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The Youthful Playfulness of Jane


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCING JANE L. book coverJane- was only seventeen years old, a virgin and totally unaware of the mysteries of the act of love and the many ways in which men and women can sexual nature, when her father lost his fortune. Not only that, but he faced a prison sentence because pf damaging evidence held in the hands of Charles Gray, a wealthy banker, in the form of a forged note. Gray, a lecherous old man, past sixty, and his face find mutual pleasure, both of bisexual and homo- and body plainly showing the) results of many years of over-indulgence in drink and sexual pleasure, had long looked with his lustful eyes on Jane, and longed to gratify a burning desire to ravish her with all the lewd tricks he had learned in a lifetime of travelling over the world, an apt and willing student in all the forms of vice known to mankind. Now, with the damning evidence with which he could send 'Jane's father to prison, he saw an opportunity to gain his desires. He went to Jane's home and without beating around the bush, can^e at once to the point.

"I want to marry Jane, your daughter," he told her father. "If you will let me have her for my wife, I will not only destroy the evidence of your forgery, but I will give you enough money to rebuild your fortune. Otherwise, I will be forced to turn you over to the court of justice."

Jane's father was horrified, as he had heard of Gray's lustful pursuits and his total lack of morals, but the fear of prison and disgrace was too much, so he consented, saying that he would give Gray his wishes.

Jane was not consulted in the matter, except that she was told that if she did not marry Gray, her father would be ruined.

Jane knew the old man only by sight, knew nothing of his vices—indeed she didn't know that such things existed, so she consented dutifully, although she realized that the doddering old lecher was anything but the man she had often seen in daydreaming of the day when she would fall in love.

If her mother had been alive it is doubtful mother was dead, her father had always acceded to if the marriage would have been sanctioned, but her her every wish, so she prepared for the wedding day, weeping only a little as she cast out of her mind the romantic dreams she had always indulged in. Love and romance, she thought as she saw in her mind the vision of the old roue who was to be her husband, must be just imagination. Perhaps all girls married just to please their parents, only some were luckier than she and had young and handsome husbands, practices and therefore did not know that a young man is vastly preferable to an old one.

As had been said before, she knew nothing of sexual matters. She did not even know that a man had a cock or that the slit between her legs, which had lately become covered with fine curly hair, was to be used for anything save a pee-hole. Indeed, if she had known any of these things, she would have refused to enter into such a bargain, even to save her father from disgrace. And her father, a weak and selfish old man, let his desire for wealth overrule his love for his daughter, and was so elated at having escaped prison that he never thought to impart to his daughter any knowledge of what would be expected of her when Gray took her to bed.

Gray sensed this as the wedding day approached and could hardly control himself when he thought of gaining a perfectly innocent young girl, on whom he could practice the most loathsome of his tricks.

The idea of de-flowering this pretty maid and subjecting her to the most degrading tricks excited him so much that his battered old prick stayed stiff and erect at least half the time, much to his delight, as he had for the last several years been forced to use various pills and herb mixtures in order to have an erection.

He could hardly resist the temptation to go to a notorious whore house where he had for years spent night after night, the totally depraved women catering to his every wish, and taking a mutual satisfac- tion in practicing with him every conceivable form of fucking.

By a display of will power which he had not known he possessed, Gray resisted the impulse to pour out his spindling sperm into the curts and throats of his bawdyhouse girls, and the wedding day finally came.

He had to wear a jockey strap during trhe ceremony as his cock tried to push its way through his trouser opening. He would have liked to pull the member from his pants and wave it in the face of the minister, proud to be able to have such a youthful hard on, but he knew this would never do, sa he strapped it down and contented himself during the ceremony by roll- ing his hard tongue lustrully around in his mouth and licking his loose, drooling lips.

The ceremony was performed at noon, but Gray lost no time in getting his young bride into his own home, where he could coax her into revealing the bodily charms which he had heretofore only been able to guess at.

"Now, my dear," he said to Jane as he led her to his bedroom, "there are a lot of things that you don't know about a wife's duties to her husband, and I know that being a nice young girl, you will at once learri the various delights of our bodies, the nick- that you will share with me all the pleasures that I names for all the delightful forms of intercourse, and can teach you",

Jane nodded, although shq had no idea what he was talking about.

