bad mood when he collected the mail from the table and on opening it found that his wife Molly had run up large bills on two credit cards. He had warned her only the week before that finances were tight because of the credit crunch, and a loss of overtime had exacerbated this. Now she had spent money like water. When she returned from her aerobics class he was determined to deal with her.
He ate the dinner she had left in the oven for him and then had a shower before preparing. he went to their special cupboard and removed a large paddle,strap, tawse and cane placing them on the bed. He promised himself that she would remember this evening for a long time.
He heard the door open and Molly calling that she was back. He walked grimly downstairs.
"Upstairs Madam, into the bedroom and udress. I want you naked standing beside the bed when I return."
She looked shocked but could see he was very upset so passed him on the stairs looking aside at him as she did so. She did not know wahat that was about but it was obviously very serious. John continued to the lounge, retrieved the credit card accounts and returned upstairs.
Molly was waiting apprehensively at the side of the bed. She was completely naked. and her hands were crossed in front of her. She was looking at the paddle, tawse and cane. John handed her the bills
"How do you explain these? I warned you that we must cut down and yet you have spent even more. This will take us months to pay off. Well what is the reason?"
"I am sorry dear but I just got carried away with the sales. Everything was so cheap and I didn't think. Are you going to punish me?"
"I most certainly am and by the time I have finished you will remember it for a long time. Bend over the end of the bed spread your legs wide and prepare.
Molly bent over the end of the bed and waited. John looked at his wife's beautiful fleshy buttocks and prepared for long session. he took up the medium strap and lay it across her buttocks. he reminded himself that this was a punishment spanking and
"S P L A T T ! !",
brought it down with force. Molly cried out as it dawned on her that he really meant to hurt her. She knew however that she deserved it so waited for the next
"S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
The pain was exquisite and she had no protection knowing that she was guilty as charged "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !",
How many had she received, a dozen or more? She knew that however many this was only the start. "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "S P L A T T ! !", "Please John do stop I promise to improve."
caned bum "No madam this a final reminder that we CANNOT afford your extravagance. I have no intention of stopping until the message is burned into you bum and your mind. Now kneel on the bed - still with your legs wide apart"
Molly climbed onto the bed and knelt as instructed. Her bum was now taut and ready for the next stage.
John took up the paddle this time. He had a strong leather one which would deal faithfully with each buttock in turn.
"T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !",
Left and right the blows fell until Molly's bum burned with the pain. She tried to excuse herself and blame her husband but, in her heart, she knw that she deserved everything she was getting.
"T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !", "T H W A A C K K ! !",
Molly had lost count of the number of strokes she had received but still remained in position although she was weeping with the pain.
John massaged her buttocks and silently admired his wife although he had no intention of stopping until he was satisfied that she had fully learnt her lesson. He put down the paddle and took up a long strong cane for the finish. He had not decided finally on the number but he was going to make sure that she not only remembered this evening but also saw, and felt, the results for days to come.
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
Molly screamed with the pain and rocketed up.
"Please, Please no more I cannot stand it!
"Back in position and leave me to decided when you have had enough !" She sobbed into a pillow as she bent over again and waited.
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
One dozen, two dozen before a final six strokes laid on with a firm hand while she cried our with the pain. he threw the cane down
"Stay in position"
As John said it he was removing his trousers and underpants. Molly saw that he cock was rigid and erect and, as she knelt there hos hands parted her ravaged buttocks. She cried out with pain but then she felt a soothing cream applied to her anus and then his cock pushed at her entrance. In spite of the pain she was ready to enjoy this ending as she knew that John was particularly adept at anal fucking. She waited and then felt his hands come round and find her clitty before he bagan to thrust in and out with increasing speed. he was deep inside and her pleasure was only increased by the pain as his pubic hair scoured her bum. The pleasure and the pain mingled until after several minutes John gave three sharp deep thrusts and her dark secret interior was inundated with his sperm. He lay on her back panting before he gradually subsided and his cock came out with a 'plop'.
Molly sat up and hugged and kissed John.
