Mistress and Business Woman The Sanctuary - Part 2
The Disciplinarian

John and Mary woke refreshed the next morning and, after a brief kiss and cuddle John called the kitchen for coffe and toast for both of them.. They had decided that the would have a swim in the heated indoor pool and then see what else offered. They had both agreed that last night had been a sucess and that the addition of David and Diana had certainly helped them get into the swing of the weekend.

There was a knock on the door and a young waitress entered followed by a man pushing a trolley with their breakfast. Both of them had wristbands, her.s pink and his blueShe, like everybody else beyond the green doors was naked, although she did have a small frilly apron around her waist.. martin was unclothed.

"Good morning. I am Tina your hostess, and Martin is your host for the day and we are available any time you need us. You can tell any of the staff by these wristbands and they are resdy for your wishes. Please understand your wish is our command today and if you press the bell beside the bed we will come. I suggest that now you have your breakfat and explore."

The couple smiled and left the room. John and Mary finished their breakfast and went to the swimming pool. There were already several people lounging around it as well as one or two swimmers. John and mary joined the latter and after a dozen lengths deciided to explore. Their first port of call was a room which said 'Bondage' and they were intrigued as they had never tried it. When they entered they found a room equipped like a dungeon with 'X' and 'A' frames, spanking benches, hosts and massis of instruments. They also saw a man hanging bent over a spanking box. His hands were fasted to one side and his ankles the other. He was well built with a huge flesy bum and was crying out as he was being systematically being flogged by two young men weilding lethal looking canes. One of them said

"Remember you asked for fifty strokes this time you came Peter and you have only received forty to date."

They saw that Peter's bum was covered in cane strokes and had now turned a deep purple. His two tomenters were laying on the last ten strokes with vigour.

One of the staff standing at the side whispered to them

"Peter is an old Public School man and needs this. Watch and you will see the follow up which also comes from his school day!"

As they watched the caning stopped and one of his caners. went behind him

he parted Peter's buttocks and rubbing his cock to make sure that it was hard. He applied gel to the tip and Peter's anus and thrust inside. Peter called out

"That's a good lad now for a good bugger. I hope that you have enough staff to satisfy me!"

Their guide indicated that there were four of them who would work in shifts to satisfy Peter.

John and Mary had seen enough and they feft the 'Bondage Room'. As they walked along the corridor ttey passed an open door and heard cries of pleasure and they decided to look in. They saw that this was a group sex session with at least three men and four girls. They noticed that at least two wore the staff wristbands.

As they continued down the corridor they wer stopped by a middle-aged Junoesque shaped woman.

"I say you two do not look busy will you join me. I'm Griselda by the way? "

Remembering the rule that they should join in everything they agree and she led them to her room. As they looked at her they saw that she was not fat but well fleshed. Her breasts were large with dark brown aureols cirling the erect nipples ad her pubis was covered with a dark black fleece which almost reachedher navel. Even through this thatch they could see her huge pussy lips showing through. She led them into her room and explained that she always visited alone asher husband was not interested in sex - or much else for that matter!

She handed John a cane and said that when she told him he was to use it HARD aand often. meanwhile she went to a table and they say a huge strap-on dildo. They knew nothing about dildos but this prong was massive. Ther was also a much smaller 'other leg'.

"Now by dear this is very simple. You fasten it round your waist and thighs and put the smaller dildo into your pussy. The thicker prong is for me. I will kneel across you with this inside me and, as I bend over, I will ride you while your man thrashes my bum. You will enjoy the small dildo and I will enjoy the larger one as well as the thrashing your man gives me. Now young man. When I say HARD I mean HARD. I ride to hounds and my bum has lost its sensitivity and only a hard caning helps. Are we ready ? So let us saddle up"

She helped Mary to fasten the dildo and made sure that the sorter thiner prong was comfortable.

"Must make sure you get the full pleasure. Now my dear on your back and I will straddle you."

Maty lay bcak and waited. After handing Jonn a thick black malacca cane she climbed on to the bed and straddled Mary. She took the huge dildo which pocked up and eased it into her. She took it in one gulp and it disappeared. Now she bent over mary and resting on her arms started moving up and own as though riding a horse.She turned to John

"It is up to you now. remember You will know when to stop caning when I finally come!"

It was a strange scene with Mary passive as the horse. Griselda the rider and John instead of beating the horse was thrashing the ride. he was no expert with the cane but he certainly found his stride.

"W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ","W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K "...............................................

ten, twenty, thirty. He did not know how many as she was still riding vigorously

"W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ","W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ".<........................"W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ","W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ""W H I I P P !, C R R A A C K K ".her bum was now a vivid red with long lateral marks scarring it. Was it forty or even fifty

Suddenly she reared up and cried out as she came with a shuddering orgasm. Cum poured down the inside of her thighs onto mary who had been enjoying a less frenetic experience. Griselda climbed up and released the dildo from her cunt and then unfastened Mary.

"I hope that you enjoyed it my dear and thank you both. Now I am satisfied.

John and mary returned to their room. they were both shocked by what had happened but they had also foud it stimulating. John rang the bell and and Tina and martin appeared. Tina was now naked.