Gray went to a cupboard and returned bearing a bottle of liquor and glasses. "Take a drink of this my dear and it will make you feel much better and will help calm the nervousness which you feel at the delightful thought of going to bed with a man for the first time".

Jane sipped the liquor, and as it had a sweet, pleasant taste, she drank it down. She certainly felt nervous, she thought, and by this time she had begun to feel that something was going to happen to her, and she wondered what delight the decrepit old man could be talking about.

Gray gave her a second drink, which she swallowed and almost at once she began to feel a warm glow in her stomach, which quickly spread to her head. She relaxed on a divan and waited.

Gray wasted no time. He was beside her, his arms about her, and he kissed her. The liquor had affected Jane to the point that she felt no loathing at being kissed by her aged husband, and she even got a certain feeling of pleasure from being kissed by him. She thought it very strange that he forced his tongue into her mouth, as she had never been kissed by a man before, except her father. His lustful hands roamed over her waist, squeezing her rounded young breasts, and she closed her eyes, feeling a warm glow of pleasure.

Gray took one of her hands and she felt his place it on a hard, gristled object which lay between his legs. She opened her eyes and saw that the thing protruded from the open- ing of his pants, about six inches long, with a red, angry-looking head. Jane looked at the old devil, who returned her glance with a lustful grin ai he whispered, take it and squeeze it, my dear, it is a new friend who will soon get to know you much bet- ter.

Quite giddy from the heady liquor, Jane decided to enter into the spirit of this strange game and she accordingly did as he asked, squeezing and fondling his prick, while his pawing hands became even more familiar. Jane suddenly discovered that Gray had pulled her dress open in the front and was sucking and tongueing one of her round little bubbies. This gave her a pleasant thrill and she pumped on the prick all the harder, capping and uncapping the red head.

Old Charlie's body began to rise and fall to meet the strokes and he sucked and bit harder on her heaving bubbies, both of which he had exposed by suddenly ripping the dress all the way down the waisl and peeling it from her shoulders. His hand, she now discovered, had crept into the top of the torn dress and now fingered and groped on the hairy hole between her legs. It felt wonderful so she threw her legs still wider apart and then allowed Charlie to remove her dress and teddies.

The liquor had removed any feeling of modesty Jane had so it mattered not at all that she was now stark naked, her legs wide apart and her hands frigging Charlie's long tongue.

He bent his head still lower until his prick while he licked her breasts and belly with his hot tongue now licked madly at the soft hair which shielded her virgin cunt, in which his groping fingers still held forth, tickling the soft creases of her box.

fuckingJane felt the inside fo her hole secreting an oily fluid which made Charlie's finger all the easier to manipu- late. Now his tongue had reached the spread lips of her little vagina, and he dived in, his lips enclos- ing the end of her vagina. This strange sensation gave Jane the greatest thrill she had ever known in her short life and it also had a pleasurable effect on Charlie, whose body stiffened and squirmed as he made his now perfectly stiff prick pass in and out of Jane's quiff and gasped: "Quick, my dear, I'm going to come and catch it in your mouth. It's too precious to waste."

Jane thought this was the natural thing to do, so she slipped the head of his wrinkled penis between her lips and they finished in a mutual writhing of limbs as they both came, and Jane's mouth was suddenly flooded with a gush of sperm that you would not have believed aid Charlie to be capable of.

He rolled over on his back and lay stiff for a few minutes, while Jane lay half reclining on the edge of the couch, the events of the last few minutes coursing through her mind in confusing rapidity. She gazed at her quim, its lips still wet from the saliva drooling from her husband's lips, and she dis- covered the pouting end of her clitoris still peeking from the lips of her box. She rubbed it with her finger, and found that she got the same thrill that Charlie had given her some minutes before with his fingers and tongue. She soon reached the required temperature and spent again.

It was then that she notices that her hips had been moving in rhythm with the titilating of her fingers, and that in shoving her fingers deeper into her boiling quim it reached some obstruction which stopped further entrance. She looked at Charlie and saw that he was watching her, his eyes staring at her opened sheath and his lips crooked in a lustful grin. She let her eyes stray to his cock and at first could not see it. The hard ruddy monster had shrunk until it was almost hidden by the growth of black hair which covered his balls and grew up almost to his navel.

