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After a couple of months Mary and Sir John could almost feel that they were 'an item'. They now met regularly and they enjoyed their meals, sex and the spanking. However one day a client of Sir John's suggested he might like to visit a private club called "The Sanctuary". If he had a partner then he shoul d certainly take her with him as she would also enjoy the facilities offered. The client was rather guarded but explained that it was an opportunity to meet like minded adults in a relaxed stmosphere. He and his wife went regularly, about once every two months, and found the atmosphere stimulating. To visit a member had to vouch for you but he was happy to nominate Sir John.

Intrigued by this Sir John consulted Mary at one of their evenings and she agreed that it might be interesting and certainly instructive. Sir John therefore confirmed a visit with his friend and, given the telephone number arranged for a visit in a fortnight. They would arrive on Friday evening and leave on Sunday afternoon if they had enjoyed themselves. The fees were steep but money was no object.

Work continued apace as also their evening meetings but eventually the weekend was nigh for their visit to "The Sanctuary". They were both very excited about it as it would be a new departure in their relationship. They had agreed that they would accept whatever was offered with no jealousy or inhibitions. Sir John had the address and collected Mary from her apartment after work. They had arranged to have dinner when they rrived at The Sanctuary so made an early start to beat the rush hour.

When they arrived after a drive of about an hour they found a The name on the outside of a high wall with an electronic gate the only access. Sir John spoke his name and car number into an aswerphone beside the gate which immediately and silently opened to allow them in. As soon as they were in the grounds the gate closed behind them. They drove up to the entrance where a servant was waiting to take their cases and drive the car away to a secure car park. they walked up the steps into the entrance hall which was bright and colourful and met the Manager looking very smart in a tuxedo.He welcomed them and registered them.

"Welcome to The Sanctuary. Here is a brief resume of what is on offer but I will try to give you some information before you up to your suite. Will you come into my office and we can have coffee. Dinner will be served in about one hour.

they sat down in easy chairs drinking their coffee while he explained The Sanctuaty.

My name is Griffiths, Daniel Griffiths and I am the Owner of this retreat. Thee are plenty of Spa retreats throughout the country but I was interested in setting up a very special one. We have all the usual Spa facilities BUT we also have one important extra. We offer free love!. What is this you may ask? Well it is the chance for couples who may be a little too familiar with each other, those whose sex life has become jaded, those who enjoy variety. In fact we cater for all tastes. If you wish to have an exclusive relationship with each other then that is fine, of you would like to mix with your fellow guests that is also fine - and frankly recommended. You are as free as the air as the saying goes. Our guests are specially selected and recommended by friends, as you were because it is believed that you have open minds and keen sexual appetites. Once you go beyond the reception and through the Green doors you are in an area where anything you wish to participate in takes place. We have several young ladies and gentlemen availble to join you if you wish, or you may join other guests. As I said you are as free as air.We just have three rules . The first is that all sexual and disicplinary activities are consentual and the second is that when you go through the green doors you remain naked thoughout your time. If you wish to visit your car thenyou must of course dress othewise naked please. and the third and final one is that when you leave here on Sunday afternoon you tell nobody about us unless you feel that you can recommend them personally. Now I have spoken enough. Can I assume that you wish to stay

The couple were astounded but were happy to try for this weekend before committing to further visits.

"Now I suggest that you freshen up in the bathrooms behind me and have your dinner, still dressed, in the dining room before you go through the green doors..

Mary and Sir ohn took him at his word and, after washing and frshening up they went an ate a splendid meal. While they ate they discussed what they had been told and decided they wish to try everything for this weeked. They would not be jealous of what the other was doing but would enjoy the freedom The Sanctuary offered. For the future they would decide later.

They finished their dinner , took a deep breath and passed through the green doors. Thee was a reception desk where they handed in their voucher and were given a key to their suite. They were taken upt to the sleeping area and their door was unlocked for them.

Welcome to the private area. You should now remove all of your clothes and put them in this chest which will be locked until you leave. There is a lounge at the end for staff if you wish to use any of the staff. You will also see a board with a list of all the rooms and activities which are available. Please remember that in this area the receptionist is the only person who is clothed.

They couple went to their suite and found a fantastic area. The bed was a huge four poster bed and the walls were covered with mirrors. There was a box at the bottom of the bed which waited for their clothes. Once they had undressed they put their clothes in the box and closed the lid. It was final as the box locked itself.and their was no key. They tested the bed and found it very cimfortable before deciding to explore.

They left their room and soon saw other couples in the passages. Like John and Mary they were naked and everybody seemed uninhibited about their naked state. They saw that one room was a sauna so they decided to visit it. When they arrived there was another couple about the same ages already there. They began chatting and it was soon clear that this couple were regular visirors to The Sancuary. They ralked about the people they had met and it soon came out that they enjoyed joining other couples and sharing partner. John looked at Mary and she nodded almost impercitibly. John suggested they might enjoy all having a drink in their suite after the sauna. the other couple introduced themselves as David and dDana and happily agreed. the sauna session ended and they all strolled along to John's suite. As they were all naked there was little concealment and it was soon clear that the two men were finding it difficult to conceal their state of arousal. The ladies smiled at each other.

