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Mary and Sir John and had a fruitful eperience when Sir John had confirmed that he would accept her busines request and she had re-discovered her enjoyment of sex.Now the couple had agreed another dinner in Sir John's penthouse suite this time with no business problems to intervene.

About a week after their first dinner Mary had received an invitation from Sir John for a further dinner with 'no strings attached'. She accepted with alacrity as she had enjoyed the first one and they agreed pn the following evening..

Mary thought carefully how she should dress and though that the woollen clinging dress showed off her figure well BUT she also had found it more difficult when the spanking had occurred and she was sure that this would be part of the genda. She there for decided on a white blouse with a pussy bow and a flared knee-length skirt. She woul dstill stick to a suspender belt and stockings rather than the convential body stocking which, again, was more difficult to remove. She also thought that a red and black basque rather than her conventianal brassiere would be appreciated. For shoes the red ones were again ideal.

Again she prepared her body as she showered she massaged her breasts and gently played with her pussy. She clipped a few more fronds from her pussy hair to make it look neater. As she looked at it she wanted it to allow her pubic mound to show. Now she was ready and feeling wicked took a taxi to the bank.

She used the lift to take her to the penthouse where John was waiting. He kissed her and after taking her coat he gave her a drink.

"We will have dinner first and then I want our spanking explorations to go further than last tiem. Have you ever received the strap or the cane?

She was surpried at the question but shook her head.

"I think you will enjoy them the way I use them. You need not be afraid that I am going to beat you.."

They had a leisurly meal and after a final coffee John sat on the settee and beckoned Mary over patting his lap

"Let us start as we did last time.She lay across his knees and he started spanking over her skirt but soon raised it and spanked over her knickers. She found that this time in spite of the sting she was enjoying the experience even more. His hand rose and fell

" S M M A A C K K!"." S M M A A C K K!"" S M M A A C K K!"." S M M A A C K K!"." S M M A A C K K!"." S M M A A C K K!"" S M M A A C K K!"." S M M A A C K K!"" S M M A A C K K!"." S M M A A C K K!"." S M M A A C K K!"." S M M A A C K K!"

he continued for several minutes during which time he removed her pants and he was spanking on the bare. By now she was enjoying it as the string was alleviated by the pleasure her pussy and the rest of her body found as his fingers explored her depths. He told her to stand and remove the rest of her clothes. She did so and was soon naked before him. John did not remove his this time but told her to bend over the back of the settee. She looked at him but did as asked

"S P P L L A A T T!",

She jumped. The sting on her bum was sharper this time than his hand but not unpleasant

"S P P L L A A T T!","S P P L L A A T T!","S P P L L A A T T!","S P P L L A A T T!","S P P L L A A T T!","S P P L L A A T T!","S P P L L A A T T!",

John gave her two dozen with the strap and then told her to remain in position.. She watched him remove his clothes as she rested there and then as he want behind her she saw that his cock was already erect. She wanted to handle the erect rod but syed in position

She remained in position and felt John part her ripe ready pussy lips. The fig was so engorged among the fronds of pussy hair that he nearly bent and kissed it. He slipped his fingers down and felt the wrm interior it was already awash with her cum but she felt his fingers exploring her ripe rich interior and then his cock nudging her. She spread wider as she knew he was looking for the opening and then..................he was inside. It had been gentle and fluent as her gaping quim was eager ro accept him and her interior was slippery with cum. He filled her and she knew that she needed to be fucked hard.


He took her hips in his strong hands and drove home for the first time. he then and powered in and out. His thrusts were so deep that he almost drove her through the chair but this was what she knew she needed. The previous night had just been a taster of her needs after years of celibacy. Soon her body was in rhythm with John's as she helped him pushing back into his cock as he thrust forwards. It was several minutes of exquisite pleasure before she felt him stiften and knew the climax was coming

Come inside me John, I want to feel your spunk wash my vagina!"

Nothing loathe John gave two final thrusts and drove his stake deep into her. She felt his sperm flooding out in greats gouts and inundating her. For both of them the climax came in an awe inspiring finish. This was the ultimate in sex for both of them!

