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What Happens

For many clients the actual spanking is the be all and end all. They come and want to be spanked by an expert and having been spanked they leave satisfied - often to return again.

For some people in executive positions,often under great strain in their work, and with large responsibilities it is a PUNISHMENT spanking they require. They cannot 'let go' at work with their subordinates so they come to an anonymous spanker who will take control of their life while they are with me. This allows them to discuss (and confess)faults and receive retribution. It is almost in the style of a confessional except I, not the priest, delivers the penances - on their bum!
In the end, it depends on you!

Some of you have fantasies which you wish played out. We will put down some ideas for you and are happy to work with you to make your fantasy come to life. Experience shows that some clients enjoy to'role-play' - this is when you act out some experience with spanking as its end.

Here are a few scenarios:

  • You may be a senior executive who step down to being the mischievous office junior who must be punished for his actions
  • You are a laboratory worker who has been found stealing drugs and are offered the alternative of a spanking instead of dismissal.
  • A schoolgirl found smoking behind the'bike sheds' and sent to the Headmaster for punishment.
  • A nurse who is found flirting with one of the patients when her husband walks in.

I would point out the role-play has its limitations and, if the scenario you imagine does NOT work out, then you have nowhere to go. It is much better to come with an open mind and go with the flow enjoying the totality of the experience.

What will happen to you?

Again this is up to you. Before we make any move we discuss with you EXACTLY what you want from the experience.

How far do you want to go?

Often this is difficult to decide immediately. Your mind asks lots of questions such as
'How can I stop it?' 'Will I have to take my clothes off?' 'Can I trust him?
All of these can only be answered when talking to you or meeting you.

Assuming that you are interested then let me explain the next steps - remember no two people are alike or have similar requirements so please don'tread this as 'set in stone'.

  • You are interested and contact me by email to arrange to speak to me.
  • You explain what you require e.g. that you were never spanked as a child but would like to experience it once in your life.
  • We agree that you will be laid across my knee and spanked with my hand.
  • At some point your dress will be lifted and your tights pulled down but you will not remove your knickers.
  • Frequently we will retire to my study where I have a 'flogging bench' and we will test you with the instruments - paddle, strap cane etc.
  • Finally before starting I give you a'safe-word'. This word will stop all action once it is called out. Until then I am free to spank you as long as I think fit. Any other cries will be ignored.
  • All spanking is consensual and you agree that I shall spank you.
  • When everything is agreed the action then starts leading into the spanking itself.

How long does it go-on?

How long is a piece of string? I cannot possibly tell. One client may be satisfied with ten or twenty hand-spanks while another needs forty or fifty followed by the slipper or hair-brush to satisfy her.

spanker is to give satisfaction to the client and this is only done with their willing participation.

FINALLY What will you get out of the experience?

I cannot tell you. For some it gets a nagging feeling that they missed something out of their system; for others it is the chance to play somebody else,albeit for a short while; for the submissive it allows her to be dominated for a time; the girl who has 'cheated' uses it as a way to 'purge' their guilt. Everybody gets something different but that it does achieve something is attested to by the number of clients who return again and again.