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Mary felt a sense of relief as she watched the coffin of her husband slide through the shutters at the crematorium. They had never been close - it was very much a businss relationship - and when the final funeral lunch was over she could get back to saving the business.

Eventually the long day was over and she had said goodbye to the guests business colleagues and friends . She settled down in front of the accounts.

For months with the long ilness of her husband they had been on a knife-edge business wise and now she would rapidly have to pick up the pieces. The first call would be to Sir John Mathers. He was Managing Director of Monarch bank and it was him she would nee to impress to obtain the loan they required. She had arraned to meet Sir John at his headquarters at 11 am the following morning. She knew that she must have all the documents ready and be fully prpared for any questions she might be asked.Some men were reluctant o do business with a woman but she was sure that the strength of the company would pull her through. She collected all the documents together and went to bed.

Next morning she woke early and took a long hot shower. As she dried herself she looked at her body in the full length mirror. Five foot six inches tall with long black hair, she was slim with well formed breasts, firm buttocks and thighs with lonng legs which enhanced her figure. her pubis was covered with a dark thatch of hair which enhanced the sight of her pussy lips peeping through.

She dressed simply with a white silk shirt, with a'pussy bow' at the neck and a pencil thin black skirt. Her red high heeled shoes showed her calves to best effect and she looked every inch a business woman.

She arrived in good time for her meeting with Sir John and promtly at 11 am was shown into his large office on the 10th floor of the bank building. Sir John welcomed her and invited her to sit.

He sat back and waited for Mary to explain her request. She gave him chapter and verse and handed him all the documents necessary for the proposal. he glanced at them and asked a few questions.. She answered as best she could.

Sir John put the tips of his fingers together

"I find your request very appealing and it makes good business sense. However I do need more time to consider your request. Why don't you have dinner with me tonight when I can give you a more considered response".

Mary was surprised at this but Sir John was an attractive man and she saw no problem with a dinner date.

"Thank you I will be happy to join you."

"I suggest that we eat in my penthouse suite. I live above the bank and I have my meals sent up from a restaurant next door. How about 7.30 pm".

Mary was desparate to get his agreement to her request so agreed without further thought.

"Excellent then I look forward to tonight. By the way park your car in the underground carpark and there is an elevator which will bring you directly to the penthouse."

He stood up and shaking her hand escorted Mary out.

Mary's mind was now in a whirl. Would this just be a business dinner? She suspected not but, as a normal woman who had been deprived of affection for a long time she was willing to let the evening take its course.

She went back to her own office and prepared the final papers she would need. She then drove home and considered her preparations for tis evening. She had a quick snack aand then stripped off er work clothes and sorted through her wardrobe to find suitable clothes for dinner. In the end she she settled on a black undeslung brassiere, small black panties and a suspender belt and stockings. her dress would be a white woollen figure-hugging garment which would accentuate he slim figure. Again she would wear red high heeled shoes. having decided on her clothes she went for another shower. This time she also washed her hair to make it glossier and trimmed the thatch aroundher pussy. As she said to herself she had no idea what would happen.

She drove to the bank premises and into the underground carpark. She found the lift and entered. It whisked her up to the penthouse which was on the 17th floor in rapid time and, as it stopped her heart beat a little faster.She had done her homework on Sir John and discovered that he was unmarried but over the years had had one or two lady friends ,although nobody could tell of any particular ones. Meanwhile the lift door opened and she faced anhuge luxury flat. Sir jon met her and shook her hand.

Welocme to my home. I will show you around while we wait for the dinner to arrive. he first led her to the huge pictures window which looked down on the twinkling lights of London. Few buildings topped the Bank so the panorama was mostly beneath her feet. They then went to the cloakroom to hang up her coat and Sir John showed her the bathroom and toilet, a fitted kitchen and his bedroom, The latter was large and had a large canopied bed at one end. By this time the waiter had deelivered the meal and after putting it on the table had returned downstairs to the restaurant.

The meal was ecellent with lamnb schops, saute potatoes and a range of vegetables. It was followed by an ice cream confection and ended with cheese and biscuits. The wine was superb and both of them took several glasses. before retiring to the lounge area for coffee.

They sat facing each other. Sir John on a long comfortable sofa and Mary in a deep armchair. Sir John began

"First of all let me congratulate you on you presentation this morning. I am sure that we will be able to business as long as we can agree a few extras."