"Can we assist you?

"Yes please Martin I would like you to pleasure and have sex with Mary. While Tina and I watch and then Tina you will pleasure me while Mary and Martin watch"

Certainly Sir"

Tina and I went to the sofa which was at the side and watched as Martin went to mary.he stood in front of her and kissed her. lips he gave her a long lingering French kiss before moving to her breats. he caressed each one in turn and then took her left nipple in his mouth he sucked andtongued it before moving on to the right. Now hemoved down to her navel and made soft round movements with his tonue circling her bessly button.Meanwhile his hands were gently brushing her flanks and buttocks. He avoided her pussy andlicked her thighs andcalves before lifting each foot in turn and kissing it. Now she was so stimulated that h took eher to the bed and laid her on her back. he parted her legs and began to caress and kiss the insideof her thighs.His cock was already hard, as was that of John watchinga seduction scene he could never have imagined in his dreams.

Now he began to inspect Mary's pussy his fingers gently explored followed by his active tongue which found a ready clitoris. He rose above her and with a few rubs of his rigid cock presented it to the warmwet interior oc her cunt. Slowly and carefully he entered her while she cried out and threw her head about with the pleasure she was receiving. Only now did he begin to move.

Resting on his elbows he started the backwards and forwards movemnts as he thrust in and withdrew. He drove deep and then withdrew to the edge before plunging back in. Mary was crying out and flexing her hands as Martin now began to move faster and deeper. Now he was on a mission to complete the exqusite seduction of Mary and so he held himself for several minutes before he gave a shudder as he climaxed. He was fully inside her but the condom all the male staff used stopped any of his sperm inundaitng her. Mary meanwhile had risen on her back and gave a huge 'CAW' of pleasure as what must be considered an ultimate fuck sufussed her body.It was ended and for John it ws a demonstration of what can be achieved!

Mary rested for several minutes before standing and kissing Martin and thanking him saying it had been special. Now it was John and Tina.

Tina like Martin led John to the bed. His cock was already rigid from watching the pleasuring of Mary but Tina ignored it completely. She stood close to his body and fondled his buttoks as she frnch kissed him. This was better than he had ever known a kiss and he wanted it to continue. but Tina moved to his ear breathed on the lobes. Her fingers were now playing a tattoo up and down his back.which was haling to make him shudder with pleasure. She moved lower and tongued his nippes. Not as sensitive as a women he nevertheles felt a frisson of excitement. She knelt in front of him and gently carressed his balls but still not touching his cock. She licked the inside of his thighs and then turned him round so that she could massage his buttocks. She parted them and then using one finger touched his anus. His cockck was rearing and ready for action. The purple head bulged form its sheathe and now Tina took it in hand. She gently sucked and rubbed it before taking a condom and covering it. Then she led him to the bed and made him lie back. She came over him smiling as she took his cock into her cunt. She gave several squeezes with her vaginal muscles before she began moving. Up and down , drining down to his roots and then withdrawing to the tip until he felt he had lost her.

As she reared above him she offered her breats for him to suck. Each nipple was as hard as a nut and she enjoyed her own pleasure as did John. Still she kept her fucking low key so that John never felt ready to come until after several minute she began to speed up . Now she was riding him like a horseman but she was still not finished and, taking his hips she twisted him until he was on top. Now it was John in charge and with a surge of enery he fucked, and fucked, and fucked before with Tina wrapping her legs around him and squezing her vaginal muscles he came. He felt gouts and gouts of sperm overfloewing the condom and oozing down between thei legs.

John eased out and Tina stood up. She thanked him and removing the condom washed his flaccid cock. John and Mary now knew what real seduction was and they both added it into their own sexual mores.

The two staff members left saying that they were always available.

John and Mary sat with a drink and discussed what had happened. They both agreed that the pleasure had been total but also both used the phrase 'clinical'. Th staff were just sex instruments for our pleasure. John and Mary knew that if they visited The Sanctuary again, and they expected they would, they would use their friends or other staff members' services althought it would never make up for the real plasure with a proper partner. Finally they confirmed that although they enjoyed their own sexual experiences they were not an 'item' and would enjoy other partners along the way. They guessed that they would probably return to each other regularly but would not be jealous of other relationships. A typical business deal albeit touched with sex and pleasure.

They had lunch and spent much of the rest of the day before supper just chatting in the swimming pool, lounge or sauna. They had agreed that their next adventure would be after dinner that night.!

Evening came and as they were eating they noticed a couple sitting on the other side of the room who were trying to attact their attention. John acknowledged them and mouthed 'after dinner'.. Anodd and they went back to their mea. They discussed possible scenarios and hoped that this couple would be as pleasant end enjoyable companions as david and Diana had been. they noticed they were having dinner with a grey hair couple who still looked active.

Dinner ended and they went into the lounge to meet the others. They shook hands. John said

"Good evening. I noticed that you were looking at us this evening. Were you hoping to join us?"

"Yes I am Alexander and this is Karen my wife. We noticed you yesterday evening but saw that you were engaged so thought we would wait until tonight."

"We are John and Mary. Shall I get us a bottle of wine and then we can go up to our suite and get to know each other better."