Both were exhausted and John lay across Mary's back while she milked the final drops from him with her vaginal muscle squeezing his cock. They rested for minutes and then John withdrew his now soft,flaccid cock. For both of them it had seemed that the ultimate had been reached. Mary because she had missed all of this for years and John had never had a sexual encounter like it!

They were both perspiring so much that they decided they needed a shower. the cubicle was large enough for both of them and playtime was revived as theysoaped and massaged each other. They dried and it was now time for a rest on John's bed. As they layed back John drew back the blind which covered the mirro above them and Mary saw herself and John from an unusual viewpoint. Both on their back and she gently fondling his cock while he played with her pussy hair.. Mary spoke first

"John that was wonderful I have never felt like it before. It is many years since I had satisfactory sex and even then this was light years ahead!"

I agree! I have had partners before but never one like you. Now I want to see whether we can make it even better. I am going to cane you. You enjoyed the strap and I think you will enjoy the cane even more!"

Mary was dubious but agreed to go along with John. he went to a cupboard at the side and removed a long whippy cane from a shelf.

I want you to bend over the end of the bed. I am going to cane your bum. I promise you that if you tell me to stop I will dod so!

Mary bent over with her naked buttocks ready for what they were about to receive. John could tell that the strap marks had almost disappeared so her bum was ripe for this new experience. he was not sure how many strokes but it would depend on Mary's reaction.

"W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !",

The first stroke burned across her buttocks like a flaming brand. John saw it as a white lline which changed to red.

"W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !","W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"

For Mary the experience was strange and bewildering. The pain from each cane stroke was exquisite and she wanted it to be the last - yet she would not ask John to stop

"W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !","W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"

John went behind and massaged and caressed her bum and felt her pussy it was wet with cum!

Still she could not utter the stop word. Her bum was on fire but her midnd wanted it to continues.

"W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !","W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"

John knew when it was time to stop and he decided on the last five. These would be harder than the rest and would decide whether she was really a spankee and could enjoy it as part of their sexual activities

"W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"."W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !","W H I I P P ! C R A A C C K K !"

John put down the cane and went to Mary's back. he took up a bottle of baby oil and gently massaged her buttock.s He told her to remain in position and she felt his fingers entering her anus. She knew nothing about anal play but found that his oily fingers in and out of her were pleasurable in a different way to vaginal pleasure. She felt another finger and then another until three finger stretched her. No she fely her sore bum cheeks parted and then a nudge at her anuss. She felt the entance of his ock. First it was just the edge of the sphicther and then it went in further. She gasped and it filled her but after a short lived pain the baby oil had lubricated her well. Now it was the discomfort of his pubic thatch which rubbed on her sore bum as her rested over her.

John moved in and out and she found that although different from being fucked in the pussy anal sex was enjoyable. He was gentle and did not make too many demads and soon she gained confidence. While John fucked she played with her own pussy and she found that the two stimuli had an even more profound erotic effect than before. Eventually she felt Jogn stiffen and his thrusts became shorter as he prpared for a final assault One last tpush and his cock spurted cum into the dark mysterious interior. At the same time she used her pingers to bring herself to orgasm. She used her spincther muscles to draw the last drops of cum from his cock and then released it to shrink and, with a plop leave her body.

She stood up and hugged him

WOW! The caning was wonderful! I did not know whether I would be able to take it but in a strange and perverse way I even enjoyed it.. The pain and the pleasure mixed leaving on a high which this anal sex topped off. It has been a wonderful evening and now I must clean up and after a glass of wine leave for home. Will you call me a taxi to come in30 minutes

John agreed. he was reluctant for the evening to end but knew that he must not push too far to fast. Mary was a lady worth cultivating as they were on the same sexual wavelength but she needed her own space.

Mary freshened up and the taxi took her back to her own home. She had no thought of marriage with John but was sire she would enjoy a long term relationship! Strangely enough John was thinking exactly the same thoughts. . .. . . .

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