Mary looked at him. She had a feeling she knew what the extras would be but she was prepared to go to any lengths to preserve the company and, in any case, she was sure that she would enjoy dallying with Sir John.

"Anything I cn do to preserve us I will do Sir John so do not hesitate to ask!"

"I like you Mary and hope that if I suggest spanking and sex you will not feel offended!"

Mary gasped but soon recovered. Sex she had expected but spanking - that was another thing. She had never been spanked and didn't know whether she would find it pleasurable or not but for the company she would agree. If she found it too distastful she would leave and try to find another solution. She nodded in agreement.

Come across my lap my dear!"

Mary stood up, walked across and lay across Sir John's lap. She felt helpless and fearful of what might traspire.

"S M M A A C K K!",

It was a shock as the first blow landed but not painful.

"S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!", "S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!",

His hand rose and fell stinging her bottom but it was not unpleassanr.

"S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!", "S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!",

He stopped and lifted her dress. She flt the warm air caress her buttocks as he lifted it

"S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!", "S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!", "S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!",

Now the sting was more pronounced as his hand found flesh as well as the tiny knickers she was wearing.

"S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!", "S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!", "S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!",

Now she felt her knickers drawn down. She lifted her body automatically as a reflex so that he could slide them off her feet. Now she was bare bottomed and embarrassed as she could feel her pussy getting wet. Then she felt a gentle touch on her inner thighs andfingers exploring her. She was not afraid and was enjoying an experience which she had not had for many years. he sex was being explored.

"S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!", "S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!",S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!", "S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!","S M M A A C K K!",

"Now my dear why not remove the rest of your clothes while I do the same."

Mary could not belive what she was hearing or that she was enjoying doing it. He bum throbbed from the sting of his hand but she knew that she wanted something more. <

She stood up and removed her dress. She then unfastened her brassiere before an anmiring Sir John. Finally unfastening he stockingings she rolled them down and off her feet. Just leaving her suspender belt in place. She looked at Sir ohn and he nodded. Sheunhooked her belt and was now bare. Sir John now stood up and removed his shirtt and tie, unfastened his belt and slipped his trousers and shoes and socks off. Mary could see that his spanking had clearly stimulated him as his underpants wer thrust out in front of him. She went across and eased them over his rampant cock and off his feet. Now they looked at each other in a different light. His cock thrust through his thick dark pubic hair while her pussy nestled and hid behind her's. He took her hand

"Shall we adjourn to the bedroom?"

Mary followed him. The sting still in her bum was was overthrown by the need of he pussy for a cock, and here wa a magnificent one clearly eager to fulfil its destinty. She forgot all about the company but just her own needs as a woman who had been frustrated for so many years.

Sir John ws a considerate lover and after placing her on the bed he gently spread her legs and using his fingers explored the avenue offered to him. Mary took his cock in her hand.

"Please I need this it has been so long!!"

Sir John rose above her and with his legs inside hers pointed his rod at the coral coated avenue of delight. It was time but he was gentle and eased in. he not have worried for although she was ight for lack of use she was well lubricated so his cock found a ready home..

God! You don't know how I NEED to be fucked so please, please give me a good time!"

Sir John smiled and started gently to fuck Mary. She thrust against him

"Harder I need it harder!"

Sir John, experienced in sexual encounters, mad sure that he kept his control so that Mary could enjoy being fucked. She cried out with her first orgasm and then again and again as waves of spectacular pleasure flowed through he until even Sir John had given his all and with a final thrust he finished. he withdrew qickly so that his spunk spurted all over her belly and breasts while his fingers brought her to her ultimate orgasm.

They both collaped with their efforts and lay there resting for several minutes.

"Thank you Sir John I must have a shower and leave now. I hope that you are sympathetic to my request. But, might I add that, I would enjoy visiting again for you have reminded me that I am a woman. with a woman's needs. "

"I had already decided to confirm the contract after I listened to you this morning. Like you however this evening has been such a pleasure that I would like to arrange a further meeting to discuss mutual interests. Possibly early next week?

Mary agreed and after her shower she dressed and returned home a very satisfied woman as well as a successful businesswoman.. She was sure that this would not be the last time she and Sir John would meet!

Part 2 will be further meeting between Mary and Sir John

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