The others ageed and clutching his bottle John ld them to their suite.. They sat down in arm chairs and the sof a while John gave them a drink. He explained

"This is our first time at The Sanctuary and we are enjoying ourselves very much. Have you been before. ?"

"Yes the is now a regular visit for us and we meet such interesting people. We also find that we can enjoy the sex without any worries that we will be followed or spied upon. Have you enjoyed the staff yet because they are marvellous when you want a change?"

Yes! Tina and Martin were here this morning and they were excellent. I think that we also learnt something from them.. They are doing a job of work and, although they enjoy their work, they cannote bond with the clients. We met david and Diana last night and had a wonderful time. I am hoping that we can find the same 'rapport' tonight!

"I am sure than we can. Shall we just explore ur partners for now and let the evening unfold!"

They all agreed and paired up. John led Karen to the sofa while John and Mary tried the bed. The former couple soon began to enjoy themselves. John made Karen stand so that he could get a good look at her. She was taller than him with long slim leggs which went up to her head, as the saying goes! He fondled her bum cheeks and mad her bend over. What he saw enthused him Her pussy fig was full and ripe. The lips were already engorged eager for the fray and her pubic hair came though to her bum. Her put some gel on his finger and slipped it into her bum. She gasped with delight and showed tat this was an entrance which would be available. However it was the pussy that interested John most and after Karen had sucked and rubbed it she turned round again and told him to fuck her.

John needed no second invitation and his cock was soon deep inside a willing cunt. Karen grunted as he went deeper than she had ever been fucked before. She gripped the seat of the sofa and John was soon working at full speed. he was fresh after the morning session and he was also more expwrienced now so was able to pace himself so that they both enjoyed the whole of the fuck. Just before coming he withdrew and putting some gel on his fingers anoited her anus. Here she was again ready although the first entrance caused some pain. John took her hips in his hands and rogered her unmercifully until they were both perspiring freely. The two on the bed were watching and clapping and Karen was bringing herself off with her fingersa. John was ready and both were willing so he withdrew quickly and thrust back into her cunt for a final half dozen strokes. They came together and gasped with pleasure.

They remained stationary for several minutes before John withdrew and they collapsed on the sofa kissing and cuddling each other.

"Except for my husband that is the best. Buggered and fucked. It could not be better. Now let us see how Alexanda manages with Mary"

Mary stood up and said that she would kike Alexander to give her a dozen strokes of the cane before they started.

"I want them hard and painful but not damaging."

Alexander agreed and fetched a cane from the table. Mary bent over the end of the bed and gripped the cover hard. She didn't understand why she had said what she did but she knew that a caning was a pleasure which enhanced the sex.

"S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !",

She felt the sharp sting of the cane as it seared across her bum but she also knew that she needed this.

"Don't stop now but eleven mor hard strokes!"

"S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !","S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !","S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !","S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !","S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !",

He stopped and they all inspected her bum. the marks showed clearly with the earlier ones darker than the rest.

"Six more and really lay them on!"

"S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !","S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !",S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !","S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !","S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !","S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !","S W I I S H H !, C R A A C K K !"

Alexander put the cane down and kept Mary in position his cock was rigis and was ready for the fray. he parted Karen's pussy lips and drove home. She gasped as this was longer and thicker than John's but soon found that the pleasure outweighed the initial discomfort as he drove in and out. The rubbing of his pubic hair on her sore bum only added to the pleasure and soon she was crying out with pleasure. Alexander was a skilled operator and he had no intention of ending the session too soon so he slowed his pace and made his movements shallower until they had been wotking for at least ten minutes. Yjen it was rime and with his legs going rigid he was ready and whispered to her


and they both came off with a superb orgasm which sent huge slurps of sperm deep inside Karen!

Both of them were finished and they rested still bent over before John stood up and Karen allowed Mary to put cold cream on her bum. He buttocks were marked but not badly and they all knew that by tomorrow they would be nearly pristine again.

The two couples agreed that it had been an enjoyable night and that they would finish off the evening with 69 - the ladies on top and the men undeanth - before the men finally buggered the two ladies. It was felt that they could make sure that anus was prepared while they had a good view. The bed was large enough for all so John and Karen and Alexaander and Mary wher soon in position and working away at their partnerr. Both the ladies felt a ready tongue in their pussy pleasuring them while they also felt the fingers in their anus. First one finger with gel slid in. Then and secodn before a third. The puckered rosette was now prpared when the action if the 69 was completed. The girls made sure that they did not bring the men off but only got them to full post ready for the action. The four of them stood and the girls knelt on the bed. They held their buttocks open ready for the men and it was not longe before Alexander and John were firmly lodged inside. They took their parner by the hips and begab to fuck in and out. The bed rocked with their efforts but neither man wanted to be the fist to finish. The two girls and their fingers in their pussy thrusting in and out in time with the men.

It had beenn an exhausting day and after ten minutes they all cried enough the men spending in the dark interior of their parner and the girls coming to climax almost together..

The party was over and they all went to swimming pool to cool off before retirring to bed.

Final day at The Sanctuary

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