"I'm sorry darling I promise to be more careful in future - but you know I think I could get to enjoy being thrashed like that.!"


It was several days later, John had calmed down and Molly had recovered from her punishment spanking. In the days between Molly had thought long and hard and knew that through the pain she had had a frisson of pleasure and was sure that she would enjoy a similar session in the not too distant future. This time however she wanted it to be controlled and end in a full enjoyable sex session rather than being raped in her anus - albeit she had enjoyed it.
John had arrived home from the office after a very stressful day and found his wife was particularly 'difficult'. She seemed to take into herself to contridict him at every opportunity and after dinner he stood up and said
"I think you need to be dealt with again like last week. Go upstairs and remove your clothes and wait for me."
It was happening as Molly wanted although she knew that she now had to be clever to make sure that they both received satisfaction. She went upsatairs to their bedroom and removing all her clothes she waited by the bed. This time when he arrived she smiled as putting her hands to his waist suggested that he would be more comfortable if he removed his own clothes. Taken aback John stood there while his wife stripped him. She then bent over the end of the bed and waited.
John's anger had subsided by now and as he looked at Molly's soft, warm, white bum cheeks he decided that if she enjoyed the spanking then he would not disappoint her but they could make it more fun. he raised his hand and "S P L A A T T ! !", his hand fell. He raised a mark on her bum which went from white to red."S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", as his hand rose and fell he could see that his wife was enjoying it and after twenty or so spanks he massaged her bottom felt between her legs. She was wet with her spend and he knew that they had found a new way to give each other pleasure.
"Don't stop darling !" Her voice was muffled but the tone and words were clear and "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !",
By now his cock was rearing up out of its nest of hair and he was beginning to feel randy. "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", "S P L A A T T ! !", He massaged again and this time as he did so he felt Molly's hand gently touch him.
"Fuck me, fuck me !"
He turned her round and lay her on the edge of the bed and parting her ready pussy lips thrust his cock deep into her. She was ready and it slid in helped by the slippery spend. Molly wrapped her arms round him and said one word Eagerly he began the heel and toe movement which can only have one ending and he and Molly bucked against each other in their frenzy. They were gasping with their efforts and try as he might John could hold on no longer until with a final thrust he inundated her with his spunk. Molly had been waiting on a plateau for that moment and as he came she gave a final sweeze to her vaginal muscles and released her own spend. The two mingled and the excess overflowed her pussy oozing down her legs. John held his position for a few moments before easing his now flaccid cock out and they both flopped back on the bed. They lay panting in the afterglow of their pleasure. Eventually Molly sat up.
"John. Although you hurt me when you caned me last evening I discovered that I enjoy receiving it. Will you use it on me now. Cane me hard and then take me as you did then. "
Molly handed John the cane and bent over the end of the bed. As he took the cane John could see that the red marks from the earlier hand spanking had almost disappeared. He took up the cane and rested it across her bum "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
the first blow landed and Molly felt the cane sear a burning line into her bottom.
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
more strokes landed but now Molly found that she was moving beyond the pain into private ecstacy.
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
She felt the cum oozing down the inside of her thighs but the pain of the caning had blended into a stae where she wanted the last stroke to be the final one but perversely she eagerly awaited the next.
"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !, "W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,"W H I P P ! !", C R A A C K K ! !,
back fuck John threw the cane down and the erotic stimulus had caused his cock to rear itself again. He parted Molly's sore, well marked, buttocks before coating he anus with jelly he lodged his tip at thentrance of her anus. He took her hips in his hands and gently pushed forward. His cock broke the tight barrier and slid inside. Molly groaned both with the entrance and the pain of his pubic hair on her bum but waited. John started gently as his first orgasm had dealt with the urgent relief and soon built up a rhythm. Meanwhile Molly was frigging her pussy with two fingers in time with him. Even the greatest pleasures come to an end eventually and warning his wife John gave half a dozen final thrusts before spurting into her while Molly thrust her fingers deep into her pussy and brought herself off.
It was a satisfactory conclusion for both of them and they adjourned to the shower before returning to bed and a quiet night.