"Put your hands on it, my dear, and it will stand up to salute you again," Charlie said. Jane took the shriveled prune in her hand again and petted it with her fingers. It responded by jerking a little but did not begin to swell at once. She finally manipulated it into a half hard and Charlie whispered: "Kiss it again and let your tongue glide over my balls. This it will make the old boy ready for action and I'll show you something still more delightful."

Without thought of shame Jane crammed the still flexible prick into her mouth and manipulated it with her apt tongue. It began to jerk, each jerk bringing more stiffness, and Jane thinking he was going to come sucked greedily on the head of the now stony cock. But Charlie pushed her away, push- ing her over on her back and spreading her legs apart so that her quim stood exposed to his lecherous gaze.

Charlie gave it a quick glance, enough to satisfy him that the hole was well enough greased with its own juice, and wasted no time in further parley. With one leap he was between her thighs, began at once to rub the head of his john against the pouting lips of Jane's vagina. This gave Jane such a thrill of delight that she instinctively reared her thighs to meet the anticipated plunge. She felt a quick stab- bing pain and cried aloud, l>ut her preceptor soothed her with: "That's just your cherry, my dear. Your little maidenhead just popped and now you can fuck until you drop, and there won't be any more pain."

Jane took him at his word and after letting the now raving joint soak in her combined blood and passion juice for a minute, she began pushing her belly forward as if trying to swallow not only his prick but his balls and ass. Charlie, now firmly seated in the saddle, met her assaults with parries of his ass guided prick, and they gave such a wild heaving that the servants gathered outside the door to eavesdrop on the fun could hear the rattling of the bedsprings.

Jane was soon screaming beneath her breath, little cries of delirious pleasure as Char- lie's pole pounded at her cunt, meanwhile he bit at her neck and rubbed and squeezed her titties, the nipples of which now stood as hard and erect as two pricks.

The old boy, inspired by the ease with which he had raised a second hard, banged goatishly at Jane's white rounded ass, and they soon went into a fury of groans of delight as they both came again. Both swooned as the last drop dripped from Char- lie's rod, he sagging limply on her prone body, and his shriveled prick soon slipping from the hole and hanging wetly against the cheeks of her ass.

After a minute he came to and rolled weakly off and he rested for some time before he could reach for the wine bottle. But the bottle held no more reserve power for Charlie's war battered cock, and when Jane, feeling the burn of unsatisfied lust, began play- ing with it with fingers and tongue it merely jerked a couple of times and lay limp.

"Come on, Charlie, you started this business and you've got to finish it. Make that thing of yours get hard or get me somebody with a hard one. I want some more and I want it quick."

"Give me just a little more time, my pretty one," old Charlie chuckled. "Such an exhibit of horniness on your part is bound to excite old Roger here to stand up and salute you." With that he grasped his diminished pecker in his hand and began frigging it madly with his fingers. But despite his tickling and frigging the jade member refused to come to life, and then Jane had an idea.

'Well, Charlie, if you can't get that thing hard get down here and use your tongue again. I think I like for you to suck it better, anyway."

Charlie wasted no time in diving into this delectable feast, because eating cunt was something that never needed a second invitation to him. While he licked and sucked at Jane's cunt and asshole Jane played with his prick and balls so that it finally gained a half hard again. Soon she was spurting another gust of goo into Charlie's eager mouth and she pushed his head away with a wild heaving of her buttocks, at the same time throwing her legs even wider apart and crying: "All right, see if you can put that thing in again and keep it hard until the juice runs out of it. And if you don't you may as well go to sleep because I am going out and let that young chauffeur of yours and make him do it to me."

Charlie mounted again, his pole now slipping into the freshly opened cavity without trouble. Jane pitched and squirmed beneath him so that he could barely stay in the sadlle and as his last few drops of come oozed from the end of his tired prick, he fell back weekly and lay moaning about his back being broken.

"Not only is your back broken but also your thing," Jane said, as she noticed his prick had curled up and lay almost hidden in his brush of hair. Then she started rubbing the clitoris with her finger again as Charlie had left her unsatisfied.

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