David suggested that after their drink they should see what their partners had to offer. The rest agreed and they soon were on the bed. Dian a had latched on to John and david to Mary. David suggested that it was up to the two me to sow their prowess and the four of them would fuck. The winners of round one would be the couple who lasted the longest. The was ready agreement and with the help of the ladies cocks were primed and pointed. On the command go both men impaled their partner. John had decided that the best way was to keep up a long steady rhythm. They soon settled down and with Diana wrapping her legs round him and her vaginal muscles gripping him tight John was soon enjoying himsel. Except with Mary his partners over the years had been fleeting busines associates so this chance to really fuck a good looking woman could not be missed. he looked across and saw that mary was getting a rogering from David. He was more staccato than John but was certainly turning Mary on. For several minutes neither couple would give ground and the men fucked and fucked while the women encouraged them until finally bothe men looked at each other

"A draw I think!"

Gasped John and David agreed.so they both mad urgent motions and came together for a final climactic end to the session. They prodnounced it a draw and the two girls agreed.

They lay back and rested kissing and playing together. Who was playing with who was not obvious as at one time both girls were over and around David while at another time John.

John suggested that some stimulation was needed to continue and fetched two canes out of the closet. David was enthusiastic and both ladies blushed as they knew whose bum would suffer.

This time Mary issued the challenge and suggested that the first one to cry enough would be the loser. The caning would be carried out by the other man and both at the same time. The loser would be buggered and the winner decide on the next game.

The ladies bent over the sides of the bed so that each could watch the other being caned and prepared them selves.

"W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ", .

Both canes landed on the rspective bottoms at the same time. The firls looked and smiled at each other

""W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ", ""W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ","W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ","W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ","W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ",

By the time of the sixth stroke it was clear that both ladies were used to being caned and so the men agreed that if nobody cried enough by two doen then both girls would be buggered.

""W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ", ""W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ","W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ","W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ","W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ",..........................""W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ", ""W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ","W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ","W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ","W H I I P P!, C R A A C C K K ",

Again the session was called a tie and both ladies were massaged and bums oiled before gel was applied and they again bent over ready for a cock. This time there was to be no challenge but each man was eager to outdo the other. Diana was a little fuller in the bum than Mary but her anus had clearly been well used so John had no difficulty entering finding a willing apature. Her spinther was already flexing as she prepared for his cock and anticipation her pleasure.

Daavid had a longer but slimmer cock than John so again, although less practiced there were no entry problems. Well lubricated and widened by the fingers of her partner she found that the entry caused little dicomfort.

The two men began fucking away at the bottom hole of their partner. Both girls were crying out enthusuastically as the men buggered them and after the fucking the two men had done earlier they were able to sustain themselves longer. David looked at John who nodded and mouthed 'Now' and with a further few thrusts they shot their load into the girls.

They rested together before withdrawing and sponging each other down. Both men were exhausted by now and were happy just to flop back on theb ed. The girls however had other ideas and it was not long before John found that a hairy pussy was being prente to his face. He smelt the woman scent and as he started tongguing her he felt soft lips gently sucking his cock. As he looked to his left he saw that Mary was giving david the same treatment. Now it was the turn of the girls to get the maximum pleasure from the men!

David found that the less practiced pussy of Mary was ideal for him. He gently spread her lips and his tongue explored until he found her clitoris. he gently massaged it he flicked it with his tongue and then using one finger rubbed it as it sprang from its sheath. Mary was fully aroused now and in her turn her mouth found David's cock. This was only the second onee she had tried and it felt very different to John's which was shorter and thicker. The tip was however just as sensative and his precum pleasurable as she took the whole length in her mouth and sucked. Now the pleasure was again both ways and this was a pleasure which could be continued for longer and with no stress.

Meanwhile John was savouring Diana's pussy. Hairier than Mary her lips where fleshy and already engorged. Her cum was filling her cunt and once his tongue and fingers had found her clitoris he was able to use it to explore even deeper. Awash with spend Diana was enjoying eating John's pussy. It was shorter and thicker than her husband's but equally as enjoyable.She rimmed the purple head and sucked up his precum. Then she took half of him and using only her mouth began to wank him. Her mouth rose and fell as his cock went deeper then shallower. until she felt that just as she was beginning to orgasm so was John and soon she was gasping as his cum flooded out with his orgasm and she found difficulty in swallowing all. The two the flopped back onto the bed and hugged and kissed. They watchedwatched the fianle of the others.

For David and Mary the climax was a little longer coming but no less dramatic. As Mary tried to cry out with her own orgasm she found herself spluttering as David's sperm gushed into her mouth. She swalloed it down to the last drop and sucked him dry. ..............................

It was time for the evening to end and David and Diana thanked John and Mary.

"Maybe we will meet up again over the weekend but whatever we would like you to join us for dinner one Saturday night. this will be followed by a pleasurable night together."

John assured them they would not forget and they part ed for the night. A quick shower and the to bed for a gentle fondling and a good night's sleep!

Part 4 isThe rest of the weekend

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